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All the people on present shuddered inwardly.

Mu Xue was the number one female swordsmen of the Luo Fu Sword sect, who had an uneven temper and many tricks.

People found her to be a tricky one.

She did not get the title of a female demon in vain.

She preferred to make fun of her enemies and cut their heads off at the last moment.

However, a minority of people, including Ji Wushuang and Mo Chengfeng, all looked at Mu Xue somewhat solemnly.

She was not just the talent of the Luo Fu Sword sect.

Speaking of contending with the fathers title, she was quite fierce.

Her father was the sect leader of the Luo Fu Sword sect.

Not only was she tricky, but also she had many treasures.


Shi Fenghou sneered, took a glimpse at Mu Xue, and didnt bother with her anymore.

Mu Xue did not say anything at all, but still stood on the top of a tree.

Her long black gown floated along with the wind.

She looked somewhat extraordinary.

Ma Di stared at Mu Xues figure.

The look in his eyes was filled with astonishment.

He mumbled, “She is Mu Xue, the talents disciple of the Luo Fu Sword sect.

She is beautiful and determined.

Even I cant imagine what kind of men can conquer the kind of beauty like her.”

Junior Brother Lu coughed gently as he said, “Eldest Brother, I am afraid you dont have a chance at all…”

“Who said that” Ma Di gave Junior Brother Lu a hard look.

The way he spoke showed that he was somewhat displeased.

They chitchatted behind Zhang Han.

“Lets go,” Zhang Han said.


Wang Zhanpeng nodded.

They moved their bodies and stepped onto the surface of the lake.

The ring on Zhang Hans finger shone slightly.

The flood dragon card flew out and floated beneath their feet.

“Clatter, clatter!”

A force that looked like a sea wave took shape beneath their feet and held Zhang Han and Wang Zhanpeng as they moved forward.

All the peculiarities going on this side also attracted many peoples attention.

Though there were many people on the vacant land a moment ago, only a minority of people near Zhang Han knew his identity.

At this time, upon seeing Zhang Hans figure, a few people among the crowd exclaimed.

“Zhang Hanyang.”

“Zhang Hanyang seems to be the super demon, who emerges out of the void.

The situation is interesting now.

Speaking of the current forces in the martial arts world, as always, Emperor Qing is in the north and Merciless Zhang is in the south.

Last time, when Ye Longyuan ran into Emperor Qing, they fought with each other immediately.

If Ye Longyuan is here this time, I am afraid they will fight again!”

“Tut, though Ye Longyuan is amazing, he also did not beat Emperor Qing, right I believe that Merciless Zhang can do it.

Not all the talents come from the worldlet.

There are some amazing ones from the secular world.”

However, some young martial artists favored Zhang Han.

A senior shook his head continuously as he said, “After all, you still dont know these talents background.

Even in the worldlet, they have great fame.

Devil Incarnate, Ye Longyuan; Little Roc, Shi Fenghou; and Mu Xue the female demon… they are all the really strong ones.”

Though a lot of people from the worldlet looked down upon the martial artists of the secular world, it was beyond doubt that the martial power in the worldlet was much stronger.

The senior thought back to when he had dreamt of being comparable to those talents from the worldlet.

However, as reality showed, there was a huge gap between them.

Gradually, he hoped that the disciples from the secular world could get the talents from the worldlet off the horse.

However, after many years had passed, his wish did not come true.


He already understood it thoroughly.

He firmly believed that the worldlet existed above the martial arts world.

They were not comparable.

“Zhang Han is here.”

The eyes of Lei Tiannan, who had been standing on the wooden boat on the right side of the lake, lit up.

He exerted his spiritual force and enabled the wooden boat to move in the direction of Zhang Han.

He stopped in front of Zhang Han.

They nodded, greeted each other, and did not say anything at all.

Instead, they waited for the opening of the relic quietly.

Gradually, three more minutes passed.

The sect disciples of the worldlet showed up one after another, whose number was more than 30.

Their auras showed that 30 percent of them were at the Grand Master Early-stage and almost 70 percent of them were at the Grand Master Late-stage.

Only three to five people were at the peak.

Soon, a gentle fog floated above the surface of the lake.

Nanxing Lake became somewhat creepy.

People knew that it was an omen indicating that the door to the relic was going to open soon.


However, at this moment…

A deep voice seemed to ring out from the air, which was somewhat contemptuous and distant.

“Idlers, clear the way!”


Everybody looked forward in unison and saw a black point gliding quickly from the faraway top point of the trees.


Within a period of three breaths, the black point became a black figure.

