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On the other side…

At a base between the Eastern District and New Moon Bay, more than 10 helicopters landed slowly.

Zhang Han and his companions got in more than 10 cars respectively.

After a minutes driving, Zhang Hans mobile phone rang.

When he picked up the phone and heard what Protector Leng said, anger flashed in Zhang Hans eyes, and the temperature in the car suddenly decreased, but the atmosphere soon returned to normal.

However, the smile on Zhang Hans face gradually disappeared.

He seemed to have become a big iceberg, more and more indifferent and cold.

He almost failed to contain his anger and his intention to kill someone.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng beside him were still singing in soft voices.

This scene brought Zhang Han back to his senses.

Stretching out both of his hands, he hugged Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

Suddenly, Zhang Han ordered, “Drive faster.”

“Huh Ah, okay.” Zhao Feng was confused.

He thought about it, adjusted his direction, and drove from the center of the team to the front.

“Faster, as fast as possible, to Mount New Moon,” Zhang Han said in a low voice.

Zhao Fengs face changed.

Seeing Zhang Hans expression in the rearview mirror, he felt as if something bad had happened.

So he pressed down the accelerator hard and drove the car forward as quickly as it could go.

At the same time, Zhang Han released some of his spiritual force to prevent his wife and daughter from feeling uncomfortable at such a high speed and to convince them that the car was driving as smoothly as before.

“Whats the matter What happened” Zi Yan had an ominous premonition, so she looked at Zhang Han and asked.

“Nothing.” Zhang Han forced a smile and shook his head.

Seeing Zhao Fengs car speeding up, Ah Hu, Instructor Liu, and others behind them were all stunned.

“Whats wrong here Why are they driving so fast”

They couldnt help speeding up.

Fortunately, on this fairly straight road, they were able to keep up with Zhao Fengs speed.

In this way, after 10 minutes of driving, the team arrived at the foot of Mount New Moon.

“Ill go up.

You… dont follow me.” Zhang Han got out of the car, hesitated for a while, and looked at Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

“Hmm, why PaPa, I want to play with Big Heihei and Little Heihei,” Mengmeng said with a pout.

Seeing PaPa quickly walking toward the mountain top, she complained, “I dont like PaPa anymore.”

Zi Yans expression froze.

At this time, she had already guessed something.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

When everyone had left the cars…

Zi Yan saw Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Ming go up the mountain with Zhang Han, and she went over to Zi Qiang with Mengmeng in her arms.

“Why did you drive in such a hurry You are too fast,” Zi Qiang complained and looked at the mountain.

“Is it Mengmengs Xanadu It looks…”

Before Zi Qiang could finish speaking, Zi Yan said, “Dad, hold Mengmeng and stay here for a while.

Dont go up the mountain for the moment.”

Then she comforted Mengmeng, saying, “Mengmeng, stay here with Grandpa.

PaPa and MaMa will soon come back.”

“Hmm, okay.” Mengmeng nodded unwillingly.

Every time she saw Zi Yans serious face, the little girl would be very obedient.

After Zi Yan hurried to the forest, Zhao Feng thought about it and followed her.

Although others were curious, they did not move, but waited silently at the foot of the mountain as required.

Zi Yan was running fast.

She arrived at the edge of the forest, entered it, and then left it from another side.

“Ah!” Zi Yan cried, her eyes widened.

She saw the front mountain in a mess, and the flower sea was almost destroyed.

She felt uncomfortable to see the current situation of Mount New Moon.

However, she soon found Dahei and Little Hei lying under the thunder yang tree, dying.


As if hit by a flash of lightning, Zi Yan shivered and ran to Dahei and Little Hei in a daze.

When she approached them and saw their almost-closed eyes, Zi Yan felt so sad that tears fell down along her cheek.

“Ooh… Ooh ooh… Ooh…”

After seeing the hostess, Dahei pouted slightly as usual, but its lips were shaking.

Then it tried to move its right hand and slowly raised it a few centimeters.

Dahei seemed to be comforting Zi Yan by saying: “Dont cry.”

Intending to show that it was fine, Dahei tried to roar as usual but only made a faint sound.

Then its right arm fell onto the ground again.

With all its strength used up, Dahei slowly closed its eyes.

Little Heis condition was even worse, as it has no response to external stimulation.

Looking at them with his bloodshot eyes, Zhao Feng felt unprecedented rage.

Zhang Han stood expressionless, and everything around him seemed to be frozen by the chill he released.

His eyes were shimmering, indicating that he was inspecting Daheis and Little Heis injuries.

