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Chapter 471 Happiness

“I will turn around and clap my hands.

When I count down and say stop, whoever has the handkerchief should give a performance.

Then you need to keep passing the handkerchief, and the next one who has the handkerchief when I say stop would give another performance.

And it goes on like that,” Lu Guo said.

Then she turned around and kept silent.

While the children all focused on Lu Guo, the atmosphere in the classroom was getting tense because the game was about to start.

All the children got excited, even Mengmeng sensed something unusual.

She never played the game before!

Under the childrens steady gaze, Lu Guo said, “Start!”

Stefen glanced at Lu Guo, then blinked and quickly passed the handkerchief to the next student.

The second student quickly gave it to the third student.

When Lu Guo shouted, “Three, two, one, stop,” the handkerchief stopped being passed.

She turned around and looked at the student who had the handkerchief.

“Muen, what are you going to perform” Lu Guo asked with a smile.

“May I, I, I recite a poem” the little girl replied timidly.

“Of course, Muen can recite a poem.

Thats great.

Please.” Lu Guo encouraged her.

“Er… Beside my bed a pool of light, is it hoarfrost on the ground I lift my eyes and see the moon, I bend my head and think of home.” The little girl recited the poem with a little stutter.


Lu Guo smiled and praised the girl, then she turned around and the game continued.

As the children performed one by one, Mengmeng looked at them and integrated into the class.

The atmosphere began to warm up.

The handkerchief fell on Mengmeng in the seventh round.

“Mengmeng, what are you going to perform” Lu Guo smiled and asked.

“Well… I want to sing the songLet It Go, which is the theme song ofFrozen.

Princess Elsa is my favorite,” Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and said.

She was still nervous, but she spoke more fluently, which was progress.

Lu Guo encouraged her and was ready to record her singing on the phone.

Five seconds later, under the gaze of teachers and students, Mengmeng began to sing.

“The snow glows… Let it go, let it go, Cant hold it back anymore…”

The singing was clear and melodious with her young voice, and everyone enjoyed it.

Even the three teachers were surprised, for they didnt expect Mengmeng to have such a good singing voice.

Lu Guo was enlightened when she remembered that Zi Yan was the little girls mother.

Childrens interests, hobbies, and specialties were influenced by their parents from childhood.

Mengmeng became so absorbed in singing that she couldnt feel the passing of time.

It seemed that she finished the song in a second.

After singing, Mengmeng blinked her big eyes, feeling a little nervous.

She was expecting the praise of the teachers and classmates.

Soon enough…

Mengmeng glanced around.

Lu Guo and the other two teachers smiled and applauded.

“Mengmeng, your singing was beautiful.”

Mengmeng was very happy to hear her teachers praise and her classmates applause, so she sat back and giggled.

Lu Guo sent the video to Zhang Han straight away.

She knew that Zhang Han worried about Mengmeng.

Two minutes after the video was sent, Zhang Han replied with a message.

“Mengmeng looks very happy, now we can rest assured.

Thank you, Teacher Lu.”

Lu Guo saw the text and thought it should be from Mengmengs mother.

She smiled and replied with an emoji.

Then she continued to play games with her students.

But in fact…

The message did come from Zi Yan.

On the first floor of the restaurant, Zi Yan had on casual clothes, lying on the sofa lazily.

A cup of watermelon juice was in front of her on the table.

There was sweat on her forehead.

Zi Yan blushed when she thought about what she and Zhang Han had done on the sofa on the second floor.

When they came back, Zi Yan chatted with Zhang Han for a while.

Then Zhao Feng, who was looking after the restaurant, got a phone call and went to the airport to pick up Sun Ming and his wife.

So there were no other people in the restaurant.

Zhang Han quickly went downstairs and locked the door.

Then things just happened between the couple.

On the first floor, Zi Yan saw the message and watched the video with Zhang Han.

The little girls performance made them feel relieved.

“Its all your fault.

I have to do my makeup later.”

When Zhang Han sat on the sofa, Zi Yan leaned in his arms and hit his chest softly.

Zhang Han found her soft and sweet tone very appealing.

If it wasnt nearly 11 oclock, Zhang Han would have done it twice.

“You dont need to do your makeup at all.

Your natural looks are pretty enough,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“Huh, you are just flattering me.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes and lay in his arms, checking her phone.

“Youve got 75 million followers on your Weibo account.

It seems that my account hasnt reached 40 million.

You are much more popular than me,” Zi Yan said when she looked at Weibo.

“Last time I checked, the number was more than 60 million.

Maybe its because the likes below the information are quite eye-catching,” Zhang Han said casually.

The number of his fans had been rising all the time.

This unprecedented likes competition rose the number of likes in the front to 34 million, which attracted countless attention.

