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Before going much further to the front mountain, Zhang Han saw Protector Leng on the edge of the forest, and he hurried to join him.

“Grand Master Zhang.”

Protector Leng laughed, he handed something over and said, “This is the storage ring, with a space of four cubic meters.

All the things from Li Zhan are in here.

The five elements furnace is also in it.

From now on, the five elements furnace is yours, but… the director said that you should keep your promise on the number of alchemy things produced.”


Zhang Han smiled.

He nodded and took the ring, putting his soul sense into it.

Apart from the five elements furnace, there was a third-stage spirit treasure, a football-size Dark Star Stone.

Seeing it, Zhang Hans eyes seemed to brighten a little.

It could be a jade shield, the same as the Mountains and Rivers Flag.

The Mountains and Rivers Flag could hold an array, while the Dark Star Stone could save energy after recording the array.

If it was activated, it could function as a defense.

Zhang Han could make it into a protective object for Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

With the 99 Earth-grade amulets sent by the Heavenly Talisman Sect, their energy could also be sealed in the jade shield.

All these layers of protection were just in case.

“Pretty good.”

Zhang Han smiled.

The Dark Star Stone was a fine treasure, the others were five second-stage spirit treasures and over 30 kinds of first-stage spirit treasures.

Zhang Han controlled his mind and all the items in the ring appeared on the lawn, then he put them into his own Space Ring.

His ring had a space of only three cubic meters.

It was not as big as the storage ring.

But Zhang Han felt that it was enough for him to put stuff inside.

As for its space, he would refine and upgrade it later.

“Master Zhang, now you are the second director of the National Security Agency.

Today, many protectors, seniors, and supervisors in the Bureau wish to have a meeting with you.

They all heard what happened today, and wanted to hold a formal welcoming ceremony for you,” Protector Leng said.

“A welcoming ceremony” Zhang Han said earnestly, “I have to babysit my child at home.

So I dont have time for that.”

“Er… OK.” Protector Lengs expression trembled as he spoke with a wry smile.

“Then Ill leave, Master Zhang.

If you need anything, please call me at any time.” Protector Leng nodded.


Zhang Han nodded.

Protector Leng turned around and left.

He kept looking back at the thunder yang tree and thought to himself.

“The tree grew into a divine object!

“My God, its frightening.

Master Zhang has a divine object, which means that he himself is a portable sect!

“Great, just great!”

Protector Leng thought as he left Mount New Moon.

Zhang Han returned to the back mountain.

As Zi Qiang was looking around, he waved to Zhang Han.

“Han, come here, join us!”


Zhang Han went over to them in a hurry.

Then he saw Wang Ming fishing by the pond.

Zhang Han called out, “Uncle.”

When Wang Ming turned around, he saw a green streamer flying toward him.

After catching it, he said curiously, “Isnt this a jade ring”

But his expression changed when he felt it with spiritual force.

“A storage ring”

“Han, what…” Wang Ming stood up and came up to Zhang Han, staring at him strangely.

“I already have one.

You can have it.”

Zhang Han opened the chessboard and raised his hand, showing to him that the ring on his finger was the Space Ring.

One could control a Space Ring with spiritual force.

So any martial artist under the Innateness stage could use the ring; all they needed to do was make the ring be in direct contact with their skin.

When they were above the Innateness stage, they could put their soul sense into the ring, which would make the ring have an owner.

As long as the owner stayed alive, the soul sense in the ring would protect the ring from any other external force.

“This…” Wang Ming paused and then smiled, shook his head, ran to the pet area, and found Wang Zhanzong.

“Dad, this is a Space Ring, Han gave it to me.

Do you want it”

“You keep it.

I dont study arrays, so I dont need it,” Wang Zhanzong said with a smile.

“Then Ill keep it.” Wang Ming put the ring on proudly.

He stared at it for a while, then went back to the pond, fishing and admiring the ring.

Zi Yan and Zhang Li, as well as Rong Jiaxin and Xu Xinyu, were sitting at the back.

Zhou Fei went out for something.

They sat under the canopy and watched Mengmeng playing with Dahei and Little Hei in the distance.

“Well, Big Heihei, Little Heihei, and Daha, stop running, do you want to play the eagle-chicken catching game” Mengmeng, who was running and jumping, suddenly stopped and asked.

