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Chapter 446 Snatching Food from the Jaws of a Tiger

At that moment, the eyes of nearly 100 people around him were all focused on Zhang Han.

Those who could see his expression clearly noticed that he had been calm or even expressionless all the time.

He acted as if he was really passing by, and it was not him who had just killed the famous Fa Jiaer.

The onlookers couldnt help but gasp in astonishment.

Su Mu, in particular, was staring at Zhang Han and feeling depressed.

He is a real talent, and Im so much worse than him.

He is so powerful!!

If it were him, He could only resist the quirky attack just now for three times at most, and the he would be defeated by Fa Jiaer.

Under everyones gaze, the five cards approached Zhang Han and were about to fly into his pocket.

Suddenly, one of Fa Jiaers protectors changed his face and paid obeisance.

Then he said in stilted Chinese, “Since you dare to interfere in the affairs of the Evil Wind Sect and kill our branch leader, you must not be a nobody.

Dare you tell your name”

Hearing his words, Zhang Han paused.

Zi Yan took a look at the fierce-looking man, so she hugged Zhang Han with more strength.

He is so fierce.

Behind them, Instructor Liu turned around, looked at the black man up and down, and raised his eyebrows.

“What Do you want to get revenge Do you want me to shoot you now”

“Hmm” The protector frowned.

What are you, a greenhorn in Qi-strength stage, saying

On the other side, Su Mus face darkened, and his eyes flashed, indicating that he wanted to kill all these from the Evil Wind Sect.

Even Ao Yuan looked at Zhang Han with the same intention.

However, he didnt know whether he could manage it as the two protectors were vigilant and would immediately flee once there was a sign of trouble.

Nobody noticed that the five cards did not fly back to Zhang Hans pocket.

Instead, the rest of the cards in his pocket flew out and disappeared underground along with Zhang Hans legs.

Under the crowds gaze, Zhang Han took a glance at the protector calmly.

“Remember my name, Zhang Hanyang.” After that, he turned around and continued to walk with Zi Yan.

Instructor Liu thought they were going to leave, so he looked at the protectors fiercely and made a contemptuous gesture at them.

Behave yourself!

Then Instructor Liu followed Zhang Han and left, feeling elated.

Its so comfortable to have backing.

I can point to a masters nose and scold him!

“Haha.” One of the protectors smiled grimly, but at the next instant, he was stunned, and his eyes were filled with blood.

If one looked closely, they would find that a ferocious dragon seemed to be passing through his pupils.

“Hmm” Su Mu suddenly looked at the two protectors with full attention.

Because he felt that the energy within the two protectors was restless just now, and then their vitality began to dissipate.

Ao Yuan was also aware of this, and now he was looking at the left in surprise.

What happened

Except for them, the others were looking at the back of Zhang Han and his companions.


Suddenly, a dull sound came from the left side, attracting their eyes.

When they looked in that direction, they saw a scene they would never forget.

Plop, plop…

The two protectors of the Evil Wind Sect fell into the ground, followed by all the disciples behind them.

At the same time, 18 cards came out of the ground and began to circle in the air.

Their dark lines made everyone tremble with fear.

Then, the 18 cards slowly caught up with Zhang Han and disappeared into his pocket.

“Hiss!” Su Mus face changed greatly, his body trembled slightly, and he took a breath of cool air.

“What method did you use”

“Hes amazing!”

“How was that possible”

He couldnt understand how Zhang Han had launched the attack and why there had been no signs.

“My Gosh!” Ao Yuan was stunned.

While looking at Zhang Hans back, he shivered involuntarily.

Im glad he and I are not enemies.

Otherwise, it would be terrible!

The other bystanders in the distance were also stunned and kept gasping in astonishment.

“Zhang Hanyang, he is Fierce Zhang!”

“Is he still a human being He is so powerful!”

“I was almost scared to death.”

“Fa Jiaer dared to threaten Fierce Zhang…” Su Mus pupils constricted as he murmured, “He brought this all on himself.”

“This is the style of a master!” Junior Brother Lu shivered and looked at Zhang Hans back with an adoring expression.

Can I reach his height some day in the future

“Oh, I just walked with such a powerful man.” The younger martial sister said in surprise and excitement, “They have talked with us.