“My husband is the best,” Zi Yan said proudly.

“What you said makes me feel like Mengmeng is back.”

Zhang Han laughed out loud.

It was normally “My PaPa is the best”, and the mother and daughter sounded exactly the same.

“You are the best!” Zi Yan said.

“I have to prepare Mengmengs lunch.

Ill deliver it at half-past 11,” Zhang Han looked at the time and said.

“Then Ill go upstairs to get ready, mwah~” Zi Yan said and kissed Zhang Hans cheek.

Then she walked up the stairs happily.

Zhang Han smiled, then went to the kitchen to cook with prepared food.

About 10 minutes later…

Two cars pulled into the parking lot in front of the door; they were Zhao Fengs Land-Rover and Sun Donghengs McLaren.

Soon, Zhao Feng and Sun Mings family came in.

Sun Ming had two big bags in his hands, one was full of snacks and the other had toys.

“You are back.” Zhang Han greeted them and continued to turn the frying pan.


Zhang, here are some snacks and toys I brought back from North America.

Wheres Mengmeng” Sun Ming greeted him with a smile.

He didnt see Mengmeng, so he asked.

“She went to school,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Kindergarten,” Zhao Feng added.

“She went to school.” Sun Ming put the two bags on the sofa, then looked at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “Er… Thanks for your trust.

Dont worry, I will do my best for the company, if…”

“Youre welcome.

The company doesnt operate for profit.

If you make no money, thats OK.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

He didnt care much about money and other such things, nor did he want to expand the company to be huge or famous.

It was just for Zi Yan to work more conveniently.

“Thank you, Mr.

Zhang,” Suns mother looked serious, and she said sincerely.

She took Zhang Han as a savior for her family.

She was frightened to think that her family would have broken apart if they hadnt met Mr.


They all knew that Zhang Han could cure incurable diseases.

Before they came back, they swore to remember his kindness all their lives and repay his favor through their actions.

“Uncle Sun, sit please,” Zhao Feng said.

“Thank you.”

Sun Mings family sat in the middle seats.

After they sat down, Zhao Feng went to the counter in the kitchen and said, “The night club has been open for three days, and its getting more and more popular.

Peoples response is great.

The restaurant hasnt opened yet.

The entertainment company is ready to open tomorrow.

Would you and your wife like to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony tomorrow Chairman Liu organized the opening ceremony, and many people will show up.”

It was very convenient to have all kinds of acquaintances.

Liu Qingfeng came back from Singapore and stayed in Hong Kong for the time being.

He arranged everything—security, entertainment, and the restaurant—which saved Zhao Feng a lot of trouble.

As his cultivation went higher, Zhao Feng actually got tired of the companys management.

And he didnt want to be a CEO, even Xu Yong felt the same.

He argued to change one CEO, as he didnt want to be one.

They had been sitting in the office every day, which was much more boring than occasionally carrying out a task with his brothers.

“About the opening ceremony… Ill ask Zi Yan later.

We plan to see how the preparation goes for the entertainment company,” Zhang Han thought and said.

“All right,” Zhao Feng said, then he sat back in his seat and took out his phone.

“Mengqi, when will you come There is delicious food here at noon…”

“Happy to hear that, Im coming!”

Zhang Han had been busy in the kitchen, using two woks at the same time.

He cooked the dishes one after another.

At 11:25, all the food was ready.

Zi Yan had been sitting on the sofa on the first floor, waiting silently.

The ring on Zhang Hans finger brightened slightly, and suddenly two square plates appeared.

The lunch box was silvery-white and uneven, which had a cup shape inside.

Two similar boxes were piled together with handrails and locks on the left and right sides.

Like a small medicine box, the lunch box would open if one pulled the lock outward.

There were names on the top of the lunch box; one was Mengmeng, the other was Yihan.

Since Wang Yihan accompanied his Mengmeng to school, Zhang Han had prepared food for the two girls without telling Wang Jiawen.

Moreover, Zhang Han felt that if he only brought Mengmengs food, the girl would share it with her good friend.

So he might as well prepare two directly.

Although the boxes were the same, Zhang Han paid special attention when he prepared the food for Mengmeng.

After all the dishes were packed and covered, Zhang Han and Zi Yan went to Saint Kindergarten.

The two lunch boxes were made of the first-stage spirit treasure—Warm Water Stone.

The material was used to ensure the freshness of the dishes, and it could turn into all sorts of shapes.

There were even milk cups inside.

Chopsticks and spoons were placed in the groove on the right.

Zhang Han took good care of Mengmengs needs, and he couldnt help paying attention to every single detail.

It represented a fathers love.

At 11:55, they arrived at the entrance of the kindergarten.

Zi Yan was about to call Su Yu when she saw her carrying a lunch box to the entrance not far away.

