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“President Huang, Patriarch Lu, Mr.

Gu… Welcome, welcome, please come inside.”

Zi Qingtian said, with a warm smile, as he greeted them.

At this time, everyones eyes on the platform were focused on the new guests, especially the members of Zi Qingtians faction, who held their breaths nervously.

This could be taken as a war on social relationships.

Then, if the five men, including Huang came for them, they would enjoy an overwhelming advantage.

Each of these five represented a stronger family than the Zi family!


They saw Huang and the other guests responding to Zi Qingtians greetings with only an indifferent expression and a slight nod, without even saying anything more.

At this moment…

With a thud…

Zi Qingtian and Fang Huangs hearts did a flip, and the two of them felt as if they knew what was going to happen next!

“Are they also coming for Zi Qiang”

A lot of people had the same idea.

At the next moment…

The case was totally solved.

After scanning the whole platform, Huang Yuan and the other guests finally fixed their eyes on the last row on the right side.

Then they ignored Zi Qingtian and Fang Huan, and walked directly toward that direction.

That familiar expression!

That familiar attitude!

That familiar scene!

All this seemed to turn into a mountain and was pressing down on Zi Qingtian.

He trembled uncontrollably, and turned his head slowly and stiffly.

What caught his attention was that Huang Yuan and the other guest, with warm smiles, stretched out their hands before they reached Zi Qiang.

Both hands!

This showed that they considered themselves to be in a lower position than Zi Qiang.

“Is it true”

Many people could not believe their eyes.


“Why does Huang Yuan, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, need to reach out both hands to shake hands with a peer”

As for Zi Qiang, he was terribly frightened.

For him, these people were the celebrities he usually needed to look up to.

But they addressed him as “brother” today.

If he didnt address them the same way, they would be unhappy.

“What do they intend to do”

One surprise came after another.

Zi Qiang thought he was still in a dream state.

Fortunately, Xu Xinyu reacted faster.

Seeing Huang Yuans outstretched hands, she quickly touched Zi Qiang and whispered,

“Dont just sit there.

Come on.”

“Ah, okay.” Zi Qiang hurried to meet Huang Yuan.

“Brother Zi Qiang, long time no see! In fact, I wanted to contact you a few days ago and invite you to be the vice president of our Chamber of Commerce!” Huang said, holding Zi Qiangs hand.

He didnt know how influential his words sounded.


Many people took a deep breath.

They all looked at Huang Yuan in astonishment.

Being the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, which dominated half of Singapores business sector, meant having a great deal of social connections and resources!

Zi Qingtians butt had not even touched the chair yet.

He was at a loss, when he heard that.


He slumped down in his chair, and looked at Zi Qiang dazedly.

“Vice president of the chamber of Commerce.”

“Ive been looking forward to getting his position for three years!”

“Ive put in a lot of effort, but I still cant get it.”

“But now they want to give the vice presidents position to Zi Qiang so easily”


“For what”

The people beside Zi Qingtian stopped talking, and stared at Zi Qiang.

Huang Yuan dd not release Zi Qiangs hand, while he said with a smile,

“But I dont know what is Mr.

Zhangs plan now.

If brother Zi Qiang stays in Singapore in the future, I will keep the post of vice president open for you all the time.”

“Ah This…” Zi Qiang said in shock.

Huang Yuan laughed and interrupted him, “Brother Zi Qiang, dont say no, thats the deal!”

After that, Huang Yuan released Zi Qiangs hand and turned slightly.


Gu and others beside him shook hands with Zi Qiang warmly, one after another.

They didnt say much, roughly as follows,

Brother Zi Qiang, you really have a good daughter.

I envy you so much.”

Zi Qiang had heard this statement several times today.

This made him understand all these things, so at the end of the chat, he grinned and replied,

“Of course, my daughter has always been excellent.”

If Zi Yan saw her fathers expression at this time, she would have been unable to stop laughing.

These five guests also greeted the Patriarch Liang and the others.

There would be a problem when they were about to take their seats.

