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“A cleaner” Zhang Hans lips twitched slightly.

“What an interesting old cleaner who doesnt care about his strength.”

“It is said that the sweeping monks in a temple are the most powerful.”

“Well, yes.” Lu Xiong touched his beard again and said with a smile, “I like to watch children play, and my granddaughter is a teacher here.

Since I finished my close-door cultivation three years ago, Ive been coming here every day.”

“Oh, I see.” Zhang Han finally got it.

As they were talking, six poker-faced men suddenly ran over to them from the side road.

They were very alert and were moving quickly and orderly.

However, when Lu Xiong saw them, he waved casually and said, “He is my friend.

You can clear the alarm.”

“Okay.” The six men retreated in confusion.

“If he is a friend, how could he still jump this way”

“The monitoring facilities here are perfect.

You were seen as soon as you jumped onto the tree.

Then, they contacted me when you jumped in.” Lu Xiong smiled.

“Let me show you around.”

“Thank you.” Zhang Han nodded.

“This is the science lab and the art creation studio.

Two middle classes are in class now.

Lets have a look outside,” Lu Xiong said as he led the way.

All the buildings had french windows, and Zhang Han could clearly see inside.

However, he still activated his soul sense and tried to get more information.

Comparatively speaking, the atmosphere of the middle class here was more active than that of the kindergarten he had visited in the morning.

“They set up the science lab and art creation studio to explore the interests and hobbies of the children, which they callthinking,innovation, or something like that.

Anyway, there are many standards and requirements now, so I cant remember them clearly.

I didnt have so much trouble when I was a kid.” Lu Xiong smiled.

“The atmosphere is good.” Zhang Han looked at the children in the classroom as he spoke.

“Well, there are many kinds of early childhood scientists, psychologists, doctors, and post-doctors here.

It is said that they are very good in the field of early child education.

The front building is the teaching building.

The junior class in on the first floor, the middle class on the second floor, and the senior class on the third floor.

They are learning languages or something like that there.”

Zhang Han scanned the building in front with his soul sense and saw that the middle class was learning English on the second floor.

The children were singing an English childrens song, and their tender voices were echoing in the class, giving off a sense of peace.

“The houses on the left are for the children, so that they can play with toys and take a nap.

The cafeteria on the right provides nutritious lunch.”

“This is the playground, which has slides and a small football field.

On the right is the gymnasium with the childrens swimming pool and adults swimming pool.

The latter is for the 70 to 80 teachers and staff members working here.”

“That two-story building over there is the main building, and behind it is the parking lot.

Although the area is not large, its well-equipped.” Lu Xiong curled his lips and added, “It is the best kindergarten in Hong Kong, and the safest.”

“Is it because of you” Zhang Han looked at the proud old man.

“Im just a factor.

Its mainly because my granddaughter is here.

Master Zhang, you dont know how amazing my granddaughter is.

I only admire her for taking care of children.

Even if the children are crying, she can make them go quiet in a minute,” Lu Xiong said triumphantly.

Zhang Han didnt know how to reply.

However, he understood Lu Xiong.

When Mengmeng grew to be a powerful girl, he would be as proud as the old man.

“When will the junior class start” Zhang Han asked.

“In five days,” Lu Xiong replied.

“Ill bring my daughter here to have a try then.” Zhang Han made a decision.

In terms of location, although this kindergarten was not the nearest, it was not far away.

From a security-related point of view, there were monitoring facilities without blind spots all around, and Lu Xiong, the fourth master in the martial artist ranking list, was a guard.

Thus, no gangster would be able to enter the campus.

Moreover, the kindergartens privacy protection work was comprehensive, and the atmosphere was nice.

Zhang Han decided to try this kindergarten.

“You should ask someone else for help.

Im useless.” Lu Xiong stopped touching his beard and looked around before he said cautiously, “My granddaughter doesnt want me to be a cleaner.

If I cause any trouble, she will make me go home.”

“Ha ha!” Zhang Han laughed and shook his head.

“Ill get in touch with someone myself.

