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Chapter 494 What a Fortune!

Fire Soul was a type of treasure containing the power of fire.

More precisely, the soul energy it contained was able to gather and store the power of fire.

And cultivators at the Innateness stage or above, could absorb the soul energy and improve their soul sense with it, as well as making the fire power theirs.

Relatively speaking, it would not help the cultivators greatly improve their spiritual force.

That was why Zheng Hans eyes lit up when he saw the Fire Soul.

“Hope it has a higher purity!”

The glow from Zhang Hans eyes formed into a silk thread and began stabbing at the body of the Fire Soul.

The rarity of such treasures depended on their purity, and the higher their purity, the easier it would be for cultivators to absorb them.

In addition, the efficiency of energy conversion was also related to the secret method of energy absorption mastered by cultivators themselves.

The more powerful the method was, the better the effect of energy absorption would be.

Zhang Han was not lacking in secret methods.

He was only limited by his own strength, and constantly chose the most suitable methods from his reserve of knowledge!

Now the only uncertainty was the purity of the Fire Soul!

In the magma below Zhang Han, the burning soul was like a monster roaring at him.

In fact, it did not have any independent consciousness, and was just acting like a newborn baby, by instinct.

Zhang Hans attack with his soul sense caused pain to the Fire Soul.

It was infuriated!

Zhang Han heard a rustle below him.

It was a deep and hoarse roar from the soul!

Its arms grew suddenly and reached out to Zhang Han, filled with fearsome power.

It was an attack at the same level of Grand Master Early-stage.

But the moment it sprang into action, a ray of Zhang Hans soul sense went into its body and began shuttling back and forth, within it.

“The purity is over 70%.” Zhang Han was surprised.

Zhang Han felt this was somewhat unexpected.

He did not think that the purity of the Fire Soul here could reach such a high level.

The purity was divided into three levels.

The Fire Souls with a purity of 10% to 30% belonged to the low level, which were turbid and could not be absorbed.

Fire Souls with a purity of 40% to 60% belonged to the middle level, and could be absorbed, but the energy conversion rate was not high.

Those with a purity of 70% to 90% belonged to the high level and was very suitable for absorption.

Zhang Han felt that the Fire Soul was the most precious treasure to be found in the ruins.


He was not content with just one Fire Soul.

If it was only one, it would be of no use for him.

The Fire Souls arms were stretching out and sweeping towards Zhang Han.

Zhang Han raised his right hand slightly.

Hand of Earth Killing Intent!

“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

The moment Zhang Han made the move…

The magma within ten meters suddenly rolled up like boiling water.

A large number of evil spirits rose, converging into a three-meter-tall palm, within seconds.

The power of the Hand of Earth Killing Intent would be multiplied whenever there were evil spirits present.


A muffled sound was heard.

The Fire Soul at Grand Master Early-stage was smashed by Zhang Hans blow.

As its body broke, the energy it stored, like a crystal ball, slowly floated out and began to dissipate.

If Zhang Han had not absorbed the energy in time, it would have disappeared completely within a second.

But Zhang Han had already prepared for this moment.

Dark Blood Seal!

As Zhang Han raised his left hand, a bloody mist encircled and absorbed the essence of the Fire Soul, and then it turned into a ray of red cloud and sank into Zhang Hans palm.

“Just refine it!”

Zhang Hans eyes were shining again.

The stored energy was divided into two groups, 90% of which became the spiritual sense energy, converging in the soul sense sea, and becoming a thin mist above the sea surface.

Another 10% energy was gathered in Zhang Hans meridian, and was soon absorbed by his spiritual force.

“Hope I can find more of it.”

Zhang Han seemed to be in the center of the ocean or desert, surrounded by oppressive magma.

He could not make out the direction at all on the ground covered with magma, but he found abnormal burning clouds above him.

On Zhang Hans right, the color of the burning cloud was becoming darker and darker.

And farther away, they became a sea of red light.

The core of the ruins should be in that direction.

After determining the direction, Zhang Han made his way toward the core of the ruins.

He saw three or seven small platforms at every hundred meters.

Under the natural law of this main world, there had never been an absolute Deadland, and brave cultivators were always left with a chance to survive.

As a result, small pieces of land, or stone platforms, were scattered in the class B ruins, just like the top of columns extending downward into the magma.

At every 1000 meters, Zhang Han would stand on a platform and wait for two minutes.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be very few Fire Souls here.

Zhang Han only encountered three Fire Souls within the 3000 meters he had just covered.

And so far, he had only absorbed four of them.

“Have I been randomly transferred to the boundary area of the ruins again, this time”

Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He had been into two ruins, and each time he had been transported to the boundary area.

How unlucky he was!

