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It was the first time that Sun Ming had experienced something like almost being submerged by contracts, and in addition, the purpose of these contracts was mostly to give them money, which made Sun Ming a little shocked and scared.

He couldnt understand the reason for this phenomenon.

“For the sake of Mr.



“This must be the case.”

Sun Ming was sure of his conclusion, but he still decided to reject the contracts.

Not only were they unreliable, but the companies that gave them money were bound to ask for something in return in the future.

In addition, Zi Yan said that she didnt want to go into business recently and would stay here to do some simple work.

Based on the above considerations, Sun Ming finally selected five cooperation projects.

After making the decision, he checked the time.

It was three oclock in the afternoon.

He tidied up the room and went out, driving his Audi A8L to the restaurant.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were sitting on the first floor watching TV.

After Sun Ming entered the restaurant, they looked at him, so he walked quickly over to them, nodded, and said, “Mr.

Zhang, Miss Zi, the opening ceremony was very smooth, and we received a lot of intention contracts.

But there were problems with more than 70% of them.”

“What problems” Zi Yan asked with curiosity.

“Well, this… They all want to give us money by signing a contract.

There is a modern urban romance movie with a budget of 350 million yuan, but they will pay Miss Zi 300 million yuan.” Sun Ming replied hesitantly, “Most of the other contracts are like that, which offer Miss Zi a very high salary and a very light workload.

I feel that they are unreliable and may even cause us trouble in the future, so I didnt choose them.”

“So much!” Zi Yan stuck out her tongue naughtily, feeling a little surprised.

Then she looked at Zhang Han again, blinking her big eyes.

Every day, she felt that her husband was more powerful, and there were so many forces competing for him.

“You did the right thing.” Zhang Han smiled casually and asked, “Whats your choice”

Zhang Han didnt care about such social activities and didnt like being disturbed all the time.

He was very satisfied with his quiet life now.

Zi Yan worked normally, Mengmeng went to kindergarten, and he accompanied them happily.

Life was simple and easy, but it made him feel happy and treasure it more.

In addition, he knew that his peaceful life would be disturbed in the near future because once that worldlet appeared again, things would change.

Facing Zhang Hans question, Sun Ming took out five contracts from the folder and said, “These five are the ones I selected, including an advertisement, public service advertisement, short video advertisement for clothing, and recording a song.

They can all be done in Hong Kong and wont take much time.

Im sure Miss Zi will feel free.”

“OK, let me see.” Zi Yan stood up to take over the contracts and looked through them one by one.

Zhang Han leaned over and checked the contracts with her.

About 10 minutes later, Zi Yan finished browsing, looked at Zhang Han, and asked, “Which one do you think is most suitable”

“Choose whichever you like,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“No, I want you to choose one,” Zi Yan twisted her body and said like a spoiled child.

“Well…” Zhang Han pondered for a few seconds then said, “As far as your specialty is concerned, that customized song is best.

But if you want to relax, the clothing endorsement should be faster.

The other three are simple too, so its up to you to make the choice.”

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

“Well… I want to sign the public service advertisement about dogs, with the theme ofif you dont love, please dont hurt.

There are so many beautiful dogs in our mountain, and it must be fun to choose one as an advertisement actor.

Lets choose this contract,” Zi Yan said to Zhang Han.

“OK, thats it.” Zhang Han nodded and looked at Sun Ming.

“OK.” Sun Ming took out his notebook, turned over a few pages, and said, “This is the public service advertisement of the animal protection association.

The fee is three million, not much, but the task is relatively simple.

The profit is about 2 to 2.3 million, excluding the labor cost, shooting cost, post-production, and other costs.”

It seemed that Sun Ming had made full preparation, and his notebook must have been filled with information such as the budget of those five cooperation projects.

“And whats the time limit they give Do we have to find the personnel ourselves Is their script ready” Zi Yan asked.

“Yes, the three million yuan is for us, including shooting and all kinds of expenses.

That is to say, the cost is determined by us.

As for the script, they began to solicit contributions half a month ago.

Tomorrow, they will provide us with three to five shortlisted works, and then negotiate the final choice with us,” Sun Ming nodded and replied.

“OK, Ill choose this one.” Zi Yan smiled and returned the contract to Sun Ming.


Zhang, Miss Zi, if there is nothing else to do, I will go back to the company to make arrangements,” Sun Ming said after putting the contract into the folder.

“Okay,” the couple replied, and then Sun Ming left the restaurant.

After sitting for a few minutes, Zhang Han checked the time and said, “Its almost time.

I have to pick up Mengmeng.”

“Eh Its only 3:40.

Why are you going there so early And we agreed to pick up Mengmeng together,” Zi Yan said in confusion.

“Well… Lets go, or well be late.” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed cunningly, and then he went out hand in hand with Zi Yan.

“This is not the way to the west side.” Zi Yan was even more surprised to see Zhang Han driving south.

“Youll see it soon,” Zhang Han said, looking toward the front and driving seriously.

Zi Yan was stunned and then began to think with her eyes blinking.

Zhang Hans words suddenly came back to her, making her face blush.

Zhang Han gave out a hollow laugh.

Soon, they arrived at their destination.

