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Chapter 450 Influence

The customs of engagement rituals usually vary from region to region; for instance, a series of processes, such as ancestor worship, is required in some certain places.

However, these customs were simplified a few years ago in Singapore, and today, Zhang Han and Zi Yan engagement ceremony was much simpler.

Free of complicated steps, the engagement ceremony just began at 11:58.

At that moment, the younger members, from five or six to 16 or 17 years old, of the Zi Clan were so glad that all ran around the square.

Both in the square and on the platform were placed lots of rectangular dining tables, with some sweets and snacks on them.

In addition, the drinks treasured by the Zi Clan were generously provided today, whose storage capacity was reduced by 80% in an instant.

At that point, as the representatives of the brides side, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu, as well as Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin, were dressed formally.

Zi Qiang and Wang Ming were in tailored suits, while the two ladies were in formal dresses.

They were sitting at the table on the edge of the platform.

Beside them sat Zi Jiangshan, who seemingly looked 10 years younger and did not use his dragon staff.

Zi Qingtian and three men who were twice as old as him were sitting on the side.

There was an open space next to the table that was covered with various gifts.

The patriarch of the Fan Clan put a box in his right hand on the table and said with a smile, “Brother Jiangshan, congratulations.

This is Earth-grade Sand Ice.”

He looked at Zi Jiangshan with a wide smile as his eyes were full of envy, then he could not help saying, “Its… a blessing to get such a son-in-law.”

At that time, Rong Jiaxin shook her head with a smile.

“Patriarch Fan is so courteous.

Its Hans blessing to marry Zi Yan.”

“Hahaha…” Fan Congfeng laughed a few times.

“Brother Fan, please sit down, and later we will have a drink.” Zi Jiangshan smiled with a nod.

“Okay!” Fan Congfeng took Patriarch Fan, the patriarchs wife, and two other people to the table inside and sat down.

“Brother Zi Qiang, congratulations, this is an Emerald Dragon that I asked others to make.

Congratulations to the Zi Clan for getting such a handsome son-in-law.” Patriarch Liang brought Liang Mengqi and Liang Hao as well as his wife.

While speaking, Liang Hao put the tray on the table and opened the cloth above.

Suddenly, they saw a delicate emerald dragon with a length of 20 centimeters, raising its head as if it were roaring.

Icy Jadeite!

Zi Qingtians eyes narrowed slightly, and he sighed with emotion at how generous the Liang Clan was.

He conservatively estimated that this emerald dragon was worth more than 20 million yuan.

“Patriarch Liang, you are so courteous.

Please come inside,” Zi Qiang stood up and said with a smile.

After greeting this group of guests, some others also arrived soon.

They were Su Long, Su Mu, and a superior of the Spirit Group.

“Congratulations… This is Earth-grade Serene Dream Grass.”

After chatting with each other for a moment, the two of them walked in and sat down, and then plenty of people arrived in succession.

There were about six people in this group, headed by Ao Yuan, who led Ma Di and some other people of the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

At ordinary times, they would return to the sect after the exploration.

However, since Zhang Han had rescued them, they decided to stay in Singapore for another two days in order to appreciate his big favor.

Moreover, they informed the disciples of their sect to prepare a generous gift to Singapore.

“Hello, Im Ao Yuan, an elder of the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

Grand Master Zhang saved our lives, so weve come here to congratulate him after learning that he was getting engaged today.

These are 99 Earth-grade Magic Figures.

I wish Grand Master Zhang and Miss Zi would be together forever,” Ao Yuan saluted and said.

“Thank you, Elder Ao Yuan, please.” Wang Ming hurriedly stood up and answered while saluting.

Ao Yuan and his companions went inside and sat down.

By then, Wang Ming glanced at the Magic Figures several times.

It was so generous for them to send 99 Earth-grade Magic Figures.

However, it made sense since Zhang Han had saved them.

Earth-grade Magic Figures were Earth-grade treasures, but the two of them were different.

