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Chapter 478 Losing Money

“Well…” Zhang Han thought for a while, left the campus with Mengmeng in his arms, and said, “As long as you had fun in the game.

Did you enjoy yourself while pretending to be the eagle”


But I didnt catch any chickens as an eagle, and I lost the game,” Mengmeng pouted and said.

“Sometimes its important to win a game, for example, when a persons future, or even life, depends on it, which is very important.” Zhang Han didnt know if Mengmeng could understand him, so he tried to put it simply.

“But most of the time, its not important to win or lose.

Some people are naturally strong and like to fight for first place in everything.

They like the taste of victory, but they will be shackled with invisible pressure and feel tired every day.

You dont need to care about losing or winning anything, you should just enjoy the process of making effort.

Do whatever you want, try your best, and never regret it.

Dad promises you that even if you lose the whole world, you still have Mom and Dad, and we will always protect you forever.”

“Wow, PaPa is the best man.

Mwah, mwah, mwah.” Mengmeng couldnt understand the full meaning of Zhang Hans words, but she knew that her PaPa loved her, which made her happy.

So she kissed Zhang Han on his check several times.

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

Some insights on life could only be understood after personal experience, but Zhang Han didnt tell Mengmeng this.

If Mengmeng really wanted to win something, he wouldnt let her lose it.

Maybe his action would be regarded as unfair or even cheating.

There was no absolute fairness in the world.

Zhang Han just wanted Mengmeng to grow up happily, and he didnt care about others.

In fact, Zhang Han always wanted Mengmeng to understand one truth.

Light is always accompanied by darkness.

She should learn from Ma Di, the eldest martial brother of the Heavenly Talisman Sect, who believed in the light and justice in the world and tried to act like a real hero.

Zhang Han admired Ma Di and was willing to help him.

But Mengmeng should also face the darkness and evil of the world, including the terror that those living in peace didnt understand.

Because Mengmeng was still young, so Zhang Han didnt want to tell her more about the real world or take her to experience something.

He would let nature take its course.

Back in the car, Mengmeng told Zi Yan the new Cantonese she had learned today, and then repeated what she had learned before to ingrain it in her memory.

Zhang Hen was listening to the mother and daughter talking behind him with a gentle smile.

Mengmeng and Zi Yan tempered Zhang Hans anger and made him be an ordinary husband and father.

Back at the restaurant, Zhang Han simply made egg fried rice and noodle soup.

He didnt make any other dishes because he was going to have hotpot for dinner, and now all he had to do was prepare the ingredients.

At dinner time, Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ya, Wang Zhanpeng, three elders, Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li all came to the restaurant, and they began eating on the second floor happily.

While eating hotpot, Wang Zhanzong opened a bottle of Moutai sent by Wang Jiawen, and they began to chat while drinking.

At the end of the dinner, Rong Jiaxin wiped the oil stains from her mouth, looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan, and said with a smile, “Han, Yan, we are going back to Xihang tomorrow.”

“Aunt, arent you looking for a house these days Why do you want to go back all of a sudden” Zi Yan asked in surprise.

Generally speaking, it would take a few days to select a house, especially for a big family like them who needed a large place.

“Han told me two days ago that we neednt worry about the house, and he would arrange it for me in a few days.

Therefore, I plan to go back, make some arrangements, and then come back to Hong Kong again,” Rong Jiaxin smiled and replied, looking at Zhang Han proudly.

She didnt expect that just a few years later, he became so powerful and was now a dragon among people.

If her sister knew this, she would be very happy.

But Rong Jiaxin felt a little guilty at the same time.

In recent years, she and Wang Ming were doing closed-door cultivation in a wonderful place, and she didnt know that Zhang Han was expelled from the Zhang family.

Otherwise, she would definitely take Zhang Han to the Wang family and take good care of him.

Hearing Rong Jiaxins words, Zi Yan chuckled and looked at Zhang Han with glittering eyes.

“He seems to be able to solve anything.”

Mengmeng ate a prawn that Zhang Han had just peeled for her, and said happily, “Well, my PaPa is the most powerful.”

“Hahaha…” Rong Jiaxin smiled and shook her head.

Zhang Han also chuckled.

As for where Rong Jiaxin and her family would live in Hong Kong, Zhang Han was waiting for the second evolution of the thunder yang tree, which would take place in half a month.

