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Chapter 495 Step Back, All of You

“It took Ye Longyan only 17 seconds to fight his way into the island!”

On the stone platform on the right side, some disciples of the sects in the worldlet looked at Zhang Han in surprise and whispered to each other.

“Shi Fenghou, the Little Roc, spent 30 seconds, during which time he killed lots of fire monsters.

If he had kept moving forward, he would have reached the island within 10 seconds.”

“It took Mu Xue, the female demon, 21 seconds.

Her moves and sword attacks were so fast that I could barely see them clearly.

As for the other famous martial artists, they all spent about 30 minutes to break through the blockade of the fire monsters, making it more like a race.


“Zhang Hanyang is definitely a powerful master.

Why did he keep killing the fire monsters, instead of landing on the island to search for the treasures”

He did not know Zhang Hans purpose.

His companions were also confused, but they knew they were able to land on the island.

Without any hesitation, they rushed toward the island through the opening in the encirclement Zhang Han had just made.

Some of them were even riding their swords or on the wind, in order to gain speed.

When they passed by Zhang Han, they were shocked by his moves and the efficiency with which he killed the fire monsters.

It was a massacre!

Zhang Han was reaping the lives of thousands of fire monsters alone, just like a god of war.

This scene was too shocking.

While Ye Longyuan and the others talents amazing speed would be soon forgotten, Zhang Hans performance today would be imprinted on everyones memory!

Even many years later, they would sometimes say with emotion, to their younger generation,

“Once upon a time, Zhang Hanyang, the legendary, reincarnated immortal, killed all the monsters in the magma in the ruins of Nanxing.

The scene was astonishing…”

These people did not stay for a long time.

They watched Zhang Hans battle for a while from a distance, and then landed on the island, and walked in quickly.

Zhang Han knew they were passing by but did not look back at them.

He was focused on killing the Fire Souls.


After exerting the Dark Blood Seal for a number of times.

Zhang Han took out three second-stage spirit treasures from his Space Ring.

They exploded in front of Zhang Han, leaving the stored energy for him to absorb and rejuvenate his Qi and blood.

Exerting the Dark Blood Seal required the cooperation of spiritual force, blood and Qi.

It was used to dealing with natural objects.

While Qing Ming Steal was used to attacking the souls of creatures,

Both of them were derived from one secret method.

Pluto Seal.

Pluto Seal was one of Zhang Hans last trump cards, and he had inherited it from an ancient ruin.

He had actually inherited two methods from that exploration.

Pluto Seal and Pluto Incantation!

Blood Shock Pluto Incantation was a method used in the Pluto Incantation system.

Most of the methods is this system were powerful and brutal and were regarded as evil by orthodox cultivators.

Zhang Han kept killing the Fire Souls and absorbing their energy.

There were almost 100 clouds above his soul sense sea, and the number was increasing along with Zhang Hans soul sense and spiritual force, but the latter was much slower.

Zhang felt himself advancing to the Last Stage of Building Base from the Middle Stage.

The more Fire Souls Zhang Han killed,

The brighter the gleam in his eyes.

It seemed that his grumpiness which had been expelled by Zi Yan and Mengmengs tenderness, had temporarily returned to his body.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Suddenly, Zhang Han felt a tremor running through his body, which came from the sublimation of his soul sense.

He looked up and laughed.

“The cultivator is drunk on the essence of flowers.

His sword can deter the whole world!”

Zhang Hans eyes lit up again.

He raised his right hand and pointed forward!

All of a sudden, the evil spirits in the magma began to erupt, and formed into a knife, more than 50 meters in length, on the surface of the magma, which swept towards the rest of the Fire Souls.

Blade of Earth Killing Intent!

Wherever the blade passed, all the Fire Souls were slashed and turned into energy.

Before the energy dissipated, Zhang Han released the bloody light to cover them and absorb them completely.

There were more and more clouds building up above Zhang Hans soul sense sea.

130, 150, 180, 210…

While Zhang Han was enjoying killing the Fire Souls…

There were ten martial artists who approached, and who were all stunned at the scene.

Then they turned aggressive!

“Director Zhang!” Protector Leng glared and jumped up, “Damn it! How many fire monsters are there Director Zhang is killing thousands of fire monsters by himself!”

“It… Its amazing!”

Several of them, who had just been besieged by dozens of fire monsters, were murmuring and wondering why it was so easy for Merciless Zhang to reap the lives of fire monsters.

It was like cutting grass.

They were astonished,

They did not know that the mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements could be applied to the relationship of everything in the world.

Zhang Han had activated his soul sense in advance and could thus exert the Hand of Earth Killing Intent, which was one of the best methods to deal with the Fire Soul.

Even though the Fire Souls were strong, they were unable to cast spells like cultivators, and thus the strength of thousands of Fire Souls was much weaker than that of the same number of Martial Art Grand Masters.