Under Zi Yans gaze, Zhang Han got out of the car quickly and walked into the delight shop on the street.

He soon came back with two bags.

When he got in the car, the bags in his hand flickered and disappeared, which were put into his Space Ring.

“You, you, I didnt promise you.

Were you ashamed to go in and buy these things” Zi Yan complained shyly.

“It doesnt matter.

Im the only one who will see you wearing them.

Haha, lets go to meet Mengmeng now.” Zhang Han laughed and then started the car.

Zi Yan didnt speak much the rest of the way, and she kept blushing because she imagined what was going to happen.

And while thinking that she would put on those sexy clothes full of temptation to tempt Zhang Han, she felt so ashamed.

It was not until the car stopped in front of the kindergarten that she came to her senses.

She rolled her eyes at Zhang Han and announced, “Anyway, I havent promised you.”

“What” Zhang Han was stunned.

“Oh, you mean that, well… Ill wait for you to agree.”

“Hmph.” Zi Yan snorted and suddenly felt her voice was charming, which made Zhang Han feel that she was acting coquettishly.

Zi Yan began to feel shy again.

She was a little shy yet happy, feeling that Zhang Hans desire for her made him more like a normal, ordinary, and energetic husband.

Zhang Hans image as a cultivator without desire had changed a little, and now he was more like a human being.

After waiting for a few minutes, school let out and Zhang Han went in to pick up Mengmeng.

This time, Mengmeng was surrounded by six or seven little friends.

When they saw Zhang Han, they all called out, “Hello, Uncle Zhang.”

On the second day of kindergarten, the little princess made so many friends.

When they arrived near the car, Zi Yan opened the door and got out.

She took Mengmengs hand and sat in the back seat with her.

After getting in the car, Mengmeng leaned against Zi Yans arms and said happily, “MaMa, listen to me, Ive learned something new…”

Then Mengmeng waved at Zhang Han, who was driving the car, and said in Cantonese, “Hello, Mr.


“Wow, your pronunciation is quite accurate.” Zi Yan smiled and touched Mengmengs head.

“Hahaha.” Mengmeng smiled, looked at Zhang Han, and said, “PaPa, I saidhello, Mr.

Zhang to you, so you should reply.”

“Okay, let me reply to you.

Thank you, Im fine.” Zhang Han smiled.

“PaPa, can you reply in Cantonese” Mengmengs big eyes lit up.

Zhang Han thought for a moment, shook his head, and said, “I cant, does Mengmeng know how to say that”


The next time I sayhello, Mr.

Zhang, PaPa should replyIm fine.

Its very considerate of you (speaking Cantonese)… The meaning is the same asIm fine, thank you.” Mengmeng kept speaking without pausing for breath.

Then she blinked at Zhang Han, waiting for his praise.

Of course, Zhang Han wouldnt let the little girl down.

He made an exaggerated expression of surprise and said, “Wow, Mengmeng is so good that she knew more than her dad.”

“Hahaha.” Mengmeng was amused and laughed happily.

She felt that kindergarten was becoming more and more interesting.

“It turns out that kindergarten is so interesting.

There are many children playing games with me.

I can share my happiness with them and listen to their stories.

The only disadvantage is PaPa is not there.

If PaPa can accompany me at kindergarten, it would be great!”

When Mengmeng went to kindergarten on the third day…

Holding hands with Wang Yihan, she ran to her class and waved goodbye to Zhang Han at the classroom door.

Zhang Han saw the childrens mental state and felt that they had adapted to the kindergarten life.

When Mengmeng and her partner walked to class, Zhang Han returned to his car and went to the company with Zi Yan.

It was nine oclock, and a representative of the Hong Kong Animal Association was sitting in Sun Mings office.

After chatting for a few minutes, they saw Zhang Han and Zi Yan come in.

“Let me make an introduction.” Sun Ming stood up, smiled, and continued, “This is Mr.

Zhang, our boss, and this is Miss Zi, his wife.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Zhang and Miss Zi.” A man in a suit greeted them.

“Nice to meet you,” the couple replied.

The man in the suit with a flattop haircut acted decisively.

Before Sun Ming spoke, he said with a smile, “Thank you so much this time.

With Miss Zi as the main character, the effect of this public service advertisement will be good, and we can rest assured.

We are very sorry about the price because our budget is only three million yuan, and we didnt have much hope.

We are so lucky to win the bid.”

He spoke with sincerity.

That was due to the fact that this success really surprised him.

Although they didnt have much money, when he heard that Zi Yans company, Purple Moon Entertainment Company, was going to open, he still wanted to try his luck.

But on the day of the opening ceremony, he was surprised to see so many celebrities on the spot.

Listening to them talking in a low voice about something shocking from time to time like “Ill offer 300 million this time” and “Ill offer a little bit more than you”, he felt a little desperate.

However, the affairs of the world are inconstant, and he didnt expect that he would be the lucky one in the end.

He was full of confidence in this public service advertisement.

After all, Zi Yan had been very popular recently, and her beauty would double the effect of the advertisement.

It was like winning the lottery, but he wouldnt rest assured until he got the bonus.

Therefore, at this time, the man in the suit was still a little nervous.

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