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Chapter 474 Too Many Contracts

“Wow, Mengmeng has learned so much! Its amazing.” Zi Yan praised her again.

She was sincerely praising Mengmeng and was proud of her.

In Zi Yans opinion, as long as Mengmeng could master English and Mandarin, she would be better than the other children at her age, which was the result of Zi Yans efforts to educate Mengmeng at home in the past few years.

As for Cantonese, Mengmeng could understand some simple dialogue, but she couldnt say many sentences.

In addition, Mengmeng didnt know how to spell many Chinese and English words, only Emily, Mengmeng, and some simple words that she often used.

Mengmeng started her formal study after she went to kindergarten.

Zi Yan was very confident in Mengmengs studies because she always thought that Mengmeng was the most intelligent child.

Mengmeng was very happy to be praised again.

She laughed all the way and even began to hum songs.

“As long as I study the knowledge taught by the teacher well, I can get the praise of PaPa and MaMa and feel very happy.”

Generally speaking, girls were more obedient than boys when they were young.

After returning to the restaurant, Mengmeng said those Cantonese words to Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu and was praised again.

The little girl was very happy.

Zhang Han was about to cook when he was stopped by Zi Qiang.

Zi Qiang played a game of go with him, and then let him go to the kitchen.

After dinner, it was about eight oclock in the evening.

The family went out.

Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Han and his family walked to the leisure square hundreds of meters away to the right.

Zhao Feng followed them, carrying three pairs of roller skates.

Mengmeng, holding PaPa in one hand and MaMa in the other, was walking forward in the middle of the two.

After a few minutes walk, they arrived at the square.

Zhang Han went to the shopping mall and bought some ice cream.

Mengmeng picked one and then distributed the rest to the others.

“Mengmeng, enjoy your ice cream here with Grandpa and Grandma.

PaPa and MaMa are going to go roller skating for a while,” Zi Yan sat beside Mengmeng and said with a smile.

“Well, Id like to play after finishing my ice cream.” Mengmeng looked up at Zhang Han.

“When you finish eating, Dad will hold you to roller skate.” Zhang Han nodded and smiled, then squatted down and took off Zi Yans sneakers.

Zi Yan was wearing pink socks with patterns today, which were so cute.

While putting shoes on Zi Yan, Zhang Han couldnt help touching her feet.

“Hurry up.” Zi Yan complained in a low voice that she felt ticklish when Zhang Han touched her feet while putting on shoes.

Zhang Han grinned and immediately put the shoes on Zi Yan.

Then Zhang Han sat in a chair, put on his roller skates, took Zi Yans hand, and began to glide forward.

“Hey, slow down, slow down.” Zi Yans long legs attracted a lot of peoples eyes, and her movements were clumsy yet lovely.

Although Zi Yan was wearing a cap, and others couldnt see her face clearly, her perfect body was enough to be admired.

As she moved, her long hair danced in the breeze.

Under the dim yellow streetlight, a handsome man and a beautiful woman were skating hand in hand, creating a dreamlike picture.

“Sister Yan, I remember you have learned how to roller skate.

Why do you look so clumsy now” Zhou Fei slipped by them and joked.

“I only know a little bit of skating skills with roller skates, but its easy for me to fall down with in-line skates,” Zi Yan replied.

“Let my brother-in-law teach you.

I dont want to stay here and envy you anymore.

Im going!” Zhou Fei made a strange cry, glided backward two steps, and turned quickly with elegant movements…



With two screams, Zhou Fei and another girl with poor skills collided and both fell to the ground.

“Ouch! My butt.” Zhou Fei grimaced in pain.

The girl with the ponytail in front of her looked at her guiltily and said, “Im sorry, I havent learned how to turn.”

“Dont say that.

I didnt notice you.

Ill help you up.” Zhou Fei got up swiftly and pulled up the girl with the ponytail.

“Fanfan, are you OK Ill teach you to skate a few more laps.” A man quickly glided toward them, holding the ponytail girls arm, and moved to the other side.

