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Chapter 441 Going to the Relic

After the white mist trembled three times, Grand Master Liu stared forward, taking three breaths in nine seconds and letting out a turbid breath.

He slowly descended to the ground from the height of half a meter in the air and turned to look at Su Long, then saluted and said, “This is a D-class relic, which will be opened in about 20 hours.

Since it was… broken apart by external forces, it will open for about 10 hours after opening.”

As soon as the remark was made, every martial artist present looked excited.

Su Long also smiled and looked at one of his subordinates, then said to him while waving his hand, “Issue an announcement that a relic of the Dark Wind Island will open soon, thus all the martial artists who are at the Peak Strength Stage or beyond can come over to investigate.

You should tell them the details of the giant ship and warn them to stay away from it.”


The man replied while saluting, then took out the phone to assign the tasks.

“Director Zhang, thank you for giving us help this time.

Its rather late, so you can go back to rest at any time.

The relic will open at about nine oclock tomorrow.

Come here if you are interested in it,” Su Long said to Zhang Han with a smile.

“Well, tell me some details about the relic.

I havent heard much about it,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Uh, dont you know about the relics” Su Long was shocked, then shook his head and said with a smile, “Ill tell you in detail.”

At that point, Zi Yan also pricked up her ears as her big eyes blinked, taking on a very serious look.

Su Long took two steps to approach Zhang Han.

After glancing at the white mist, he said, “The ancient relics are scattered all over the world.

Among them, such revealed and stabilized ones could be detected in detail.

Although no one knows what is inside, the levels can be measured according to the fluctuation at the entrance.

Over hundreds of years, the civilization of relics is also gradually taking shape.

Among them, the lowest level is F, followed by E, D, C, B, A.

“The order of sorting is in accordance with their safety coefficient.

For instance, each Obvious Strength martial artist can enter the F-class relics safely as long as they remain careful, although some incredible things will also kill many people.

Martial artists at the Inward Strength Stage at least can enter the E-class relics, while D-class relics correspond to Peak Strength, C-class relics correspond to Qi Strength, and so on.

“As for the origin of sorting of these letters, one is in consideration of the commonality, and the second is in line with the ranks of Western adepts, whose strengths correspond to martial artists strengths I have just mentioned.

This is how it is.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han nodded slightly and said, “Can anyone enter the relics”

“Yes.” Su Long nodded.

“This is also regarded as an unwritten rule.

For example, we, the Spirit Group, will definitely get a variety of treasures if we block the news and explore it by ourselves, but we will have access to more treasures if we inform the martial artists in Singapore.

In addition, we can buy them as well, and it is a win-win cooperation.

But once the news is released, it will also be known to martial artists in other places.

“Relics have been known as the worlds treasures for a long time.

Sure enough, there are several treasures that sustain the energy of worldlets in such stabilized worldlets.

Up to now, we once found a divine object, a five holy object, and countless Heaven-grade treasures at one time.

However, it was a relic that appeared 50 years ago.

In order to get those treasures, 18 Grand Master died and countless Qi Strength Masters were killed.

It was too tragic.

Most of them did not die from fighting, but from the unpredictable relics.

There were always some terrible native creatures living inside.”

Su Longs eyes were filled with emotions.

Since he prepared to state it in detail, he told Zhang Han all the information he knew.

“The higher a relics rank is, the higher-ranked treasures will appear.

However, the risk possibility will also increase.

Every relic possesses a best treasure.

Once it is obtained by a martial artist, the worldlet will dissipate instantly, and people inside will come out from the entrance.

If someone gains a subprime treasure, the opening time of the relic will shorten.

When the time is up, everyone will be sent out.

“In general, Heaven-grade treasures will appear in D-class relics.

As for holy objects, they seldom show up in D-class relics, appear in C-class relics half the time, and must come out in B-class relics, where divine objects will possibly emerge.

Anyway, people only encounter them by chance.”


Zhang Han nodded, knowing what relics were.

In fact, Zhang Han had entered so many relics, and sometimes, he had survived a narrow escape from death.

However, the treasures in the ruins were indeed precious.

Although Zhang Han had a rough idea of relics, he still took the initiative to ask Su Long about the particular case.

He pursued stability of exploration rather than taking risks now, for he had a family.

“Well go back now,” Zhang Han said.

As for Zi Yan, she kept silent next to Zhang Han, digesting the news she had just heard.

Up to now, she realized that this world was so mysterious, and there were many unknown places and things.

Her world outlook had collapsed before, but now it was padded constantly with new knowledge.

Zhang Han was aware that he did not need to teach her anything because she would gradually know more by getting in touch with such mysterious things.

“Send Director Zhang back.”

Su Long sent Zhang Han and Zi Yan to the helicopter and closed the door after giving a command to his subordinates, then he nodded to Zhang Han with a smile.

The helicopter took off slowly, leaving Dark Wind Island.

About an hour later, it directly landed not far from the castle hotel.

After returning to the room, they saw Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu whispering in the chairs beside the bed.

Zi Qiang stood up and whispered, “Here you are.”

He found that Zi Yan was wearing Zhang Hans coat.

On seeing this, he felt warm and become more satisfied with his son-in-law.

Now that they had a baby, Zi Qiang was really afraid that Zhang Han would treat Zi Yan badly, for she had no choice after all.

They were not like lovers who were just in love with each other, and they could not break up easily.

Fortunately, Zhang Han left an extremely great impression on him.

What a perfect man he was.