“Zhang Han, is there any other way I can hold on for 20 minutes.” Lei Tiannan was still pouring spiritual force into Daheis and Little Heis bodies through his hands.

But they seemed to be two bottomless pits and Lei Tiannans efforts were negligible.

Hearing that, Zhang Han withdrew the light in his eyes.

Instead of answering Lei Tiannan, he looked at Wang Zhanpeng and said, “Take all those things out.”

“Okay.” Wang Zhanpeng summoned the Mountains and Rivers Flag and held it in his hand.

With a flash of light, a pile of spirit treasures appeared on the ground, as well as the five-meter-high blue serene bamboo.

“Dont worry.”

Zhang Han went over to Zi Yan and gently hugged her, saying, “I can cure them.

Dont worry, the mountain will recover too.

Go back to the restaurant first, and Ill be back before two in the afternoon.”

“You must cure them.” Zi Yan covered her mouth and choked.

“I know, go back.” Zhang Han gently patted Zi Yans arm, and then looked at Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Ming.

“You go back to the restaurant too, and dont leave before I come back.”


Wang Zhanzong and the others left.

When they just got there, they learned what had happened from Lei Tiannan.

They knew that Zhang Hans enemies were Li Zhan, the third master on the Hong Kong martial artists ranking list, and Elder Xu of the Heavenly Elixir Sect.

There might be other unknown enemies waiting for a chance, so they had to go back to protect Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and others in the restaurant.

Now, there were only three people left on the mountain.

Lei Tiannan, Protector Leng, and Zhang Han.

When Protector Leng was about to ask something, he saw a figure passing by in a flash.

It turned out that Zhang Han suddenly moved five meters and reached the pile of natural precious materials.

Without hesitation, Zhang Han grabbed the blue serene bamboo and thrust it into the root of the thunder yang tree.

“What is he doing” Both Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng were confused.

“Shouldnt he try to cure them at this time”

However, in the next moment, they were stunned.

Under their gaze, the blue flame-shaped bamboo suddenly sent out streams of qi.

“Holy object!” They were all attracted by the bamboo.

“Divine, divine object”

Suddenly, the blue serene bamboo began to fade and shrink at a speed visible to the naked eye, and it finally turned into ashes and dissipated in the air.

And the streams of horrible energy were all absorbed by the thunder yang tree.

“Clatter, clatter!”

The whole thunder yang tree was trembling, and its trunk and branches all began to glow.

Meanwhile, there was miniature lightning flashing on the tree.

At the same time, streams of spiritual force began to diffuse around the whole Mount New Moon.

At the top of the thunder yang tree, a new tip appeared on a piece of wood as thick as an arm, and then it slowly extended upward for 20 cm.

Zhang Han opened his arms and floated up five meters in the air.

His eyes were shining like an evil immortal.

“Crystal stone vein!”

With Zhang Hans hands pressed down, both the energy of the thunder yang tree and the spiritual qi surrounding Mount New Moon penetrated into the ground, constantly nourishing the crystal vein.

Under the nourishment of fresh energy, the crystal liquid in the vein became more viscous.

Although these energies were not enough to shape the crystal vein, they were enough for Zhang Han.

Suddenly, the roots of the thunder yang tree began to absorb the viscous liquid.

The origin energy!

With Zhang Hans arms crossed, dark-green energy flowed from the thunder yang tree like a stream, continuously pouring into Daheis and Little Heis bodies.

The biggest characteristic of the thunder yang tree was that it could grow into thunder yang wood in 500 years.

Another characteristic was that the life essence and origin energy of this tree were extremely strong, so that it would never die.

Streams of energy were flowing in Mount New Moon.

The lawn and flower sea on the front mountain were all recovering with a speed visible to the naked eye, and were again full of vitality.

At the same time, the energy provided by the unformed crystal ore began to converge on Dahei and Little Hei.

What Zhang Han wanted to do was help Dahei and Little Hei advance to a higher level with all these energies and the origin of the thunder yang tree.

They were dying because of the heavy injuries, and only through advancing could they survive!

What if there were no fourth-stage blue serene bamboo for the thunder yang tree to provide its origin energy and upgrade the crystal stone ore

But there was no “if”.

The good fortunes of Dahei and Little Hei could only be regarded as their destiny.

The time went by slowly.

Streams of energy kept pouring into the bodies of Dahei and Little Hei.

Mount New Moon was so small that even if the crystal ore was formed, it could only provide 20,000 or 30,000 low-grade crystals.