There were only three seats left!

So the five of them did not sit, but stood next to Zi Qiang.

There were many seats available at the back, together with the other members of the Zi family, but they did not even look at them.

When Zi Qingtian saw this, he felt very helpless.

After taking a deep breath, he stood up and said,

“Please bring more chairs for Mr.

Huang and his group!”

The servants at the back hurriedly took a few chairs from the side.

Then Huang Yuan and others sat down, and continued talking with Zi Qiang.

Seeing so many celebrities sitting behind them, Zi Peng and Dong Ling exchanged a look.

They were nervous and hesitant.

Of course, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu did not fare much better than them.

But fortunately, Liang Mengqi always talked and laughed beside Xu Xinyu, and gradually made the atmosphere livelier.

In the main seats.

The three elders looked at Zi Qiang from time to time, feeling that Zi Qiang was going to get up.

They can only watch the development taking place.

Although, according to the seniority in the Zi family, they should take the main seats.

If social status was taken into consideration, they could not compare with 70% of the people present!

Facing this situation.

Zi Qingtian felt as if a crisis was forthcoming.

He gave Fang Huan a fierce look.

Fang Huan had been silent for a long time.

In this case, only the mentally handicapped would not have been aware of what was going on.

Everyone else was whispering to each other, and a few words could be heard.

“Who is Mr.


Pondering for a minute, Fang Huan looked at her watch.

It was 10:10 a.m.

So many things happened in just eight minutes! There were so many important people here!

These celebrities neglect of Zi Qingtian made them feel so ashamed.

In order to maintain the last shreds of her dignity, Fang Huan suddenly stood up and said,

“What Patriarch Fan said before is right.

We have a cooperative relationship with the Fan family, but the marriage is a rumor.

The reason for the party today is that first, we want to get together with you, second, we want to confirm several cooperative relationships, third, Zi Yan of the Zi family is married, and her husband will be coming to propose today.

According to the family rules, anyone who wants to marry my family must first obtain the consent of her parents, then the consent of the head of the family, and finally the approval of the elder.”

Fang Huan glanced at Zi Qiang and continued,

“The elder is old, so the patriarch and I will represent him fully.

If we dont agree, the marriage will not be allowed! But it remains to be investigated!”

Then she sat back.

The crowd again started talking about this incident.

Her meaning was nothing more than a warning to Zi Qiang, not to be too proud, and the final decision would be made by the patriarch.

“Even if you have all the great men standing behind you.”

“So what”

“As long as I have a negative vote, this marriage will not be recognized!”

“What a joke! Who can you represent Does Grand Master Zhang need you to recognize his marriage”

Suddenly, a jeering laugh shook the whole square.

Everyone turned their eyes and looked to the place where the voice came from, and were all stunned.

They saw He Bancheng, patriarch He, and elder He Chen, the Grand Master He who had not been seen for a long time!

“A great patriarch and a Grand Master!”


“What did he just say”

“What did Grand Master He just say”

“A Grand Master”

“He is a Grand Master!”

“Is it true”

Almost everyone on the platform was stunned because they found the impact of those words were too weighty.

“Grand Master Zhang”

They were not sure if they heard wrongly!

But… they definitely heard that very clearly.

Together with Zi Qingtian, everyone slowly stood up and watched the arrival of He Chen and He Bancheng.

Zi Qingtian did not go and meet them.

He knew that even if he went up, he would be ignored! Why should he make a fool of himself

Under the crowds gaze, He Chen went to the center of the square, looked at Zi Qing and Fang Huan with a stern face, and said coldly,

As the leader of the Zi family, you are so incompetent that you tolerate your wifes unbridled behavior here!”

Fang Huans face turned pale, and she did not even dare to look at He Chen and could only lower her head.

Even people from the same faction as Zi Qingtian dared not look at He Chen.

Because they knew that master He seemed to be very dissatisfied with them!

Was it due to Fang Huans words

What could they do when they were publicly reprimanded by He Chen They had to smile at him, even if he overturned their chairs!