“I cant waste any more time here.”

Zhang Han made up his mind and rushed forward at a higher speed.

He could stay in the ruins for a limited time only, and it was foolish to waste time at the boundary area.

Zhang Han kept moving forward.

Fortunately, there were some spirit treasures in Zhang Hans Space Ring.

As he moved forward, he absorbed the spirit treasures energy directly, and kept the level of his spiritual force above 90%.

An hour passed.

The area of the stone platform was becoming larger and larger, and some of them could even support more than ten people, at the same time.

On the way, Zhang Han absorbed more than a dozen Fire Souls, and his soul sense improved slowly but steadily.

Some light mist had appeared above his soul sense sea, and it was just a matter of time for them before they gathered together and formed a cloud.

All of a sudden,

Zhang Han saw some martial artists from afar, standing on a stone platform on his right, defending the attacks from the Fire Souls.

Zhang Han flashed toward them.

This was because they were surrounded by more than ten four-meter-tall Fire Souls!

Those Fire Souls were likely to be at the Grand Master Middle-stage.

There were 14 or 15 martial artists on that large platform, and most of them were at the Grand Master Early-stage, except for one Last-Stage master and four Middle-Stage masters.

It was hard for them to fight against nearly 20 Middle-Stage Fire Souls at the same time.

As he approached them, Zhang Han could hear them shouting.

“Soul defense, soul defense.

They are going to launch another round of soul attack!”

“Pure spiritual force attacks cant hurt them severely.

Try secret methods and spells!”

“Can someone help me to strengthen my defense shield”


Among the crowd, Zhang Han saw Protector Leng holding his green shield.

There were five people standing behind him and injecting their energy into the shield to activate it.

The light of the shield covered all people inside, which helped to block 90% of the attack power of the Fire Soul.

“Huh Someones coming!”

All of a sudden, someone shouted.

When everyone turned around, they saw a figure approaching them from afar, at a high speed.

“Its Grand Master Zhang!” Protector Leng announced excitedly.

“Grand Master Zhang Merciless Zhang!”

Some of them were looking at Zhang Han uneasily.

Several of them looked desperate.


Under everyones gazes, Zhang Han crossed his hands and pushed forward.

Suddenly, two five-meter-tall palms appeared and swept across the Fire Souls.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

A series of dull sounds could be heard.

A total of 17 Fire Souls were smashed by Zhang Hans stroke.

Zhang Han stretched out his hands again and emitted a red light to collect all the energy.

All the people present were stunned.

“No wonder he is a Grand Master.

How could he destroy so many monsters within such a short time”

“Thank you, Grand Master Zhang!”

That Last-Stage martial artist made an obeisance and thanked Zhang Han, but he did not say anything superfluous.

“Thank you, Grand Master Zhang.”


After thanking Zhang Han, the crowd became silent, and there were even several people who gathered together to block Zhang Hans vision, as if there were some treasures behind them.



Suddenly, Zhang Han heard Protector Leng calling his name among the crowd.

He took a few steps forward and said, “Here is a natural precious material.

Its a lotus and seems to be at Heaven grade.

But there is a protective cover with a radius of five meters around the treasure, and we have to wait for half an hour before it will be reduced to one meter.

Its strange that this treasure can make arrays and trap us here.”

Protector Leng gave a simple explanation to Zhang Han.

The other people raised their hands to block their trembling mouths and sighed silently, knowing that the treasure was not meant for them.

“Just forget about it, or we will fight for the treasure later.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly at Protector Leng and looked at the lotus.

The snow-white lotus was floating on the magma, protected by a light shield with a radius of one meter.

After scanning the lotus with his soul sense, Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly.

“You call this a treasure”

Zhang Han glanced at Protector Leng and shook his head.

As Zhang Han raised his hand, the Hand of Earth Killing Intent was formed in the magma, and he grasped the object hidden under the white lotus.

“Clatter, clatter!”

Along with the up-welling magma…

When the other martial artists saw what was in front of them, they felt chills running up their spines.

“Is it a monster, too”

The man at the Grand Master Late-stage gasped in fear.

“We have been cheated!”

“They were partners! They lied to us intentionally!”


The crowd began discussing about this matter.

In front of them was a monster-like a fish, with a flower of energy at the top of its head.

Obviously, this was the monster that had been trapping them!

Zhang Han ignored all the discussions going on.

According to his judgment, the purity of the Fire Soul was 80%, and the energy it stored was ten times that of the former Fire Souls.

It had almost reached the Grand Master Late-stage.

Obviously, it was like the team leader of the Fire Souls.


Zhang Han controlled the Hand of Earth Killing Intent to shatter the Fire Soul, and then released the red light to absorb the energy into his body.