At that time, Zhang Han would buy the two mountains in the north and the east to form a new Mount New Moon.

Now the area of Mount New Moon was not large.

Although it was enough for all the activities at present, Zhang Han planned to build a special playground for Mengmeng as well as the residence of the Wang family.

Considering that a part of the Zi family would move to Hong Kong in the future and occupy a large area, Zhang Han realized that it was a must to expand the area of the mountain.

Besides, after the opening of the second location of Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, the number of ingredients required had increased gradually, and the planting area in the back mountain was not big enough.

In addition, there were some details that Zhang Han was thinking about recently.

He wanted to make a careful plan before taking action, otherwise the forgotten things would only be included in the plan of the third reconstruction.

After the third reconstruction, Mount New Moon would become a real treasure place.

Also, he could build an orchard during the second reconstruction.

Both Mengmeng and Zi Yan liked fruit, and Zhang Han had planned to do so for a long time.

The next day…

At eight oclock in the morning…

“Im going to play in kindergarten.

PaPa, the teachers will soon begin rewarding us with the little red flower, and Mengmeng must get one.

PaPa will promise Mengmeng something at that time.”

When Zi Yan was helping Mengmeng putting on her schoolbag, Mengmeng told him in an excited tone.

“Hmm Mengmeng, are you looking forward to your fathers promise” Looking at the little girls expression, Zhang Han was amused and said, “What do you want Dad to promise you You can tell me in advance.”

Zhang Han had asked Mengmeng because he wanted to prepare it in advance.

“Well.” Mengmeng raised her head and looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan with her big eyes.

She said naively, “PaPa, MaMa, I want a younger brother.

When I get a little red flower, could you give birth to a younger brother”

“Huh” Zi Yan was stunned.

She had never expected Mengmeng to make such a request.

“Hahaha…” Zhang Han laughed.

“Mengmeng, why do you want a younger brother all of a sudden”

“Muen has a younger brother and she said hes so lovely.

I want a brother, too,” Mengmeng replied seriously.

“Its enough for Mom and Dad to have you.

If you want to play with a younger brother, we can go to Singapore during Mengmengs holiday.

There are also several brothers in your moms family,” Zhang Han thought and said.

He didnt want Zi Yan to worry about it.

After all, Zi Yan could give birth to only one child in her life, and Zhang Han found it had something to do with a weird condition of Zi Yans Dantian, and there was no way to solve it for the time being.

Zhang Han had never heard of it, and he was also surprised by the “moon” and the Ten Inch Dantian.

“Well, Mengmeng, its time for you to go to school.

Lets talk about it later when we have a chance.

Now we cant do so,” Zi Yan replied and then took a glance at Zhang Han.

Her husband was an immortal, and he would surely cure her disease.

By the way, since she could not get pregnant again, Zhang Han liked to leave all his stuff in her each time.

When she was cured, she would have him keep doing this and let nature take its course.

“Lets go to school.” Mengmeng took Zhang Hans and Zi Yans hands and went downstairs.

“Wait till I get my hat.” Zi Yan went to the tea table and put on her hat.

The family of three went downstairs.

As soon as they went out, they saw the brown Porsche Cayenne that Wang Jiawen often drove.

Seeing Zhang Han and his family coming out, Wang Jiawen and Su Yu walked over to them with Wang Yihan.

After greeting each other, Wang Yihan and Mengmeng got in the panda car with Zi Yan and sat in the back seat.

Wang Jiawen and Su Yu left directly.

Zhang Han drove the two girls to kindergarten and then went back to Mount New Moon.

In front of the side beach, the advertising team was waiting for them.


Zhang, Miss Zi, here you are.” Wu Dong smiled and said, “First, go in the trailer to do makeup and change your clothes.

We will arrange some facilities here.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

He and Zi Yan got in the trailer and spent half an hour getting made up and changing clothes.

The first scene was complete, so they would act in another scene today.

Wu Dong predicted that if it went well, he could finish shooting in the morning.

Otherwise it would take a few more days.

But he didnt expect the shooting to go so smoothly.

In the last scene, Zhang Han, as a blind man, was hit by a truck with Little Hei.

Both of their souls arrived at the gates of heaven.

