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“This is Mr.

Bai from the animal protection association.” Before Zi Yan spoke, Sun Ming took the lead in making an introduction.

“Well, hello, Mr.


Lets go straight to work.

I heard that five scripts have been selected, right” Zi Yan asked directly.

Her attitude toward work had always been very serious, so her success was not accidental.

Although Zi Yan was very beautiful, if her singing and acting skills were poor, she would always be an ornament on the screen, unable to win a place by her own strength.

However, the height she had reached a few years ago had proved her strength.

If it wasnt for her encounter with Zhang Han and her strange disease of it almost being impossible to have children, she might have already gotten the title of movie queen.

Although Zi Yan got the opposite of what she wanted, she preferred her life now.

Hearing Zi Yans words, the man in the suit nodded and said, “They are not scripts, but five short stories, which were selected by our staff from the contributions.

Now they are all in my mailbox…”

Then he turned and looked at Sun Ming.

Sun Ming fetched his laptop from his desk and put it on the tea table.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan, as well as the man in the suit, also sat on the sofa.

He turned on the laptop, and the man in suit logged into his mailbox, then handed the notebook to Zi Yan, saying, “These are the five stories.

Miss Zi, you can read them first and choose the one most suitable for you to do the ad.”

“Okay,” Zi Yan replied, then clicked open the first document and started to read it carefully.

At first, Zi Yan was very happy and smiling, but after reading the first story, she became silent and wanted to cry.

“What a moving story,” Zi Yan whispered and continued to click open the second document.

In this way, she read all five documents, and finally, her eyes were slightly red.

She bit her lips, looked at Zhang Han, and her voice trembled.

“Its very touching.

Would you like to take a look I dont know which one to choose.”

“OK, let me take a look.” Zhang Han nodded, took the laptop, and looked through the five documents one by one.

After a while, Zhang Han shook his head slightly, smiled, and said, “All the stories are good.”

“Then choose one for me.” Zi Yan pursed her lips slightly.

“Er…” Zhang Han pondered for two seconds then said, “Lets choose the story about heaven.”

“A guide dog who gave up heaven!” The man in the suit took over the topic and said with a smile, “This story was provided by Kehai Story, and we thought it was the best one.

But we didnt know if it was suitable for advertising.”

“All five stories you provided can be adapted into ads, but I dont know how long you want the video to be,” said Sun Ming.

“Well… Its better if its less than one minute, and not more than 90 seconds,” the man in the suit said helplessly, “otherwise, our expenses will not be enough.”

“OK, well keep it under 90 seconds.” Sun Ming nodded.

Although there were many words on the document, it didnt have too much content.

After being converted into video, the duration could be controlled during post-production.

“Thank you so much this time.

Please do it.

Ill go back and report it, and your fee will be paid soon,” the man in the suit stood up and said.

“Okay, Mr.

White.” Zi Yan stood up and said, “We will start shooting tomorrow, and we will give you the finished product as soon as possible.”

“OK, OK, thank you.

Then Ill leave.” The suited man said goodbye very politely, and then was taken downstairs by Sun Mings secretary.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan sat for a while before returning to the restaurant.

In the upstairs bedroom, Zi Yan just took off her coat.

Zhang Han began to laugh in a low voice.

His right hand moved.


In his hand appeared a small long box containing black-silk clothes with rabbit ears.

“You must be very sexy in this.”

“Eh” Zi Yans eyes gradually widened.

Then Zhang Han casually threw the small box on the bed.

His hand moved again.


A small box containing a lace top appeared.


His hand moved the third time.

A box with a black silk one-piece suit appeared.


There were three new boxes.

“You…” Zi Yans pretty face turned red.

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed and went out.

“Im going to prepare Mengmengs lunch.”

Although Zi Yan was shy, she didnt refuse them, so Zhang Han showed her what her got.

After he left, Zi Yan went to the bedside with a red face, picked up the black silk dress with rabbit ears, and her face became more ruddy.

“So shy…”

Zi Yan picked up the clothes, opened the drawer in the middle of the wardrobe, put them all in, closed the door of the wardrobe, leaned against the wardrobe, and breathed quickly.

Her blushing face looked very attractive.

If Zhang Han saw it, he would not be able to control himself.

But it was already 10 oclock in the morning, almost time to bring food to Mengmeng, so Zhang Han retreated in time.

On the other side, the Purple Moon Entertainment Company was busy.

This was their first project, and everyone was eager to get started, but the task was too small after all.

In less than two hours, all kinds of props and venues had been arranged for tomorrows shoot.

At noon, Zhang Han and Zi Yan went out to deliver the food to Mengmeng.

There were still many people waiting for lunch in the branch restaurant, but most of them were ordinary people, because all those influential people went to the companys restaurant for lunch.

Many of them were waiting for the auction of the Lin Group on Saturday, not for other treasures, but for the membership card of Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

The opening of the companys branch restaurant had diverted a small number of customers from the main restaurant, where ordinary diners could not only eat egg fried rice and noodle soup, but also had more choices.