He knew that it was normal to fall when roller skating, especially when practicing braking and stopping suddenly.

Every movement was mastered at the price of countless falls.

Zhou Fei patted off the dust on her body and continued to glide.

Looking at Zhang Han and Zi Yan behind, she sighed.

“Sister Yan has found her Romeo.

When will mine show up”

When Mengmeng finished eating ice cream in her seat, she called for PaPa and MaMa not far away.

Zhang Han pulled Zi Yan back, held Mengmeng in his arms and played with her together.

Mengmeng was amused and laughed happily.

After playing for a while, at nine oclock in the evening, they went back to the restaurant.

In front of the restaurant, Zi Qiang thought for a while and suggested to play go with Zhang Han.

He won several games with the help of Zhang Hans excellent cheating skills, and then went back to the company hotel with Zhao Feng satisfactorily.

The night went by silently.

At eight oclock the next morning—

Su Yu parked her Bentley in front of the restaurant.

Yesterday, she was taken home by Zhang Han, which made her feel a little embarrassed, so she drove her own car today.

Wang Yihan got in the panda car happily and began chatting with Mengmeng.

They soon arrived at Saint Kindergarten.

They arrived a few minutes early, so their parking spot was closer to the entrance of the kindergarten.

Zhang Han walked into the kindergarten with the two little girls.

Standing in the small square, Mengmeng was not as depressed as yesterday.

But she still waved her little hand to Zhang Han, reluctant to leave her father.

“Bye, PaPa.

Come to pick me up earlier this afternoon!”

“Okay, Dad will come earlier.” Zhang Han nodded to Lu Guo with a smile and turned away.

At the school entrance, he stopped and looked back in Mengmengs direction.

Finding that Mengmeng and Wang Yihan were chatting with several classmates, he smiled, shook his head, and walked back to his car.


Zhang, Ill go back first,” Su Yu opened the window and said.

After Zhang Han nodded, she started the car and left.

“Was Mengmengs reaction better this time” after Zhang Han got in the car, Zi Yan, who was sitting in the passenger seat, asked him.

“Much better.

She asked me to pick her up earlier.

In a few days, she should be able to fully adapt to kindergarten,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Thats good.

Mengmeng has a strong desire for learning, and her performance will be good in the future,” Zi Yan pursed her lips and said happily.

“Of course, Mengmeng is the smartest,” Zhang Han said seriously.

“Haha… Your tone is the same as when Mengmeng praises you.” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

“Well, really” Zhang Han grinned and then sighed.

“Whats wrong” Zi Yan said curiously.

“Well, you are going to work in a few days, and Mengmeng will be in kindergarten then, leaving me alone at home.

I will be very lonely,” Zhang Han said, pretending to be upset, while secretly observing Zi Yans expression.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Zi Yans expression froze.

And then she imagined the picture described by Zhang Han.

When she was in the company and Mengmeng was in school, Zhang Han would be the only one in the restaurant.

He would surely feel lonely.

“Why dont you go to work with me” Zi Yans eyes suddenly lit up, and she said, “You can accompany me, and then go back to cook for Mengmeng at noon.

Anyway, we cant get into the campus, so were better off having the meal sent to the school.”

“Lets talk about it later.

Although this method is feasible, Im still a little uncomfortable.

Do you… want to comfort me” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly and said with a smile.

Zi Yan blushed and bit her lips, which made her more charming.

Zhang Han knew that she couldnt bear to refuse him, but she was embarrassed to admit it.

“In the street next to us, I found a delight shop.

There are many black silk and black yarn products inside.

Shall we go and have a look” Zhang Han said, grinning.

“It seems that the time comes.”

“Bah, you, you…” Zi Yans face was more ruddy.

Blinking shyly, she hesitated for a while, and finally, she reached out her delicate hand and pinched Zhang Hans waist.

“You are so disgusting!” Zi Yan complained, “You can buy what you want.

Why do you ask me Youre so annoying… Huh…”

Before she finished speaking, Zi Yan was kissed by Zhang Han.

