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“Little red flower”

Lu Guo paused and asked, “Do you mean the little red flowers given to kids as a reward”

“Yeah.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

“We have them,” Lu Guo replied with a smile.

“The little red flower is just a basic reward, children would lose interest in it after they get it many times.

So we have prepared other rewards, for instance, kids could collect 15 little red flowers to get a trophy.

The first 15 flowers could be exchanged for a relatively small crescent trophy, and the next few trophies will be bigger and bigger.

With the fifth 15 flowers, one could get a customized grand cup.

We also encourage parents to praise or reward their kids when they get little red flowers or trophies.”

“Then Ill rest assured.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Teacher Lu, please take care of Mengmeng.

If anything happens, call me immediately.

Im free at any time.”

Lu Guo smiled and nodded.

“OK, Mr.

Zhang, just relax.

We can take good care of Mengmeng, whether its about rewards or anything else.”

“Well, Teacher Lu, I will leave.” Zhang Han said goodbye to Mengmeng and waved.

He shouted, “Mengmeng, Ill pick you up in the afternoon.”

“Goodbye, PaPa.” Mengmeng waved her small hand.

Then Zhang Han turned around and left the kindergarten.

Standing at the entrance and looking inside, Zhang Hans eyes brightened slightly.

He saw Mengmeng and Wang Yihan holding hands, led by Lu Guo to the group of class five.

Mengmeng was a little nervous, and she blinked her big eyes and looked around curiously.

Wang Yihan was quite used to the surroundings.

Judging from the composure in her eyes, she was an “expert”.

After all, she had been in kindergarten for a year, and she was used to the group life.

Zhang Han was relieved when he saw Mengmeng was quiet.

Two seconds later…


Zhang Han sighed deeply.

Now that Mengmeng was in kindergarten, what should he do

He wouldnt be able to see Mengmeng in the daytime, so he felt like there was something missing.

Zi Yan was going to work in two days.

He would be alone in the restaurant.


“Shall I apply to be a janitor in kindergarten”

Zhang Han suddenly mumbled.

If people in the martial arts world knew Zhang Hans intention, if they knew that Lu Xiong was in a kindergarten…

They would be extremely shocked.

What kind of kindergarten would hire a fierce martial artist, namely Zhang Han, who just got third on the list of top martial artists, and another martial artist, Lu Xiong, who ranked the fifth on the same list

If the kindergarten became the most famous one for that reason, Luo Shan would be so glad that he might laugh out loud in his dreams.

Zhang Han smiled, shook his head, and walked back to his panda car.

Two more panda-like ears were added to the car, so its cute appearance attracted everybodys attention.

When Zhang Han went back to the car, Zi Yan asked in a hurry, “What happened How was Mengmeng Did she cry”

Her voice was full of anxiety.

She didnt see Mengmeng, which meant that the girl was in kindergarten.

Zi Yan just worried that the girl might cry.

“She didnt cry.”

Zhang Han touched Zi Yans neck with a smile and said softly, “Mengmeng behaved well.

She promised she would bring back a little red flower for me and asked me to pick her up earlier this afternoon.”

“Uh…” Zi Yan sighed with relief and patted her chest gently, then smiled and said, “Thats good.

Well pick her up half an hour earlier in the afternoon.”

Then Zi Yan turned to look at Su Yu and said with a smile, “Thank you so much this time.

Without Yihan, Mengmeng wouldnt have accepted it so soon.”

“Yeah.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Yihan really helped.”

“You mustnt say that.” Su Yus face was slightly red, and she said with a smile, “Im embarrassed.

Were so happy for Yihan to go to Saint Kindergarten.

We owe you a great favor.”

“Hahaha…” Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and said, “Where do you live Ill drive you back.”

“No need, lets just go back to the restaurant.

Ill take a taxi and go back later.

My home isnt far from New Moon Bay,” Su Yu waved and said.

“Its fine.

Weve got nothing to do later.

Well take you home first.” Zi Yan said, “You live in the eastern Zhu Keng District, right Its not far from New Moon Bay.

Well follow the road on the right in front.”

“All right.” Su Yu didnt insist, she said, “I live in Qiji City, on Liuli South Road.”


Zhang Han started the car and drove directly to Zhu Keng District.

On the other side…

“Well, lets go back to the classroom first.

You should follow me.”

Lu Guo clapped her hands in front of the class five students.

With all the kids looking at her, she took the lead to walk to the teaching building.

Wang Yihan held Mengmengs hand and followed Lu Guo closely.

The child behind them was also a girl with short hair and a chubby face.

She and Wang Yihan looked similar, but she was taller than Wang Yihan and shorter than Mengmeng.


She was unhappy to see two other kids standing in front of her, so she snorted discontentedly.

She liked to be the first one, and now she felt like her place was replaced.

Lu Guo was leading the group of children.

Another female teacher was in the middle of the team, who was nearly 30 and had a ponytail.

She taught Cantonese.