On the other hand, it was also due to Zhang Hans strength.

If Zhang Han had still been at the early stage of Building Base, he would not have been so efficient.

And it was this soul sense that enabled him to absorb the Fire Souls。

Considering these factors and coincidences, Zhang Han felt very fortunate.

It was as if these Fire Souls had been specially prepared for him.

Zhang Han did not care about the spirit treasures in the ruins anymore.

Even the fifth-stage spirit treasures could not attract him.

Because the sublimation of his strength with the help of these spirits was the biggest treasure he obtained here.

“Lets go to the island quickly.

Maybe we will be lucky and can get natural precious materials!” One of the martial artists who had just arrived, said.

His words reminded the others of their original aim here, so they started rushing toward the island,

A martial artist at Grand Master Middle-stage, among the crowd, said,

“What is he doing here Why is he in no hurry to find the treasure What a weird man! I dont agree with him…”

Protector Leng frowned when he heard this, and replied unhappily,

“You are jealous of him.

Are you qualified to judge him What if your words are overheard by the director Do you dare to say it out loud”


That mans face changed, and his eyes were filled with fear.

He turned around and flew off, using all his strength to flee!

When Protector Leng arrived at the shore, he looked at the island, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He didnt know why he felt so angry.

Did he regard Manager Zhang as an idol


Protector Leng opened his eyes and looked at Zhang Han, standing in the sea of magma.


“I dont believe the director is doing this for no good reason.”

“He must be doing it for some reason Maybe the fire monsters themselves are treasures”


Protector Leng narrowed his eyes and announced seriously,

“Im staying here to be a witness.”

Instead of looking at the depth of the island where there might be treasures, he stared at Zhang Han, and began running along the coast.

Zhang Hans speed was very fast, so Protector Leng had to run to keep up with him.

Zhang Han did not even notice Protector Leng along the coast.

He was focused on absorbing the Fire Souls.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Blade of Earth Killing Intent and Dark Blood Seal were exerted, one after another.

They brought a high-quality energy.

Luckily, Zhang Han had stored many treasures for recovering his Qi and blood in his Space Ring, or he would not have to keep working so hard.

Even so, Zhang Hans face was paler than before, with the loss of blood.

Gradually, Zhang Han almost forgot about everything else, including himself.

His efficiency had increased by another 30%.

Every time he flew hundreds of meters forward at a high speed, he stopped for three seconds to absorb the energy.

The number of clouds above his soul sense sea kept increasing.

280, 320, 450…

When the 700th cloud was formed, Zhang Han felt his head bulging.

He had a sense of being fully replete.

But he knew he could absorb a lot more.

The number of clouds represented the talents of a cultivator, and it had a complementary relationship with ones Dantian.

While Dantian represented Yang, the soul sense sea represented Yin, and they were the poles of the human body.

A cultivator with a 5-inch Dantian would have 555 clouds, while the one with a 6-inch Dantian would have 666 clouds.

9 was the largest singular, and a 9-inch Dantian meant 999 clouds.

However, Zhang Han had a weird 10-inch Dantian, and he did not know what his limits were.

But that did not mean that his promotion process was a smooth one.

When the number of clouds reached 900.

It took ten times longer to form the 901st cloud, than the previous ones.

As Zhang Han absorbed more energy, the speed of cloud forming slowed down.

911… 930, 970… 990.

Zhang Hans head started to ache.

There was a tearing pain in his brain.

Even his soul was in pain!.

“I have not reached the limit yet!” Zhang Hans eyes gradually turned red.

Regardless of the pain, he continued to kill the Fire Souls and absorb their energy.

Those who had great perseverance would make great achievements.

No ones success was accidental.

Zhang Han had gone through countless dangers and tribulations, before he gained his extraordinary strength.

995, 996, 997…

“Hiss… Hum…”

Zhang Han began to gasp, and his eyes turned completely red.

He felt as if his heart was pierced by thousand arrows, or there were countless ants tearing at his body.

The pain in his head had already spread all over his body.


Protector Leng called out to Zhang Han in a trembling voice.

He finally realized that Zhang Han was absorbing the fire monsters energy.

Judging from Zhang Hans expression, Protector Leng knew he was suffering.

Protector Leng could not help calling out a warning to Zhang Han.

Cultivating was a long and dangerous journey, and any unreasonable or hasty attempt might lead to the cultivators death.

He did not want Director Zhang to die here.

When he heard what Protector Leng said, Zhang Han glanced at him and then continued to kill the Fire Souls.

998, 999!

“No, this is not the limit.”

Zhang Han kept on killing and absorbing.

When the number of clouds reached 1,000.


There was an explosive sound within his soul sense sea.


No, it was a thunderous sound.

The 1,000 clouds were rolling over and over and getting darker and darker.

There seemed to be heavy rain above the soul sense sea.

As long as the soul sense rain fell, it represented the birth of Zhang Hans soul sense sea.