Because Zhang Han forced energy into the crystal ore to upgrade and shape it in advance, its utilization rate of energy was greatly reduced, only 10% of what it would be under normal conditions! Moreover, without the thunder yang tree as a transfer station, these energies could never be absorbed by the ore.

Therefore, Zhang Han had put all his eggs in one basket this time.

Although Zhang Han didnt care about the crystals that were consumed before they were formed, a part of the energy generated by them flowed slowly into Zhang Hans body dutifully.

When the energy flowed into Zhang Hans meridian, they activated the Treasure-searching formulas, which began circulating along the meridian.

In less than 10 minutes, Zhang Han advanced from the early level of the Building Base to the middle level.

The concentration of his spiritual force had increased a lot, with its total amount more than twice as much as before, and the time for using his spiritual force had also increased accordingly.

His soul sense had also advanced along with the spiritual force, and its scanning range had expanded from 50 meters to 100 meters.

In addition to the above progress, there was no other special change in Zhang Han.

After all, he had just advanced to a higher level within the period of the Foundation Stage, while only by advancing into the Innateness Stage could he thoroughly remold himself.

The flowing energy was also distributed into Lei Tiannans body.

Sitting cross-legged, he recovered his exhausted spiritual force in only 10 minutes.

When he recovered, he slowly opened his eyes, looked at the stunned Protector Leng, and murmured, “This is a treasure land.

My gosh, he has a divine object! No wonder he could train the security group and leader wolf.

Its amazing!”

“Look, Director, these energies have been flowing into their bodies continuously for more than 20 minutes, and their breathing is stable now.

But they havent come to life yet.

What is Master Zhang doing” Protector Leng asked in confusion.

Lei Tiannan began to look at Dahei and Little Hei carefully.

10 minutes later, he heard muffled sounds from Dahei and Little Hei, and sensed the qi and energy flowing in them.

Lei Tiannans expression changed.

“Is he helping them to advance to the stage of Grand Master”

“Really” Protector Leng was startled.

Though he had seen some Heaven-stage spirit beasts before coming to Mount New Moon, this was the first time for him to witness the birth of a Grand Master spirit beast.

“Grand Master spirit beasts! Thats too scary!”

Lei Tiannan felt that Dahei and Little Hei were recovering, so he looked at Zhang Han with eager eyes and said in a louder voice, “When will they give birth to their babies I love animals, especially dogs and gorillas.”

Zhang Han didnt respond.

Protector Leng was embarrassed for Director Lei, so he whispered, “Director, you are not implying, but expressing.”

“Lets stop talking and wait,” Lei Tiannan replied.

They began waiting silently beside Zhang Han.

Another half an hour passed by.

The constantly flowing energy made Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng look serious.

“Too much energy!”

“Is it the ability of a divine object”

At the same time, changes had taken place in Dahei and Little Hei.

As if someone had lit firecrackers in Daheis body, there was a clear crackle from inside.

With the sound, Daheis size was constantly enlarged, and it didnt stop growing until its height exceeded three meters.

All of a sudden, its eyes opened, and there was a flash of black light in them.

Then, everyone present felt the domineering qi released by it, which represented the strength of a Grand Master.

“Grand Master!” Both Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng were startled.

Then they turned their gaze to Little Hei.

Little Heis body shape had also changed slightly.

Now it was better-proportioned and more vigorous, and its sharp teeth were shining like two rows of swords.

“Why do I even think its teeth are treasures” Protector Leng was scared and he grinned.

He had witnessed the advancing process of two Grand Master spirit beasts and was still in shock.

“If I guess right, its teeth are almost at the level of Heaven-grade treasures,” Lei Tiannan said seriously.

All of a sudden, Little Hei opened its eyes.

At this time, the energy flowing into them like a stream gradually dissipated.

Dahei and Little Hei looked at each other, and then looked left and right, feeling a little confused.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa” Dahei scratched its head and began to bark.

“Wow, I have advanced again.

How about you”

“Ow ow ow,” Little Hei put out its large tongue and replied.

“Ive advanced, too!”

“Come here!” When they were about to celebrate, Zhang Han landed slowly on the ground and called them.

Although he was much more relaxed than before, his expression was a little grim.


Dahei scratched its head and went over to Zhang Han with Little Hei.

Dahei, three meters tall, was taller than Zhang Han even if it was sitting on the ground.

Little Hei, as before, was sitting in front of Zhang Han, sticking out its big tongue, wagging its tail left and right, and looking at Zhang Han with clear eyes.

Obviously, it was overjoyed.

“Reach out!” Zhang Han said seriously.


Dahei pouted and carefully extended its right hand to Zhang Han.