After they saw the figure vaguely, a senior on one side of the central lake shook his head as he said, “Ye Longyuan is here!”

Devil Incarnate Ye Longyuan!

As the influential figure arrived, he attracted many peoples attention.

“Hohoho…” Mu Xue, the female demon, stood on the top of a tree and chuckled, who regarded herself as an onlooker.

As for the more than 30 people on the central lake, the looks on their faces changed slightly.

“Should idlers clear the way”

“Who is he referring to”

Shi Fenghou frowned slightly.

Shi Fenghou walked forward and found that Ye Longyuan was floating at an altitude of more than 10 miles in the air.

Ye Longyuan had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes, which could be counted as some of his characteristics.

Ye Longyuan said roughly, “Shi Fenghou, since you knew I would be here, why did you dare to stand on the central lake”

“Ho!” Shi Fenghou sneered as he said, “How qualified are you that you even dare to make me avoid you Ye Longyuan”

“Hahahaha…” Ye Longyuan raised his head and laughed out loud all of a sudden.

His voice boomed continuously as if it were thunder.

In an instant, he retrieved his laughter and shook his right hand.

A long black whip at a length of seven feet appeared in his hands instantly and flung downward violently.


A deafening cracking sound rang out.

The whip swirled in half a circle pretty quickly.

A half-moon-shaped whip shadow, whose length was at more than 10 meters, attacked from the air above and thrashed at Shi Fenghou.

Ye Longyuan was still the same, who was not hesitant to fight.

At this moment, three people who had been standing by the side of Shi Fenghou stepped backward quickly.

They could not participate in the fight between Ye Longyuan and Shi Fenghou.

Even over 90 percent of the people surrounding them abandoned their wooden boats and stepped backward dozens of miles.

Only a few people were still standing in the fighting circle.

Of course, among them, Zhang Han, Wang Zhanpeng, Ji Wushuang, Mo Chengfeng, and three other seniors were included.

At a snap, the whip shadow swept downward very quickly.

At this moment, Shi Fenghou seemed to be dumbfounded while staring at the whip shadow blankly.

The next moment, the whip shadow hit right on Shi Fenghous body.

However, amazingly, a bloody mist did not show up at all.

This was Shi Fenghous remaining figure!

Everybody on the shore all looked up in unison and saw Shi Fenghou standing 10 feet in the air.

There was a pair of light feather wings on his back.

It was the blazing fire roc!

It was Shi Fenghous gifted supernatural power.

It was also because of this power that Shi Fenghou had such unprecedented speed!


As the people were distracted, the whip shadow smashed at the central lake and formed a deep cavern directly.

As the whip shadow swept across the water, the lake water flowed backward.

Even the bottom of the lake, whose depth was at nine meters, was exposed.

It was not until the whip shadow even smashed a five-meter-deep ravine in the bottom of the lake that the power faded away.

The next second…

A huge wave rushed violently at the surroundings from the central lake.

Though the wave seemed to be huge and turbulent, to the Wu Dao Grand Masters on the scene, it was not a threat at all.

They could solve the crisis by simply waving their hands.

Ye Longyuan sneered slightly as he said, “Shi Fenghou, you are still so speedy.

The last time I chased you away, I figured out a trick, which was specifically designed for you, after I went home.

The trick is called Heaven and Earth Net! It converges all the remaining essential forces of the sun and the moon in the world.

However speedy you are, you cant escape my trap!”


After Ye Longyuan finished his sentence, many people present changed the looks on their faces slightly.

As Ye Longyuan had said, his new trick had converged all the essential forces of the sun and the moon in the world, since he had figured the kind of trick out, probably he had overtaken many winners of the old generation!


As Ye Longyuans words faded away, Ye Longyuan stretched out his hands and patted forward all of a sudden.


In an instant, dull and deep voices rang out from Shi Fenghous surroundings.

“Ho!” Shi Fenghou sneered and stood on the spot motionlessly.

He sensed that a gust of force surrounded him in each direction.

If he moved in one direction, as the saying goes, a slight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole, all the energy around him might converge together, making the trick take shape more quickly.

Shi Fenghou thought, “Even so, I will see if there is any difference at all if the trick takes shape.”

Shi Fenghou was confident in himself and did not fear Ye Longyuan at all.

Soon, people saw that the rays of crystal silken threads formed into a net.

As Ye Longyuan clenched his fists, the net compressed continuously.

“Ye Longyuan.”

Shi Fenghou fixed the look in his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Both you and I are suppressing our cultivation and are reluctant to make a breakthrough to the Divine Realm.