“Su Yu.”

Zi Yan got out of the car and called her.

Su Yu stopped.

Zhang Han followed Zi Yan with two lunch boxes.

“We also prepared lunch for Yihan.

In the morning, we worried that you were too shy to ask, so we said nothing.

From now on, you should leave Mengmengs and Yihans lunches to Zhang Han,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Oh.” Su Yu looked at the lunch boxes in Zhang Hans hand, then she smiled and said to Zi Yan, “Thank you.

I dont know what to say.”

“Its OK.

Lets deliver the food first,” Zhang Han said, leading them to the entrance.

In front of the door stood more than 10 teachers, both men and women, each with a sign in their hand.

They were for junior, middle, and senior classes.

Zhang Han went to the fifth class of the junior class and put two boxes of food in the cart.

“Cant we go in and give the food to them”

Zi Yan knew the fact, but she just couldnt help asking to see Mengmeng.

Somehow, she missed the girl.

She went out to work the other day and didnt see Mengmeng for one day, but she felt better when she called and heard Mengmengs voice.

Now, she couldnt resist her feelings after being away from Mengmeng all morning.

Now she knew the reason.

It was because she trusted Zhang Han when he took care of Mengmeng.

Her only worry would be that Zhang Han might spoil Mengmeng by giving her a lot of snacks.

“Parents cant go in.

If they go in, it will affect their childrens classes in the afternoon,” a teacher replied with a smile.

“Well, thank you, Teacher,” Zi Yan licked her lips and said.

“Youre welcome.”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan could only go back home.

Su Yu drove her own Bentley; her family had two cars, which were this Bentley and a Porsche Cayenne.

All the parents left after saying a few words.

In the school dining hall…

At 12 oclock, many children came one after another.

The dining table was round and big.

Lu Guo sat at one table with one teacher and 10 students, and another teacher sat at another table with the rest of the students.

Some kids whose parents didnt deliver food for them had lunch in the restaurant, and others had their lunch boxes in front of them.

“Ah, your lunch box is very beautiful,” Lu Guo looked at Mengmengs and Wang Yihans lunch boxes on the right and said with a smile.

“Uncle Zhang prepared these.

He is Mengmengs dad.

He makes delicious food for us.

Im so happy,” Wang Yihan said in surprise.

As a little foodie, she couldnt be happier.

“Well, my PaPa is the best, but how can I open it” Mengmeng looked at the lunch box and asked, perplexed.

“It opens like this.” Lu Guo smiled and twisted the clasps on the left and right.

Wang Yihan copied Lu Guos movements and opened the lunch box on her own.

When the lunch box was open, a stream of hot air suddenly rose, and the smell of food permeated the air in one or two meters.

“It smells good.” Lu Guo looked at the food inside the box.

She was tempted and didnt expect that Mengmengs dad could prepare such a nice meal.

“Wow, sweet and sour ribs, cola chicken wings, my favorite,” Wang Yihan said cheerfully.

“Mengmengs dad is so nice.”

Apart from these two meat dishes, there were fried green vegetables with mushrooms, fried shredded potatoes, and Mengmengs favorite, cold okra, as well as a cup of hot milk and a bowl of rice.

“Teacher, why do their ribs smell so good My ribs have no flavor” a classmate on Wang Yihans right asked, baffled.

“Er…” Lu Guo pondered the answer.

Wang Yihan said first, “Because Mengmengs father makes delicious food.

Her dad opened a restaurant for Mengmeng.”

“Is it true How incredible,” the Cantonese teacher beside Lu Guo said.

Mengmeng was happy after the praise, so she grinned and her eyes narrowed into a crescent.

“The name of the restaurant is Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant,” Wang Yihan said to the Cantonese teacher before eating.


The Cantonese teachers eyes widened, and she almost spat the food out.

Fortunately, she covered her mouth with two hands in time.

She quickly swallowed the food and looked at Mengmeng in surprise.

“Thats your restaurant!”

“Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, Ive heard of it, and I went to eat there once…” Lu Guos mouth slightly quivered as she looked at the food on the plates of Mengmeng and Wang Yihan and secretly swallowed.

She still remembered how hard it was to eat delicious fried rice with eggs while smelling the special dishes made for members only.

“Teacher, I can give you some because I cant eat all of it.”

Mengmeng looked at two teachers as if she knew what they were thinking.

Lu Guo and the Cantonese teacher shook their heads and said with a smile, “No, thanks.

You eat yours.

We have our food.

Thank you, Mengmeng.

You are so sweet.”

They wanted to eat, but they could never ask for students food.

The nice food on Mengmengs and Wang Yihans plates attracted many other kids.

Mengmeng and Wang Yihan felt good.

When one has something others dont have, its also a kind of happiness

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