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“Take your time, no need to eat so fast.

Chew your food, otherwise itll hurt your stomach.”

Lu Guo glanced around and found that several students ate too fast, so she reminded them.

Her words slowed down the speed of those who ate fast.

After lunch, they all sat and rested for two minutes, then Lu Guo clapped her hands.

“Were going to the lounge.

Well play with toys there and then take a nap at one oclock.

Lets go, follow me, line up.”

The teachers of each class took their students to the place where they took a nap.

Each child put on shoe covers.

After entering, there were some toys on the left side of the beds.

The children all ran to play with them.

“Huh” Mengmeng was left behind.

It seemed that all the toys had been divided up already!

“Mengmeng, there are toys on our bed.” Wang Yihan looked around and found her and Mengmengs small bed.

Two small puppets were on Mengmengs bed.

Wang Yihans bed had a brown bear on it slightly shorter than her, as she preferred to hold something in her arms when she slept.

“We have toys, too.” Mengmeng became happy.

As she was about to go over to the bed, a black figure approached her.

It was Martin, the only black student in the class, who held an elephant doll in his hand.

The elephants nose would swing if someone pinched its butt twice.

He grinned and showed his white teeth, then said expectantly, “Mengmeng, you can play with my toy.

Can we be friends”


Mengmeng paused, and thought for a while.

She waved her small hand and giggled.

“We can be friends.

Well, your name is Martin.

I remember your name.”

“Yeah, Im from Kenya.

Im four years old now.

Ive just been in Hong Kong for a year.

What about you” Martin scratched his head and asked.

“Im about four years old, too.

But, why are you from another country” Mengmeng looked at Martin curiously.

“Uh” Martin didnt know how to answer, so he said blankly, “I was born in Kenya.”

“No, no, you are Chinese,” Mengmeng said with conviction.

“You see, your hair is black, your eyes are black, even your face is black, you are black from head to toe, you are Chinese.”

“Well, it seems so.

But the color of his skin is more black than ours,” Wang Yihan added.

“Huh Im Chinese, too No, Im from Kenya.” Martin got confused.


Lu Guo heard their conversation, so she laughed and thought for a second.

She said, “Mengmeng, not everyone with black hair and black eyes is Chinese.

There are different races in the world, including white, black, and Asian, Stefen is white, Martin is black, and we are Asian.

Most people in Hua nation belong to the Asian race.

Of course, there are brown people and people of mixed blood, which means that their parents are not from the same country.”


Mengmeng was confused again.

She stretched out her left hand and tried to figure out what Lu Guo said.

“Well, Mengmeng, go play a game.

We are going to take a nap later.

I will teach you this knowledge in the future,” Lu Guo said with a smile.

“All right, lets play a game,” Martin said, then he held Mengmengs hand easily.


Wang Yihan suddenly took a step forward and pushed Martins arm and said, “What do you want How can you hold a girls hand like that Thats not right, we wont play with you.”

If Zhang Han saw this, he would be glad and praise Wang Yihans behavior.

“Ah Then I wont hold hands, but lets play together” Martin said.

“Well, lets play together.”

Mengmeng and Wang Yihan walked to her little bed.


Mengmeng climbed on the bed and took down two dolls about the size of a football; one was a chubby rabbit and the other was a dog.

Stefen sat on the small bed on the left side of Mengmeng, he looked at Mengmeng and said, “Mengmeng, your English is so good!”

“Well, I was born in San Diego.

I came to Hong Kong not long ago.

I lived with PaPa and MaMa.

It feels good.

PaPa has built a Xanadu for me,” Mengmeng looked at Stefen and answered.

Stefen started to speak Chinese when he heard Mengmeng speaking Chinese.

“I have been to San Diego several times.

My Chinese and Cantonese are not very good.

I can only use and understand some simple words.

So what is Xanadu” Stefen asked curiously.

“Xanadu is big and on the mountain.

PaPa specially made… Well, that is…”

Then Mengmeng explained the meaning of Xanadu to Stefen in English.

Stefen understood several scenes she described to him.

Mengmengs Xanadu was a beautiful place.

It was big, with green grass, woods, and beautiful flowers.

But what was even more interesting were Big Heihei and Little Heihei, and many dogs, chickens, ducks, and geese…

Listening to Mengmengs story, Stefen was full of curiosity about her Xanadu.

“Er, Mengmeng, your Big Heihei and Little Heihei, are they blacker than me” Martin looked at the color of his skin and suddenly asked.

He was confident.

“No one could be blacker than me.”


Mengmeng was stunned.

After thinking for a long time, she pouted and said, “You are wrong.

Big Heihei is a gorilla, Little Heihei is a dog.

They are my good friends.”

“Ah A gorilla and a dog.” Martin scratched his head.

“Tell you what, Big Heihei is tall.” Wang Yihan was intrigued and she said, “It can play by throwing you up high.

And Little Heihei is big and pretty, and we can ride it forward.”

“I want to play in Mengmengs Xanadu.

Next time, will you take me with you” Martin asked eagerly.

“You want to play there” Mengmeng blinked her big eyes.

Two seconds later, she said, “Let me ask PaPa and MaMa first.

If they agree, you can come.”

“Then, can I come too” Stefen got out of the bed and went over to Mengmeng.

He seemed to be a little embarrassed as he whispered, “I also want to visit Xanadu.

I want to play with you.”

Stefen had strict parents.

He looked cold and detached, but actually he was just a little introverted.

When he came to kindergarten, he wanted to play with the other classmates.

Mengmeng spoke English well, so there was no language barrier between them.

She was so beautiful, so Stefen was attracted to her unconsciously.

“I… I want to play with you too.”

A weak voice came from the side.

It was the little girl named Muen who was very shy.

