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Chapter 45 – Restaurant on the right track

“There are only egg fried rice and cow milk for the time being.” Zhang Han turned his head around, took a look at the woman and replied.

“Mainlander” The female slightly went into a daze.

From Zhang Hans Mandarin, she could make out that he was a mainlander.

In her gaze, a trace of disdain couldnt help but flash through her gaze.

Zhang Han took a look at her indifferently and did not pay attention to her.

When a mainlander spoke Mandarin, there would always be some Xiangjiang natives who would reveal out expression of disdain.

This was not really discrimination and was instead a kind of dislike.

Remember when Zhang Han chat with Zhang Li, Zhang Li spoke about this matter.

After coming to Xiangjiang for a few years, she also understood why the natives dislike the mainlanders.

She said that a lot of mainlanders would use various kinds of methods to give birth in Xiangjiangs hospitals, forcing quite a lot of native pregnant woman to have to go to private hospitals that were more expensive.

Gradually, the spots of private hospitals were also snatched.

You think that you are rich Sorry, mainlanders are much richer than you.

It was so serious to the point that later on, Xiangjiangs government released out a statute that restricts mainlander pregnant woman to come to Xiangjiang to give birth.

This statute was met with various kinds of protest.

Every time when it was the weekend, especially during public holiday, large quantities of mainlanders would go to Xiangjiang to shop.

During that time, there would be mainlanders who dont queue up, shout loudly, crossing road during a red light……There would also be a lot of goods being bought frenetically until it was sold out.

Due to various reasons, Xiangjiang natives dislike mainlanders.

But in actual fact, when a forest became big, there would be all kind of birds in it.

In every place, there would be both high and low inner quality people.

There were also a lot of scums who were Xiangjiang natives too.

Just that, there was just too many mainlanders who goes to Xiangjiang.

However, towards this kind of gaze, Zhang Han had always chosen to disregard it.

Why would an ant-eater care about the gaze of a mere ant

Dont talk about Xiangjiang natives, even if it was foreigners, aliens, or cultivators, Zhang Han wouldnt care too.

“Just those two I will have a plate of egg fried rice and a cup of cow milk then.” The female took out her wallet and asked, “How much is the total”

“A plate of egg fried rice is 280 rmb and a cup of cow milk is 80 rmb.” Zhang Han said, “If you want to eat, you will have to wait for half an hour.”

“That expensive Forget it then.” The female put away her wallet very quickly.

After taking a look at Zhang Han very disdainfully, she turned around and left.

After leaving, she went back to the Chuangxiang Restaurant that was next door in quick steps.

The decor and layout of the inside of the restaurant were quite good.

The restaurants focus was spicy Chuan dishes, and the chef was also hired from Xichuan with a high price.

Because there was not much business in the morning, therefore it was quite idle, and the attendants were only in charge of cleaning the restaurant in the morning.

Right now, the restaurants manager and 5 attendants were sitting on a round table that was situated beside the door.

“Manager, manager, I went to take a look already.

The restaurant at the side is opened by a mainlander.” The female returned hurriedly and said as she sat down on the chair.

“Opened by a mainlander”

“Another mainlander who wants to come to Crescent Gulf to fish for a quick buck.”


The few attendants discussed for a bit.

The manager muttered to himself for a bit and said, “What food does that restaurant sell”

The females expression paused for a while, with a trace of laughing in her tone, she spoke out 3 words, “Egg fried rice.”

Everyone first went into a daze for a while.

Soon after, they all burst out laughing.

“There is also cow milk too.” The female quickly added on, “Guess how much he is selling those two items A plate of egg fried rice cost 280 rmb and a cup of milk cost 80 rmb.”

Those words immediately made the few attendants went into a daze.

“Haha, has he gone mad from thinking about earning money” A 20 years old male sneered.

“Is he even opening a restaurant It would be strange if he can even have customers!”

“Thats right, does he think that he is a chef god To sell the food that expensive, he is not trying to be funny right”

While discussing spiritedly, the few people could see the trace of sneer in each others eyes.