You… can enjoy your life as a cleaner.”

“Whoo… Im relieved then.” Lu Xiong smoothed his beard again.

“Ill go back now,” Zhang Han said before he walked straight towards the front gate.

“Would you like to come to my house I have a farmyard on the back hill,” Lu Xiong said courteously.

Obviously, he was a friendly person.

“Next time.” Zhang Han smiled and left through the front gate.

The gatekeepers all knew what had happened, so they didnt say anything when they saw Zhang Han, the visitor who had suddenly appeared.

When he was back in the car, which was parked on the sidewalk, Zhang Han began to drive back to New Moon Bay.

Zhang Han had heard about Lu Xiongs deeds.

Although he hadnt appeared in public for many years, people in the martial arts world would still talk about his integrity, kindness, and generosity.

The world was too big to breed people with different personalities, such as people who were good, evil, brave, selfish, etc.

Although there was a division between good and bad people, in fact, good and bad were just vague definitions.

For example, Ma Di of the Heavenly Talisman Sect dreamed of being a hero, which was what he pursued.

In the same way, Lu Xiongs personality had increased Zhang Hans affection for Saint Kindergarten.

Although Mengmeng had some security guarantees, it was better to be safer.

“I have decided.” Zhang Han went directly to the back of Mount New Moon, sat beside Zi Yan, and spoke up with a smile.

“Which one” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“Saint Kindergarten.

They start in five days,” Zhang Han said.

“We should contact the school in advance and prepare something before entering the school,” Zi Yan said while blinking and thinking.

“I just called Chairman Liu.

Tomorrow, we will visit Saint Kindergarten with him and discuss this matter with the school.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Is this school full-day or half-day” Xu Xinyu asked.

“Full-day, eight hours, from 8:30 a.m.

to 4:30 p.m.,” Zhang Han replied.

“You have to prepare a lot of things.

In addition to school equipment, you will need to bring two more pairs of underwear and two coats.

Childrens clothes get soiled easily by urine and food.

A few convenience bags will be necessary too,” Xu Xinyu, who knew something about this, said with a smile.

“When Mengmeng goes to school, unless there is a special reason, you should insist on taking her to and from the campus every day.”

“Dont hide and watch her.

The mood of a child who has just gone to school is unstable, and her reaction will be more intense when she sees you.”

“Generally speaking, kindergarten teachers are very professional, and children have a strong ability to adapt to a new environment, so you dont have to worry too much.

Just communicate with the teacher and get information about Mengmeng in time.”

“Yes, mother-in-law.”

“I see, mom.”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan nodded.

“Mengmeng is lovely, so I believe she wont cry,” Zi Qiang said confidently with a smile.

Zi Yan blinked her big eyes in disbelief.

Mengmeng liked to follow Zhang Han so much that it was impossible for her to keep calm when she was separated from her dad.

“Well, Han” Zi Qiang gave Zhang Han a hint.

“Father-in-law, shall we play go” Zhang Han asked hesitantly.

“Lets go.” Zi Qiang laughed and went to the other side to play go with Zhang Han.

At five oclock, they went back to the restaurant.

Then, they had dinner and rested.

Before going to bed, Zi Yan said she would take Mengmeng to visit the kindergarten tomorrow.

Mengmeng was a little curious when she heard it, but she accepted the arrangement happily.

The next day…

At 9:30 in the morning…

Zhang Han was driving the panda, following Liu Qingfeng to West Hong Kong.

“Were going to kindergarten, Mama.

Are there many children in kindergarten”

Zi Yan and Mengmeng, who were carefully dressed, were chatting in the back seat.

They had planned to leave at nine oclock, but it had already been 9:30 when they had finished getting dressed.

“There are a lot of children there, and they are all about your age,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“How many is a lot” Mengmeng asked.

“There are about a dozen children in each class,” Zi Yan replied.

“Oh, thats so many! We can play Eagle and Chicken.”

“The teacher will teach you to play games.”