“Whoa Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Dahei nodded.

“I have seen that on TV.”

“Then lets play” Mengmengs big eyes brightened.

Dahei nodded again.

“Who wants to be the eagle” Mengmeng asked.

“Whoa” Dahei scratched its head.

It was really a problem…

All of a sudden, it glanced at Zhao Feng, who was wandering aside.

It shouted, “Ow! Whoa, whoa!”

“Third, come here!”

“Huh” Zhao Feng was confused, then he came over and asked, “Whats the matter”

“Uncle Feng will be the eagle Who wants to be the hen” Mengmeng asked again.

“Whoa!” Dahei pointed to itself.

“Lets get started!” Mengmeng ran to hide behind Dahei and grabbed the hair on its right leg.

Mengmeng was not as tall as Daiheis legs, so she looked like a tiny baby in front of Dahei.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei barked at Little Hei twice.

It meant: “Make sure everybody is in line.”

Dahei could talk to Little Hei directly, but it couldnt communicate with other dogs.

Little Hei got the message and barked to the dogs.

Then Little Hei ran to Mengmeng.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Suddenly, more than 30 dogs ran to the back of Little Hei and got in two rows.

Their action was really fast, and Zhao Feng was speechless.

“I dont want to play!”

Playing games with Dahei was not a good idea to him.

“Well, were going to run! Uncle Feng, you should start catching us.”

But Mengmeng sounded too sweet, so Zhao Feng rubbed his hands and said, “Im coming! Im an eagle.

Ive come to catch a chicken.

Let me see which one Ill catch first…”


Daheis right foot didnt move a bit.

It stepped forward with its left foot.

Before Zhao Feng finished speaking, its left hand reached forward and slapped!

Zhao Feng fell to the ground.

“I! I didnt do anything yet!”

Zhao Fengs heart was broken as he stared at Dahei.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… Hahaha…”

Dahei grinned.

“Ha, haha… Uncle Feng, you are so stupid.”

Mengmeng kept laughing when she saw Zhao Feng lying on the ground from behind Daheis leg.

“Er… I havent started yet.

Right now.”

Zhao Feng slapped his butt and stood up.


He was down again.

“” Zhao Feng was dumbfounded.

He would never get a chance to start the game!


He quickly jumped up.

Before he could stand up straight…


He fell to the ground again.


Zhao Feng used spiritual force this time.

He got up and planned to run.


The totally one-sided game continued.

Once Zhao Feng stood up, he would be beaten down again.

Rong Jiaxin and Xu Xinyu, who were sitting not far away, were stunned by their game.

Zi Yan pursed her lips and was just about to say: “Dahei, stop that.”

Zhao Fengs cell phone suddenly rang.

“Ouch, I have to answer this call.

I cant play anymore.

Er… Mengmeng, you should continue.”

After Zhao Feng said that, he got up and ran to the other side.

He was actually relieved.

It was Liang Mengqi calling, so he picked up the phone and said excitedly, “Hahaha, Mengqi, you are really my lucky goddess! I was caught in a game and couldnt get out, your call saved me…”

“The eagle has gone.

How do we continue” Mengmeng pursed her lips and said.

“Ooh Ooh ooh ooh…”

Dahei scratched its head and shouted to Little Hei.

Then Little Hei passed on the information.

Over 30 dogs suddenly ran to the front of Dahei.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Dahei jumped around and made gestures to Mengmeng.

Mengmeng thought for a while and then understood.

“Are they all eagles How will you protect Little Hei and me”

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

Dahei punched itself in the chest.

“Dont worry, you have me!”

“Lets start.

Eagles are coming to catch chickens.” Mengmeng grabbed the hair on Daheis right leg again.

Then Little Hei gave an order.

“Howl, howl, howl…”

A group of dogs were running and jumping slowly, some smart ones were just standing behind.

The dumb ones, led by Alaska, Husky, and Samoyed, immediately rushed at Dahei.

The nickname “three stupid sled dogs” did fit these breeds of dogs.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

The game leaned to one side again.

Mengmeng was very happy at first, but she gradually sensed something wrong.


Looking at the front, Mengmeng grabbed her waist with both hands.

“Hmph, Big Heihei, I dont like you!”