At the back of the team was a tall girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, who taught English.

Lu Guo was the teacher in charge of the class, namely, the head teacher, and she taught Mandarin.

The other two teachers would also stay in the class all day because some children only spoke English, others only knew Cantonese, the rest only spoke Mandarin, and only a few of them could speak three languages.

Lu Guo was proficient in all three languages, so the other two teachers could take a rest when they were occupied, then come back in to teach in their own languages.

“Here we are, this is our classroom.”

When they went in, Lu Guo stood on the platform, with Wang Yihan and Mengmeng nearby.

The other kids rushed to their seats.

In the middle of the classroom, there was an empty seat.

The other two teachers sat in the big chairs on the side.

Lu Guo stood there and said, “Today, we have two new classmates.

Shall we let them introduce themselves”


Several kids shouted clearly.

Lu Guo looked down at Mengmeng and said in a low voice, “Mengmeng, take a few steps forward, introduce yourself, what you like and what you can do.

For example, my name is Lu Guo.

I like to play with children, and Im good at playing the piano.

Something like that.”

Even though Lu Guo explained it very clearly, Mengmeng was still confused.

She walked forward with her big schoolbag, her big eyes blinking.

Facing nearly 20 kids in front of her, she was very nervous.

The little girl was new to kindergarten.

Mengmeng was so cute that everybody went silent, and the other two teachers also looked at her with a smile.

“Uh, I, I…”

Mengmeng was very nervous.

She looked at Lu Guo and Wang Yihan in a daze.


Lu Guo understood the girls feelings, so she thought about it then decided to make Wang Yihan try first.

It would be much easier for the second speaker if someone else took the lead.

If Wang Yihan couldnt, other children could come first.

Before she said anything, Wang Yihan bounced to stand beside Mengmeng.

“Let me introduce myself first.”

The chubby girl looked like an expert, she said directly, “My name is Wang Yihan, and my friends all call me Yihan.

Ill tell you this, Im actually in the senior class.

This time, I came to accompany my good friend to the junior class.

Er, my hobby is to eat delicious food, especially the food made by Mengmengs dad.

Im good at painting.

Every time I draw, my dad says its beautiful.”

“Welcome, Wang Yihan.”

Lu Guo took the lead in clapping her hands, and the children also applauded.

Then the classroom was full of thunderous applause.

Mengmeng was shocked when she heard the applause and saw kids staring and the three teachers laughing.

She was still nervous, but she wanted the warm applause after she introduced herself!

Lu Guo looked at Mengmneg thoughtfully.

Chairman Luo came to her office in person and said that she had to take good care of Mengmeng.

Now Wang Yihan introduced that she came to accompany Mengmeng.

Apparently, Mr.

Zhang had a high social status and was powerful.

The kindergarten made an exception for his daughter, and some friend could also attend the school just to keep the girl company.

However, Lu Guo didnt care much about that stuff.

She paid attention to every kid.

When it came to ones family, she never mentioned that her grandfather was powerful enough.

Even Luo Shan didnt know about this.

Only the schools security knew that they had an old janitor who was a martial artist.

“Its your turn,” Lu Guo said to Mengmeng with a smile.

“Er, my name is Mengmeng.

No, my name is Zhang Yumeng.

Everyone calls me Mengmeng.

My hobby is… watching cartoons with PaPa.

Im good at singing and playing games.”

Mengmeng had said it incoherently.

Then her big eyes blinked, showing that she was nervous.

“Thats good.” Lu Guo encouraged her and clapped her hands.

“Welcome, Mengmeng.”

“Clatter, clatter…”

Everyone applauded.

Mengmeng was happy when she heard their applause.

“Well, welcome our two classmates.

Now from Xinran to Martin, everyone, move one seat to the right.” Lu Guo made a request.

Xinran was the little girl sitting on the right side of the central empty seat, she was the same girl with short hair in the small square.

Martin, on the right side, was the most outstanding black student.

After Lu Guo spoke, Martin began to move to the right, but Xinran pouted and said unhappily, “Teacher, why are we moving seats I want to sit here.”

“Xinran,” Lu Guo smiled and said softly, “because we have two new students, we all welcome them.

There is only one seat, and we should move to make room for them.”

Lu Guo thought and added, “And we used to change seats every other week.

Xinran, lets think of this change as one in advance, OK”

“All right.”

Xinran answered reluctantly, then took out her schoolbag from the desk and moved one seat to Teacher Lus right.

“Mengmeng, Yihan, sit there.

Put your bags under the desk,” Lu Guo said with a smile.

“Lets go.”

Wang Yihan took Mengmengs small hand and walked to the left.

She sat on the right side of Mengmeng, and Mengmeng was on the right side of Xinran.

Mengmeng saw that Xinran was looking at her, so she greeted her.

“Nice to meet you.”


Xinran pursed her lips and turned around.


Mengmeng froze.

She was sad when she felt Xinrans dislike.

She felt wronged.