“Well.” Zhang Han coughed softly, looked at Mengmeng through the rear-view mirror, and said, “Mengmeng, do you remember what Dad told you in the morning”

“Yes, of course.” Mengmeng put her hand in front of her eyes, pointed to her left hand with her right hand, pouted and spoke seriously.

“Boys cant hold my hand, hug me, or kiss me.

I can hold hands with girls and hug them at most, but I cant kiss them.”

“Right.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “If that happens, what should you do”

Mengmeng made a “no” gesture and replied in a clear voice, “I must refuse.”

“Right.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Now, suppose that dad is a little boy and…”

Zhang Han lowered his voice, pretended to be a little boy, and said, “Oh, Mengmeng, you are so beautiful.

I want to kiss you.

I want to kiss you!”

“Ha ha…” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

It was really funny when a serious man acted comically.

Mengmeng actively cooperated with her father and seemed to enjoy the game very much.

The girl widened her shining eyes, put her hands on her hips, and said angrily, “You cant do that! Papa said that nobody can kiss me.”

“Ha ha ha…” Zhang Han laughed happily.

Zi Yan pursed her lips, pinched Mengmengs little face gently, and said, “Do you remember what Mama told you last night”

“Hmm” Mengmeng, who was shocked, began to think.

“What was that”

“You naughty little girl! You can only remember Papas words.

You dont listen to Mama, do you” Zi Yan reached out with her fingers and pointed to the tiny tip of Mengmengs nose.

“Its not like that.

Papa keeps talking about it.

You just said it once.

How can I remember what you said” Mengmeng replied seriously.

“Okay, Ill tell you again.” Zi Yan held Mengmengs hand as she said, “Use your own cup to drink water outside, and dont share a bottle of water or a set of tableware with others.

Eat with your own small plate.

Dont share cold drinks or ice-cream with your little friends, because if someone has a cold or another infectious disease, you may be infected.”

“Dont accept gifts from strangers, especially food, unless Papa and Mama are present, and…” Zi Yan began to talk about all the details Mengmeng should pay attention to.

As Zhang Han was driving, he listened to their chat and couldnt help smiling.

They soon arrived at the front gate of Saint Kindergarten.

They stopped directly at the roadside, got out, and saw two middle-aged men in suits approaching them.

“Welcome, Chairman Liu!” The two men greeted them.

“Hello, Mr.


Im sorry to bother you this time,” Liu Qingfeng said with a smile.


Luo was a core member of the Luo family.

The Luo family was one of the top four families in Hong Kong.

Therefore, in terms of status, Mr.

Luos influence was greater than Liu Qingfengs.

However, Mr.

Luo was not the patriarch of the Luo family, and thus he was not as influential as Liu Qingfeng.

Though Liu Qingfeng was just worth 70 billion yuan, he had a wide range of contacts all over China who provided him with strong support.

If Liu Qingfeng wanted to entertain a different friend every day, one year would not be enough time for him.

Liu Qingfeng made friends thanks to his bold and frank personality, and he was welcomed and respected wherever he went.

“Its a pleasure to see you, Mr.

Zhang and Miss Zi.


Im very honored to have you here,” Mr.

Luo said with a warm smile.


In fact, he was a little nervous.

However, the man in front of him looked approachable.

His nickname was Fierce Zhang, and he had destroyed the Li family.

Now, almost no family in Hong Kong dared to provoke Fierce Zhang.

Still, Mr.

Luo thought this was an opportunity for him.

He hadnt expected that Mr.

Zhangs daughter would apply to enroll at the kindergarten he had founded.

This had been a surprise for him.

If he could take this opportunity to develop a good relationship with Zhang Han, he would make a great contribution to the Luo family!

However, as a smart man, Mr.

Luo would not show his intentions immediately on such an occasion.

As long as Mengmeng was admitted to his kindergarten, he would have three years to form a good relationship with Zhang Han.

Three years was not a short time, so he would get a lot of opportunities to communicate with Zhang Han.

“What a lovely little girl.

Whats your name” Mr.

Luo looked at Mengmeng and asked in a low voice.

“Well… My name is Zhang Yumeng, but everyone calls me Mengmeng.” Mengmeng held Zhang Hans fingers and raised her head to answer.