All this because he was a middle-stage Grand Master!

“Elder He… is right.”

Zi Qingtian raised his head.

Even though he was very reluctant, he had to agree.

But what made him more concerned was another matter.

He stared at He Chen and asked in a trembling voice, “Elder He, what do you mean when you mentioned Mr.


Others couldnt help but hold their breath with him, as they waited for He Chens answer!

He Chen glanced at Zi Qingtian and everyone present, and then said calmly,

“Today is the day when Master Zhang is coming to propose marriage, so I am here to welcome Master Zhang personally!”


Everyone looked as if they had been struck by a thunderbolt.

It affected most of the people present.

Zi Qingtian, Fang Huan, the three aged men, the faction beside them and all the followers behind them.

Their faces was distorted with astonishment!

“A martial arts grand master!”

“He is indeed a martial arts grand master!”

“Hows that possible”

As they all knew, the position of a Grand Master Strong was equal to that of a famous family!

“But who would be treated with such reverence by He Chen”

The thought made them shiver, and even their bodies could not help, but tremble.

There was only one sentence in their mind,

“Zi Yan married a martial arts grand master!”

This sentence echoed in Zi Qiangs and Xu Xinyus minds.

“Oh my…” Zi Qiang was stunned.

“This…” Xu Xinyu didnt know what to say.

“My gosh, Yans husband is a grand master!” Zi Peng exclaimed!

“Hee hee.” Just then, Liang Mengqi began to chuckle.

She took Xu Xinyus arm and said, “”Uncle Qiang, aunt Xu, look.

Just as I said, the boss is very powerful.

How about that Are you surprised”

In the face of Liang Mengqis question, the several uncles and aunts were in a confused state.

“Are we surprised”

“We were nearly scared to death!”

At this time, He Chen turned his gaze to Zi Qiang, and walked towards the man with a smile.

“Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, you are the best.

If only my daughter were like Zi Yan.

Your precious girl and master Zhang are really enviable.”

Under the dazed gazes of the others, He Chen came over and began chatting with Zi Qiang.

However, as soon as he sat down, a series of people came!

They all came alone.

But each of their influence and importance was frightening!

Zi Qiang had no chance to sit down again.

Every time he saw a new guest, his face became paler than before.

“Guan Long, early-stage Grand Master!”

“He Zehua, middle-stage Grand Master!”

“Qi Gao, middle-stage Grand Master!”

“Leng Shijie, middle-stage Grand Master!”


One by one, the visitors gave all the people present a shock, and their attitude after their arrival, made Fang Huans face turned ashen!

None of them paid any attention to Zi Qingtian.

After scanning the crowd, they all looked at He Chen and made respectful gestures, and laughed.

“Brother He, today we are all here to see Master Zhang!”

After saying that, they asked,

“Who are Zi Yans parents”.

Each of them made a respectful gesture to Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu after asking this question, and then congratulated them!

The people present could not believe their eyes.

They thought that such a famous person as Patriarch Liang would be the highest ranking guest today.


The family gathering was about to develop into a grand master gathering!

“Eight grand masters!”

“They all came because of Zi Yans husband”

“Whats his identity”

“A man who was able to make these famous middle-stage grand masters turn up with such enthusiasm…”

“Is master Zhang already at the late stage”

Many people felt almost breathless, because of the impact of the news!

Even Liu Qingfeng, Patriarch Liang and Patriarch Fan felt that their legs going soft, and unable to support them.

There were martial arts masters all around.

If they made some mistakes, they might be destroyed!

The others were thinking that,

“All those men over there patriarchs and grand masters!”

To be exact, there were two young people present.

Liang Hao sat solemnly, looking left and right, but he did not dare to say anything.

“They are all great masters!”

Liang Mengqi was much more relaxed than Liang Hao, but when she was talking with Xu Xinyu, her mobile phone rang.

She answered the phone, “Zhao Feng, when will you be arriving Its busy here.

But just now, Patriarch Zi and Fang Huan…”

The present masters had excellent hearing, and Liang Mengqis words made them look at each other.