“Why doesnt she like me”

“Mengmeng, we dont have to talk to her, dont play with her,” Wang Yihan looked over and said.

Her words didnt cheer Mengmeng up, she still looked sad.

Lu Guo clapped her hands and attracted the childrens attention.

“Today, we have two new students.

The rest of you dont know each other yet.

You should introduce yourselves to others.

Like the introduction just made by the two new students, starting from Steven here.” Lu Guo pointed to the little boy on her left.

The handsome little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes was one of the students whose name left an impression on Lu Guo.

Stefens expression was a little serious, as if he was a polite little prince.

Hearing what the teacher said, he stood up, bent slightly, and spoke loudly in English.

“My name is Stefen…”

Then he repeated what he said in Mandarin and Cantonese.

“My name is Stefen.

I come from England.

My hobby is listening to music and playing football…”

After the introduction, Stefen nodded his head in a decent way, then sat back with a straight face.

Lu Guo and the other two teachers were impressed that Stefen could speak three languages, English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

He was exceptional.

“Clatter, clatter!”

Lu Guo took the lead in clapping her hands, and the children also applauded.

Mengmeng looked around with her big eyes, then also clapped her small hands.

“Its amazing to clap for others!”

Mengmeng bore the foreign kids name in mind, Stefen.

Then seven or eight children introduced themselves.


“What were their names again

“I forgot…”

“Well, Mengmeng and Wang Yihan just did the introduction.

Now its Xinrans turn,” Lu Guo said with a smile.

“My name is Lu Xinran.

My hobbies are swimming and dancing.

Im good at dancing.

I can do a peacock dance.”

Everyone applauded when she finished.

Mengmeng stared at her and applauded as well.

When Xinran saw Mengmeng applauding, she suddenly didnt mind that her place had been taken away.

But still, she didnt talk to Mengmeng.

Mengmeng was upset.

Then the introductions got around to the last student.

A black kid, Martin.

He was very outgoing.

He stood up and smiled, showing two rows of white teeth.

Then he took his notebook out, and he obviously did some preparation work.

He said slowly in Mandarin, “My, name, is Martin.

I come from Africa.

My hobby is watching TV, playing with friends, and making friends with people.

Im also good at telling jokes.

Ill show you one now.”

“Well, welcome, Martin.

Please come on stage.”

Lu Guo praised her students for their voluntary performance and waved to Martin with a smile.

Martin immediately came to Lu Guos side.

Lu Guo took out her phone and turned on the camera.

She was ready to send the video to Martins father to take a look.

“Im ready,” Martin said and looked around two times, then his eyes fixed on Mengmeng at last.

“That, new, little sister, recently… There has been a rumor that I like you, I want to clarify it,” Martin paused, drew a heart with his hands and said with a smile.

“Thats not a rumor! Little sister, you are so beautiful.

I like you!”


Mengmeng felt shy and embarrassed, but her heart was full of happiness.

Some kids liked her.

Mengmeng thought they could play games together.

Martins words didnt make the children feel that it was very funny, they were confused, but still they clapped.


Lu Guo didnt know what to do.

Looking at Martin, she didnt know what to say at the moment.

“Encourage him”

Could she say… “Young man, well done.

Now you know how to flirt! And with a beautiful and lovely little sister.”

No, she could never say that.

“Discourage him”

When a student performed on stage, a teacher should praise his act.

Lu Guo was caught in the middle.

In the end, she said, “Martins performance is good.

Go back and sit down.”

As for the video…

Lu Guo didnt send it to his parents.

Being so slick at a young age, he might lose control one day.

The kid would have to learn from his father.

“No.” Wang Yihan beside Mengmeng said earnestly to Martin, “You cant like Mengmeng.

Mengmengs father wont let you.

You cant hug Mengmeng or kiss her either.”

The girl had been in kindergarten for a year, but she was still simple and naive.

The other two teachers laughed.

Martin scratched his head and couldnt figure out what she said.


Mengmeng was confused, then she mumbled, “You cant hug or kiss me.”

“Hahaha.” Lu Guo laughed and said, “Yihan is right.

Boys and girls cant hug or kiss each other, but you can like each other.

Its like… friends.

You can play games and eat together.”

“Really” Mengmengs eyes brightened as she looked at Lu Guo and asked with courage.

“Its true.”

Mengmeng giggled when she got permission.

She thought, “The first day in kindergarten and someone likes me.”

“Everyone knows each other now.

Shall we play a little game” Lu Guo asked with a smile.


A lot of children answered clearly.

“The game is called passing the handkerchief.”

Lu Guo took out a handkerchief with a rose pattern from her bag and said, “The handkerchief starts being passed from the first kid and goes on one by one.

When I say stop, whoever has the handkerchief should perform.

Dont cheat.

Dont go too fast or too slow.”

Then she passed the handkerchief to Stefen, the first one on the left.

The little guy looked calm.

Like he was like saying, “Bring it!”

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