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Chapter 465 Trial Operation of the Bar

“Yes, you have a point.”

As soon as they entered the room, they saw Zhang Han laughing and talking with Mr.


“Ha ha ha…” Luo Shan waved with a smile.

“These are also the problems that many parents are worried about.


Zhang, you can rest assured.

The teachers here are very professional, and I admire their achievements in this field.”

It seemed that Luo Shan was in a good mood and thought it was not difficult to communicate with Grand Master Zhang.

“Isnt he very approachable”

Luo Shan thought that he had grasped this opportunity.

As long as he could keep Mengmeng here, he would soon become a friend of Master Zhang through frequent contact.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

Just as the strength of martial artists depended on cultivation, other skills were needed in different fields.

The leaders of those fields were also very powerful.

“Chairman Luo.” The principal greeted Luo Shan and then stood by with the deputy principal and waited in silence.

Upon seeing them come back, Luo Shan stopped chatting, smiled and said, “Go through the formalities for Mr.



Nice to meet you, Mr.

Zhang.” The deputy principal put a stack of documents on the tea table in front of Zhang Han and said, “On the second page, you will need to fill in the details, contact information, and so on.

The remaining pages should be signed at the end.”

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded, took the ballpoint pen, opened the document, and filled it in according to the mans tips.

After going through the formalities, Luo Shan said with a smile, “There are four days left before the junior class starts.

The day before the school starts, the parents will come over to draw lots for class division…”

At this point, Luo Shan hesitated.

However, he thought that they meant to follow the normal rules, so he said, “Usually, parents are required to submit physical examination reports of their children within the last month.

Thats before the day after tomorrow.”

“Well, well submit it on time,” Zi Yan replied with a nod.

“There are no other problems.

The teacher who leads the class will explain some of the details.

Its still early.

Shall I show you around the campus” asked Luo Shan.

“No, Ive visited the school before.

Thats all, Mr.


We will go back now.” Zhang Han took Mengmengs hand and stood up.

“Okay, Ill see you off.” Luo Shan also got up in a hurry.

Zhang Han went to the front gate of the kindergarten, said goodbye, got in the car and left.

“We will go shopping in the afternoon and make an appointment for a physical examination tomorrow.

Nothing will happen the day after tomorrow, so we can play for a day then…” Zi Yan was sitting in the back seat, planning their trips in the next few days.

“Ah, by the way, Mr.

Luo just said that international kindergartens generally require students to use English names.

Although Saint Kindergarten is more casual, I think its good to use an English name.

Will Mengmengs name at school be Emily”

Before Zhang Han could answer the question…

“Hmm” Mengmeng, who was stunned, began to object.

“No, I dont like to be called that name.”

“Why not” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“Im not a foreigner.

My eyes are black, and my hair is black.

They are all black.

Mengmeng is not a foreigner.

I dont want that name,” Mengmeng answered seriously.

“Ha ha…” Upon hearing this, Zi Yan smiled and asked, “What name would you like to have”

“Mengmeng is fine.”

Mengmeng seemed to be very satisfied with the name Papa had given her.

“Well, if you want to be called Mengmeng, Ill tell them to call you Mengmeng,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

Mengmeng waved her hand happily.

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng…”

She began singing a song.

While they were chatting, the car drove back to New Moon Bay.

While Zhang Han took the lead, Liu Qingfeng followed their car to eat lunch there.

“Well, Papa, why dont we go that way” Mengmeng suddenly said as she looked out of the window.

“Were going somewhere first,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Where is that” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Here it is.” Zhang Han stopped the car slowly by the side of the road.

“What is this place Ming zheng ju…”Mengmeng looked at the pinyin on the plaque as she spoke.


Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han with a blush, seeming a little coy.

Upon seeing Zhang Hans smile, she couldnt help giving him a wink.

“Lets go.” Zhang Hans palm extended downward and a small packet appeared in his hand.

Inside it were various certificates.

After getting out, Zhang Han picked up Mengmeng, took Zi Yans hand, and hurried into the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Meanwhile, in the Rolls Royce phantom parked on the back side of the road…

Liu Qingfeng watched this scene and shook his head with a smile.

He then sighed.

“This is really enviable.”

Xiao Ling, who was sitting in the passenger seat, admired them even more.

“I hope that one day, I will join hands with Liu Qingfeng and get there.”

It was a pity that Chairman Liu was so concerned about his daughters feelings that he hadnt given Xiao Ling an answer yet.

Besides, she didnt have the time to contact the young madam…

After a while…

“Bang! Bang!”

The staff stamped two red marriage certificates and handed them to Zhang Han with a smile.


“Thank you.” Zhang Han grinned, took a box of candy and a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, and put them on the desk of the female employee to show that this was a celebration.

Then, Zhang Han took Zi Yans hand and walked back.

