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Just as the people in the square were concentrating on the discussion, there were already three elders sitting on the upper platform.

They were Zi Jiangshans cousins and the highest-ranking people qualified to enter the platform, but they never cared about family affairs.

Next to them was the ruling group headed by Zi Qingtian, the contemporary head of the family.

Zi Qingtian was very calm, and behind him sat the core members of his faction, all discussing something about him.

Fang Huan was sitting next to Zi Qingtian, and behind her were several ladies of the Zi family, who were trying to please her, since Fang Huan had a great influence on the Zi family.

All the others here were from the same generation as Zi Qingtian, whose seats were arranged according to their position in the family.

It might be intentional that Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, and Zi Shiyas parents, Zi Peng and Dong Ling, were all arranged in the corner of the last row.

Although the Zi familys seats were separated, there were some extra chairs for supporters at the back of each faction.

There was no doubt that the number of chairs behind the three elders and the head of the family was the largest, and the lower the status, the fewer the chairs behind them.

As for Zi Qiang, only six or seven family members would like to follow and sit behind him.

It was a kind of competition.

It was about the influence and competitiveness of all factions.

As a family with a history of 100 years, the Zi family had 40 or 50 direct descendants, and the population of the whole family, including the descendants of other lineages, had already exceeded 100, which made it a small society and naturally bred different factions.

There were eight or nine young direct descendants sitting here, most of which were members of Zi Qingtians faction.

As for the branch descends like Zi Feng, however excellent they were, they were unqualified to step onto the upper platform, which showed the strict hierarchy of the Zi family.

“It must be Fang Huans idea to put us in the worst seats.

She just wants to warn Yan,” Dong Ling said in a low voice after taking a quick glance at Fang Huan secretly.

“Well, even so, we cant help it.

Shiya said Yans husband was very powerful, so I hope he can withstand the pressure.” Xu Xinyu sighed helplessly.

“Husband Did you say that too soon” said Zi Qiang with a snort.

“We havent admitted this son-in-law!”

He still disliked the guy who stole his daughter.

“Well, do you mean that you dont want to recognize Mengmeng as your granddaughter” Xu Xinyu knew her husband well, who had lived with her for many years, and shut him up with just one sentence.


Zi Qiangs volume was much lower as he said awkwardly, “I certainly recognize that such a lovely girl is my granddaughter! But as for the guy surnamed Zhang, Ill investigate and test him.”

Xu Xinyu shook her head helplessly, looked at Dong Ling, and said, “In fact, from his appearance, Zhang Han is very masculine and handsome, and I wonder how his character is.”

“I heard from Shiya,” Dong Ling said with a smile, “that he can cook, take care of children by himself, have a large company, and has more than three billion in savings.

Its said that he started from scratch, which proves that he is really capable.

Men who are capable and able to take care of their families are rare good men.

I believe in Yans vision.”

“I hope its true.

What if hes a liar Can Shiya, a simple girl, see through his disguise I must test that guy when he comes.” Zi Qiang sighed.

They were chatting when they heard several exclamations from the crowd.


Ling, the chairman of Chengjun Business, is coming!”

They looked in the direction of the voice and saw a man in his 30s coming up with his girlfriend.

“Is that Zi Yus partner” Dong Ling said in a low voice, “He takes Zi Qingtian as a backer and is introduced to many influential celebrities.

Zi Qingtian is apparently cultivating him as the next head of the family.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Zi Yu get up and go to meet the visitors with a smile on his face.

“Director Li, welcome.

Come in, please.” Zi Yu took Director Li to the area where his seat was located.

“How are you, Elder Zi and Master Zi” Director Li said hello to the three elders and Zi Qingtian.

“Fine, thank you.” Zi Qingtian nodded and smiled.

Although Director Li was not qualified for Zi Qingtians attention, he chose to respect every partner of his son.

The arrival of Director Li seemed to be a signal.

Behind him, all kinds of influential celebrities entered the gate one by one.


Ma of the Sidi Entertainment Company.”

“Director An of Qiaoxing Co., Ltd.”

“Director Liu of the Neihu Branch.”


Of these celebrities, 70% came at Zi Qingtians request and all sat beside him, while only a few belonged to other factions.

For Zi Qiang and Zi Peng, there was no one familiar with them.

After all, they were just the executives of a family company, and no one would pay attention to them.

It was 9:40 in the morning.

There were more and more visitors coming, and Zi Qing was now surrounded by more than 20 followers.

But Zi Qiang was still neglected, and even the few chairs behind him were secretly carried away by the servants.

The status and influence of the Zis were clear at a glance.

But at this time, Xu Xinyu didnt care if she would be looked down upon.

She had been in a state of extreme anxiety and worry.

“There are more and more people, Zi Qiang.

Yan will come back with her daughter.

Although it was impossible for Yan to marry others, what should they do if they are separated and severely punished in front of their child” Xu Xinyu said sadly.

Zi Qiangs face darkened upon hearing those words.

“Fang Huan has a sinister intention.

Knowing that Yan is going to bring her daughter back, she still makes such arrangements, which is to put Yan in a desperate situation.