Although they didnt say it out, in their heart, they felt that there was definitely a problem with the bosss mental.

“This is really interesting.” The middle age manager laughed and shook his head, “I was wondering why the customers that went into that restaurant during the past 2 days all left in less than 2 minutes.

So it was a problem with the price.”

As he spoke, the manager couldnt help but laugh out.

Looking towards the female, he asked, “Why didnt you try and see what the taste of an egg fried rice that costs 280 rmb taste like”

“I am also not sick.” The female curled her lips and laughed.

In her heart, she felt that eating a plate of egg fried rice that costs 280 rmb was the action that a sick person would do.

If it was according to her statement, right now, 3sick people had arrived at the front of Zhang Hans restaurant.

“Boss, when will the rice be done” Liang Mengqi walked into the restaurant with a smile.

“20 minutes.” Zhang Han took a look at her and replied.

“We will wait for a while then.” Liang Mengqi said.

When she saw that the sissy was walking towards the big dining table that Zhang Han uses, she hurriedly reminded, “Hey, hey, this side is where the customers are supposed to sit at.”

“What We cannot sit wherever we want” The sissy slightly went into a daze.

“What did you think That place is the place the boss and his daughter eat at.” Liang Mengqi rolled her eyes at him and took the lead to sit on the chair that was at the dining table where the customers were supposed to sit at.

The short hair female did not say anything and straightforwardly sat at the opposite of Liang Mengqi.

“Such a small dining table Shoot! Mengqi, you are not trolling us, right Where do I sit at if you two sit here” The sissy said indignantly.

“Isnt there space at the table beside us Dont dawdle and quickly sit down.

If not, you can go and wait outside!” The short hair female glared at him.

“Alright, alright, alright, I will sit at the side okay Gosh! I will tell you all, if this egg fried rice here doesnt suit my taste, I am going to shoot abuses in the street!” The sissy snorted lightly.

“You are truly lowly to the point that my scalp is going numb!” The short hair female rolled her eyes.

“Hahaha…the two of you, a sissy and a muscular woman, what a truly matching pair.” Liang Mengqi laughed lightly.

The sissys name was Zhao Dahu, a very strong-willed name, but a very sissy person.

The short hair females name was Yu Qingqing, a very gentle name, and she has a very candid temperament.

What was more interesting was that, this Zhao Dahu had been persistently chasing after Yu Qingqing, and had already chased after her for close to 2 years already.

“Who is matching with him, I dont like this sissy at all!” Yu Qingqing said petulantly.

“Humph! I just like masculine woman.” Zhao Dahu mumbled to himself.

Soon after, he sized up the inside of the restaurant and said, “Does the decor of this restaurant even looks like that of a restaurant Just 3 small tables for customers…I reckon that fellow doesnt even have the sincerity to open a restaurant.”

“What does the restaurants decor have anything to do with you Can you not be so nosy” Yu Qingqing turned her head and slapped onto Zhao Dahus shoulder.

“Alright, alright, alright, I wont say anymore okay” Zhao Dahu twisted his body for a bit and said, “Although this restaurant doesnt seem like a restaurant, the decor of this restaurants is quite unique.

There is actually really a jadeite wall there huh.

I must say, the Steinway Model O Grand Piano is very cool, just that, I dont know if that is purely a decoration item or not.”

“Let me tell you, Sissy Zhao.” Liang Mengqi pouted her mouth towards Zhang Han and said, “His piano skill does not pale in comparison to Liang Zongs piano skill.”

“True or fake He is that good” Yu Qingqing said somewhat amazed.

“Oh, oh, oh, Mengqi, from what I see, could it be that you have fallen for that old man Bragging so much about that guy, tsk, tsk.” Zhao Dahu said eccentrically.

While talking, his nose suddenly smelled something, and said bewilderedly, “Eh Is this the smell of sheep milk It smells so fragrant.”

“Thats right, this milk seems to be very pure.” Yu Qingqing also spoke about the smell of the cow milk.

