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Chapter 466 A Small Farce

Xu Yong led the way to the troublemaker.

He walked very fast.

Elder Brother Long, Dahe, and the others behind him couldnt catch up with him at their fastest speed.

The bald man, who obviously didnt want to calm down, stared at the waiter and was ready to push him aside.

Just as his palm was about to touch the waiters shoulder, all of a sudden, the three men on his side were knocked away.

At the same time, the bald mans hand could no longer be extended forward.

A hand like iron tongs was grabbing his wrist.

The sudden pain changed the bald mans expression.

“Damn it.” The three men who had been hit and pushed side shouted angrily, signaling at the others to take action.


A yellow-haired man asked in surprise, “Are you Xu Yong, Elder Brother Xu”

“Xu Yong”

The rest of the people in the bar were stunned when they thought of this man.

They had all heard that Xu Yong had once worked for Tang Zhan and managed many subordinates for him, but he had resigned two months ago and begun to do legitimate business with the Crazy and Zhao Feng.

A change of sovereign was followed by a change of ministers.

Since Xu Yong had resigned, his former identity would not put too much pressure on this group of people.

However, Xu Yong was still very famous, so they dared not act rashly for the moment.

“Are you causing trouble” Xu Yong asked, frowning slightly and gazing at the bald man.

“You… You let me go!” The bald man grinned in pain.

Although his wrist was hurting, he was not afraid at all.

Xu Yong realized that they had come here just to cause trouble.

Thus, he began to grasp the wrists of the bald man with greater force.

“Squat down.” Suddenly, they heard a serious voice.

The crowd turned around and saw Ah Hu and the other eight or nine men of Elder Brother Long come in quickly.

When they got close to the crowd…

The troublemakers suddenly felt afraid of Ah Hus ferocious expression and his terrifying Qi.

They all squatted down as they had been ordered.

Except for the bald man.

“Are you from the underworld Who is your leader” Xu Yong asked again.

“My elder brother is Zhan Xing, who will arrive soon.

Xu Yong, I advise you to be careful and let me go!” The bald man was sweating, but his tone was still serious.

“I see.” Xu Yong let go of the bald mans hand, patted him on the chest, and said sarcastically, “You know who I am, yet you are still very confident.

You are really here to cause trouble after all.”

“Are we causing trouble Its your own fault,” said the bald man while rubbing his wrist.

Although he felt a little scared, he knew that his eldest brother was coming soon, so he pretended to be calm and kept answering Xu Yong.

“You dont want to be beaten, do you” Ah Hu widened his eyes and got ready to attack the man.

“Well, theres nothing to say to such a small minion.

Lets go out and meet their elder brother.” Xu Yong patted Ah Hu on the shoulder and took the initiative to walk out.

The bald guy and his men followed him.

Outside the building, in front of the front parking lot, three black BMW x5s had just stopped.

Nine people came out of the cars, led by a thin man with a beard.

He was wearing short sleeves and he had tattoos on his arms.

After taking a look at the bar, he led his men to that side.

“Brother Zhan!” the bald guy beside Xu Yong shouted, ready to walk over to the man.

“Did I let you move” Xu Yongs left hand flashed out and grabbed the bald mans head.

“Ah!” The bald man cried out in pain and knelt on the ground.

Xu Yong grabbed his head like a basketball player.

Instead of paying more attention to the bald man, he looked at the man approaching him.

“Wow, Brother Yong.” Zhan Xing stopped and said in a loud voice, “Why are you so angry Is my little brother making you unhappy If he is, I will punish him.”

His expression was a little exaggerated, but he was not afraid.

He had just said this on purpose.

“Dont pretend.

Who are you What do you mean I dont have time to talk to you.” Ah Hu raised his eyebrows as he spoke.

“Who are you shouting at” All of a sudden, the man standing next to Zhan Xing stared at Ah Hu and touched his back with his right hand.

“Hmm?Mind your words.” Zhan Xing patted his head and scolded him.

Then, Zhan Xing looked at Xu Yong and said with a smile, “Isnt Brother Feng here”

“Dont talk such nonsense while Im still patient.” Xu Yong frowned slightly.

