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“Do you know about the worldlets in Hua nation” Mo Chengfeng asked.

“No.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“There are five stable worldlets in Hua nation, namely, Mystical Martial World in the northeast, Seven Harmony World in the northwest, Saint Serene World in the southeast, Witch Hidden World in the southwest, and Kun Xu World in the center.”

Mo Chengfengs eyes flashed with a trace of obscurity as he said slowly, “In the five worldlets, there are countless sects, strong and weak, but there are just a few top sects.

Each sect has certain influence over the five worldlets, and the Wind Snow School was one of them.

Its main sect is located in the Saint Serene World and has sub-sects in another four worldlets, which makes them extremely powerful.

“In every sect, the Early-stage of Grand Master is the entry-level assessment for external disciples.

Then they can become official disciples of a sect.

Only when they enter the Divine Realm can they become direct disciples of a master.

And only when one has entered the Earth Realm can they hold a position in the sect.

Generally speaking, only seniors and leaders of one sect could reach the Heaven Realm.”

“Whats the Heaven Realm” Zhang Han interrupted.

It was the first time he had heard about these realms.

He didnt know what they were.

There were so many desolate places in the Cultivation World, and the stages had different names.

Wu Dao Grand Master was almost equal to the Foundation Stage.

So the Divine Realm was the Innateness Realm

Was the Earth Realm equivalent to the Elixir Stage

And the Heaven Realm was the Yuan Ying Stage

If so, how could people say it was an ending era for the earths martial artists

“Ive only heard of it.” Mo Chengfeng pursed his lips.

He hadnt seen it either!

He thought for a while and told him what he knew.

“There seemed to be another power of the martial artists who are in Heaven Realm, they could use it as psychokinesis…”

Zhang Han understood what he meant.

The Divine Realm, Earth Realm, and Heaven Realm were almost corresponding to the pre-, mid-, and post-Innateness stages.

Although they were not high, still… Even if it was just one opponent in the Divine Realm, he needed to think twice, and he was not sure that he could defeat him.

Zhang Han knew his own strength, he was just in the middle of the Building Base.

He couldnt make progress in the next one or two months because of the Blood Shock Pluto Incantation.

He took the lowest cost to achieve the highest aim, which was completely acceptable.

Now he could fight a Grand Master, but handling another master in the Divine Realm was a bit tricky.

“Anyway, the Divine Realm is also called the Land Immortal, which is the highest realm that the main continent of the earth can break through to.

In the upward direction, people could only rely on the natural precious materials to enter the worldlet.

But even if someone breaks through to the Divine Realm, talents are indispensable, let alone that its an ending era.

There are countless subsidiary spaces in the world.

It is said that the ancient fairy realm was broken into and turned into countless worldlets, so people generally called them ancient relics.

A stable worldlet is a rare treasure, namely, an S-class relic.

“Generally, from an F-level relic to an A-level relic, different resources could appear.

But in an S-level relic, a divine object is a miracle, and even in some top-level sects, it was one of the rewards.

Obviously, the Wind Snow School is one of those top sects.

“Now, do you know the position of the Wind Snow School” Mo Chengfeng said and looked at Zhang Han.

He wanted to see how astonished he was!


Zhang Han just nodded and looked calm.


He had defeated some top sects in the Cultivation World, let alone sects that were 10,000 times weaker.

Zhang Hans strength was still at the entry level, and he knew better.

He could look at the external things calmly, knowing that he didnt have the strength and when he would be ready.

That was Zhang Han.

Seeing Zhang Hans expression, Mo Chengfeng was stunned.

“He didnt hear me

“Or he is too surprised”

Mo Chengfeng whispered, “Now are you sure you know about the Wind Snow Schools status”

“Um.” Zhang Han took a look at him and said, “Do you know my parents”

“… ” Mo Chengfengs eyes quivered a little.

He took a deep breath two seconds later and said, “Zhang Guangyou, your father, was one of Heavenly Knights Sects inner disciples in the Kun Xu World.

The Heavenly Knights Sect was strong in the Kun Xu World, but it was just in the Kun Xu World, whose comprehensive strength was much lower than that of the Wind Snow School.

I dont know why Qing Zhen Zi went against your father, but I do know that your father went back to the Heavenly Knights Sect and Qing Zhen Zi seemed to be in the Main Sect of the Saint Serene World in the southeast.”

