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Chapter 438 A Tour of Singapore

At two oclock in the afternoon, Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, Zi Peng, Dong Ling, Zi Shiya, Wang Mings family, Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Mengmeng all sat in the hall on the first floor of Zi Qiangs villa, drinking tea and chatting warmly.

During this period, Zi Qiang played with Mengmeng.

Then the little girl ran to Zi Shiyas side and started watching a cartoon.

This made Zi Qiang a little unhappy.

Who put on the cartoon The little girls attention was all drawn to it.

Seeing the women still chatting, Zi Qiang looked at Zhang Han beside and asked him, “Han, do you play Go chess”

“A little bit.”

“Lets play two games.

Tell you what, Ive played Go for decades.

I hope you dont give up in the first few minutes,” said Zi Qiang confidently, while walking to the small table not far behind the sofa and putting out the chessboard.

Zi Peng came with tea and sat down to watch the game.

“Come on, lets go.”

Zi Qiang and Zhang Han began to place pieces on the chessboard.

In the beginning, the two players placed their pieces fast, the black and white stones were constantly crossing each other.

It seemed that thousands of troops from both sides were lining up and waiting for the final battle!

Gradually, Zi Qiangs placing slowed down.

Zi Peng, as a bystander, couldnt help saying, “Brother, wrong move.

You should place there, eh Why did you place it here… ”

Before long Zi Peng got lost in the chessboard, he went silent.

The two players eyes were fixed on the chessboard.

However, Zhang Han checked Mengmeng and Zi Yan every time he placed a piece.

Zi Qiang and Zi Peng were more like two players, muttering and studying their moves.

Zhang Han was just sitting there to watch.

“Ah! This move was brilliant!”

Zi Qiang touched his chin as a sudden idea came into his mind.

He said, “Ill place it here!”

With a snap, he placed a piece in the middle.

Zhang Han picked up one piece and looked at the board.

He pretended to gaze at it for a minute, then he placed the stone.

“Ha, you dont see it, do you Ill place this here! Your pieces in this area are captured.” Zi Qiang placed his stone in smug satisfaction.

This time, the move was very simple.

It was like a long-planned plot that was revealed in the end.

“Nice, this move is really brilliant!” Zi Peng applauded.

Seeing this, Zhang Han smiled gently.

He didnt intend to let him win so easily.

Thus, he said, “You dont seem to notice that area.”

While talking, he placed a piece, rescuing one area of pieces by besieging the other, and it solved the crisis in an instant.

“Eh Well done, Han.

Have you been holding back You did well, but Im better.”


“A piece sets the game, my stone has surrounded yours! How about that How is my chess skill” asked Zi Qiang with a smile.

Zhang Hans eyes slightly squinted.

The situation on the chessboard seemed to show a sign of Zi Qiangs victory, but Zhang Han had a dozen ways to change it.

However, he knew that if he did this, it wouldnt be flattering at all!

Hence, he shook his head slightly, looked at Ziqiang in surprise, and said with a smile, “You do excel at chess.”

“Aha, of course, I have played it for decades.

No one in the Zi Clan could beat me.

Come on, lets play one more game,” said Zi Qiang cheerfully, he was in a great mood.

“Poof… ” Zi Yan laughed out.

Zi Qiang liked Zhang Han.

Otherwise, he couldnt have such a good time.

Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan and gave her a warm smile.

While they were playing chess, a sycophant stuck around them.

“Brilliant, amazing.” Zi Peng looked at the chessboard and acclaimed.

Soon, the second game began.

The opening was almost the same as the previous game, they placed their pieces fast.

Gradually, after half of the chessboard was filled, Zi Qiang began to slow down again.

“Its smart for you to place here, Han.

The move can be act as an attack or a defence.

Not so bad.

But you didnt notice this area on my side.

Haha, one piece decides the winner! Ive got these two areas together.

How would you crack them” Zi Qiang said triumphantly.

Zhang Han stared at it, and he said with a smile, “I didnt expect this move, your skill could compete with an professional player.”


My brother attended Singapores Go competition last time, he made it to the top 16.