Zhan Xing knew Xu Yong and Zhao Feng, which showed that he was also a gangster.

Xu Yong didnt know which gang the guy was in and he didnt care about this new generation, which had just made some achievements.

However, that didnt mean he was patient enough.

“Brother Yong, we heard that you opened a bar here, so we came to congratulate you.

After all, Brother Yong and Brother Feng are both predecessors.

Brother Yong doesnt seem welcoming though, does he” Zhan Xing narrowed his eyes and shrugged.

Xu Yong stared at Zhan Xing, moved his eyebrows slightly, pondered this, and said slowly, “You belong to that bar hundreds of meters away from the street”


Zhan Xing was surprised.

“Xu Yong is a big brother after all, and his mind is really not simple.”

In the face of Xu Yong, Zhan Xing began to hesitate.

He didnt know what to say.

However, Xu Yong, who didnt want to waste any more time, said directly, “Whose subordinate are you”

“It seems that after you left the underground forces, you really didnt pay attention to this field.

Now, the underground forces of New Moon Bay belong to Master Pang,” Zhan Xing said with a grin.

“So hes a subordinate of Gu Chen” Xu Yong asked again.

“Gu Chen Thats in the past.” Zhan Xing grinned.

“What do you mean by that” Ah Hus eyes suddenly widened, and a strong Qi came out of him.

Zhan Xings face changed slightly.

“Gu Chen was arrested, and the day he came out is long gone.

He is done.

Now, Master Pang is in control of New Moon Bay,” Zhan Xing added.

“This…” Xu Yong frowned.

Ah Hu did the same.

Gu Chen had saved his life, so he was very sad to hear that his benefactor had been arrested.

“But why didnt he contact me when he was in danger”

Both of them began to think about it.

They were not interested in arguing with the people in front of them anymore.

Upon seeing their different expressions, Zhan Xing gave them a cold smile.

Winner took everything, so these people were out of date.



There was a roar of motorcycles, but they saw only one man on a Harley rushing towards them.


After the driver braked, he jumped down and walked towards the crowd.



Before Zhan Xing could say anything, he was slapped in the face by the man in the helmet.

“Ah” Zhan Xing was surprised and stunned, for he didnt know why Master Pang was here.

Meanwhile, Ah Hu, Xu Yong, Brother Long, and the others all turned their gazes to the so-called Master Pang.

“He” was wearing leather, but “his” chest looked unusually full.

Obviously, this was a woman.

Under everyones gazes, Master Pang slowly took off her helmet.

“Damn it.” Ah Hus eyes widened.

“Isnt she Gu Chens lover”

Only Ah Hu and Zhao Feng had met Gu Chens lover, who was mysterious, once in the gang.

Her name was Pang Qingning, and they used to think she was not an ordinary person.

Now, they could sense that she was also a martial artist at least at the peak of Peak Strength or Profound Stage.

She was not a simple woman.

“Mind your manner when you talk to Master Pang.” A yellow-haired man stared at Ah Hu.

Although Hu ignored the yellow-haired man, Pang Qingning looked at Zhan Xing and said in a cold voice, “Whats the matter”


“Huh” She paused and suddenly a dagger fell from one sleeve and landed into her palm.

“Now, give me an explanation,” she said indifferently, “Otherwise, you will lose your tongue!”

While he watched this scene, Xu Yongs expression changed.

“Wow, what a fierce yet hot woman!”

Just as he was about to ask the woman a question, Ah Hu quickly said something in his ear.

Xu Yongs face changed.

He let go of the bald man and then looked at Pang Qingning with a complicated expression.

“My cousin and I are from the bar next door.

We lost a lot of customers when the bar opened.

I wanted to discuss with them and ask them to increase the prices…” Zhan Xing explained everything in detail.

Everyone was amused by his words.

However, this was the truth.

Interest could blind many people.

“You have three days to close your cousins bar.” Pang Qingning spoke with curt finality.

“Master Pang, why…” Zhan Xing looked depressed.