“Five worldlets, why is there no Kun Lun World” Zhang Han suddenly asked.

“Are you talking about the Kun Lun Maze Crater Thats one of the three most famous Deadlands in the world.

Even I go there, I might not come out alive!”

Mo Chengfengs eyes suddenly flashed with a trace of fear as he said, “The three Deadlands are the Kun Lun Maze Crater, the terror island in the center of the Bermuda Triangle, and the cave of bones of the dead in Indonesia.

Countless masters have died in there, most of which were in the Divine Realm.

“Dont go to three Deadlands randomly.

In addition to these places, there are eight danger spots, all of which are extremely strange, but they are much safer than the Deadlands.”

Mo Chengfeng calmed down, then shook his head and said, “And the three Deadlands are not always visible.

They may be peaceful mountains and then go through an unpredictable change in the next second.

No one can tell what is hidden there.

Like a devil, you never know when you have woken him up.

“Before the worldlet was closed, a large number of martial artists from the Wind Snow School planned to go to the Kun Xu World, seemingly to destroy the Heavenly Knights Sect.

They were ready to go, then the fog of the Maze Crater displayed several strange characters.

“The gate of the worldlet was closed in one day, and most of the martial artists above the Grand Master Peak entered the worldet.

No one had mentioned it since then, until half a year ago, when there was a little fluctuation around the worldlet.

It seems that it will open again in less than a year.

“Now you are barely 30, still so young, and in the prime of your life.

It means that you will surely rise to the Divine Realm in the future.

You should remember that no matter how many worldlets there are, this world is the main world.

There are too many secrets hidden in it.

But the more powerful your strength is, the harder this world will suppress you.

Staying here means that you cant improve your strength, even your accomplishments might be damaged.

Thats why the martial arts world is peaceful now.

“You have great talent, and you should remember that its a hard process.

Only after the sand has been cleared will the shining gold be revealed!”

Mo Chengfeng seemed to think highly of Zhang Han, so he said those words sincerely.

“Its late.

I should go back.”

Zhang Han looked at the time and turned to leave.

Mo Chengfeng was left in confusion.

“Whats the matter with this kid He had no reaction to what I said

“Have these secrets been known to all

“More importantly, I havent finished talking yet!”

“What are you going to do next” Mo Chengfeng asked in a hurry.

He wanted to persuade Zhang Han to join his own sect, which was the Witch Hidden World in the southwest.

But Zhang Han showed no interest.

At Mo Chengfengs question, Zhang Han didnt look back, but went down quickly.

His words came from afar.


“And… only after the sand has been cleared will the shining gold be revealed! This sentence suits you better.”

Once, when they were in the main residence of the Li family, Mo Chengfeng had told Zhang Han some information about Qing Zhen Zi and asked him to stop.

Now he got more information.

One sentence of Mo Chengfeng had impressed Zhang Han, which was that the main world suppressed his cultivation.

“Is it a place where spirits are forbidden”

“If it is, it will be so much fun!”

Zhang Hans eyes squinted slightly.

He shook his head and stopped thinking about these things.

He didnt care about the Deadlands.

Now he just needed to wait for the gate of the worldlet to open.

During this period of time, he could be a full-time father.

Before the gate of the worldlet was open, no one dared to provoke him again.

He wanted to destroy the Li family to warn others, but some people were left alive by him.

Through them, he got some useful information, which was a good deal for him.

Back in the car, Zhang Han glanced at the driver and said, “Drive fast.”

“Yes, sir.”

The car started and drove faster to New Moon Bay.

“Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei jumped and shouted.

“Master, where have you been I was worried about you.”

Little Hei curled its lips and looked down at Dahei.

“Your flattery wasnt sincere at all.”

However, Zhang Han was pleased, he smiled at Dahei and said, “We will pass by the mountain later, will you go up or come back with me to have hotpot in the restaurant”

“Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Daheis eyes suddenly brightened, then it ran around and jumped, meaning that it was going to eat delicious food.

“Ooh.” Little Hei also cheerfully shouted twice.

Its big tail swayed hard, producing a whizzing sound.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up, then it scratched head and laughed.

“Ha Chi, ha Chi…”

Zhang Han smiled at the scene.