“Well, Papa, can you show me what that is” Mengmeng said in a hurry when they were back at the car.

“Here, have a look.

This is mom and dads marriage certificate.” Zhang Han handed over a small red book.

“Marriage certificate” Mengmeng seemed to understand.

She opened the certificate, looked at it, and then hummed, “Why is my name not on it”

“Well…” Zhang Han took out the household register and said, “Thats only for married couples, but you are on this one.

This is the household register.

Look, this is dad, and this is mom.

You are on the third page.

Eldest daughter, Zhang Yumeng…”

“There is no picture on this page…” Mengmeng mumbled.

Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

After they chatted in the car for a while, the car arrived at the restaurant.

Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, and the others were very happy to know that they had gone to get the marriage certificate.

During this period of observation, they had seen Zhang Hans attitude towards his family and were very satisfied with their son-in-law.

In the afternoon, the family of three went shopping and bought a lot of things to prepare for school.

In the evening, Zhang Han cooked many dishes so they could have a small celebration.

The next day, Mengmeng didnt eat breakfast because she had to go have the physical examination.

Zhang Han had made an appointment at the hospital for a physical examination in advance.

The process of the physical examination was a little complicated, and Mengmeng was afraid of the doctors needle.

Her clear big eyes were filled with tears, and she looked very depressed.

Zhang Han couldnt bear it, so he covered Mengmengs eyes and comforted her during the whole process.

With the help of her dad, Mengmeng took this step without feeling any pain.

On the third day, the family rented a yacht to play and surf.

That night, at Mengmeng Security Company…

The low five-story building next to the main building was ablaze with light.

There were two plaques on the top of the building.

While the top one spelled “Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant”, the one on the right side of the semi-circular glass roof spelled “Star-Moon Bar”, which was the name Zhang Li had given it.

A line of advertisements was rolling on the electronic screen on the side of the bar, stating, “During the trial operation, a seat is free of charge.”

Apart from that, there was no publicity at all about the bar.

However, the bar had still become famous in New Moon Bay.

It was all because of the plaque of “Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant” right above.

Now, many people knew the name of Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant and had visited it.

However, in the face of the long queue, most people felt defeated.

Why queue up There were so many people that by the time it was their turn, the food would have already been sold out.

What was even more striking was that there were a lot of rich people waiting in line.

This made the reputation of the restaurant spread quickly and also attracted a lot of customers for the branch of the restaurant.

The Star-Moon Bar was next to the restaurant, and passers-by soon discovered the new place.

At seven oclock in the evening, the bar was open for trial.

There were more and more cars in the parking lot in front of the low building.

The nighttime order in the bar was maintained by Elder Brother Long and his men.

While Luo Qing was still a bartender, Zhang Li was the prime time DJ and worked in shifts with the other two DJs.

The area on the first floor was very large.

Behind the round glass wall on the far right was a hall, and inside was the venue of the bar.

The front door of the low building faced only a small square hall, and on both sides was the circular corridor leading to the second floor, which only occupied a small part of the area.

“Its a huge area, and the decoration is really luxurious.

It can accommodate a lot of people.

If you become popular enough, you can earn a lot in one night,” Elder Brother Long said enviously.

He couldnt even recognize the bar he had once managed, and he didnt have enough men to serve such a large area.

Fortunately, the company had hired a lot of waiters for him.

Ah Hu and some other people also planned to come and get some rest in the evening.

After all, they were familiar with all kinds of bars.

Although their pursuit had changed now, they needed some leisure time during this frequent training.

“The boss is not short of money, so it doesnt matter how much he earns.” Xu Yong stood beside Elder Brother Long and watched the people entering the arena.

He smiled and said, “This is for Lily.

Just to make her happy.”

“Thats necessary!” Dahe said in a loud voice at the back, “Goddess Li used to play in our bar and have a lot of fun here.”

“Well.” Xu Yong patted Elder Brother Long on the shoulder and said, “In other words, dont touch any prohibited and controlled things and dont let guests bring them in.

We want to make this bar the safest and greenest night spot in Hong Kong.”

“I see,” Elder Brother Long replied.

He had just finished speaking when about seven or eight gangsters approached the table at the back.

After they sat down, they all began to smoke.

As soon as a waiter poured their drinks, one of the bald men took a drink and suddenly vomited before saying in a loud voice, “Bah! You call this wine What kind of wine did I order Didnt you hear me”

“Sir, this is the set meal you just ordered.


“This is a f*cking meal Youre cheating the guests, arent you” The bald man dropped his glass on the floor.

He stood up and asked several men next to him to surround the waiter.

This drew the attention of the other customers.

The people around them were a little dazed.

How could someone cause trouble when the bar had just opened

Xu Yong was also in a daze.

His mouth was twitching.

“Why did someone cause trouble just after I finished saying that this is the safest and greenest bar in Hong Kong”

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