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Upon seeing Zi Yan bargaining, Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ming, Wang Ya, and Zhao Feng, who were by her side, all could not help laughing.

From their perspective, Zi Yan was amazing, which was beyond doubt.

She looked like a goddess, more or less, who was the same as an otherworldly fairy maiden.

However, at this moment, she was bargaining with others and asking for discounts, which was somewhat down-to-earth and pretty interesting.

Soon, the staff member returned after calling.

The look on his face was somewhat perturbed.

He said, “According to the general manager, we can give you a 12% off discount at most, is that OK for you If so, the general manager would like to come here in person to discuss the detailed cooperation.”

Zi Yan blinked her big eyes as she asked, “12% off”

Zi Yans question made the man take a deep breath.

Whether it was success or failure would depend on this decision.

As long as he succeeded this time, he could be the quarterly sales champion of the company.

Zi Yan did not leave him feeling nervous for a long time.

Instead, she smiled gently as she replied, “Its a deal!”


The man exhaled a long breath and said continuously, “Thanks.”

After Zi Yan finished her sentence, she received another call.

Zhao Feng went out and walked in the staff member in charge of the bed quilt.

“Another big order!”

The man stared at the woman who was in charge of selling the bed quilt and shook his head slightly.

It seemed that today was a lucky day for a lot of people.

As long as one had some business vision, one would know that quite a lot of things were needed since the location was so vast and there were so many architectural buildings.

As expected!

After the woman was done with measuring, she inquired about whether they could cooperate.

As a result, what happened next was almost the same as the scene a moment ago.

The woman contacted the executives of her company in a hurry.

Following that, the staff members in charge of other aspects arrived at the castle one after another.

Facing such a big order, a lot of people were super excited.

About an hour later, the general managers arrived one after another.

After they climbed to the top of Mount New Moon, they reacted the same as their employees had.

It was not until they saw the looks of the castle here that they reflected on the definition of “rich” with emotion.

Speaking of the acreage here, it could beat that of the Four Grand Families in Hong Kong in an instant.

Speaking of the value, a luxurious mansion block in the mid-level of New Moon Bay had once been priced at over three billion dollars, which had broken the world record, not to mention the broad area of luxurious mansions on the mountain top.

Though they were greatly astonished, they cared about the value of the deal more.

Although the owner of the luxurious mansion had consented to the deal, they could go back on their verbal agreement.

After the contracts were signed and the payments were made, those managers were beaming with smiles.

The profit was huge.

However, they knew that they had to get the work done well.

Otherwise, if the kind of influential figure like the owner was not satisfied, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Consequently, all the staff got the operation started without stopping.

They called many underlings here to measure the size in each house and do preparations, such as making records.

Though Zi Yan was only in charge of making purchases for the castle, she had been quite occupied all afternoon, since the area of the house was so large.

As for the dozens of family members of the Wang family, they also asked for some customized items.

Temporarily, they would stay in the companys hotel and would move into the castle after everything was settled.

After a busy afternoon passed, Zi Yan went back to the restaurant, sat on the couch of the second floor, and lay on Zhang Hans legs, enjoying a massage from the stay-home dad.

Mengmeng sat on the right side of Zhang Han.

After she played with her toys for a while, she stared at Zi Yan and said, “MaMa, when can we go to Xanadu”

“Next Saturday.

It is Sunday today.

You can count it by yourself.

Excluding today and Saturday, how many more days to go” Zi Yan lay on Zhang Hans thigh, rested her slim legs on the edge of the sofa, and swayed them back and forth, indicating that she was in a good mood.

Mengmeng pursed her tender lips and replied somewhat moodily, “Hum.

Excluding today and Saturday, five more days to go, namely, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! MaMa, five more days to go before we go to Xanadu again.

Its too long.”

After Zi Yan heard what Mengmeng had said, she burst into laughter.


Before Zi Yan replied, Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Mengmeng, you should think of it like this, you need to go to kindergarten from Monday to Friday.

In that case, you wont have time to go to the mountain.