Many professional players admired him.” Zi Peng sighed.

“Stop saying that! A hero would never speak of his past glories.

Come on, Han.

Its your turn.

Place your piece.

” Zi Qiang glared at Zi Peng.

Its not easy to meet a match in chess.

What if he was scared away! Besides, Zi Qiang had prepared a secret fatal move.

What if Han became alert and found it

Zhang Han found it amusing when he saw Zi Qiangs expression.

If Zhang Han took the game more seriously, he could finish it in two minutes.

Surely, he would never do that.

What he was going to do was to play a well-matched game and make the win harder for Zi Qiang.

Only in this way could his father-in-law have real fun.

Beating a matched opponent at chess was better than taking advantage of a rookie.

Zhang Han was about to place the piece, Zi Qiangs eyes brightened at the location on the chessboard, and he couldnt hide his excitement.

Mengmeng waved her hand and shouted, “Papa, Papa, come here.” She was sitting on the other side of the sofa watching TV.

Zhang Han glanced at her, his hand moved a little bit and put the piece in another direction.

Zi Qiang froze.

He stared at the chess board, his face looked grave, holding a white stone.

He murmured and couldnt decide his next move.

“What Why didnt I notice that This…”

His advantage of attack has been eliminated, so he needed to think about it.

Zhang Han smiled and said, “You may need time to think about it.

Ill take a look over there.”

“Go ahead.”

That was what Zi Qiang needed.

Without raising his head, he waved to Zhang Han.

Zi Peng sat aside, stared at the chess board for a while, and spoke.

“Its a smart move, which solved the crisis.


We need to look into it carefully…”

Zhang Han walked to Mengmeng with a smile.

“Papa, see.

The papa in the cartoon is also handsome, like you.” Mengmeng mumbled, pointing to the cartoon on TV.

Zhang Han chuckled and asked, “Which Papa is more handsome, me or him”

“You are the most handsome Papa in the world.” Mengmeng slipped into Zhang Hans arms and said, “The people in the cartoon have gone to explore.

They met a big snake that can talk and wants to eat them.

So scary…”

Zhang Han and Mengmeng played for a while.

About five minutes later, the little girl was completely absorbed in the cartoon.

Zhang Han returned to the side of the small table.

Zi Qiang rested his chin on one hand, still in deep thought.

He couldnt keep thinking when Zhang Han was back, so he spoke.

“Im waiting for you! See how I break the impasse!”

Then he didnt hesitate to place one piece.

It was just an attack made in one direction to divert attention from the quarter where the real attack was to be made.

Zhang Han pretended not to see it and played along with Zi Qiang.

Three minutes later, Zi Qiang could no longer hold his excitement and placed a piece hard.


The piece made a clear sound.

Zi Qiang looked at the chess board for a few more times.

He looked serious, letting out a long breath.


I appreciate it.”

Zhang Han picked up a piece, He thought where to place it would be more difficult for Zi Qiang to win.

But after hearing those words, Zhang Han stopped.

All right…

He took back his piece, shook his head, and said with a smile, “Marvelous, its really a good move.”

“Haha…” Zi Qiang laughed and said, “You are only 26, Han.

You are already an excellent player at you age.

Come on, have another game with me.”

Thus, Zi Qiang spent the whole afternoon playing chess with Zhang Han, while Zi Peng complimented them from time to time.

Zhang Han played the game at ease.

Sometimes he looked thoughtful, which was suitable in the condition.

Zi Yan would look over there from time to time, and Zhang Han seemed to notice that.

He would look back at her and sense that she was in a good mood.

Rong Jiaxin, Dong Ling, and the others had been chatting with each other.

Mengmeng watched TV for a while, then her big bright eyes looked around.

The little girl noticed Zi Yan not paying attention to her, so she looked at Zi Shiya and then focused on the snacks on the side.

“Well, Aunt Shiya, do you want to eat chips I can give you some snacks.

They are over there,” said Mengmeng in a low voice, pointing to one big bag of snacks on one side.

“Ah, Mengmeng is so nice.

Thank you for sharing your snacks,” said Zi Shiya with a smile.