I didnt expect that he is so amazing.”

“Alas…” Ma Di sighed.

“Eldest Brother, why are you sighing” asked a disciple in surprise.

“Ive been doubting that heroes saving beauties cant be a simple story.

He is a martial arts Grand Master while Im just at Profound-Stage.

Ive just saved a beauty but ended up being called a busybody, and it turned out that she was an Earth-Stage Master! Why am I so unlucky When will I save a beauty and win her heart” Ma Di continued sighing.

“Eldest Brother.” The younger martial sister said with a smile, “You have just saved all of us, and you are so handsome.”

“Alas, is it useful to save you Ma Di curled his lips and looked at the couple that had left enviously.

“He saved a beauty and immediately won her heart.

They are now lovers and decided to stay together forever.

Theyll be together forever!” he said.

The younger martial sister blushed and said shyly, “Then… You can win my heart.”

“Oh, forget it.

Rabbits dont eat grass beside their nests, and I dare not have a try,” Ma Di widened his eyes in astonishment and waved his hands to reject the girl.

“If our master knew of this, it would be terrible.”

“Haha, you can only boast, Eldest Brother.” Junior Brother Lu laughed.

The other disciples burst out laughing too, for they knew their Eldest Brother very well.

Though Ma Di was uninhibited in expressing his opinions, he was, in fact, a man of integrity who had been dreaming of becoming a great hero.

“Who told you that he saved a beauty and then won her heart” Su Mu took a glance at Ma Di.

“Well, Zi Yue said it herself,” replied Ma Di in confusion.

“Zi Yue” Su Mu was stunned.

Then he shook his head and gave Ma Di a meaningful smile without saying anything.

Ao Yuan pondered, looked at Ma Di, and said, “Watch what you say! They are Grand Master Zhang and Mrs.

Zhang, and they have a daughter.

I heard that Master Zhang dotes on his wife and daughter.

They were just messing with you.”

“Ah” Ma Di was stunned, and then his eyes lit up within two seconds.

“Hahaha, so he didnt save the beauty I still have a chance One day I will surely save a beautiful woman!”

“Lets go and have a look.

The central area is not far ahead,” said Ao Yuan said while taking the lead.

The onlookers did not hesitate to follow him.

They walked on for about 20 minutes.

The most central area could be seen clearly.

This was a big lake, and its water was black, which made people feel depressed and scared.

Zhang Han and his companions were standing on the top of a cliff more than 300 meters high.

The mountain walls on both sides of the cliff extended infinitely, and there was no way to the opposite side.

Fortunately, the cliff was not completely vertical, and martial artists at or above the Peak-Strength stage could safely go down to its bottom.

Zi Yan looked at the lake and said, “The area here is too large, and the lake is black Its scary.”

Zhang Han checked the lake and replied, “Its not a lake but a Ghost Swamp.”

“Ah Ghost Swamp” Instructor Liu was startled.

He rubbed his eyes, but still couldnt see what was underneath

He could only see a lot of faint figures on the ground around the black swamp.

“What is a ghost A kind of monster thats really scary” asked Zi Yan in a low voice.

“Ghost is a kind of Yin soul, which can directly hurt peoples souls.

But their range of activities is limited, and they have to depend on a dead place to survive, such as the swamp below.

They can only move on the swamp and cant come out, so those people dare to stand near the swamp,” explained Zhang Han.

Then he stretched his right hand to hold Zi Yans slender waist and added, “Lets go down and have a look.

The Ghost Swamp is not frightening.”

After that, Zhang Han jumped down with Zi Yan in his arms.

Every time he touched the cliff with his tiptoe, he would float down for tens of meters, and then repeat this series of actions.

In this way, he fell to the bottom of the cliff very smoothly.

“Boss, why dont you give me a ride I have so many spiritual herbs on my back!” When Instructor Liu found out that Zhang Han was going to jump down, he applied for a free ride.

However, the outcome was not as good as he expected.

“Alas, Id better rely on myself!” Instructor Liu mumbled, turned sideways, and rushed down.

Different from Zhang Han, as he fell, he kept pushing his feet to the mountain wall to increase the friction.

When they got to the bottom of the cliff, they saw many people surrounding the swamp.