After a hot kiss, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han affectionately, lowered her voice, and groaned, “Lets get out of here.

Its so embarrassing to be seen.”

“OK, lets go back first.

By the way, theres the opening ceremony of the company today.

Do you want to go and take a look” Zhang Han asked as he started the car.

“All right, lets go check it out.” Zi Yan thought for a moment and said, “There must be a lot of people there.”

“I think so.

Lets watch from outside for a while.” Zhang Han smiled and drove toward New Moon Bay.

About half an hour later, at nine oclock, the panda car was driven to the company entrance and stopped at the parking lot in front of the main building.

A lot of chairs had been prepared in the DJ square on the right side, and the security group was patrolling around.

A few of the security staff members waved to greet their arrival after seeing the panda car.

There was already a group of people sitting on the stage, including Liu Qingfeng, Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, Sun Ming, Zhao Dahu, and some other senior managers.

And more people were sitting in the auditorium.

Limited edition luxury cars were entering the parking lot one by one.

Not far from the companys door, many passers-by stopped to watch.

“What is the origin of this Mengmeng group Ive seen more than a dozen influential celebrities.”

“Mengmeng Security, Purple Moon Entertainment Company, Star-Moon Bar, Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant… I remember it was still the CBD building one month ago.

In such a short period of time, it has opened so many branches.

Its amazing.”

“Ive heard of Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

Its also amazing, and lots of bosses would wait in line for dinner.

Its said that its membership card sells for 10 million, and the members there are all big shots.”

“The representatives of the Chu family have arrived.

The Nan family, the Huang family, the Liu family, the board of directors of Royal Entertainment Company, Honglin Entertainment, the boss of Anlu Technology, the representatives of Dongxin Group, Blues Entertainment… Wow, they are countless.

These big people, who are rarely seen, are all here today!”

There were several people who had a good understanding of the local forces because of their business.

And now they were all gasping.

When they heard this, everyone around was stunned.

“Here comes an HK6666.

Doesnt that number belong to the Luo family The Luo family, one of the four families, is here”

“Look at the HK888 following it.

The Huo familys motorcade.

Another one of the four families.”

“Look at the Qin familys motorcade in the north.

Will all four families come today”

“The Li family cant come here.

Dont you know that the Li family has been totally destroyed and all its assets now belong to others The Mengmeng Group that can bring the three families together is horrible.”


With all kinds of discussion, there were more and more people in the square.

Finding that the audience was almost all here, Liu Qingfeng approached the microphone and said, “Welcome, all of us are old friends, so I wont start with nonsense.

The Mengmeng Group is holding its opening ceremony today after the 50-day preparatory period.

As for why Im sitting here, its because Im very lucky to own some shares of the group.”

As soon as he said this, many influential people in the audience smiled and looked at him enviously.

They could predict that if Liu Qingfeng seized this opportunity, he should be able to rise.

For a long time, what he lacked was a powerful backing, such as the third Grand Master on the Hong Kong martial artist ranking list, who was at the Grand Master Peak stage.

“The boss has something to do today and cant attend the opening ceremony.

Zhao Feng and I are the representatives to hold this ceremony.

Lets talk about some specific things.”

“First,” Liu Qingfeng raised one finger and said, “Purple Moon Entertainment Company starts to operate today.

On my right is Sun Ming, President of Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

If you want to cooperate with this company, you can contact him later.

“Second, Mengmeng Security also starts to operate today.

It provides security services to the public, and every quarter, a dozen elites can accept security tasks.

If you are interested, you can contact Mr.

Xu Yong, President of Mengmeng Security.”

This was arranged by Zhao Feng based on Zhang Hans idea.

Although there was a quarterly holiday every year, the security personnel were very casual and did not want to take a holiday.

After a discussion, they decided that they could choose to do tasks or go out to take a rest.

“I wont introduce Star-Moon Bar again.

As for Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, it is a branch and all the rules are the same as the main restaurant.

The membership card can be used in these two restaurants, but the food ordered here by the members will be made by the chef team led by Wang Long.”

“OK, Ive finished.