“Youre welcome, Aunt Shiya.

You can have some,” said Mengmeng seriously.

“Then Ill get them.” Zi Shiya got up with a smile and walked over.

“OK.” Mengmeng mumbled.

She stared at Zi Yan and was a little nervous.

Would Mama find out What if she doesnt let me eat

While Mengmeng was glancing around, Zi Shiya brought the snacks back.

She picked up one bag of chips and opened it for Mengmeng.

She also opened a bag of shrimp chips for herself.

They ate the snacks while watching TV.

The cartoon was more suitable for adults, so Mengmeng couldnt concentrate on it and spent most time on eating the chips.

On the other side, Zi Yan had noticed what Mengmeng was doing.

She chuckled and said nothing.

Mengmeng finished one bag and was about to pick up another.

“Mengmeng” Ziyan coughed softly.


Mengmeng paused.

She thought for a while and put the snacks back on Zi Shiyas legs, murmuring.

“Aunt Shiya, Mama doesnt allow Mengmeng to eat more snacks.

You can have them if you want.”

Then Mengmeng slipped down from the sofa and ran to Zi Yan, playing with two toys.

“Yan, what do Han and Mengmeng like to eat”

It was almost five oclock, Xu Xinyu said with a smile, “Your father could cook, and we can eat at home.”

“Er…” Zi Yan looked at Zi Qiang, who was occupied in playing chess.

She shook her head and said, “Let father play for a while.

Lets go out to eat tonight.

Lets go to the Ferris wheel.

I remember that there were two restaurants in the mall before, but Im not sure whether they are still open or not.”


Mengmengs big eyes suddenly brightened.

Looking at Ziyan, she said, “Mama, whats a Ferris wheel”

“Ferris wheel is round and tall,” replied Zi Yan with a smile.

“OK, lets go to the Ferris wheel, Mama, lets go!” Mengmeng couldnt wait.

“Dont worry, well go later,” said Zi Yan with a smile.

“Ill make a reservation first,” said Dong Ling.

She got up and left to make a phone call.

Mengmeng looked up at Ziyan and asked, “When shall we go, Mama”

Zi Yan thought and said, “Well, after your Papa and grandpa finish the game.”

“Well, all right.” Mengmeng turned to look at Zhang Han, she waved and said, “Papa, Grandpa, we are waiting for you.”

Zhang Han nodded with a light smile, the piece in his hand instantly changed its direction and was placed on a different location.

Zi Qiang stared at the chess board, placing a piece to his pattern.

They placed a few more pieces, and Zhang Han deliberately placed his last piece with a loud sound.

Zi Qiang looked at it carefully and froze.


I forgot this part!


Zi Qiang wanted to retract his feint.

He thought quickly, before standing up and saying, “Granddaughter, dont worry, lets go now!”

Then he looked at Zhang Han and laughed, saying, “Han, you are good at chess, but this game is intense.

It will take a while to decide a winner.

We should continue when we come back.”

“You are right, we should continue when we are back.” Zhang Han nodded with a smile.

Then he was astounded.

As Zi Qiang said,

“Well, we will continue when we come back.”

He put away the chessboard and pieces!

Continue with what…

“Lets go.

Lets go to the Ferris wheel.

It takes more than half an hour to be there.”

Ziqiang spoke directly after putting away the Go chess.

“Lets go.” Zi Yan smiled and stood up.

“Lets go, lets go!” Mengmeng cheered with her little arm raised.

Everyone took their bags and left.

Everyone got on the Zi Clans vehicles, most of which were Audi A8L.

They were heading for the Ferris wheel.

The Ferris wheel in Singapore was also called the Flyer Ferris Wheel.

It was famous for its huge size.

With a total height of 165 meters and almost 42-stories high, it was located in the bustling commercial center area and placed on the third floor of the shopping center.

On the Ferris wheel, people could enjoy not only Singapores city view but also the scenery 45 kilometers away, which made it a unique scenic spot.

Zi Yan was quite familiar with Singapore, so she had a plan in mind before she came.

Mengmeng was very happy all the way, she kept humming songs.