As consumables, they were no match for ordinary Earth-grade treasures.

Besides, the energy of each Earth-grade Magic Figure was less than that of a blow of a Grand Master, but it won in sound effects and convenience.

After Ao Yuan entered, some heavyweights arrived in succession.

“Congratulations, Brother Jiangshan.

This is an Earth-grade Heavenly Heart Plant.”

“Congratulations… This is an Earth-grade Thousand-year Gold.”


The large number of gifts really stunned Zi Qingtian, Zi Qiang, and Wang Ming.

These people were so generous that they sent at least Earth-grade natural precious materials.

In addition to the natural precious materials, there were some valuable gold, silver, and jewelry.

Zi Qingtian conservatively estimated that the value of that jewelry must have exceeded 300 million yuan.

In the meantime, his heart was trembling.

“This is the influence of a super Grand Master.

However horrible he is!”

He was receiving presents at this table, while Wang Zhanzong and his companions were standing by the table not far away, with handfuls of red envelopes.

They would go down the square and walk around, giving them to the juniors of the Zi Clan to convey good messages.

Those who did not have a lot of pocket money at ordinary times became extremely joyful.

Each red envelope contained 9,999 yuan, and even Zi Feng came over to pick up a red envelope.

The changes in the Zi Clan these days did surprise him.

It was not a joke.

Actually, Zi Qiang and Zi Qingtian also talked to him a few times, obviously having the intention to have him operate the family business.

Therefore, he became more and more grateful to Zhang Han.

He did not care too much about how high his worth would be, but he desired to pursue a bigger stage and dominate in the commercial circle.

The Zi Clan was so busy today that both the platform and the square were full of people, which forced Zi Qingtian to ask others to get some tables and chairs hastily.

He had not expected the occasion to be so spectacular.

But no matter how crowded it was, it was quite empty near the central stage of the platform.

The ground on the left and the corridor were decorated with bouquets, most of which were roses.

Simultaneously, there were two large screens on the rear side of the central stage, allowing everyone in the square to see what was happening on the stage, surrounded by high-quality speakers.

All the specifications were in accordance with the best standards.

Moreover, today was a sunny day without any clouds in the sky.

The weather forecast originally said that it would rain, and people could even see large dark clouds in the morning.

But at eight oclock in the morning…

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

As a burst of rain-eliminating bombs rose into the air, the dark clouds exploded directly, forming local rainfall.

By 9:30, it had become a fine day.

At 11:40…

Zi Jiangshan even stood up when catching sight of a heavyweight.

“Leading Cadre Hu.”

Secretary Yuan and an old man walked over, accompanied by two guards.

“Jiangshan, congratulations.

I brought some tea to celebrate todays happy event,” Leading Cadre Hu said with a smile.

“Thank you.”

A few minutes after they arrived…

“Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi, chairmen of Honglin Entertainment of Hong Kong, arrive.”

“Liu Qingfeng, chairman of the Liu Group, arrives.”

“Lei Tiannan, director of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong, and Elder Leng arrive.”

“Director Ma and Director Liu of the Royal Entertainment Company arrive.”

“Patriarch Chu of Hong Kong arrives.”


The various heavyweights dazzled the juniors present.

Especially Zi Qingtian, because he was in charge of putting every gift on the open space next to him.

His arm was even sore on account of so many presents the first time.

Whether sending the gifts or doing something else, there were several professionals recording nearby, preparing to edit a complete video as a souvenir that could be kept forever.

Finally, it was 11:55.

Melodious music was heard from the surrounding speakers.

Meanwhile, a young man in a suit stepped onto the stage and glanced down.

Catching sight of plenty of famous big shots, he could not help his legs from shaking.


He swallowed and took a few deep breaths, then looked at the square and tried to calm himself down, saying loudly, “All distinguished guests, leaders, relatives, and friends, we welcome you in attending todays engagement party for the couple-to-be.


As the host spoke in a loud voice, he got into a groove.