Now lets welcome Zhao Feng.” Liu Qingfeng simply said a few words and waved to Zhao Feng.

There was also warm applause from the audience.

If this were a meeting of the company, it would not be surprising that the applause was so warm.

But at this time, all the people applauding in the audience were celebrities, which seemed a little unusual.

Sun Ming felt that his legs were a little soft.

“There are many business giants sitting here.

Their words and deeds can become the vane of Hong Kongs business field.

I didnt even have a chance to see them before.

“Today, they are all in the audience, clapping.


Zhang is amazing.”

Zhao Feng was also excited to see so many guests.

“Today is the opening ceremony of the group.

Im very honored and happy.

Because Im not a professional, lets welcome some experts to give you specific information.” Zhao Feng beckoned Xu Yong.

“Eh How can I become a professional”

“Haha… Zhao Feng is very interesting.

He said only one sentence, so simple.” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

Generally, in this case, the host would make some customary noises.

“He is not interested in the position of president and the management of the company, but like Chairman Liu, he is suitable to be a general.” Zhang Han chuckled and shook his head.

“Lets go back first.

Its time to cook for Mengmeng after taking a rest.”

“Well, lets go back.” Zi Yan nodded her head in a lovely way.

Zhang Han started the car and drove back to the restaurant in 10 minutes.

Ah Hu was watching a mobile video in the restaurant and drinking beer.

“Boss, Madam,” seeing them come in, Ah Hu said with a smile.

“Well, there are activities in the company.

Go and have a look.” Zhang Han waved at Ah Hu.

“Ah Ah! Well, Im just going to see it.” Ah Hu was stunned, and then he stood up and ran out as quickly as he could.

Zhang Han quickly locked the door, turned around, and smilingly walked up to Zi Yan, who was blushing.

He picked her up and walked into the bedroom.

A few minutes later, there was a rhythmic groan from Zi Yans bedroom, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Such a beauty and such a happy thing would not be discussed in detail.

The opening ceremony of the company was very successful.

After Liu Qingfeng cut the ribbon, he won a lot of applause.

Then Liu Qingfeng and Zhao Feng began to chat with the guests in the audience.

When the audience began to leave one after another, many of them left behind their own trusted subordinates with intention contracts, most of whom went to Sun Ming.

Sun Ming was very busy now.

And he was a little dizzy.

He had once proposed cooperation intentions to some companys executives, but was turned away.

Now, these people were so nervous that they were sweating when talking with him, and they called him “President Sun” respectfully.


He felt very comfortable.

And the celebrities he had once looked up to were shaking hands with him politely.

Sun Ming felt that he was dreaming.

But it was not a dream.

This honor was brought to him by Mr.

Zhang, and Sun Ming knew it well.

There were more and more potential contracts in the hands of the three subordinates next to him.

In the end, all three of them began to ache in their arm muscles.

After the opening ceremony, the three talents ran back to the company and put the intention contracts in Sun Mings office.

Sun Ming would be busy dealing with them in the afternoon.

After a quick lunch, Sun Ming went back to the office and picked up a stack of contracts.

“There are too many of them.

Im sure we can choose the most suitable ones.” Sun Ming took a sip of tea and opened the first contract of intent.

“Pfft…” He spat out the tea he had just drunk.

“What is this Hiss, the production cost of the movie is a total of 350 million yuan, and they want to pay Miss Zi 300 million yuan Is this a trap”

“For safetys sake, Ill take a look at something else.”

He opened a second contract.

“ They want to give Miss Zi 100 million yuan to record a promotional song for their company, and then the song still belongs to Miss Zi Are they fools”

“It cant be true.

Its too over the top.”

Sun Ming, who was very strict, felt that these proposals were perfect, and he couldnt believe these pennies from heaven.

So he kept checking the contracts.

He was stunned by every contract.

“Why did they give us contracts like this Are they not afraid of losing money”

Finally, when he was about to be overwhelmed by the contracts, he gave up.

He looked at some normal contracts.

Sun Ming exhaled a long breath.

“This one looks normal.”

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