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Hearing that, Zi Yan flushed and her long lashes began fluttering with her beautiful eyes.

Rolling her eyes at Zi Qiang, she complained shyly,

“Dad, why are you in such a hurry to marry your daughter to another man”

“Of course, Im in a hurry.

My granddaughter is already growing up” Zi Qiang narrowed his eyes and stared at Zhang Han.

He was eager to ask, “Youve taken my daughter away for so long, why didnt you come to propose until now”

“I havent seen this kind ofdoing first and reporting afterwards.

Do you know the other young men would tell their parents right after the girls are pregnant

However, he remembered all of Zhang Hans identities and knew he could not say that on this occasion.

Opening his mouth and then closing it, Zi Qiang turned to look at Mengmeng and said with a smile,

“Come on, my granddaughter, give grandpa a hug.”

“Huh, no.” Mengmeng tightened her little arms around his fathers waist in Zhang Hans arms and shook her head.

Zi Qiangs smile froze and then he looked at Zhang Han helplessly.

“I want to hug my granddaughter.

You take care of it!”

“Well… Mengmeng, let grandpa hug you.” Zhang Han whispered to Mengmeng.

“No way.” Mengmeng pouted.

It seemed that the little girl had a problem with her grandpa.

Zi Qiang hurriedly bowed his head beside Mengmengs face and asked with a smile, “Whats the matter, Mengmeng Dont you like grandpa”

“I dont like you.”

Zi Qiang was depressed and asked in confusion, “Why”

“Grandpa promised to prepare chips, biscuits, seaweed, chicken flavor circle for Mengmeng.

Its almost noon now and theres nothing for Mengmeng.

Grandpa lied, and Mengmeng dislikes liars.

Even the old gentleman just now gave Mengmeng a candy, but grandpa gave Mengmeng nothing.” Mengmeng said seriously.

Everyone surrounding them was amused, and burst out laughing.

Zi Qiangs mouth began to twitch.

“Well, is that candy better than my big red envelope”

“Of course grandpa will keep to his promise.

Ive prepared lots of things for Mengmeng.

Well, can someone help me…” Zi Qiang swept across the young generation of Zi family and finally fixed his eyes on a young man, “Go and fetch some snacks from the hall of my house.”

After that, he gave Mengmeng a smile, “Its true.

Grandpa wont lie to you.

Something delicious will soon arrive.”

“Really” The little girls eyes lit up.

Looking at Zhang Han, she stretched out her little arms towards Zi Qiang and said reluctantly, “Grandpa, give me a hug.”

“Wow, my dearest granddaughter,” Zi Qiang burst laughing and gave Mengmeng a big hug.

Then he looked at Rong Jiaxin delightedly, “Sister, what do you think about my suggestion Lets choose a wedding day and invite Hans parents here.”

“Let them get married… Actually Ive been thinking about it.

After all, Mengmeng is four years old, but…” Rong Jiaxin looked at Zhang Han hesitantly, and soon realized it was not the time to talk about marriage when she saw Zhang Hans calm expression.

Therefore, she shook her head and replied, “It is not convenient for Hans parents now, and Han wants to get married after they come back.

Maybe we should wait for one year.”

“One year” Zi Qiang was confused and asked, “Why cant they come back soon Their children are going to get married.

No matter what they are busy with, they can definitely make time for the wedding.”

He was a little worried.

“Dont his parents agree with the marriage”


“My Yan is so beautiful, and she gave birth to such a lovely child.

How can they disagree”

“Im Yans father, and I should be the first to disagree!”

Thinking about it, Zi Qiang was a little dissatisfied.

Although Zhang Han was very powerful, his daughter was also the most beautiful princess of the Zi family.

Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu and Zi Peng were quiet.

Knowing what they were thinking about, Zhang Han smiled and explained,

Zhang Han smiled and explained, “Father and mother-in-law, my parents are missing.

According to the information I received, they are in a mysterious place, which cant be accessed now.

Within half a year or so, I will bring them back, and I hope to marry Zi Yan then.

I think the wedding will be incomplete without my parents, so I hope my father-in-law and mother-in-law can understand and forgive me.”