We also did not go there from last Monday to last Friday, did we”

“Huh” Mengmeng was at a loss.

She raised her head and stared at her PaPa without blinking her big eyes.

She was reflecting on whether she had been there or not last week.

It seemed… she had not been there last week!

“Moreover, if we go to the mountain this time, we wont come back.

We are going to move into Xanadu and live there.

It is because the house there needs to be constructed in the next few days that we need to wait for a few more days.” Zi Yan sat up, stretched her hands, and stroked Mengmengs cute head.

Mengmeng nodded as she replied, “Well, in that case, its OK.”

When it was time for dinner, Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin came over, who would stay here tonight.

They had discussed with Zhang Hans group that they would make breakfast the next day.

This was because Zhang Han needed to go to the relic site in Nanxing with Wang Zhanpeng the next morning.

They left their discussion there.

However, at five oclock the next morning, Zhang Han got up on time, went downstairs, and started to prepare breakfast.

This time, instead of making rice and fried dishes, he made soup dumplings, which were stuffed with meat as well as vegetables.

He also made some cold dishes with cucumbers and potato chips.


At 5:30, Zi Yan touched the place beside her subconsciously.

It was empty.

“Honey.” Zi Yan called Zhang Han softly.

When she opened her eyes, she felt the confusion of just waking up.

However, the next second, she opened her eyes wide gradually.

Her heart skipped a beat.

She sat up in a hurry.

As she felt confused, she was panicked in secret.

Unconsciously, she was used to seeing Zhang Han after getting up in the morning.

She got out of bed from the side directly, put on her slippers, and walked out.

After Zi Yan opened the door, Rong Jiaxin saw her, smiled, and asked, “Zi Yan, are you up”

Zi Yan replied, “Yes.

Where is Zhang Han”

Rong Jiaxin answered, “He is making breakfast downstairs.”

“Uh.” Zi Yan responded as she walked downstairs with quick paces.

Upon seeing Zhang Han, who was busy cooking in the kitchen, she pursed her lips.

Zhang Han chuckled as he said, “Youre up.

If you feel sleepy, you can sleep for a while longer.”

“I am not sleepy anymore.

I want a hug.”

Zi Yan walked over while wearing pajamas.

Zhang Han saw Zi Yans look, chuckled, and opened his arms.

Since white flour was all over his palms, he asked Zi Yan to hold him in her arms.

Zi Yan choked with sobs as she said, “I am concerned about you.

You must put safety as the top priority.

Otherwise, you should not go there.

What do you think”

She wanted Zhang Han to be safe instead of asking him to become so amazing.

As long as Zhang Han was safe, it would be fine for her.

However, both her father-in-law and mother-in-law were confined in the worldlet and Zhang Han was forced to move forward with the complicated relationship.

As a result, at this moment, Zi Yan felt quite complicated.

Perhaps, the reason why she was somewhat adorable was that she had just woken up.

She was not as clear-headed as normal.

Her brain did not react the same way as it had previously.

Zhang Han grinned, chuckled, and said continuously, “All right, all right.

I told you that I definitely would be safe there.

How about this, let me perform a magic trick for you.

Then, you will know why I said that I definitely would be safe.”

“What is it” The expression on Zi Yans face was frozen.

She blinked her eyes and stepped backward obediently.

“From the perspective of the cultivation practitioners, I am still a beginner, who rarely uses tricks.

However, because of you, I own a Ten Inches Dantian and soul sense.

Consequently, I can manage with some effort to show off one of my previous supernatural powers, whose name is Secret Disappearance.

Take a look!”


As Zhang Han finished the last sentence, his figure disappeared all of a sudden.


Zi Yan was at a loss all of a sudden.

She blinked her eyes forcibly and saw nobody there.

After that, she rubbed her eyes and looked forward.

Still, no figures showed up.

Zi Yan asked in a hurry, “Where are you”

There was no response.

However, the kitchen looked the same.

The soup dumplings lay on the powder plate one by one.

Without these things, it would seem that Zhang Han had never even been here.

Zi Yan added, “You, you, you show up quickly.”