Zi Yan was still wearing crystal and a pair of white wings, playing the role of an angel.

Zi Yan had been laughing at Zhang Hans appearance and Little Hei, but as soon as the director began shooting, she immediately entered into the spirit of the character.

While acting as a blind man who suddenly could see everything clearly, Zhang Han looked at his hands, Little Hei, and the surroundings with a strange light in his eyes.

There were two mountains in the scene.

The front mountain represented heaven, and the back mountain represented hell.

However, it could only be shown through post-production and adding in some special effects.

Although Zhang Han had no acting skills, he understood the script, so acting was not difficult for him.

The director was very satisfied with the performance of the big boss.

At the same time, he thought that the focus of the performance was that Zi Yan was so beautiful that she looked like a real angel, and Little Hei was also majestic and handsome.

Therefore, some of the acting details of the man could be ignored.

If Zi Yan knew what the director was thinking about, she would have burst out laughing.

When Zhang Han and Little Hei approached Zi Yan…

Zi Yan hesitated and told them, “Im sorry, but only one of you can enter heaven, and the other has to go to hell.”

Zhang Han asked in a hurry, “My dog doesnt know the difference between heaven and hell.

May I make the choice for it”

At this time, the director gave Little Hei a close-up.

It was standing calmly half a meter away from Zhang Han as a conscientious guide dog.

Zi Yan frowned, giving a contemptuous look to Zhang Han.

After thinking for a while, she said, “Im sorry, but every soul is equal, and you should compete for the chance to live in heaven.”

At this time, the content of the second scene was over, but the director looked at the scene and then waved his hand to continue shooting.

Zhang Han frowned in disappointment and asked, “Whats the competition”

Zi Yan quickly replied, “Its a simple race.

Run from here to the gates of heaven, and whoever gets there first can go to heaven.

Dont worry, you are no longer blind because you are dead.

There is no physical limit to the soul, and the kinder a person is, the faster his soul will be.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han sighed slightly.

When Zhang Han and Little Hei were ready, Zi Yan announced the start of the competition.

But she was stunned by what she saw.

The screen paused for two seconds, giving Zi Yan a close-up of her face.

In post-production, a monologue would be added here.

She thought that the man would run hard to enter heaven, but unexpectedly, the master of the dog walked slowly forward.

What was more surprising was that the guide dog didnt run either, who cooperated with the mans pace to lead the way slowly in front of him and refused to leave its master.

Zi Yan realized that over the years, this guide dog had developed a habit of always following the masters actions and guarding in front of him.

Its hateful owner took advantage of this, so he was sure to win as long as he ordered the dog to stop at the gates of heaven.

Zi Yan looked at Little Hei and said loudly, “You have given your life for your master.

Now hes not blind, and you dont have to guide him anymore.

Run to heaven.”

But Zhang Han and Little Hei, as if they had not heard Zi Yans words, still walked slowly at the speed of walking on the street.

In fact, Zhang Han was whispering, “Little Hei, dont look back.

Ignore her and play your role well…”

They walked more than 30 meters forward, and then Zhang Han said, “Sit!”

Little Hei sat down obediently, looked at Zhang Han, and wagged its tail.

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han contemptuously, feeling that this is what she had expected would happen.

At this moment…

Zhang Han smiled lightly, using his own way of smiling, and the effect was surprisingly good.

He turned to Zi Yan and said, “Ive finally sent my dog to heaven.

My biggest worry was that it just wanted to be with me and refused to go to heaven.

So I helped it make a decision.”

Zi Yan was stunned, and then she looked at Zhang Han in confusion.

Then Zhang Han looked at Little Hei and touched its head, saying, “Its great to make decisions in the way of competition.

As long as I order it to go a few steps further, it can go to heaven.

But it has accompanied me for so many years, and this is the first time I can look at it with my own eyes, so I couldnt help wanting to walk slowly and look at it for a while.

If I could, Id really hope to watch it going forward forever.

But heaven is here, and thats where it should go.

Please take good care of it.”

With these words, Zhang Han gave Little Hei the order to move forward.

At the moment when Little Hei reached the destination, the director quickly signaled for Zhang Han to run to the other side of the mountain.

Zhang Han was running quickly, and Little Hei turned and ran after its master when it saw Zhang Hans action.