“Hmm” Pang Qingning looked at him unhappily.

“Okay…” Zhan Xings face turned pale, but he had no choice but to nod.

“Im sorry, my men are not obedient.

They havent heard of Mr.

Zhang and dont know about your stature here.

Im sorry we caused you trouble.” Pang Qingning apologized to Xu Yong and Ah Hu.

As soon as this statement was made, Zhan Xing and the others were stunned.


Zhang Their stature”

“Are they more influential and powerful than Master Pang”

They suddenly felt their backs become freezing cold.

“Since this was a misunderstanding, let it go.” Xu Yong waved his hands.

The bald man and the others were relieved.

“Get the hell out of here!” Pang Qingning raised her eyebrows and scolded them.

“Yes.” They ran out in a panic, got in the car, and left.

“Lets go inside.” Xu Yong waved at Brother Long and his men.

After all, everyone had left.

“Sister Pang, what happened How could Brother Chen have been arrested” Ah Hu asked.

“He was not arrested.

Its just…” Pang Qingning hesitated before telling them the truth.

Therefore, Ah Hu and Xu Yong realized what the cause and effect of this matter were.

It turned out that there had been several spies from other forces among Gu Chens new employees.

They had conducted some gray business behind Gu Chens back and traded in his name.

However, their business was so fragmented that no one knew who they were.

Thus, Gu Chen had made up and directed the play himself.

He was worried that there would be chaos in New Moon Bay, so he had asked Pang Ningqing to manage these affairs.

“If its okay, Ill go back.

Ill use this opportunity to punish those boys,” Pang Qingning said with a smile.

“Okay, bye,” Xu Yong and Ah Hu replied.

Pang Qingning nodded her head, put on her helmet, jumped on the black Harley and left quickly.

“Every woman on a motorcycle should be amazing.” Ah Hu looked at Pang Qingnings back and scratched his head.

“I dont know when my girl will appear.”

“How could Gu Chen have fallen in love with a female martial artist Its so strange.

I havent heard about this.” Xu Yong shook his head and then went back with Ah Hu.

This was the end of this small farce.

Xu Yong had thought that he would teach the troublemakers a lesson this time, but he had ended up scoring an own goal.

Besides, they were very pleased to hear that Gu Chen had asked Pang Qingning to guard New Moon Bay.

There were more and more people in the bar after nine oclock in the evening, as they were all attracted by the free seats and cheap drinks.

The members of the security group also came to have fun, drink some foreign wine, and have a look at the beautiful girls on the dance floor.

They felt as though they were dreaming.

Not long ago, they had been serving in the underworld, but now they were separated from that kind of life.

The night went by silently.

Early the next morning…

Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu came to the restaurant.

After breakfast…

Zhang Han, who was wearing casual clothes, took the princess-style quilt with the cartoon pictures and a blanket he had bought yesterday to the car.

Then, he went back to the second floor, looked at Zi Yan, who was sitting in the bedroom, and smiled.

“It will start at nine oclock.

Its 8:30 now, so well be late if we dont leave immediately.”

“Okay, Ill be done soon.

Two minutes,” Zi Yan replied.

Meanwhile, Mengmeng, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room on the second floor, said with great dissatisfaction, “Papa, Mama, why cant I go with you I want to go with you.”

“Because only parents can go there today.

We will be back before noon.” Zi Yan stood up and put on a cap and a pair of decorative eyeglasses, which changed her temperament slightly.

Her hip-hop style dress, as well as the fashionable hat and eyeglass frame, made her look very lovely.

“Mengmeng, play with grandma and grandpa at home.

Mama will bring you ice-cream at noon.” Zi Yan touched Mengmengs head.

“Huh Well, Id like to have strawberry ice-cream,” Mengmeng said with a pout.

“Okay.” Zi Yan smiled and took Zhang Hans hand.

Together, they went out of the door, got in the panda car, and drove to Saint Kindergarten.

Just before nine oclock, they arrived not far from the gate.

Upon looking at the cars parked on the street, Zhang Han stopped behind them.