Taking the two beasts back would calm Zi Yan down.

After all, she saw them injured before.

The driver, who was dedicated to driving, glanced into the rearview mirror.

His eyes were full of admiration.

The gorilla and dog were Grand Master-level spiritual beasts!

Unbelievable! He couldnt understand the world of the masters.

“If you want to enter the restaurant, you should shrink yourself,” Zhang Han looked at Dahei and said.

It was a little unexpected for it to absorb the Illusory Body Copper Coin and enhance its ability.

It meant that Dahei had the ability to change its body shape in advance.

Its fighting capacity didnt improve, but still it was better than nothing.


Dahei curled its lips and scratched its head.

Then it became smaller, about 10 centimeters shorter.

It liked to stay big.


Dahei looked at Zhang Han and shrank to a smaller shape.

Zhang Han still stared at it, so it shrank two times smaller to two meters high.

Then Zhang Han nodded.

Zhang Han suddenly said, “I also found that the jade on the mountain is less than before.”

“Whoa, whoa…” Dahei pointed at Little Hei.

“I know.

It was eaten by me.”

“Ow, Ow.”

Little Hei quickly raised a paw and blocked its eyes for fear of punishment.

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “I didnt say no.”

He looked at Little Hei strangely.

He didnt expect for it to have a good skill of eating jade.

Eating spirit treasures had to be it next skill, which meant that it could make great progress in the future.

Having absorbed the thunder yang trees essence and transformed a few times, it had a capable foundation.

Elsewhere, in Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant…

Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and Elder Meng were busy going in and out.

Soon, when it was about one oclock, all kinds of raw food were served by the restaurant next door.

“Oh The food for the hotpot is adequate enough.

The meat slices look fresh,” Zi Qiang looked and said.

The restaurant didnt open at noon, so Wang Long left before they came back.

In addition to the extra-large double-flavor hotpot on the round table on the first floor, several small double-flavor hotpots were on the other members tables.

All kinds of food were put on the table one after another.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu found that the food was indeed plentiful.

“Er…” Zi Yan blinked and thought about what to say.

“The mutton is from Ujimqin sheep, and its Kobe beef.

Zhang Han is a good cook.

The food from that mountain tastes delicious.

You will find out later.”

“Well, PaPa makes the best food,” Mengmeng said seriously.

“How about Grandpas food” Zi Qiang regretted it when he asked the question.

Just as expected!

“Delicious, but no better than PaPas.” Mengmeng, as always, was Zhang Hans little sweetie.

“You should just relax and enjoy yourself when you are in Hong Kong this time.

Its really comfortable here.

Eat well and sleep well,” Wang Ming said with a smile.

“Right, I need to relax and should spend more time with my granddaughter.

I will be busy when I go back,” Zi Qiang smiled and replied.

“Oh, by the way, do you like fishing” Wang Ming asked.

“Fishing What a waste of time!” Zi Qiang shook his head and said, “I play go when I have time.”

“Go.” Wang Ming chuckled to himself.

He played go, which was similar to an array.

The array and change in go required great learning.

Once the array was ready, normal people couldnt crack it.

Some puzzles and end-games of chess in ancient times even resembled arrays.

“Then we should play when we have time!” Wang Ming said with a smile.

“Dont wait for next time, right now!”

A trace of resolution rose in Zi Qiangs eyes, he took out a set of go from his bag.

He went to the small round sofa first and set the chessboard.

Wang Ming smiled and walked over.

They sat face to face.


Zi Qiang put the box of black pieces in front of Wang Ming.

“Go ahead.”

Zi Qiang looked like a swordsman in a long green gown who was ready to fight Wang Ming.

Wang Ming was stunned.

“He must excel at go!”

Wang Ming looked graver.

“Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!”

They quickly started and placed their pieces.

The game went on.

Wang Ming was a little startled.

He looked at Zi Qiang and thought to himself.

There were four words in his mind: “What a bluffing amateur!”

Wang Ming showed no mercy to Zi Qiang.

He also discovered the feeling of setting up an array in this game.

“You are an ace!”

Zi Qiang looked at Wang Ming strangely and felt like he had met his match in the game.

But when they continued to play, there was sweat on his forehead.

Soon, Wang Mings last piece was placed.

His array was completed!