Little Hei also stretched its paws forward.

Watching this scene, Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng were stunned and forgot what they wanted to say.

“Bang! Bang!”

Two muffled noises came from the two paws.

It sounded like someones hand had been hit.

“Ooh ooh!”

Dahei was performing with great devotion, pretending to wince because of the pain that didnt exist.

Little Hei, who was more honest, kept sticking out its tongue, but stopped wagging its tail.

Now it was looking at Zhang Han, wondering if he was really angry.

“Do you know what you did wrong” Zhang Han asked in a deep voice.

“Ooh Ooh ooh ooh!” Dahei thought for a moment, then nodded and waved its arms and legs, shouting.

“Yes, because I was defeated by them.”

Seeing Daheis serious attitude, Zhang Han could not control his expression and smiled.

“Since you knew that you could not defeat them, why did you fight against them Couldnt you run away” Zhang Han asked.

It was not humiliating for a cultivator to run away when he was about to be defeated, which was also a normal principle in the Cultivation World.

No one would be silly enough to keep fighting against a stronger opponent unless he was eager to test his ability.

After being educated by Zhang Han, Dahei felt wronged and fell into silence.

At the same time, he pointed around to show the mountain to Zhang Han.

“They came here to grab things.

The mountain belongs to my master.”

“It doesnt matter if anything is lost.

Never do it again.”

Zhang Han sighed and continued, “I am also responsible for this.

Im too weak.”

Then he turned around and looked at the thunder yang tree.

Hearing what he said, Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng behind him almost fell down, their eyes widened with surprise.

“You are weak now Grand Master, are you joking”

“If you were weak, then Li Zhan would have made trouble for you without hesitation after you punished Li Kun, instead of waiting for a chance while you were away.

Please evaluate yourself objectively!”

Zhang Han was standing in front of the thunder yang tree, and they could only see his back instead of his expression.

Then they heard Zhang Hans indifferent voice say, “Do you know what my code of conduct used to be”

Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng shook their heads along with Dahei and Little Hei, not knowing whom Zhang Han was talking to.

“A little help brings much return, and vice versa.

“The meaning of this sentence is that I am free to act as I like, and I have my own criteria and solutions for right and wrong.

“So, now Ill take you to…

“Avenge yourself!”

When Zhang Han finished these words, he suddenly stretched out his arms.

With his spiritual force constantly impacting all of his acupoints, Zhang Han cast a unique skill.

Spirit-gathering Acupoint!

There were 720 fixed or movable acupoints all over his whole body, and now they seemed to become 720 spaces of self-consciousness.

The thunder yang tree was shaking more violently, and the energy from the spirit crystal mine at the bottom of the cave was continuously absorbed by the tree, which then flew into Zhang Hans acupoints like a broad river.

Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng were terribly frightened.

“What, whats this” Protector Leng was startled.

He dared not to imagine Zhang Hans feelings when so much energy was pouring into his body.

“Isnt he afraid that his body will burst or even explode with too much energy”

Even Lei Tiannan narrowed his eyes and looked at Zhang Han with fear and worry, not knowing or understanding what he was doing.

But he knew that Zhang Han was going to do something big!

The absorption of energy lasted for a minute.

Suddenly, the energy transportation stopped, and the light of the thunder yang tree gradually faded.

This showed that the impact of the blue serene bamboo was over.

The amount of crystal ore at the bottom of the cave had been reduced by half!

Zhang Han estimated that he had consumed the energy of 1,300 pieces of low-grade crystal this time.

With the 1,300 pieces of low-grade crystal, Zhang Han advance to the middle level of the Building Base, while Dahei and Little Hei advanced to the Grand Master level.

Then he again consumed hundreds of crystal stones to activate the Spirit Gathering Acupoint.

Therefore, he undoubtedly paid a great price.

If these energies were not consumed, they would nourish more than 13,000 crystals in the future.

For cultivators below the Innateness stage, crystal stones could help them a lot.

“Lets go,” Zhang Han turned to look at Dahei and Little Hei and said calmly, then led the way to the north.

The effective time of the Spirit Gathering Acupoint was limited, and Zhang Han only had one hour.

If he couldnt let the energy in his body dissipate after an hour, it would cause damage to his body.

So Zhang Han took the lead and left Lei Tiannans field of view in a few seconds.

“Director, what is he going to do” Protector Leng asked.

“He… he is going to break into the Li familys place for revenge!”

Lei Tiannan frowned and ordered in a hurry, “Hurry up, inform your men to go to the area near the Li family and evacuate the crowd!”

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