Zi Yan reached out to Little Hei, but Little Hei ran so fast that she couldnt stop it.

Zi Yan looked at this image in a daze, and two lines of clear tears fell down along her face.

The director gave Zi Yan a close-up, and even captured the tears dropping, intending to use this scene as the ending image.

“Perfect!” Wu Dong stood up excitedly and took the lead to clap.

“Its so wonderful.

You completed it in one go!”

Zhang Han shook his head, smiled, and began to walk back.

When he was about to take a third step, he was stunned.

“Is Zi Yan crying”

He hurriedly ran to Zi Yan and held her in his arms, whispering, “Arent we acting Why are you crying”

“Touching… scared…” Zi Yan vaguely said some things.

Zhang Han realized that Zi Yan was moved by the story, so he began to comfort her.

The director was confused and wondered why Zi Yan was crying.

“Women are really made of water.”

The director shook his head and smiled.

“Ow ow ooh, ow ow ooh…”

Little Hei rushed to its madams feet and made all kinds of funny actions.

Zi Yan soon recovered her mood, replaced her tears with a smile, and looked at Zhang Han.

“We got it in one take.

You are amazing!”

“Because you did well.

No matter how bad my acting skills are, everyone will focus on you and ignore me because you are so beautiful.” Zhang Han laughed.

Zi Yan was very happy to be praised by Zhang Han.

After waiting for a moment, they took some additional shots to turn Zhang Hans running into driving a track pulley, just like flying.

By 10:30 a.m., all kinds of supplementary shots were finished.

“We can wait for the post-production, which will take a day or two,” the director said with a smile.

“So fast” Zhang Han was stunned.

He had heard that post-production took a lot of time, especially the production of CG in a game, which was more time-consuming.

He didnt expect that the production of the short video could be so fast.

Two days later, Zhang Han finally knew why they were so fast.

On Friday…

In the morning, after taking Mengmeng to kindergarten, Zhang Han returned to the company and sat in Sun Mings office.

They began watching the finished video on a laptop.

The video was not long, only one minute and 13 seconds, but Zhang Hans mouth began to twitch when he saw this video.

“The heaven and hell are too simple.

The one with light is heaven, and the one with darkness is hell.

This is too perfunctory, and I can even see the edge of Mount New Moon.”

Zhang Han gave a bad comment on the video.

“Did they only give the angel wings a light effect The soul should be at least translucent, but it even has a shadow in the short film, which is quite different from what I imagined.”

“Well, these special effects are a bit crude.” Zi Yan also nodded.


“Well, this…” Sun Ming said helplessly, “They gave three million yuan.

We spent more than 800,000 yuan on shooting and all kinds of expenses.

According to the remaining funds and the current technical level of the companys team, we cant achieve the desired effect.

If we find some post experts to make it, it will greatly increase the cost.”

“Where is the best special effects team Hollywood” Zhang Han asked suddenly.

“Ah” Sun Ming was shocked and nodded.

“The best special effects team in the world is indeed in the hands of several Hollywood giants.”

“Then contact them and ask them for a good team.

I want the best special effects.” Zhang Han nodded.

“But our budget is only three million,” Sun Ming said in a daze.

His brain was suddenly hit by some words.

“Dont worry about the money.

You can contact them now,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Okay.” Sun Ming nodded and walked to his desk.

The words in his head were still clear.

“Losing Money.”

What they said made Zi Yan grin.

This was the first time that the two of them had made an advertising video together as husband and wife, and they should do better.

And this was Zhang Hans first acting job, so he could keep the video as a memory if he wanted.

So Sun Ming asked his friends in North America, hung up three minutes later, and said with a forced smile, “The production of special effects of the highest specification costs nearly four million dollars, nearly 25 million yuan.

If the specifications are lower, the price will be much lower.

But the lowest specification is 500,000 dollars.

I think…”

“Then the highest specification.” Zhang Han thought it over and replied, “Ive heard that the special effects in Hollywood films burn money for every frame, so we can make the advertisement according to that specification.”


Sun Ming was stunned.

There were strings of numbers flying in his mind.

“Three million, minus the cost of one million, equals two million, minus 25 million, equals minus 23 million.

“The company will lose 23 million yuan in its first business after opening…

“My gosh.

“Whats going on”

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