“Whoo Whoo, whoo, whoo…” Dahei turned around and explained with body language.

“How could you beat them away Youre not a good hen.

Youre a cheater,” Mengmeng said and pouted.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Dahei explained with its hands.

Daihei decided to be the eagle.

Little Hei became the hen, protecting Mengmeng and the dogs behind.

Dahei scratched the ground with all limbs, but it didnt come forward, just rolling and turning somersaults.

They kept playing like that.

Zi Yan and the others laughed at the scene.

Their game ended when Zi Yan asked Mengmeng to drink some water.

Near the thunder yang tree, Zhang Han and Zi Qiang were buried in a heated go game.

Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Zhanhong sat aside as the audience and kept silent.

After watching two rounds, they knew that Zhang Han was letting his father-in-law win.

“Han, shall we have another game” Wang Zhanpengs eyes narrowed slightly.

He had some doubts about arrays in his mind, so he wanted to play chess to see how Zhang Han could crack it.

“OK, Elder Wang, its your turn.

I need to drink some water.” Zi Qiang left the seat.

As Wang Zhanpeng took the seat, he said nothing and placed one piece ahead.

Another game began.

Wang Zhanpeng was setting up an array.

Zhang Han didnt stop him at all, instead, he placed his pieces casually.

Zi Qiang was worried.

“Oh! This, you…”

Wang Zhanpengs array was about to be complete, and Zhang Han still placed his pieces smoothly.

“Eh Its not bad Huh.”

Zi Qiang nodded.

Although he knew nothing about arrays, he could understand the go game.

At first, Zhang Han was at a distinct disadvantage, but he changed the situation.

In the last 10 pieces, he managed to win the game.

Zi Qiang realized that Zhang Han was good.

Wang Zhanpeng was the person who had been pondering over the chessboard for a long time and came up with nothing.

An array should be deduced in practice.

So Zi Qiang got his seat back.

Zhang Han had stayed here to play chess with them until 4:30.

Then he went to play with Mengmeng for a while.

At half-past five, they packed up and went home.

On their way down the mountain, Zhao Feng approached Zhang Han and asked, “Master, Patriarch Chu contacted me through Liang Hao.

He wants to pay a visit when you have time.”

“Then maybe sometime in the future,” Zhang Han said.


Zhao Feng nodded.

Everyone went to the fleet of cars.

Zhang Han took Zi Yan and Mengmeng into the small and lovely panda car, while the others got in the luxury cars.

Back at the restaurant, there were already more than 10 well-dressed men in line outside, and several people sat at the members table inside.

Zhang Han and the others walked in.

Sun Dongheng stood up in a hurry.

“Ah, Boss, Madam, and Mengmeng, you are back, we all missed you!”

“Hahaha, did you go out to have fun” Liu Qingfeng greeted them.

“Chairman Liu is here Why dont you go upstairs and chat with us” Zi Qiang said with a smile.

“No, thanks.

Im here for dinner.

Ill visit you when youre all settled in a few days.” Liu Qingfeng shook his head slightly.

Wang Qiang, Wu Liying, Pearson, Lin Xue, Zhao Dahu, and Yu Qingqing all greeted them.

“Hello, everyone!”

Mengmeng waved to them.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan smiled at everybody.

Some of them went upstairs, and Zhao Feng and Zhang Han stayed on the first floor.

As always, Zhao Feng sat beside Zhao Dahu.

“Are Boss and Madam engaged We wanted to take a look there.

Later, Liang Hao said that there were too many people and they couldnt take care of us if we went.

So we might as well wait to attend their wedding,” Zhao Dahu moved his body and said.

“Yeah, there were too many people.”

Zhao Feng nodded.

He looked at Zhao Dahu and said, “By the way, were you a director of some entertainment company”

“Yes, whats the matter” Zhao Dahu said strangely.

“Bosss entertainment company will open soon.

If you are interested, you can apply for a position later.” Zhao Feng nodded.

“Do they provide food” Zhao Dahu asked.

“Huh” Zhao Feng paused.

“What are you thinking”

“If you wish, they will.” Zhao Feng nodded.

“Thats great.

Tell me when they open.

Ill surely help.” Zhao Dahu patted Zhao Fengs arm with his hands, looking excited.