The next moment…


All of a sudden, Zi Yan felt that her lips had been kissed.

Following that, Zhang Hans figure appeared in front of Zi Yan.

A gentle smile showed up on the corner of his lips.

He held Zi Yan in his arms gently.

Zhang Han smiled as he said, “Did you see that Your husband can camouflage himself, meaning that almost nobody can find me in the Divine Realm.

You can be at ease this time.”

The Secret Disappearance Trick was one of the trump cards that Zhang Han had used before to be powerful.

If one used the tempered Secret Disappearance Trick, ones body would disappear into the void.

Even the experienced immortals in charge of passing tribulation, who possessed the spiritual senses, could not detect ones whereabouts.

Only a minority of people could utilize the kind of supernatural power like their spiritual senses and so on to explore ones whereabouts.

If one camouflaged oneself on the spot, one would be caught soon.

However, whether or not Zhang Han would be caught was related to his other trump card, namely, the Divine Walking Trick.

Undoubtedly, Zhang Han had both physical and mental supernatural powers, whose speed was supremely fast.

Only some gifted spirit beasts could beat him when it came to speed.

However, more importantly, physical and mental supernatural power complemented each other and could be exerted at the same time, which was too profound to predict.

However, speaking of the tricks that Zhang Han currently used, they could be considered to be the Secret Disappearance Trick.

However, they had nothing to do with the authentic Secret Disappearance Trick at all.

A person would remain mortal until he reached the Innateness Stage.

Only after one reached the Innateness Stage could one exert the power of some tricks.

Even so, without a soul sense, one could not detect Zhang Hans whereabouts.

Zhang Han was not just proficient at the Secret Disappearance Trick, he was also adept at shielding the juncture.

This meant that those martial artists in the Divine Realm had no way to detect Zhang Hans whereabouts.

However… speaking of someone that could force Zhang Han to use this trick in the Divine Realm, he or she had not existed yet.

From the time he had come back until now, nobody could make Zhang Han run away.

If someone like this did show up…

Zhang Han would show him how he going to run away!

“All right.

In that case, I will rest assured.

However, you need to be more watchful.

If you run into any danger, kindly remember that Mengmeng and I are waiting for you at home.” Zi Yan tiptoed and put a kiss on Zhang Hans lips.

After that, she smiled gently as she said, “I will go to pack things up.”

After that, she walked to the second floor.

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

To use the Secret Disappearance Trick, Zhang Han needed to consume a lot of his soul sense and spiritual force.

Based on his current capability, if he intended to maintain the status of secret disappearance for one minute, he needed to consume over 70% of his spiritual force and all of his soul sense.

Currently, this trick was suitable for escaping instead of fighting.

He finished making the soup dumplings and placed them in the refrigerator room, intending to ask the auntie to cook them when it was almost seven oclock.

As for the operation of the restaurant, it would be shut down temporarily, which everybody accepted gladly this time.

After all, they could go to another bigger restaurant.

However, it would be less interesting if they could not see Mengmeng and Zi Yan anymore.

When it was almost six oclock, Zhang Han said goodbye to Zi Yan and left the restaurant.

He came to the square at the backside of the company and found that the construction of the small-sized airport was almost done, which was going through the final phase of testing and refinement.

Three helicopters were parked on the helicopter pad.

Zhao Feng walked Zhang Han and Wang Zhanpeng to the black Airbus H145 Helicopter.

As the helicopters propellers reeled off, the helicopter took off and headed for Shenzhen.


I am afraid that the journey to the relic site will be filled with danger this time.

Fortunately, I made some preparations.”

Vigorousness and shrewdness showed up in Wang Zhanpengs eyes.

He smiled as he said, “I have included 40 sets of tactical deployments into the Mountains and Rivers Flag, including 10 dazzling deployments, 10 killing deployments, 10 defense deployments, as well as 10 functional deployments.”

The journey to a class-B relic site was always dangerous.

Moreover, there were talents from a small world around.

Though Wang Zhanpeng was the senior, he had made a lot of preparations conscientiously.

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