The energy he absorbed from this Fire Soul was equal to the sum of the seventeen he had just absorbed.

This kind of fish shaped Fire Soul seemed to be a more advanced creature here.

After absorbing the energy, Zhang Han looked at Protector Lengs method and said calmly,

“Dont stay too long in one place.”

Zhang Han rushed forward, without waiting for Protector Leng to answer.

“Grand Master Zhang is really like an immortal!”

The Grand Master Late-stage martial artist followed Zhang Han and moved toward the central area of the ruins.

The others left in groups.

As they walked, they could not help sighing with emotion, for they did not expect Merciless Zhang to help others like this.

However…it seemed to be a misunderstanding.

With Zhang Han moving forward, the number of Fire Souls he had absorbed was increasing.

30, 40, 50…

Gradually, Zhang Han had absorbed more than 300 Fire Souls.

When he passed a platform, he saw more than 30 martial artists, among which there were even ten disciples of the sects in the worldlet, trapped by 200 Fire Souls, including more than 30 fish like ones.

And there were more than 100 other Fire Souls constantly attacking them.

Once Zhang Han arrived, like a killing God, he began to reap these Fire Souls from the edge of the circle.

In less than five minutes, all the Fire Souls had been cleared.

There were more than 30 martial artists present, who were all moved by Zhang Hans actions, and thanked him repeatedly.

“Thank you, Grand Master Zhang.”

“Its very kind of you, Master Zhang.

I will never forget how you saved my life!”


Zhang Han ignored their thanks and rushed forward, without looking back.

Even those disciples from the sects in the worldlet could not help praising Zhang Han…

“If Shi Fenghou or Ye Longyuan were the ones who passed by, they would not have helped us.

I did not expect Zhang Hanyang to be such a righteous person.

Hes admirable!”

Zhang Han did not care about what the others thought or said.

After absorbing more than 300 Fire Souls, the shape of the cloud was completely revealed above his soul sense sea.

Now his soul sense was five times more powerful than before, and it could scan the area with a radius of 100 meters, twice as much as before!

Although this progress was not obvious, it only took Zhang Han two hours, which was amazing.

The soul sense sea was opened when a cultivator reached the Innateness stage.

At the first Innateness stage, his soul sense kept condensing into a cloud, above the soul sense sea.

At the middle Innateness stage, the clouds would gather in the sky above the soul sense sea.

At the late Innateness stage, it began to rain over the soul sense sea.

Each raindrop contained much spiritual sense energy.

In the process of these rainwater converging into rivers, lakes and finally the sea, the cultivator himself would also undergo transformation, which meant he had reached the God Transformation stage.

Zhang Han had finished the process of forming clouds, in advance.

He had not reached the Innateness stage yet, so the quality of his clouds was thus reduced slightly.

Zhang Han knew that as long as he finished forming the clouds in advance and sheltered his whole soul sense sea with them, it would benefit him a lot, including making it much easier for him to advance to the Innateness stage.

“Not enough!”

“Far from enough!”

“How can only one soul sense cloud be enough!”

There seemed to be many Fire Souls waiting for Zhang Han.

They were actually the most valuable treasures in the ruins.

The treasure that belonged to Zhang Han only!

No cultivator or martial artist knew how to use the Fire Soul before they reached the Innateness stage.

As for the two God-State-Strong martial artists at the early Innateness stage that Zhang Han had just encountered, they could sense the energy of Fire Soul with their soul sense, but they did not know how to absorb the energy.

Zhang Han kept going ahead.

About half an hour later, he suddenly saw a dark area in the distance.

That was the land!

He finally saw the land.

It was actually an island.

It was about a quarter the size of the South Island.

The whole island was reddish brown in color, with only sand on it.

It looked like a very hot place.

Zhang Han moved ahead for another five minutes.

When he saw the scene along the coast, he narrowed his eyes slightly, in excitement.

“What a fortune!”

Zhang Han was overjoyed.

How lucky he was!

On the shore in front of him.

The magma surface was densely covered with dense Fire Souls!

Countless Fire Souls!

They were like ants turning out in full force.

There were tens of thousands of Fire Souls!

There was no doubt that others would be frightened by this scene.

But Zhang Han was so happy.

“So many Fire Souls!”

“So many!”


The Steps of Immortals.

Zhang Han speeded up again, like a ray of light.

When he approached the island and was about to attack those Fire Souls, he heard someone calling him from somewhere nearby…

“Grand Master Zhang, here!”

Turning around, he saw a stone platform with a radius of 40-50 meters, hundreds of meters away.

There were more than a dozen people standing on it.

There were also many people standing on a few small stone platforms not far away from them.

Obviously, they were in a dilemma because of the Fire Souls.