Zhao Feng shook his head, then he turned to look at Sun Dongheng and asked, “Did you say that your father went to North America to learn about film and media companies”

“Yes.” Sun Donghengs eyes widened and he held his breath.

He heard what they were talking about at the back, and he felt that his father might have a chance.

“When will they come back” Zhao Feng asked again.

“In three to five days.”

“I see.”

Zhao Feng nodded and said nothing more.

Sun Dongheng yielded to his curiosity.

He went up to Zhao Feng and asked, “Brother Feng, Brother Feng, are you going to hire my father”

“I have that idea, but I need to wait for him to come back and ask him.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Sun Ming was a person of integrity, and he knew the bosss family well.

As for Zhao Dahu, the entertainment company mainly concerned the masters wife.

Hiring two acquaintances was a good thing.

As for candidates and positions of other departments, Zhao Feng wanted to discuss it with Liu Qingfeng.

He knew the masters strength was powerful enough and had a high position, but their foundation wasnt steady.

Fortunately, as long as they asked, many people were glad to lend a hand.

However, Zhao Feng did not dare to use those privileged people whom he didnt know.

One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature.

It was good for them to know Liu Qingfeng in advance, and he had been a great help.

Sun Dongheng saw Zhao Feng nod, so he was excited and asked, “What position do you want my dad to hold I feel that he is eligible to be a director.”

“You are right.

I want him to be a director.” Zhao Feng smiled and shook his head.

In terms of the entertainment industry, no one in Mengmengs security team knew about it.

Zhao Feng planned to let Sun Ming give it a try first.

if Sun Ming wasnt capable, he would make another plan.

Zhao Feng was mature and behaved like a chief disciple.

If it was a few years ago, he would ask Zhang Han about these things.

Now he could make his own decisions.

He would usually provide several choices for the master to pick from.

For dinner, there were roast duck and fish as well as some vegetables.

Even though Zhang Han cooked fast, it took him more than an hour.

After dinner, it was about half-past eight.

Zhou Fei hurried back, holding a stack of documents.

“Where have you been” Zhang Li asked curiously.

Wang Ming and others went back to the companys hotel to have a rest.

They also needed to consider the relocation.

Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, Zhang Li, and Zhang Han stayed on the second floor.

“I have been looking for kindergartens.

Ive sorted out the materials all afternoon,” Zhou Fei said with a smile.

“Kindergarten So fast” Zhang Han suddenly said, “There is no need to do it so soon.

She could go to kindergarten next autumn, couldnt she”

“Er…” Zhou Feis expression froze while trying to say something.

“No need Mengmeng is going to be four years old.

She has to go to kindergarten as soon as possible.

Didnt we all agree before” Zi Yan replied.

Hearing what Zi Yan said, Zhou Fei added, “After investigating, I found out that a lot of local children began to take interest classes when they were half a year old, and there were various training classes.

Children under three years old have attended many of them.

I dont know if these classes make any difference, but many people did send their children to these classes.

Most children go to kindergarten when they are three years old.”

“Well, PaPa, I can go to kindergarten and play there,” Mengmeng pouted and said.


Hearing Mengmengs words, Zhang Han nodded and sighed softly, then said, “Lets talk about it.”

He still couldnt trust others to look after Mengmeng.

Surprisingly, Mengmeng wanted to go to kindergarten.

But what Zhang Han didnt know was that Mengmeng wanted to go to kindergarten with her Papa.

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu said nothing, they just smiled and felt that their granddaughter was so sweet.

“The kindergartens Ive chosen are the best in Hong Kong.

They all use two or three teaching languages, namely, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

“I have seen more than 40 kindergartens, but only five are suitable.

“Gendeyuan kindergarten in Longcheng District, Baoshan and Anglican kindergartens in Wanzi District, Victoria International Kindergarten in Causeway Bay, and the Hanji International School.

“The first four kindergartens have opened classes more than a month ago.

If Mengmeng goes there, she can only be a student in attendance.

The Hanji International School starts at the beginning of November, but the school is hard to get in.

The number of students to be enrolled is 88 per year, but more than 1,000 people would sign up for it.

“Priority registration costs 12 million yuan, but I heard that the priority is gone.

Yesterdays interview for children is over, and the specific quota will be released the day after tomorrow.”

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