His words surprised many people present.

“A mysterious place.”

Su Longs eyes squinted slightly.

“Is it the worldlet in Hua nation”

Worldlet was a stable subsidiary space.

Thought there were many kinds of worldlets, only a few of them could be named and defined as a realm.

And they were all the residences of cultivators with abundant resources and rich spiritual Qi suitable for cultivating.

When Su long was young, he had heard from his elders that for thousands of years, stable small worldlets had been found everywhere, but the total number were small.

The unstable small worldlet was very dangerous, and no one knew what creatures lived in it.

The small worldlet was just like a vast ocean, while the discovery made by human beings was only the tip of the iceberg.

In addition, after many unstable small worldlets changed, they may have appeared in the world within a period of time.

Such places were known as ancient ruins.

Therefore he knew that what Grand Master Zhang mentioned as the mysterious place was definitely a worldlet.

Although Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu did not understand this, they were surprised after hearing Zhang Hans explanation.

“I see,” Xu Xinyu shook her head slightly and said, “Lets go with Hans idea.”

“OK, lets wait for Hans parents to come back to discuss the marriage, but…” Zi Qiang looked at Zhang Han, Zi Yan and Mengmeng in his arms, “Get the marriage license first.

Or it will be inconvenient for you to do many things such as applying for schools for Mengmeng.”

“Yes, I think so too.

Well get engaged here first, and then well get a marriage license when we get back to Hong Kong.” Zhang Han took a look at Zi Yan, who looked cute, and said with a smile.

“Thats good, ha ha.

Im very happy to be a grandfather.

But you should remember that although you are very powerful, if my daughter is wronged, I will take her back.” Zi Qiang said seriously.

“I wont give my father-in-law this chance.

Its Zhang Hans pleasure to own Zi Yan and this family, and I will certainly live up to her in my life.” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan gently and said.

Zhang Hans words made Zi Yan feel happy in an instant.

It was nice to be spoiled and loved.

“Dont worry, uncle Zi Qiang.

Our boss is very kind to sister Zi Yan.” Liang Mengqi chuckled.

“Yes, PaPa loves MaMa and me so much.

Whatever I want to eat, PaPa will make it for me and he often buy me chips and seaweed…”

Mengmeng looked up at Zi Qiang and said this again, obviously reminding him.

Zi Qiang kept looking back.

A few seconds later, when he saw the young man running in hurriedly, his eyes lit up.

“The snacks are coming,” Zi Qiang said, “Look, Mengmeng, these are all the snacks grandpa prepared for you.

Come here.”

Hearing Zi Qiangs urging, the young man accelerated, and soon ran to Zi Qiang, breathlessly and handed over the food bag.

“Mengmeng, look, I did not cheat you, did I” Zi Qiang put a big bag of snacks in front of Mengmeng.

“Oh, so many!” Mengmeng was very excited and said happily, “Grandpa is so nice, thank you.”

“Ha ha ha, enjoy them.” Zi Qiang laughed.

So the little girl sat on Zi Qiangs lap and ate the snacks happily.

“Han, where is your hometown” Xu Xinyu looked at Zhang Han, and asked with a smile.

“I was born in Shang Jing and used to be a member of the Zhang family.

My fathers name is Zhang Guangyou and my mothers name is Rong Jiali.

” Zhang Han looked at Xu Xinyu and replied.

Hearing what Zhang Han said, many people began to think whether they had heard the names, before.

Almost all those who came from famous families, knew about the Zhang family in Shang Jing, which was the top ranking family and was much larger and greater than the Zi family.

But they did not know which Zhang family, Zhang Han referred to, since there were too many families surnamed Zhang, Wang, Li or Liu in Shang Jing.

But Zhang Han mentioned it as “the Zhang family in Shang Jiang”, which meant it was indeed the top-ranking Zhang family.

Besides, Zhang Hans expression confirmed their conjecture.

“Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Guangyou”

Su Long repeated the name several times, and suddenly, he was stunned.

Looking at Zhang Han, he asked, “Is your father Zhang Guangyou, the lord of battle”

“You father is the lord of battle Zhang Guangyou, the big hero Wow, a tiger father will not beget a dog son!” He Chen could not help taking in a deep breath.