Even from a distance, the huge Ferris wheel was outstanding.

After arriving at the place, Zi Yan held Zhang Hans hand and said with a smile,

“There used to be two nice restaurants on the third floor.

I remember one of them had seafood noodles that tasted good.

Lets have a look.”

“OK.” Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

He pinched Zi Yans white and tender palm and said softly, “Whatever you want to eat, Ill make for you in the future, and Ill take you to taste something… something you didnt know before.”

“Im looking forward to it.” Zi Yan smiled and pursed her lips.

Zhang Han was attracted.

If there was no one present, he would kiss her.

Zi Yan felt the affection too, her big eyes blinked quickly.

She wanted to tease him but decided to behave herself as they were surrounded by the elders.

Mengmeng looked up at the Ferris wheel and said, “Ah, Papa, what a high Ferris wheel.”

“Lets go have dinner first, and then well take a few rounds on the Ferris wheel.” Zhang Han chuckled.

Thus, they first had dinner in the restaurant of the mall.

With Zi Qiangs four bodyguards, Zhang Han didnt let Instructor Liu follow them.

As such, Instructor Liu and the others were invited by Liang Hao to have fun.

Of course, Zhao Feng kept following Liang Mengqi.

Soon, after dinner, Zhang Han and others went to the Ferris wheel.

Each carriage was a lying cylinder, which could take 10 people.

The carriage was big enough, allowing people to walk around.

Even a few drinks were prepared.

Different from normal Ferris wheels, it was more stable and safe.

Zhang Han stood in front of the window with Mengmeng and Zi Yan in his arms, and they looked at the scenery below.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu were standing behind them.

Zi Qiang was satisfied with this son-in-law.

This afternoon, when Zi Qiang had been playing chess with Zhang Han, he had actually been testing this young man.

He had seen that Zhang Han had been patient all the time, and later he knew the young man had been letting him win.

It also aroused Zi Qiangs competitive spirit He didnt know how good Zhang Hans chess skill was, and he was going to find out in the evening after they returned.

“Mama will take you to Sentosa tomorrow.”

Looking at this happy little girl, Zi Yan scraped her face.

“Well, what is Sentosa Is it an amusement park” Mengmengs eyes brightened.

“Yes, there is a water adventure park, a dolphin park, a royal albatross, and a universal movie city park…”

Zi Yan smiled and explained.

Resorts World Sentosa was a famous family resort in Asia.

Zi Yan had been there many times in her early ages.

It was a collection of food, accommodation, shopping, and entertainment.

It had the worlds largest aquarium.

More importantly, there was a theme hotel Zi Yan planned to stay for another night.

The little girl was excited and looking forward to the next day.

After the Ferris wheel, they all returned to the Zi Clans Manor.

Mengmeng behaved well and asked to sleep at about nine oclock.

“Papa, hurry up, tell me a story.

We can go to the amusement park tomorrow.” Mengmeng couldnt wait and she waved.


Zhang Han and Zi Qiang ended another game, before he got up and walked over.

“Youll sleep in Zi Yans bedroom.

Today I asked someone to buy a small bed.

The sheets and other things are new and have been washed,” said Xu Xinyu with a smile, leading them to the second floor.

Zi Yans bedroom had been empty for many years, but someone would clean it regularly.

The room was the same as she had left it.

There were many pink dolls, telling a teenager girls dream.

“Im going to sleep.” Mengmeng ran to the bed happily.

“Change your pajamas first.” Zi Yan smiled, pulling the large suitcase next to her.

She took out her family suit of pajamas.

Xu Xinyu smiled and said, “Yan, Han, and Mengmeng, Ill leave you to rest, see you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

Mengmeng sat by the bed and waved her hand.

“Grandma, see you.”

Xu Xinyu also waved, then she went out and closed the door.

When they put on pajamas, the family of three went to bed, with Mengmeng lying in the middle.

She blinked and listened to her fathers story.

Sometimes she was distracted, thinking about going to the amusement park the next day.

The little girl would feel thrilled.

For her, the happiest thing in the world was to visit an amusement park with Papa and Mama.

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