She got up her courage to ask.

Her eyes were full of nervousness.

She was afraid that they wouldnt agree to play with her, and if they refused her, she would be very sad.

“OK, lets play together,” Mengmeng chuckled and said.

It was just the first day in kindergarten, and Mengmeng had made several friends, so she felt very happy.

Several kids got together and played a game noisily.

When it was one oclock, Lu Guo and the two other teachers arranged the students to go back to their small beds for a nap.

They made the beds for everyone.

“Without PaPa, I cant sleep.”

Mengmeng lay on the small bed and stared at the ceiling.

Her mouth pouted slightly and she missed her PaPa.

Lying beside PaPa and listening to him tell a story was the little girls favorite.

More and more kids went to sleep.

The sleepiness seemed to be contagious, and Mengmeng fell asleep soon.

On the other side…

In Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant…

Zhang Han and Zi Yan also finished their lunch, while Zhou Fei and Zhang Li were there.

They were going to visit the company.

In the morning, the couple was not so sure about Mengmeng.

After watching the video, Zhang Han felt that it was right to send Mengmeng to kindergarten.

In the video, the self-confidence and nervousness in Mengmengs eyes came from the class in a big school environment.

They couldnt create that for her.

“Sister Yan, Im sure youll be surprised to see the company this time.

Its equipment and environment are great.

The decoration of our office looks like an imperial palace.

Its very comfortable.

Besides, it has a bedroom, where you can take a nap.

Of course, its also for you and your husbands convenience,” Zhou Fei said with a smile.

“What are you talking about”

Zi Yans eyes widened, her pretty face flushed, and she scolded him.

They walked out of the restaurant under the gaze of many diners.

Zhang Li got in her Maserati, Zhou Fei drove a Lamborghini, and Zhang Han and Zi Yan still drove in their panda car.

10 minutes later, they arrived at the company.

After getting out of the car, Zhang Li looked at the panda car and said, “Brother, there are so many sports cars in the garage.

Why do you never drive them”

Zhang Han was very fond of sports cars a few years ago, but now he didnt have any particular preference.

“They are the same to me.”

Zhang Han smiled.

The car wasnt important, as long as it had a good performance and could speed up when necessary.

“Lets go.”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan held hands and walked to the company.

The main entrance of the office building was very imposing, with staff standing on both sides.

A well-dressed manager on duty was also in the hall.

He was one of Liu Qingfengs men.

When he saw Zhang Han, his eyes brightened.

He immediately came forward.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Zhang and Mrs.


“Hm.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Chairman Liu is having a meeting with Mr.

Zi on the 10th floor.

Do I need to inform him” the manager asked.

“No need, you can leave now,” Zhang Han said as he went straight to the elevator with Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li.

The elevator went up to the 11th floor directly.

When they got out of the elevator, they looked around the hall and found the people were all busy.

The corridor was full of people walking around.

The office and business areas were all here.

They went up to the 12th floor from the corridor.

There was a recording studio, a post-production studio, etc.

The decoration was new, and the employees were new as well.

They only knew one or two employees.

At the end of the corridor on the 13th floor, Zhao Dahu put his hands on his hips and ordered, “Hurry up, clean your desks and chairs.

Dont be lazy.

Ill assign tasks to you later.

If you clean fast, Ill let you get off work early.”

“Thanks, Director Zhao.”

Some employees answered happily.

Getting off work early meant more free time.

Seeing Zhao Dahus look, Zi Yan burst into laughter.

Zhao Dahu heard her and turned around.

“Oh, Boss, Madam, you are here” Zhao Dahu turned and ran over.

“Boss, we have to deal with everything in a hurry these two days.

We can open and begin to work officially tomorrow.

So, can we have some delicious food as a reward in the evening”

“What would you like to eat” Zhang Han chuckled and asked.


The question defeated Zhao Dahu.

All the food in the restaurant was delicious.

He thought and said, “Anything.

Im not picky.”

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile as he looked at Zi Yan and said, “Lets go visit your father later.”


Check on what my father is up to.

We havent been to the restaurant for a day,” Zi Yan said curiously.

So they went downstairs to the reception room next to the hall on the 10th floor.

Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, Zhao Feng, Liu Qingfeng, and Xiao Ling were all sitting on the sofa.

They were drinking tea and chatting.

Zi Qiang was occupied.

Xiao Ling sat beside him and kept showing him some documents.

Every time he gave him a document, he would tell him some details about the cooperative projects of companies in various industries.

When Zhang Han and the others came in, Liu Qingfeng greeted them.

“Dad, what are you looking at” Zi Yan took a look.

“Seeing if there are any good projects.

Chairman Liu is nice.

Im a bit dazzled after browsing through so many projects.” Zi Qiang laughed.

“Hahaha, of course, Mr.

Zis business is my business.

Weve seen some good projects.

After the opening ceremony here tomorrow, we would settle down for a few days.

Then well go to several cities on the mainland to do some investigation in person.” Liu Qingfeng laughed.

“Ah” Zi Yan was shocked and said, “Dad, didnt you say that you wanted to take a rest for a while You will be busy again in a few days”

Zi Yan had made up her mind to spend more time with Zhang Han, Mengmeng, and her parents, so she didnt get a very difficult job.

Zi Qiang said, “I came here to stay with my granddaughter, but you have sent her to kindergarten.

There is no point for me to stay any longer.”

“Eh How could you say that I dont like what you said.” Zi Yan pursed her lips and groaned.

“Your father got a call from home, and he has to take care of something.

So he plans to deal with things here first, and then go back after having a few days off,” Xu Xinyu said with a smile.

“Stay for a while longer.

I dont think they need my father so badly at home.

Whats the hurry” Zi Yan chuckled and said.

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