In the era of the lord of battle, the grandmaster could not appear in the world for various reasons, and there was no one who could suppress Zhang Guangyou in Hua nation.

Therefore, Zhang Guangyou had won hundreds of battles, and was well known for his being invincible under the grand master.

Unfortunately, Zhang Guangyou was later badly injured by North Tiger Gai Xing Kong.

Years after that, it was the North Tiger era, until he was defeated by Emperor Qing, who suppressed all the talents in Hua nation for many years, and became the most dazzling talent, until Zhang Hanyang appeared.

Su Long looked at Zhang Han meaningfully and murmured to himself,

“Im afraid there will be a battle between Emperor Qing and Fierce Zhang.

It will be a good fight to watch.”

Hearing the grand masters comments, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu looked at each other.

“His parents have powerful connections, too!”

Zi Jiangshan kept smiling and did not join in the discussion.

Instead, he kept looking around while enjoying the joy brought by Zhang Hans arrival.

Every time he focused on the young generation cheering in the ground, he would sigh with emotion that sometimes unity was the symbol of family prosperity, and there was no need to worry about this with Zi Qiang in charge of family affairs and Zi Qingtians assistance.

The Zi family had found the most ideal way for its own development.

At the back, Liu Qingfeng, who did not get much attention, was a bit confused at this time.

“Zhang Guangyou is Mr.

Zhangs father”

“Ive been wondering why he is willing to give me the opportunity to cooperate.

It turns out that…”

He had a good relationship with Zhang Guangyou, and had met Zhang Han and Zhang Li during their childhood.

However, they were young at that time, so he did not recognize them when they were grown.

At this time, he was very moved to hear the news.

“That naughty boy has grown up, and now I need to look up to him! As in the Changjiang River the waves behind drive on those ahead, so each new generation excels the last one.”

Zi Qiang observed everything quietly for a long time, and learned that Zhang Han was not only powerful, but also had a strong background.

This made him happier, because all parents wanted their daughter to marry an outstanding man, and more important, an outstanding man who was good to his wife.

Qi Qiang was very satisfied and felt that Zhang Han was becoming more and more agreeable.

What a handsome young man he was!

“Ha ha ha, OK.

Then the wedding will be held after you get your parents back.

First get engaged and then get the license.

Er, this…” “Sister, shall we discuss the date of engagement Now that everyone is here.

Shall we make a decision directly” Zi Qiang asked Rong Jiaxin.

He knew that Rong Jiaxin was Zhang Hans immediate elder, and the members of the Wang family came with her.

“Ok, lets fix the date.

I dont understand the customs here, so its up to you to decide.” Rong Jiaxin replied with a smile.

“OK.” Zi Qiang nodded, pondered, looked at Zi Jiangshan and said, “Uncle, how about you picking the date”

Zi Jiangshan was surprised, and then replied slowly with a smile,

“Let me see the calendar.”

Zi Qiang quickly took out his mobile phone and opened the perpetual calendar.

Zi Jiangshan took over the cell phone, looked at it for a while, and then nodded, “October 19th.”


Zi Qiang nodded, stood up, looked around, and said in a loud voice, “Zi Yan and Zhang Hans engagement date will be on October 19, please come to the engagement party!”





The young people of the Zi family cheered happily.

Although they did not know Zhang Han and had not seen Zi Yan for several years, they knew that the rules of the Zi family had been abolished, and they could love freely.

These changes were brought about by that man, which made them admire him sincerely.

Zi Feng, in particular, was no longer serious at this time.

He tore off his suit tie and raised his hands to shout.

Mengmeng put down her snacks for a while, looked around with bright eyes, and finally raised her little hand and cheered,


PaPa and MaMa are going to be engaged.

Mengmeng can pose for photos with flowers!”

Hearing the voice of the little girl, everyone on the scene could not help laughing.

“By the time her parents get engaged, the girl will be grown up and will be able to attend the ceremony in person.

Its really… interesting.”

Seeing this, Zi Qingtian smiled and shook his head again.

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