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Chapter 430 Manor of the Zi Clan

Starting at five oclock in the afternoon, the companys motorcade went out several times to the airport.

Almost all the plans and arrangements were in order.

This was the advantage of being helped.

If Zhang Han did all this alone, he would be exhausted.

Obviously, every member of the security group was now the elite of the elite.

It was not coincidental that Ah Hu, Elder Meng, and many other people used to only play the role of followers, but now they were almost all able to take charge of many affairs independently.

It was 9:30 p.m.

In an old house somewhere in Singapore, He Chen and three aged men were sitting in a pavilion drinking tea.

“Brother Fan, I heard that one of your familys younger generation went to the Zi family to propose.

Who does he want to marry” He Chen took a sip of tea and asked suddenly.

“I dont know.

I dont care about the family affairs, Brother He.

How can you still be curious about it at such an old age” Fan Congfeng, the elder of the Fan family, said in confusion.

“Yes, Old He, we havent been involved in family affairs for many years.

Isnt it common for them to unite with each other through marriages Why are you so curious about it” Another aged man smiled.

“Im not curious.

I just heard something from the Zi family recently.

I dont know whether its true or not.” He Chen shook his head slightly.

“Zi Jiangshan, the elder of the Zi family, is a hero.

What a pity that hes not a martial artist and cant live as long as us.” Fan Congfeng shook his head.

“Hes nearly 90 years old.

Last time I saw him, he looked old and dying.

But he doesnt care about life and death.

He has been enjoying his old life, which is a good attitude.”

“Life and death are predestined, and we can only enjoy them.

Even a martial arts master like us will die one day,” another aged man with a thin face commented with a smile.

“However, after the Zi family was taken over by Zi Qingtian, I heard that he made more strict regulations and used more decisive management methods, which greatly increased their assets.”

“What can you do with more assets You cant take them to heaven or hell when you die,” He Chen said with a faint smile.

Just then, He Chens cell phone rang.

He answered the phone in front of his old friends and his face changed when he heard the news.

After hanging up, he blinked and shook his head.

“It turns out to be true.”

“What is true” Fan Congfeng asked casually.

“Do you know about the battle at Strange Peak Island in Hong Kong” He Chen suddenly asked.

“Yes,” the aged man with the thin face nodded and said, “Huang Yuan told me about it after he came back.

As a fierce man in Hong Kong, Zhang Hanyang seckilled He Qingtian.”

The other two nodded and he continued, “Now that he could seckill He Qingtian, he must be at least at the level of Grand Master Late-stage, and he is still under 30 now.

What a promising young man! The young generation of Hua nation, with Emperor Qing as the representative of the north and fierce Zhang Hanyang as the representative of the south, are really talented.

In Singapore, only Su Mu of the Su family can compete with them.”

“You only know that Zhang Hanyang seckilled He Qingtian.

Do you know who his lover is” He Chen asked again.

The other three looked at him in confusion.


“Zi Yan, the little princess of the Zi family,” He Chen continued without keeping his friends guessing.

“Master Zhang is a romantic man with totally different attitudes toward friends and enemies, so he takes good care of Zi Yan and they have a daughter.

You may not believe it that hes now a stay-home dad.”

Hearing this, the other three were stunned and couldnt believe it was true.

“How could a Late-stage Grand Master be a stay-home dad”

“Its really… interesting.” Fan Congfeng chuckled and shook his head.

“If Zhang Han can be brought under its command, the Zi family will remain prosperous for a hundred years, and Zi Jiangshan can say goodbye to the world without any worries.”

“That is not the case.” He Chen shook his head and said, “I heard that Zi Qingtian was very angry when he learned that Zi Yan had married without permission.”

“Stupid and ignorant,” the other three commented sympathetically.

“I heard that Zi Qingtian wanted to marry Zi Yan to someone of a famous family,” He Chen squinted and said.

“Stupid and ignorant,” the aged man with the thin face commented.

A late-stage Grand Master could even compete with a family with his own strength.

However, the Zi family was active in the business field and did not understand the importance of a Grand Master.

“I heard that…” He Chen looked at Fan Congfeng and said slowly, “it was the Fan family who had discussed with Zi Qingtian to cooperate with the Zi family through marriage.”

“Stupid, ig— ” Fan Congfeng was stunned and looked at He Chen.

“Is that true”

“Haha.” He Chen chuckled and said, “Its also because the battle of Strange Peak Island has just ended, and the news hasnt been widely known.

Otherwise, the whole Zi family would go to Hong Kong to visit their son-in-law.

I also know that a few days ago, Zhang Hanyang went to Xihang to help the Wang family and defeated Xiang Qitian of Mystical Fog Sect in the way of arrays.”

“Hiss!” The thin-faced aged man gasped in surprise.

“How come he could defeat Xiang Qitian in the way of arrays Hes not even 30 yet!”

“How talented is he” Another aged man, with his eyes slightly narrowed, said, “I dueled with Xiang Qitian last year, only to be bullied by him.

How could he be defeated as a late-stage Grand Master”

“This battle is well known in Xihang.” He Chen slightly shook his head.

“I just got the exact news.

Tomorrow, Zhang Hanyang will come to Singapore to propose marriage, and the Zi family seems to attach great importance to it.

Theyve invited many families, especially the Fan family, and many people who dont know the truth think that the Fan family and the Zi family are going to form an alliance through marriage.

It seems that something interesting will happen tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Fan Congfeng could not sit still anymore.

He sprang to his feet and said, “Thank you for telling me the news, Brother He.

I have something else to do so Ill leave right now.”

After that, he turned around and hurried away.

Before he left the yard, he took out his mobile phone.