Zhang Han saw Lei Tiannan in the crowd, so he stopped what he was doing, and swooped over to that stone platform, by using the flood dragon card.

“Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, Mu Xue, some other talents from small world, Grand Master Mo and Grand Master Ji, they have all entered it within one minute.

Ye Longyuan was the fastest, and it took him only ten seconds to break through the blockades.” When Zhang Han arrived at the stone platform, Lei Tiannan nodded at him and said, “Flying is forbidden here.

Your altitude will be limited to ten meters when you enter the fire monsters area, and you will soon be forced to land on the magma surface.

We can land on this island only by using a frontal charge, and we are planning to do so.”

“They have been in for an hour and a half already.” Wang Zhanpeng reminded him.

The other martial artists eyes also lit up.

They knew Merciless Zhang was powerful enough to break through the circle of monsters.

With Zhang Hans help, they could take this opportunity to search for treasures on the island.

How lucky they were!

The ten martial artists who were familiar with each other, had formed a temporary alliance.

Before Merciless Zhangs arrival, they had been waiting for another master artist at Grand Master Late-stage to pass by and join them.

After hearing Lei Tiannans words, Zhang Han nodded, looked at Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng and asked them,

“Do you have any treasures to restore Qi and blood”

“Yes.” Wang Zhanpeng waved his hand to summon the eight spirit treasures.

Zhang Han checked them one by one, and then stored them in his own Space Ring.

Zhang Han had to constantly exert Dark Blood Seal at the cost of losing his blood, while absorbing the Fire Souls, and his stock medicine in the ring was far from enough.

“I have more treasures of that kind.”

Lei Tiannan nodded and gave Zhang Han 20 natural precious materials, including three Heaven-grade treasures.

“Grand Master Zhang, I also have some here.

Take them.”

An aged man smiled at Zhang Han, and then took out 15 natural precious materials, including two Heaven-grade treasures and 13 Earth-grade ones.

Then he told Zhang Han, “Im the sect chief of Heavenly Talisman Sect.

Grand Master Zhang, thank you for helping my sect.”

The aged man bowed to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was slightly surprised.

Zhang Han was soon surrounded by the other martial artists.

“Grand Master Zhang, take them.”

“I have only three treasures.

Grand Master Zhang, dont laugh at me.”


In a short while, Zhang Han received 70 or 80 treasures.

He looked at the crowd…

He waved his hands and accepted all the treasures.

Then he nodded and said,

“Thank you.

When you leave the ruins, you can go to the treasure-house of National Security Agency of Hong Kong and select twice the amount of treasures.”


Lei Tiannan almost spat out blood.

“What did you say”

Zhang Han did not give him a chance to talk.

While rushing towards the Fire Souls area, he looked back and said, “Ill bring you in first.”

“Bang, bang, bang!”

When they approached the Fire Souls, Zhang Han started attacking them, followed by Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng.

There were too many Fire Souls here.

Considering the current situation, Zhang Han gave up absorbing the Fire Souls energies, which would take one or two seconds each, and the Fire Soul at the back would take the opportunity to repair the damaged encirclement.

It would be a waste of time.

Zhang Han led the way and sent Lei Tiannan and others to the island in two minutes.


The crowd sighed with relief.

“Wait, where is Zhang Han”

Everyone turned around.

They saw Zhang Han rushing off, farther and farther away from the island.

When Wang Zhanpeng was about to ask Zhang Han, he heard Zhang Hans voice speaking in his mind.

Secret Voice Transmission.

All the others could see was that Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannan were stunned for a few seconds.

The two looked at Zhang Hans back with complex feelings, and then told the other martial artists,

“He has something to do.

Lets go ahead.”

They began to walk towards the center of the island.

Wang Zhanpeng stood and observed for a few minutes.

Seeing that Zhang Han could easily kill those fire monsters, he shook his head with a self-deprecating smile, and then followed the others to explore the island.

He did not have to worry about Zhang Han, and he should hurry to find his treasures.

Actually, Zhang Han was so happy.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

At the edge of the island, Zhang Hans right hand was controlling the 10-meter-tall Hand of Earth Killing Intent to attack the magma surface, which could kill seven or eight Fire Souls at one time, while his left hand was exerting the Dark Blood Seal to absorb the energy stored by the Fire Souls of burning souls.

He repeated the process and did not feel tired.

As time went by…

A second cloud was forming above Zhang Hans soul sense sea.

The third, the fourth…

Soon, on the surface of the magma in front of Zhang Han, the “carpet” made up of innumerable Fire Souls had been broken up by him for a hundred meters.

On the other platform, the martial artists waiting to organize a new team, were all stunned!

“Damn it!”

“Whats going on”

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