Due to the swamps vast area, only about 100 people were standing near them, far away from other groups.

They found Wang Ming, Zi Hu, and Zhao Feng, as well as a few familiar people in the crowd on the left.

Seeing Zhang Han and Zi Yan, the companions, who hadnt seen each other for a while, ran to them.

“Zhao Feng,” After seeing this, Instructor Liu rushed to the crowd.

As he said hello, he patted the herbs on his back and said, “Well, lets see what weve got! Why didnt you find anything”

“Well, I also picked up some treasures, but not as much as yours.” Zhao Feng grinned.

“Where are they” Instructor Liu looked around and found no trace of the treasures.

“In Uncle Hus storage ring, do you want to store yours in it” replied Zhao Feng.

“Oh, no, I can carry them on my back.

Its okay.” Instructor Liu shook his head.

With these treasures on his back, he could attract most peoples eyes.

Then those people would see his boss and know that he had a super backer!

The envious eyes of others always made Instructor Liu ecstatic.


Zhang.” Zi Hu greeted Zhang Han with a smile.

Though according to their position in the family hierarchy, he could call Zhang Han “Han”, both he and Zi Long thought Zhang Han was powerful.

It was not easy to practice martial arts to such a degree, so they must show respect to him.

Therefore, they kept calling Zhang Han, Mr.


Zi Yan looked at them as asked, “Uncle Hu, uncle, how long have you been here”

Zi Hu shook his head and said, “Weve been here for two hours, but we have no way for further exploration.

We can sense the treasures in the swamp, but we cant get them.

Now were waiting for the time to run out so that we can be automatically sent out of this relic.”

“So many ghosts.” Zi Yan looked at the edge of the marsh not far away, where there were countless translucent human-shaped ghosts.

She could even vaguely see them reaching out to the outside, trying to touch the people on the shore.

It was a little scary because there were so many ghosts in the swamp, covering the whole surface, and it looked like the swamp was made up of ghosts.

“As far as this situation is concerned, Im afraid no one can enter the swamp.

All the precious natural materials must be under the swamp, but we cant stay on the surface of the swamp, let alone under it.” Zi Hu shook his head helplessly.

“Besides, the swamp is too big for treasure hunting.” Wang Ming sighed.

“Hasnt that boat appeared yet” asked Zhang Han.

“Ship I didnt see it, but just now…” When Zi Hu was about to say something.

Weeoo, weeoo, weeoo…

All of a sudden, from a distance, came a dull, metallic friction sound, echoing in everyones mind.

The people on that side hurriedly looked up and saw a massive bow on the edge of the cliff hundreds of meters away on the right.


Accompanied by the noise, the whole boat slowly appeared in front of the crowd.

When the stern left the cliffs edge, the entire boat floated in the air and slowly landed at the bottom of the cliff.

Zhang Han suddenly felt that the stern of the boat seemed to vibrate for a while, just like a big fish swinging its tail slightly.

He didnt know if it was in his imagination.

Dozens of people behind him were stunned

“Oh, its so big!”

“This is the Boat of Curse! My Gosh, are we too close to it”

“Its weird.

Its terrible.

I feel scared when I look at it.”


Discussions broke out from the back.

Many people standing at the edge of the marsh in the distance arrived there, including many martial arts Grand Masters such as Su Long, Wang Zhanzong, and thousands of Qi-Strength Masters.

They all wanted to see what was happening there.

Due to the hulls large size, people could see it from very far away.

However, upon closely observing it, they would feel more shocked.

The giant boat slowly landed from the top of the cliff, like a mountain pressing towards the bottom of the cliff, suffocating everyone present.

Under the crowds gaze, the huge boat slowly fell on the edge of the swamp and slowly moved towards the middle of the swamp.

Suddenly, the scene above the swamp changed.

Where the giant boat passed, the ghosts within a kilometer turned into a cluster of light and flew into the boat, as if they had never appeared.

Thus, a gap appeared in the ghost “barrier” above the swamp.

“Damn it! The ship is eating ghosts!” Instructor Liu was stunned.

“Its here to find food!” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

When the boat was hundreds of meters away, he put his arm around Zi Yans waist.

“Lets go and have a look.”

With that, he went forward.