“Hello Whats the matter with you Now hurry up to my old house.”

After he left, the other two looked at each other and didnt know what to say.

“Brother He, doesnt the Zi family know about this” The thin-faced aged man was very surprised.

“Even Huang Yuan has already known about it.

Havent they informed the Zis”

“Haha, no one told Zi Qingtian about this because of his terrible people skills.

And Grand Master Zhang might also know little about the condition of the Zi family.

No one can predict the development trend of this kind of impenetrable thing, and maybe Huang Yuan doesnt want to be involved in this matter.

Perhaps the internal structure of the Zi family will soon be reformed.

In a word, there will be a big event in the Zi family tomorrow.”


That night, the news of the Zi familys party spread out, and many families regarded it as a signal that the Zi family and the Fan family were going to cooperate through the marriage of Zi Yan.

However, according to another piece of news from the Zi family, Zi Yan had already been married and her husband was coming to propose marriage.

The news puzzled the audience, while in the absence of an accurate conclusion, there were different opinions about tomorrows party.

A lot of people planned to go to the party, so that they would know exactly what was going on.

The next morning…

The sun has just risen, the weather was fine, and the early morning breeze made people feel cool.

At seven oclock in the morning, the number of diners on the outside of the restaurant was half of what it was at noon and at night.

There were probably fewer than 30 people in line.

“Wow, the boss and his wife are coming out! Are they going to travel” a man asked in surprise.

When the crowd turned to look at the door, Zhao Feng opened it, and Zhang Han and Zi Yan took Mengmengs hands and walked out slowly.

“The bosss wife is so beautiful.”

“Its cool for the boss to wear a casual suit.”

“The little princess is the most lovely.”

There was a lot of chatter among the crowd.

Zi Yan was wearing crystal sandals and a white and brown Chanel dress, and her delicate waist was outlined by a decorated belt.

Her hair was coiled behind her head, revealing her long neck, making her look graceful.

Mengmeng was wearing a white coat and blue Capris, and Zhang Hans style of dress was also more formal than before.

His black leisure suit, white shirt, and leather shoes were refreshing.

Zhao Feng, dressed in a suit as usual, took the lead in the Rolls-Royce Phantom and left under the envious eyes of the crowd.

They drove all the way to the company.

In the square in front of the building, there were already a group of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and other luxury cars waiting for them.

In less than two minutes, Zi Shiya, Wang Ming, and others walked out, got in the cars respectively, and the team left slowly.

Looking left and right excitedly, Zi Shiya was surprised when she found only their motorcade on the street.

“What happened Isnt it the rush hour at seven There are no other cars on the road.”

Xu Yong, who was driving, smiled and replied, “Because someone is clearing a path for us.”

Zi Shiya looked forward, and her expression suddenly froze.

There were two police cars clearing the path ahead, and traffic police were commanding at each intersection.

“My Gosh!”

Zi Shiya was shocked.

How powerful was her brother-in-law

She felt that what she knew was just the tip of the iceberg!

Gradually, the motorcade arrived at Zhu Keng District, but instead of heading for the International Airport, they drove all the way north.

When she arrived at a military base, Zi Shiya was completely confused.

“What is the real identity of my brother-in-law”

She dared not try to guess.

When all the people got out, the base instructor walked over quickly to Zhang Han.

When he came near, he saluted and said in a loud voice, “General Zhang!”

“Poof…” Zi Shiya almost bit her tongue.



The Manor of the Zi Clan was located in an excellent place near Bedok Park in Singapore, and its vast area also showed the status and influence of this century-old family.

There were even many families, such as the Fan family, who were more influential, but whose living environment was not as good as the Zi family.

Today, the gate of the Zi manor was open to welcome all the guests.

After all, such a formal party was not common, and its importance was no less than that of the annual meeting of some families.

This meant that the Zi family would not only announce some things today, but also clarify them in the presence of all the guests.

Many families, even the competitors of the Zi family, decided to attend the party.

After all, there was no permanent enemy in the commerce field.

There was a large square on the right side in the middle of the Zi manor, which was divided into two floors.

The first floor was a large circular square.

Not far from the inner side of the square, there was another round sightseeing platform at a height of two meters.

The guests could enjoy the scenery of the inland lakes when they looked to the left, and find a golf course when they looked to the right.

At this time, in the round square, there were many young people of the Zi family and their friends.

Obviously, the larger round square was the place for the younger generation to wait, since the family members, without certain qualifications, were unable to step onto the upper round platform on this occasion.

Around the square, there were many decorations, chairs, and tables with all kinds of snacks on them.

While some of family members were standing and talking, the others chose to sit down and enjoy snacks while chatting.

By 9:30 a.m., more and more people had gathered in the square.

While the first floor of the square was bustling, on the upper platform, only the elders of the Zi family were sitting on the sofa chatting.

“Isnt that Zi Feng Why does he get down”

Several people in the square saw a young man come down from the platform calmly, and they immediately began discussing it.

“He just went up with Zi Yu and five other young people.

Why did he come down by himself Isnt he the best of the Zi familys young generation”

Seeing someone puzzled, a young man from the Zi family gave them an explanation.

“While Zi Yu is the son of the head of the family, Zi Lan and his companions are the core members of the family.

Of course they are qualified to step onto the platform.

Since Zi Feng was just a branch member, his value of more than 100 million yuan cannot help improve his position in the family.

Unless hes worth more than a billion dollars, or his father can be promoted three levels, theres no chance for him.”

The explanation and strict rules of the Zi family surprised the crowd.

In their eyes, a young man in his 20s who was self-employed and worth more than 100 million yuan was bound to be entrusted with an important task in any other family.

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