And the prices of the two restaurants were the same.

Wang Long always sighed that such perfect ingredients were so cheap.

In the afternoon, on the way back from picking up Mengmeng, Mengmeng was very happy in the car.

She excitedly told her parents what game she played today, and it seemed that she had adapted to the kindergarten life.

Zhang Han couldnt help sighing that human beings were group animals, and children also needed to communicate with children.

Some things, after all, could not be given to children by their parents.

Zhang Han sometimes felt depressed.

Mengmeng appeared too late, and he hadnt stayed with Zi Yan when she was pregnant and taken care of her.

Therefore, he didnt go through the process of waiting for the baby to be born and witnessing the baby open her eyes and babble.

He felt a little sorry and full of guilt for Zi Yan, who had worked so hard in the past few years.

The next day, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei left at 7:30 a.m.

and went to the shooting site for preparation.

The shoot was expected to be completed in one day.

At eight oclock in the morning, Zhang Han drove Mengmeng to kindergarten by himself.

Su Yu, as always, had taken Wang Yihan to the restaurant and asked her to sit in Zhang Hans car together with Mengmeng.

Along the way, these two little girls had been chattering, and Zhang Han liked to listen to their childish voices.

After taking Mengmeng to school, Zhang Han drove directly to the shooting site.

The site was between two adjacent mountains not far from the north of New Moon Bay.

The car couldnt directly enter the shooting scene, so Zhang Han parked it beside the companys motorcade and entrusted it to the team watchman.

He walked for five minutes then saw Zi Yans team from afar.

About 20 staff members were adjusting all kinds of new equipment.

The most eye-catching figure was Zi Yan.

She was wearing a white dress with two big wings on her back, like a beautiful angel.

Seeing Zhang Han, Zi Yan lifted up her dress and walked slowly toward him.

“Clang, clang, clang.

Your little angel is here!” When she approached Zhang Han, Zi Yan raised her hands over her head and made a heart-shaped gesture.

“My little angel is so beautiful, so beautiful! I must pursue my little angel!” Zhang Han said in a funny tone.

“Haha…” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

She took Zhang Hans hand and went to the shooting site, saying, “Youre in time.

Were just about to start.”

“Bow-wow!” As they were talking, they saw the golden retriever raised by Zhang Han on the mountain running toward them from the foot of a simple-dressed man.

The dog sat in front of Zhang Han, sticking out its tongue and wagging its tail.

Obviously, it was very happy to see Zhang Han here.

“Dajin.” Zhang Han smiled and touched the golden retrievers head.

When he looked at the scene, he found that there were only two people and a dog participating in the shoot.

Another man was wearing a very simple old suit, his hair was a bit messy, and the lines on his face were obvious.

Zhang Han looked at him carefully and remembered who he was.

He was the personnel director of Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

The shooting task was really simple; just people and a dog.

Seeing Zhang Han coming over, everyone said hello to him.

About two minutes later, Zhou Fei waved to them on the left.

“Sister Yan, lets start.

Brother-in-law, will you come here to watch”

Hearing Zhou Feis words, Zi Yan went to the shooting site, and Zhang Han went over to Zhou Fei.

There were two tables and a lot of equipment, including a small TV.

At the table was a middle-aged man with a beard.

“He is Wu Dong, the director of Honglin Entertainment.”

“Hello, Mr.


Ive heard a lot from you.” Wu Dong hurriedly stood up and respectfully shook hands with Zhang Han.

“Hello.” Zhang Han looked at the screen and asked casually, “How long will this take”

“Er…” Wu Dong pondered and said, “It seems simple, but actually not, because the dogs expression also needs to be captured.

If it goes well, it can be completed in the morning.

If not, it cant be completed in a day.”

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded slightly without saying anything further.

“First scene.

And… action!”

With the directors order, the shoot began.

Zi Yan immediately calmed down, looking at the man coming toward her step by step with his dog.

The man was studying his hands and the surroundings carefully and curiously, acting like a blind man who had seen light again.

When he was only two meters away from Zi Yan, the angel hesitated and said, “Im sorry, only one of you can go to heaven, and the other must go to hell.”

As soon as the man heard this, he hurriedly asked, “But my…”

But before he finished speaking…

Wu Dong stretched out his hand and helplessly said, “Stop!”

The shooting stopped and everyone looked at him.

He pointed to the golden retriever beside the mans leg and said, “It had been wagging its tail excitedly to Miss Zi, as if Miss Zi was its owner, which is not in line with the requirements.”

Hearing this, everyone turned their gaze to the dog.

And then they burst out laughing.

The golden retriever was looking at Zi Yan, with its big tongue sticking out and its tail wagging violently.

It didnt look at its “owner” at all, and kept handing its paw to Zi Yan.

It seemed to be a big problem.

Everyone suddenly realized what the difficulty of this shooting task was!

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