Zi Yan was not afraid at all, because she knew that Zhang Han was willing to take her there, indicating that he could absolutely guarantee their safety.

If she saw so many ghosts in the real world, she would be scared to scream.

But now, there was a guardian beside her.

Thus, she was full of expectations for the new exploration.

When they reached the edge of the swamp, the Flood Dragon Card flew out of Zhang Hans jacket pocket and landed at their feet.

Clatter, clatter…

A small piece of light-blue tangible energy spread out at their feet, like a water film attached to the swamp.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan stepped on it, rode the wind and waves, and floated towards the direction of the boat.

After them, Zi Hu thought for a moment, summoned a wooden sword, and threw it forward.

The wooden sword began floating on the swamp with Zi Hu stepping on it like a legendary sword immortal.

Ao Yuan also rushed to the swamp from behind.

Seeing this, he summoned a piece of golden talisman, which turned into a three-meter-long raft of energy.

He stepped on it and navigated forward slowly.

About ten minutes later, Su Long, Wang Zhanzong, and the others also arrived at the swamp.

They all used their unique skills to enter the swamp area and kept up with the pace of the previous few people.

While Zhang Han had been following the boat 30 meters behind it, the other people were not as bold as him.

They were all observing the boat 100 meters behind it.

Wang Zhanzong and other skilled people were braver as they had been communicating with each other five or six meters away from Zhang Han.

However, Zhang Han didnt give them any answers.

He didnt know what the giant boat was going to do, either.

In this way, they navigated forward for about an hour and reached the center of the swamp.

At that moment, a sudden change occurred.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

The boat suddenly rose up, spun in the air, and then headed down into the swamp.

“What is this” Su Longs pupils contracted in surprise, and he quickly stepped back tens of meters.

He had felt some energy pressure from the big boat.

Wang Zhanzong and others also retreated tens of meters when they saw it.

In the face of such a change, they dared not be careless.

Zhang Han still stopped at the same place, and the light membrane slowly flowed under his and Zi Yans feet.

“The boat is about to crash down.” Zi Yan shrunk her neck and held Zhang Hans arm tightly.

“It doesnt matter.

Its an unconscious act of the boat.

If it really hits the swamp, the ruins will disappear.

But I dont know if it will do this…” replied Zhang Han.

He suddenly stopped talking, looked around carefully, and sniffed.

He smelled treasures.

This huge boat was going to suck away the treasures there!

All of a sudden…


Suddenly, a dull, heartbeat-like sound reverberated throughout the boat.

Many lights burst out of the swamp and flew like lightning to the giant ship.

Su Long looked at them carefully and said in surprise, “They are all Heaven-Stage treasures.”

There were 21 lights in total, all rising from the center of the swamp and rushing to the great ship.

At a glance, Zhang Han could tell the quality of these treasures.

However, he didnt care about them.

He kept staring at the distance 100 meters away from his right front.

The treasure smell there was the most intense!

Fourth-Stage Spirit Treasure!

Zhang Han held Zi Yan in his arms with his left hand, while his eyes were shining with blue light.

“Its coming!” Suddenly, Zhang Han raised his eyebrows.

He saw a blue flame as thick as his thigh, five meters long, coming out of the swamp.

“Fourth-Stage Blue Serene Bamboo!”

Zhang Han pushed his right palm forward, drove his inner spiritual force to move at full speed, and made an amazing move.

Hand of Earth Killing Intent!

Suddenly, with the movement of Zhang Hans palm, a giant palm of seven or eight meters high appeared in the air.

The palm was covered with a light black layer of gas, which was constantly turning.

“He, he is trying to snatch food from the jaws of a tiger” Su Long was shocked, for he didnt expect Zhang Han to be so bold.

“Hiss! Its terrible!” Other people were scared, too.

Under their gazes, that giant palm grasped the Blue Serene Bamboo.

Then, it reached ten meters ahead to grasp another cluster of light, which was a Heaven-Stage treasure.

With the giant palm suddenly pulled back, the connection between the treasure and the hull seemed to break.

The two treasures slowly floated to Zhang Han.

At the same time…

The giant boat finally had some reaction.

A wisp of dark smoke came out of the boat, like a hand, rushing towards Zhang Hans position, trying to catch him.

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