Wang Ming took back his hand and held his chin.

He looked at Zi Qiang thoughtfully.


Zi Qiang hesitated, he was about to place his piece in the front.

“Eh You have to look more carefully.

If you go here, your backyard will be on fire!” Wang Ming warned him.

Zi Qiang sucked at the game.

He couldnt see through the chess array and it made him feel a little embarrassed.

One could do nothing when his opponent didnt have a clue about his array on the chessboard.

Zi Qiang took back his hand fast and looked at it carefully.

He looked graver with some hesitation.

“Let me take a good look.”

Zi Qiang stared at the chessboard, feeling anxious.

At this moment…

“Ah, PaPa is back, and Big Heihei, Little Heihei, they are here!”

Mengmeng turned to see Zhang Han, Dahei, and Little Hei getting out of the car.

She was excited as she ran to the door from the sofa.

Zi Yan was surprised at first, then she checked Dahei and Little Hei carefully.

Seeing them not injured, she was relieved and stood up to welcome them.

“Oh, they are back.

Lets have dinner first and continue later.”

Zi Qiang found the chance to leave.

He got up quickly and planned to continue playing the game after studying secretly.

“All right.”

Wang Ming smiled, then stood up and walked to the door.


Zi Qiang saw Dahei and Little Hei outside, and was shocked.

“What a huge gorilla! And the dog looks so fierce!”

“They are wild animals.”

Wang Ming shook his head slightly and said in a low voice, “They are spiritual beasts in the Heaven Stage.

They are very powerful in the martial arts world, and much rarer than any other national treasure animals.”

Beside him, Zhao Feng coughed softly and told him in a low voice.

“Uncle Wang, the Heaven Stage was in the past.

Now they are spiritual beasts at the level of Grand Master.”


“Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Ming, and other martial artists heard it clearly.

They were all shocked.

“What the hell, Grand Master-level spirit beasts, unbelievable!”

On their way here, some people on the street were shocked by Dahei and Little Hei, they didnt expect to see such a scene.

They wondered if people could raise gorillas just like that! The owner didnt even put a rope on the animal.

A huge beast at that size could easily slap a person away!

What they didnt know was that Dahei could slap a bunch of people away just with one hit.


Mengmeng opened the door and ran out.

Then she jumped into Zhang Hans arms.

“PaPa, how can you come back so late Mengmeng missed you so much,” Mengmeng complained.

She looked at Dahei and Little Hei and said with a smile, “Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Mengmeng missed you too.

Ive brought you gifts from Singapore.

Ill show you later.”

“Oh Oh, oh, hum…”

Dahei jumped around and looked happy.


Little Hei shouted to Mengmeng in a low voice.

The swing of its big tail told people how happy it was.

“You are back.”

Zi Yan came out and blinked at Zhang Han.

“We came earlier.” Zhang Han smiled softly and said, “I would come on time as I said.”

“Mm-hmm.” Zi Yan nodded and looked at Dahei and Little Hei.

“Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei was proud, swinging its fat ass at Zi Yan.

It looked like a big bear.

Zi Yan was amused by them and laughed.

“Lets go inside.

The food for the hotpot is ready.

Lets eat first.”

Zi Yan took Zhang Hans arm and led her way into the restaurant.

Dahei was still too big, it had to lower itself to go inside.

After it entered the restaurant, Dahei looked around and felt that the place was too small for it.

“What is this place! Its too crowded!”

“Daihei, Little Hei, sit here.”

Zhao Feng pointed to the dining table behind him, knowing that they were coming, so he covered the table with a large board, on which was an electronic pan and disposable tableware.

There were no chopsticks, just a big plate.

The rest was meat pieces, plus dipping condiments and Daheis plastic gloves and spoon.

Everything was settled.


When Zhao Feng arranged everyones seat, Little Hei didnt hesitate.

It sat on the chair behind Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng looked at Daheis huge butt and thought for a second.

He took away the chair on the opposite side, took several pads and put them on the ground.

The chair was not big enough for Dahei to sit on!

So after Zhao Feng put the pads out, he said, “Daihei, sit here.”


Dahei sat down and raised a finger to touch Zhao Feng, then shouted, “Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Its right paw made a gesture to its mouth.

“Get the drink, Third, what are you waiting for!”

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