“Thats so lovely.” Mr.

Luo smiled, looked at Zhang Han and said, “Mr.

Zhang, Miss Zi, Chairman Liu, please come inside.

I have informed the director.

We can go there straight away.”

“Okay,” Liu Qingfeng replied.

Thus, they entered the campus.

When they passed the entrance guards, the two guards, who were wearing serious expressions, glanced at them from the corner of their eyes.

They were astonished to see that the distinguished guest was the man who had jumped into the campus the previous day.

“Our chairman came to meet him in person.

What an amazing man!”

The road led all the way to the inside of the campus, and there was a five-story building not far from the right side of the entrance.

This was an administrative building, and all the offices of the teachers and managers were in it.

They took the elevator and reached the innermost room on the fifth floor.


Luo knocked twice on the door.

“Come in, please.” A mans voice came from inside.

When they entered the room, they saw a man in his 30s in a suit, sitting in an office chair.

When he saw Mr.

Luo, he quickly got up and said, “Hello, Mr.


Im sorry.

Ive just been dealing with the documents.

I often lose track of time when Im busy.”

“Well, it doesnt matter.” Mr.

Luo smiled and said, “This is Chairman Liu, Miss Zi, and Mengmeng.

I just told you about this, and now I will take them to go through the enrollment process.”


Hello, please take a seat first.” The principal stood up and made a gesture while saying, “The junior class is managed by the deputy principal, who is downstairs.

Ill call for him and bring any formalities up.”

“Yes.” Mr.

Luo nodded.

The principal trotted out.


Luo intended to take this opportunity to talk with Zhang Han, so he smiled and said, “Mr.

Zhang, Miss Zi, its my pleasure that you came here.

You can rest assured, our education style and concept are impeccable.

As for the teacher, I will arrange the best one for you.

Im sure that…”

Before he could finish speaking, Zi Yan immediately replied, “Mr.

Luo, we trust your teachers and education approach.

Otherwise, we would not have come here uninvited.

We have been hearing about Saint Kindergarten for a long time.

We know that the operation here is very successful, and we also heard that the privacy and protection here are very good.”

Some people had a flexible mind and could easily understand the implied meaning of other peoples words.


Luo thought for a second and smiled, knowing that Zi Yans mention of privacy at this time was obviously purposeful.

“Im not managing this kindergarten for profit, but for better education,” Mr.

Luo said tentatively, “If Mengmeng wants to go to kindergarten, shall I follow the normal steps of class division”

“Well, okay.” Zi Yan smiled slightly.

Upon seeing Zi Yans smile, Mr.

Luo was relieved to know that he was right.

Of course, he knew that a hypocritical environment was very bad for childrens growth.

Obviously, Miss Zi had the same concerns and did not intend to let them treat Mengmeng in a special way.

Thus, they sat and talked.

Mengmeng sat between Zhang Han and Zi Yan and looked at them curiously with her big eyes.

Children were curious about new things.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the deputy principals office…

The principal knocked on the door and went in.

“Old Lu, come with me and bring an enrollment form for this years junior class,” said the principal.

“Enrollment form Didnt enrollment end six months ago” the deputy principal, who was in his early forties, said in confusion.

“Another student came…”

“How can we do that” The deputy principal was stunned.

Without waiting for the principal to finish, he said directly, “For many years, we have only recruited 99 students every year.

This rule cant be changed.

If other people find out, they will have some thoughts about it.”

In the face of the serious deputy principal, the principal said in embarrassment, “That kid was brought by Mr.

Luo himself.

He called me in advance and asked me to do it right away without a charge.

Do you understand If we cant do it, we might as well just quit.”

“Ah” The deputy director was startled.

“Why didnt you say so earlier Lets hurry up.”

“Now, you dont care about the rules” said the principal with a meaningful smile.

“Well, all the rules are formulated by Mr.

Luo, so he has the final say.” The deputy principal smiled.

He took an enrollment form out of the drawer and hurried upstairs with the principal.

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