We are both waiting to return to the sect.

You have not entered the Divine Realm now.

As a result, all the tricks you use are nothing to me but rubbish.”

After Shi Fenghou finished his sentence, he crossed his hands and retreated backward.

In an instant, a fiery wave emerged from his hands and burned down the crystal net.

As the saying goes, its impolite not to give something in return when one receives something!

The next moment, Shi Fenghous body wavered.

Though Ye Longyuans figure was standing on the spot, he raised the long whip in his hands and thrashed it forward directly.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Within three breaths of time…

Flashing light showed up in front of Ye Longyuan continuously.

Deep and dull voices rang out one after another.

It was unknown how many times they had fought with each other.

This was because most of the people could not see it clearly.


Amid a loud and clear voice, they contacted each other, then separated.

They were equals, or they were evenly matched.

Both of them knew clearly that they would fight with each other for a long time if they wanted to know who the winner was and who the loser was in the end.

However, Ye Longyuan did so to test his Heaven and Earth Net.

Since the Heaven and Earth Net was effective, it meant that he was moving in the right direction.

As a result, he did not keep chasing after Shi Fenghou.

The look in his eyes was cold and icy.

He laughed wildly as he said, “Shi Fenghou, after I come back to Heaven Lake of the sect and make a breakthrough, I will cut your head off next time we meet each other.”

“Ho!” Shi Fenghou smiled contemptuously and did not bother to say anything further.

Though the fighting came to an end, a lot of people around felt greatly disturbed.

“They…” Wang Zhanpeng took a deep breath, sighed gently, and said, “they deserve their reputations.”

Lei Tiannan added, “If they were not in the secular world, they might make a breakthrough and enter the Divine Realm sooner.”

On the other side, Ji Wushuang said calmly, “Indeed, they are somewhat amazing.”

Though he was illustrating a fact, the look in his eyes was even.

Instead, Mo Chengfeng shook his head continuously and said, “These people definitely will grow up to be horrible ones in the future.”

Being young was their capital.

They were that capable at such age… How promising they were!

Except for them, all the people on the shore were in an uproar.

“Did you hear that Oh my goodness, both of them are suppressing their cultivation.

Otherwise, they would have made a breakthrough and entered the Divine Realm sooner! If so, could it be that nobody could beat them if they were in the Divine Realm”

“They are so horrible.

As expected, they are horrible!”

“The fighting between them is too horrifying.

Based on my Heaven Stage, if I had been by their side, the remaining waves would have killed me!”

“Hold on! While they were fighting, 90 percent of the people conceded and avoided them.

However, some were still standing in the central circle.”

As this sentence spread out, everybody diverted their looks from Shi Fenghou and Ye Longyuan, stared downward, and exclaimed one after another.

“He is Merciless Zhang!”

“Also there is a senior beside him.

Lei Tiannan, Protector Leng, Mo Chengfeng from Hong Kong, Ji Wushuang, and the leader of the Heavenly Talisman Sect are there… 11 people in total.

It seems that they are so confident that they dare to stay in the central lake.”

Sounds of discussion rang out one after another.


Obviously, Ye Longyuan also noticed them.

He looked around and found that he had heard of those martial artists of the old generation.

Especially when it came to Ji Wushuang, Ye Longyuan thought that he could not see through him.

Even so, he was not afraid of him.

Ye Longyuan did not bother with them at all.

Instead, he fixed his eyes on the sole young man among them.

The sole young man was Zhang Han!

All of a sudden, a sense of playfulness leaked from the corner of his lips.

There was contempt in his eyes.

“Are you the so-called Merciless Zhang Hanyang”

The way Ye Longyuan spoke was still contemptuous.

He was Ye Longyuan, who was nicknamed the Devil Incarnate!

He was arrogant and presumptuous.

However, he was qualified to act like that!

This scene made a lot of people feel nervous subconsciously.

Would the moment come at last

It made sense.

Whenever Ye Longyuan heard of the young disciples from the secular world, he would always fight with them!

“I wonder what Zhang Hanyang will choose!”


“Or say a few words first”

Many people could not help holding their breath.

Even Wang Zhanpeng became somewhat nervous.

People all guessed what would happen next.

However, it did not occur to any one of them what the result would be.

Zhang Han turned around and stared at Ye Longyuan peacefully.

“You are noisy!”

That gentle sentence echoed and spread around.

After people heard the voice, and before they had time to feel astounded, they saw Zhang Han raising his right hand slightly.

A light-black palm showed up vaguely five miles away from Ye Longyuans side.

The light black palm swept over crushingly!

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