He took two bags of goods out of the trunk and walked into the kindergarten.

The guard pointed to the right side when he saw them, reminding the parents to gather there.

There were more than 100 parents waiting in front of the office building on the right.

While most of them were well-dressed and gorgeous, a few of them looked ordinary.

Some of them were from really ordinary families, and some just liked to wear casual clothes.

Zhang Han approached the crowd and stopped behind it.

These parents were chatting in groups, and many of them were carrying some prepared bedding and other items.

While most of them were young parents, there were also a few grandparents.

“First of all, Id like to welcome all parents.

I will not introduce Saint Kindergarten, since you should know all about it.

The leading teachers of our five junior classes are standing here.

After a while, you can start to line up to draw lots.

When you draw the number, please go to the corresponding teacher.”

At nine oclock, the principal stood in front of two tables and said aloud, “Lets start to draw lots now.

Parents, well divide you into two rows so you can draw lots in turns.”

As soon as the principal finished speaking, the parents divided into two rows and began to draw lots.

When each of them got a number, they went to find the corresponding teacher and stood in front of them.

Finally, the parents who had numbers were divided into five rows.

Because Zhang Han and Zi Yan had arrived late, they stood at the back.

At the end of the drawing process, the principal took a lottery ball and looked at Zhang Han with a smile while saying, “Its No.

5, teacher Lu Guo.


Zhang, you can go find her.”

“Okay.” Zi Yan nodded.

The two of them went to the back of line 5.

Many people looked back at them, as such good-looking parents were relatively rare.

“Okay, everyone is here.

Since many of you have brought bedding here, Ill take you to the lunch break building first,” Lu Go said, holding up her number plate.

Then, they went to the lunch break building and stopped at room 105.

The area of the building was not small, and the decoration was very exquisite.

Since the floor was covered with a carpet, Lu Guo gave the parents some shoe covers and said, “The beds are randomly assigned, and the name of each child is pasted on the pillar of the small bed.

Parents with luggage can just put it on the bed.

As for parents without luggage, we will make arrangements in the afternoon.”

Then, the parents put on shoe covers and went in.

“Where is Mengmeng going to sleep” As soon as she entered the room, Zi Yan began looking around.

“There it is.” Zhang Han pointed to the small bed in the middle of the third row, which was in front of him.

“Its a good place.” Zi Yan smiled and walked to the bed.

On the right side of the bed was the teachers desk and chair.

Obviously, the teacher could always pay attention to the third row.

Some parents were dissatisfied because their children had been placed in the back corner, but they had nothing to complain about.

The beds were randomly assigned after all.

Zhang Han took out the bedding and blanket, and Zi Yan folded them carefully, put them at the head of the bed, covered them with a tarpaulin, and patted them gently.

Then, she looked at Zhang Han and said, “Are my skills good”

“Well, you are really good,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Please follow me to the teaching building.” Lu Go clapped her hands and led the team out.

In the meantime, Zhang Han looked at Lu Guo.

She looked a little like Lu Xiong, and her surname was Lu, so she had to be Lu Xiongs granddaughter.

She looked beautiful, lively, and intelligent.

“Huh” Zi Yan said.

Zhang Han felt Zi Yan put her hand on his waist and heard her smile and ask, “Who are you looking at”

She hissed!

Zhang Han felt a small crisis looming.

“Well… I know her grandfather,” Zhang Han answered in a low voice.

“You already know her grandfather” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Ah” Zhang Han was stunned.

Upon seeing that no one was paying attention to them, he quietly reached out with his right hand.


He gently hit Zi Yan on the bottom and then said, “If you are naughty again, I will punish you.”

“Oh, I hate you.

So many people are here.” Zi Yan twisted her body and rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

“Ha ha…” Zhang Han laughed and said, “I encountered her grandfather, who works as a cleaner at the kindergarten, the other day.

He is a late-stage grand master.

We chatted for a while and he told me his granddaughter is a teacher here…”

The two of them chatted quietly in the back.

Along the way, Lu Guo kept introducing the places they passed to the parents like a tour guide.

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