“That girl is talking about us!”

With the arrival of these masters, the temperature at the square dropped sharply.

Finally, no one dared to speak loudly, and they were all looking at the direction of the right corner.

All of a sudden, there was another exclamation.

“Secretary Yuan is here!”

“Secretary Yuan”

Zi Qingtian and others were confused.

They felt the name was familiar, but they could not remember who it was.

They saw a group of more than ten people walking towards this side.

After they saw who the well-dressed leading man in his fifties was, Zi Qingtian and many businessmen stood up in astonishment.

“Secretary of the head!”


Why was the name so familiar Because the guest was the powerful secretary Yuan!

Many people ran over to welcome secretary Yuan.

In terms of strength, secretary Yuan was just an ordinary person, but for all the businessmen at present, he was in charge of the economic lifeline!

More than 20 people, led by Zi Qingtian, had just walked seven or eight steps.

They saw secretary Yuan and his entourage stepping onto the platform.

Seeing them, secretary Yuan waved his hand.

Zi Qingtian and the others stopped at once, surprised.

“Why is secretary Yuan here”

“Is he also here for…”

As soon as they thought of it, secretary Yuan said in a flat voice,

“Just go about your business, dont bother about me.

Im just here today to receive general Zhang!”


Fang Huan, who had just calmed down and was about to have a sip of tea, suddenly dropped the cup to the ground, and she was stunned.

“General Zhang” Zi Qingtian repeated these words with great difficulty.


“General Zhang!”

A lot of people felt that their brains had been critically damaged.

“Is a masters identity not enough”

“A general”

Secretary Yuan did not pay any attention to them.

He looked at Zi Qiang and walked toward him with a rare smile,

“Your daughter married a genius.


Zi Qiang shook hands with secretary Yuan, in a daze.

“It is said that secretary Yuan never smiles, but now… He is smiling at me!”

At that moment…

“Oh Its very busy here.”

There was a sound coming from the side of the platform, and an old man with white hair and square face, stepped onto the platform

The facial expressions of the crowd changed with his arrival.

Su Long, the head of the Spirit Group in Singapore.

“He is a late-stage grand master, and he has not made an appearance for a long time!”

Spirit Group was an official organization of martial artists equal to the National Security Agency of Hua nation.

Su Long was the supreme officer of Spirit Group.

He was a late-stage grand master, who was very well known for many years! And Su Mu from his family, was also the leader of the younger generation, in the martial arts circle in Singapore.

Su Mu was a middle-stage grand master, and the most promising talent of the Su family who could surpass Su Long!

He even came in person.

Zi Qingtian did not want to know why.

The reason was obvious.

They definitely did not come for Zi Qingtian.

“He Chen, Guan Long, Qi Gao… Secretary Yuan.

You are all here”

Su Long greeted his friends casually.

“Chief Su, why are you here” Secretary Yuan said with a smile.

“Ha ha ha.” Su Long walked to the right corner and replied,

“Director Zhang is coming to propose marriage, and I must come here to have a look, and at the same time, to prevent some short-sighted guys from offending him.

According to his character, if he gets angry… The situation will be out of control.

There are so many people here, how can I just stand by and watch”

“Director Zhang Grand Master Zhang is the director of the National Security Agency” He Chen was stunned.

Even he was surprised.

Not to mention the other people.

Zi Qingtians eyes dulled, and the lack of oxygen in his brain almost knocked him out.

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

But his face was pale, and he felt that it would be better if he fainted.

At this moment, there were only a few short sentences going around in everyones minds.

“Martial arts grand master!”


“Director of the National Security Agency!”

“Any one of these titles represented great power and gave others a strong sense of oppression.

However, he owns all these three titles”

“What kind of person did Yan marry” Zi Peng looked at Zi Qiang in confusion.

“She married a… promising… great man!”

Su Long took over the topic as he said this, then he looked back at the top of the mountain opposite the lake.

“He is coming!” Su Long said slowly.

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