Rules! Rules! These rules are rubbish! I wont tell Yan about this, and I want her to bring my granddaughter back! If Fang Huan dares to punish them again, dont blame me for embarrassing her!”

Hearing her husbands words, Xu Xinyu laughed.

“Its rare to see you acting as a spirited man.

Anyway, I wont allow Yans happiness to be destroyed.”

As they were talking, Fang Huan looked at them and said in an indifferent tone, “Zi Qiang.”

As soon as she spoke, she attracted many peoples eyes.

She said, “Call Zi Yan.

Its 9:45 now.

Doesnt she know she should come back earlier What a rude girl.

Does she want all the elders here to wait for her”

Fang Huans words were disdainful and contemptuous.

Everyone could feel that she was very dissatisfied with Zi Qiangs family and was almost scolding them.

Zi Qiangs face suddenly darkened as he clenched his fist and stared at Fang Huan.

But under Fang Huans gaze, he didnt say anything.

“I asked you to call her, didnt you hear me” Fang Huan glared at him viciously.

“Well,” Zi Qingtian smiled and shook his head, “dont be so serious.

Though Zi Yan didnt obey the family rule, we shall talk about it later after she comes back.

Qiang, call your daughter and ask her when she will come back.

It is impolite to make all the seniors wait for her.”

At this time, many guests began to look this way meaningfully.

They also heard that Zi Yan of the Zi family found herself a boyfriend without permission, and the Zi family planned to marry her to someone else.

Although it sounded like a farce, they knew that it was in accordance with the rules of the Zi family.

Just then, a cry of surprise came from the crowd.

“Liang Li, the elder of the Liang family, comes in person!”

“The elder of the Liang family”

Everyone present was astonished.

“His position and influence in Singapore are the same as Zi Jiangshans, the elder of the Zi family.”

Even Zi Qingtian turned around quickly and didnt have time to make trouble for Zi Qiang.

More than 10 members of the Liang family were coming toward them.

Almost all the guests focused on the Liang family.

Liang Li, the elder of the Liang family, was nearly 90 years old.

Although he was aged, his pace was still steady.

After he took the lead in crossing the square and stepping onto the platform, many members of the Liang family stopped.

And only four of them followed Elder Liang to enter the platform.

The crowd began discussing.

“Hiss, I havent seen Elder Liang for a long time.”

“Elder Liang, Patriarch Liang, and two juniors of the Liang Family… Why dont the other core members follow them onto the platform”

“Thats Liang Hao, the leader of the young generation of the Liang family.

His younger sister, Liang Mengqi, is beside him.

They seem to be valued since they can follow Elder Liang!”


“Theyre here for Elder Zi, arent they”

The Zis all guessed that the only one that could invite Liang Li to attend the party was Zi Jiangshan, their elder.

Almost all the guests stood up, while Zi Qingtian and Fang Huan even stepped forward to greet the Liang family.

“Nice to meet you, Elder Laing and Patriarch Liang.”

Zi Qingtian said with a smile, “Elder Liang looks better and better.

Welcome, please take your seat.”

The other guests also respectfully called out, “Elder Liang.”

But Liang Li greeted them with a very indifferent expression.

Tough he was merely a Heaven-stage Master, he had a high social status.

Even in the face of the hospitable Zi Qingtian, he only nodded gently in response, but did not sit down as invited.

Instead, he began scanning all the members of the Zi family.


“What is he looking for”

All the people in the room were surprised and followed him to look left and right.

Finally, Patriarch Liang beside Elder Liang pointed to one corner of the room.

Liang Li stepped in that direction.

Zi Qingtian and Fang Huan were stunned.

“What is going on”

But what happened next froze their expressions.

They saw Liang Li go straight toward Zi Qiang and give him a smile.

“A smile”

“Can you believe it”

Everyone at present was confused.

“How can Elder Liang ignore the head of the Zi family and greet Zi Qiang with a warm smile”

“Are you Zi Qiang” Liang Li came near and asked with a smile.

“Yes, I, I am,” Zi Qiang was a little confused and hurriedly replied.

“Hahaha, good, very good.” Liang Li clapped Zi Qiang on the shoulder with a smile and said, “You have a good daughter!”

“ ” Zi Qiang looked at Liang Li in a daze, not knowing what to do.

“And are you Xu Xinyu” Liang Li looked at Xu Xinyu.


Nice to meet you, Elder Liang.” Xu Xinyu smiled.

“Well, youre so lucky,” Liang Li said with a smile.

Then he looked at the Zis sitting in the back and said, “Take me to visit Brother Jiangshan.”


Liang Li was led inside by the Zis.

“Brother Zi Qiang, lets sit down and have a talk,” Patriarch Liang said politely.

“Ah, well, please take a seat, Patriarch Liang.” Zi Qiang hurriedly made a gesture.

Patriarch Liang quickly waved his hand and said, “Brother Zi Qiang, just call me Brother Liang from now on and dont be so polite to me.”

“Huh” Zi Qiang was taken aback.

“Thats Patriarch Liang, a celebrity with the same status as Zi Qingtian, who is several levels higher than me.

How dare I call him Brother Liang

“Whats going on”

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