He looked at Zi Qiang, Wang Ming, and some others who were sitting on the edge, then reached out his hand to give a sign and said with a smile, “I just saw that the gifts here are piled up.

The time is limited, so our parents should make some preparations.”

After he finished his words, two staff members hurried to Zi Qiang and led them inside.

At that moment, the host looked forward again and said loudly, “Today is a happy day.

A couple-to-be will spend the rest of their lives together…”

The opening words were no more than three minutes.

At 11:58, he said loudly, facing the corridor decorated with banquets, “Now, welcome our groom-to-be, Mr.

Zhang Han!”

The music then sounded.

Zhang Han appeared on the other side of the corridor well-adorned.

He, with a simple haircut, was dressed well today in a well-fitting suit.

He smiled and stepped onto the stage slowly.

At the same time, the camera connected to the large screen behind also made a close-up of Zhang Hans cheek.

Those who had not seen Zhang Han before in the square could not help but marvel.

“The son-in-law of the Zi Clan is so handsome and capable.

How lucky they are.”

After Zhang Han approached the host, the host smiled and asked, “Now I would like to ask our groom-to-be, whats your feeling at this point”

Then he put the microphone close to Zhang Hans mouth.

Zhang Han nodded slightly and said with a smile, “Im happy, excited, feeling beatific.”

“Well, the words contain a profound meaning though they sound simple.

I hope Mr.

Zhang will be happy in the future.

Next, let us welcome todays bride-to-be, Zi Yan!”

Another melodious piece of music rang out.

Zi Yan showed up on the other side of the corridor.

Her beautiful big eyes blinked, and she stared at Zhang Han.

She did not walk forward, while Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu were standing behind her.

The camera was aimed at Zi Yan, who was in a pink slip dress and showed cuteness, dignity, and sex appeal.

On seeing her, all the people present shook their heads and sighed that she was indeed a beauty.

However, many fair ladies stared at the necklace hanging on Zi Yans neck on the big screen.

“The diamond is so big and so beautiful, even bigger than the Pink Star.”


During their exclamations, the host added, “Does our groom-to-be have anything to say to his fiancee now”

Zhang Han stared at Zi Yan and said slowly, “Zi Yan, I love you.”

“These three words already contain everything.

Now Mr.

Zhang can pick up his beautiful fiancee and walk on this romantic stage with her.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Han strode over to Zi Yan and held her hand.

The two of them looked at each other for a while and walked forward shoulder to shoulder.

Zi Qiang glanced at them several times and curled his lips, for he was still somewhat reluctant at that time.

Fortunately, the host did not say some sensational words, so he could still restrain himself.

He and Xu Xinyu followed them and stepped on the stage.

After he finished another part, the host grinned and said, “Todays engagement ceremony is different from an ordinary one in that our groom-to-be and bride-to-be have already had a crystallization of their love, a beautiful little princess.

Its very special, and this is a late but romantic engagement.

Well, lets welcome our little princess!”

As he finished his words, Mengmeng appeared on the side of the stage, holding a small bouquet in her hands.

The pink roses were specially taken from Mount New Moon, and in the bouquet was placed a ring box.

The little lady glanced around with her big shiny eyes.

“So many people.”

She muttered to herself and looked forward.

“PaPa, MaMa, Im coming.”

After saying that…

She leaped to her feet and ran to the glass aisle.

Because she did not maintain her balance, she slipped and jerked forward involuntarily.

But just when she was about to fall, Zhang Hans eyes flashed slightly.

A gentle power was straightening up Mengmengs body.

“Uh Whats wrong”

Mengmeng looked at herself several times and slowed her paces down, coming to the stage step by step.

During this period, the camera shot had been following Mengmeng.

Mengmengs exquisite cheeks subdued everyone present.

Dressed in a white princesss dress, she was really like a princess from a fairy tale world.

Normally speaking, raising a baby out of wedlock was not very proper in famous families.

But today…

Everything seemed to become romantic and beautiful.

Many people were envious of this scene.

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