Turning her gaze towards the direction of the smell, she saw that Zhang Han was currently pouring out 2 glasses of goat milk, and within the pot, there seems to still some goat milk left.

The goat milk was piping hot and the milk fragrant drifted about in the restaurant.

“Grumble, grumble……” Liang Mengqis stomach grumbled as she sub-consciously stuck out her tongue and licked her sexy lips and mumbled, “Im almost at my limit already.”

After waiting urgently, finally, the torturing 20 minutes had passed.

“Meng Meng, lets go eat.” Zhang Han placed the breakfast on the dining table, walked to the sofa and carried Meng Meng who was still watching the cartoon with great interest.

“Time to eat!” Meng Meng raised her little arms while she was within Zhang Hans embrace and cheered.

When she sat at the dining table, she finally saw Liang Mengqi and the 2 other people.

“Eh, big sister is here” Meng Meng waved her little palm.

“Good morning Meng Meng.” Liang Mengqi smiled sweetly.

When she smiled, on the right side of her cheek, there was a small dimple.

“Good morning Meng Meng.” Zhao Dahu and Yu Qingqing also smiled and greeted.

“Good morning.

Humph.” Meng Meng first greeted them politely.

Soon after, she remembered the words that the 2 of them spoke at the beach, and thus snorted lightly, then turned her head back, picked up her spoon and began eating the breakfast.

“The utensils are on the counter.

The rice is inside the rice pot, go get the rice yourself.

The big pot beside the rice pot is cow milk and the small pot is sheep milk.” Zhang Han said towards the 3 people.

“Alright.” Liang Mengqi stood up and walked towards the counter excitedly.

Yu Qingqing slightly wrinkled her brows.

Opening a restaurant, yet making the customers get the food themselves.

This was still the first time she had met with this kind of thing.

It was fine if you opened a buffet, but the crucial point is that you are actually a small restaurant that sells egg fried rice!

“Humph!” Zhao Dahu rolled his eyes at Zhang Han and walked to the counter while swinging his hips.

“It is actually really just purely egg fried rice.

There are only egg and rice, and the chopped onion in the egg fried rice is also this less.

However, the smell seems to be still okay.” Zhao Dahu took a sniff.

After the 2 females had taken their egg fried rice, he also took a plate of egg fried rice for himself.

For the cow milk and sheep milk, the 3 of them all chose the sheep milk since they had often drunk cow milk and rarely drank sheep milk.

Just that, after Zhao Dahu and Yu Qingqing finished pouring the sheep milk, they were dazed when they turned around.

It could be seen that, Liang Mengqi walked back to the dining table in quick steps, and right after she placed her breakfast on the dining table, she immediately began devouring the egg fried rice.

Looking at the way Liang Mengqi ate, the 2 of them somewhat felt that she seemed to have not eaten for 3 days.

“Is it really that delicious” Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu took a look at each other and mumbled.

“Lets go and try how it tastes!” Zhao Dahu said and the 2 of them quickly walked back to the dining table.

After sitting down, Yu Qingqing looked at Liang Mengqi who didnt even raise her head and felt somewhat dazed again.

Snapping out of it, she took a spoon of egg fried rice and placed it into her mouth.

The immediate moment when she tasted the taste of the egg fried rice, her eyes gradually became bigger and bigger.

This……is this really egg fried rice”

Suspicion actually arose within Yu Qingqings heart.

She closed her eyes and chewed a few times.

After she swallowed the egg fried rice, her entire body immediately felt relaxed.

Remember that a chef god once said this, “The joy in culinary delicacy is that it could make a persons heart and soul be absorbed into it when they eat it, just like entering into a wonderful trip of gustatory delight.”

Yu Qingqing was just like that right now.

She was incomparably enchanted with eating the egg fried rice.

Faintly, she seemed to have heard Zhao Dahus sobbing sound from behind.

“Boohoohoo……This is too delicious already, this is really too delicious already……This isnt even egg fried rice, this is practically life……”


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