He, however, believed that time revealed a persons heart, and he would truly understand Zhang Hans temperament after observing him for a little longer.

“Ah, yes.

Dad, Mom, you can go to sleep now.

Dont get up early tomorrow and sleep for a little longer,” Zi Yan grinned and said.

“Well, ok, well go back to our room.” Xu Xinyu walked over to Zi Yan with a smile and touch her head.

As for Zi Qiang, he patted Zhang Han on the arm, as if Zhang Han had gone out to do him a favor.

It was obvious that he was satisfied with Zhang Han.

Then Zhang Han and Zi Yan returned to their room, took off their clothes, and went to bed.

“Will you turn over Dont press on her.” Whispering, Zi Yan leaned in Zhang Hans arms and glanced at Mengmeng, who was sleeping beside Zhang Han on the other side.

“Of course not.

Just fall asleep,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“Well.” Zi Yan nodded obediently, leaning honestly against Zhang Hans arm.

After two minutes…

“Honey,” Zi Yan looked up and whispered.

Zhang Han responded, “Yeah.”

“I cant fall asleep.” Zi Yan pouted slightly.

“Shall I tell you a story” Zhang Han said hesitantly.

“Forget it.

I will fall asleep after lying here for a while.” Zi Yan twisted her body, lying more comfortably in Zhang Hans arms.

Zhang Han gently fondled her with his right hand.

Gradually, after a few minutes when she slowly fell asleep, Zhang Han closed his eyes to rest.

The night went by silently.

At seven oclock the next morning…

“Mm… Uh-huh.”

Mengmeng opened her eyes in a daze, then sat up and rubbed her eyes.

Seeing that Zhang Han gently looked at her as usual, she was so delighted.

“Ouch, I am in the big bed!”


Zhang Han burst into laughter and stretched out his hand to touch Mengmengs little head, then said, “Do you like to sleep in the big bed”

“Yes, yes.

Mm, actually, Mengmeng likes sleeping next to PaPa and MaMa,” Mengmeng said while pouting.

She grew without PaPas company for many years.

Now, since she finally found her PaPa, who loved her so much, the little princess really clung to Zhang Han.

“MaMa is still sleeping, so we need to talk in a lower voice, PaPa.” Mengmeng reached out a finger of her right hand, putting it in front of her tender lips and hushing him.

“Youre so clever,” Zhang Han said with a smile and also lowered his voice.

He sighed with emotion in his mind that Zi Yan was really hard in those years since she taught Mengmeng so well.

Mengmeng looked around and found that there was nothing interesting, so she threw herself into Zhang Hans arms and asked, “PaPa, can we play touch-touch-fly”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and stretched out the index finger of his left hand.

Mengmeng reached out her small index finger and touched Zhang Hans finger twice, then quickly swung it upward and said at the same time, “Touch, touch, fly! Uh-huh, you are so slow, even slower than Mengmeng, PaPa!”

“Uh, Mengmeng is so awesome, your PaPa is not a patch on you.”

“Hahaha, how awesome Mengmeng is!” Mengmengs big eyes were full of happiness.

“How powerful you are! Mm… even more powerful than PaPa.”

“Uh-huh, PaPa is the most powerful man, and Mengmeng ranks second.

Well, no, MaMa is the second most powerful, while Mengmeng is third.

It is also great that I rank third!” Mengmeng stuck three of her fingers up at Zhang Han seriously.

Her cute appearance made Zhang Han burst out laughing.

After they played for a while, Zi Yan also opened her eyes.

The three of them stayed in bed for 10 minutes, then Zi Yan took Mengmeng to wash up.

It was almost eight oclock when they finished tidying up.

After thinking for a while, Zi Yan sent a message through WeChat to Zi Qiang and Zi Shiya respectively.

Learning that they all got up, everyone went to the restaurant downstairs for breakfast.

“Well go sightseeing again!”

When they left the hotel and headed for the play area, Mengmeng cheered, feeling extremely delighted.

In general, people would enjoy themselves only staying in Resorts World Sentosa for about three days, but they skipped a lot of games that were not suitable for Mengmeng.

With the purpose of accompanying Mengmeng, they visited almost all the interesting things in two days.

According to the original schedule, they had to stay there that night, moving to another special hotel.

However, considering that they were going to the relic with Zhang Han, they returned to the Zi Clan.

After having dinner, Zi Qiang played three chess matches with Zhang Han, all ended up with Zhang Hans failure.

At nine oclock, Zi Yan waved to Zhang Han and asked him to come to the bedroom to coax Mengmeng, who fell asleep after half an hour.

Then they greeted Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu.

“Han, be careful and make sure you are safe,” Zi Qiang said repeatedly.

He also knew that they saw the relic of Dark Wind Island during the day.

In fact, Zi Long, Zi Hu, and some juniors of the Zi Clan, as well as Wang Zhanzong and companions, also prepared to go there.

At that moment, they were waiting for Zhang Han and Zi Yan in front of the gate.

“Dont worry, father-in-law, Ill make sure that nothing goes wrong,” Zhang Han responded with a confident smile.

“Well, come back early.” Zi Qiang smiled.

“I know.”

At that point, Zi Yan was in denim trousers, sneakers, long-sleeved clothes, and a jacket.

She tied her hair into a ponytail, wearing a beige cap.

In the meantime, she also specially dressed up Zhang Han, who did not wear a formal suit but black jeans, a white shirt, and a grey trench coat.

After finishing speaking, Zi Yan held Zhang Hans arms and went to the entrance.

Then all of them got into cars and slowly headed for the port.

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