Then his soul sense would advance to the middle stage of Innateness.

“I cant advance to the higher level now.”

If Zhang Han had cultivated according to normal procedures, he would have filled the soul sense sea after his spiritual force advanced to the Innateness stage.

Though getting soul sense sea in advance though increasing the concentration of soul sense by force would help him a lot, that kind of soul sense sea would not be pure enough, without the advancing process.

Therefore, Zhang Han began to break up the 1,000 clouds above his soul sense sea.

“Clatter, clatter!”

The spiritual sense that emerged was cleansing his body, but it did not bring him any other benefits, except for the quick recovery of his spiritual force.


Zhang Hans spiritual energy continuously extended outward, 100 meters, 200 meters, 500 meters…

1,000 meters!

The scan range of his soul sense reached 1,000 meters.

Even in the Cultivation World, it was amazing for a Foundation-Stage cultivator to have such a strong soul sense.

If someone was now scanning the ground with his soul sense soul sense from a high altitude.

He would discover, with Zhang Hans position as the center, within the range of one kilometer of this, there seemed to be a soul sense storm!

“This! Oh my gosh!”

Protector Leng felt a great pressure.

He saw that the magma at the foot of Zhang Han was boiling, and the waves were starting to spread around, with Zhang Han in the center!

The waves were small but numerous, and it looked like the magma was shaking.


15 seconds later, Zhang Han took a deep breath.

He opened his eyes, and there was a flash of light in them.

Ten Inches Dantian and 1,000 soul sense clouds.

The extra one cloud represented infinite possibilities and changes.

As for his strength, he was now at the top of Building Base Middle-Stage, not far from Foundation Late-stage.

With such strong soul sense and his multiplied spiritual force, Zhang Han was sure that he could fight against those two Divine Realm masters.

Just when Zhang Han moved.


Suddenly, there was a deafening sound of thunder echoing in his mind.

Zhang Han was stunned for a moment.

“What is going on”

Zhang Han was confused.

Checking his soul sense sea, Zhang Han only saw the 1,000 surging clouds.

“What went wrong, then”

Zhang Han frowned and kept observing his soul sense sea.

After two minutes…


With another clap of thunder, his whole soul sense sea was illuminated!

“This… Thunderbolt”

Zhang Hans expression froze.

He knew that the clouds above the soul sense sea would gather before the rain fell, but he had never been told that it would be a shower of thunder!

After another minute…

Under the close observation of Zhang Han.


Lightning flashing through the clouds.

Zhang Han was again shocked by the thunder.

He had never heard about it, so he could do nothing, but to wait and see what the changes in his soul sense, were.

“Were these the changes brought about by my Ten Inches Dantian”

Zhang Han began thinking about the current situation.

Meanwhile, he controlled his soul sense to separate the clouds and restrain them.

Gradually, some cracks appeared between the clouds.

Zhang Han carefully observed and found that there was a distance of 10 meters between every two clouds.

The clouds that had gathered had split apart.

It took Zhang Han a lot of energy to restrain the clouds.

Luckily, he had not heard any fresh sounds of thunder so far.

As the distance between the clouds increased, the area of the cloud increased tenfold.

“I cant relax my vigilance in observing them.”

Zhang Han rushed forward for more than ten meters, and then stopped again.

His mouth trembled slightly.

He noticed that after he separated the clouds, a force was trying to reunite them, but it could not succeed under Zhang Hans suppression.

Therefore, the cloud then started to grow slowly under the influence of the two forces.

Although it was slow, if Zhang Han kept suppressing the other force like this, the clouds would gradually grow larger, and eventually gather together.

“This… They seemed to be cultivating with me!”

Zhang Han sighed, knowing he would be busy from now on.

Since he needed to rest and could not suppress the growth of these clouds all the time, he was worried that it would rain above his soul sense sea, when he was slack.

This early breakthrough in this way, did not benefit him at all.

Shaking his head slightly, Zhang Han flashed toward Protector Leng on the shore.

“Director Zhang, were you cultivating just now” Protector Leng asked curiously.


Zhang Han nodded.

“Hiss! Amazing!” “Director Zhang, have you reached the Divine Realm stage” Protector Lengs eyes lit up.

“Have I witnessed the birth of a Divine Realm master What an honor this is!”

Zhang Han thought for a while and shook his head.

“Not yet.

How much time do we have”

“Ah Well…” Protector Leng quickly took out a black metal block from his waist, opened one of its faces, and revealed the hidden hourglass inside.

The hourglass was specially designed to keep him informed of the most accurate time in any environment.

“Six and a half hours have passed.

In half an hour, the ruins will close.”

“We have half an hour left.

Lets go down and have a look.

Ill bring you there.”

Zhang Han nodded.

Giving Protector Leng no chance to speak or resist, he waved his hand and brought Protector Leng to his side

Instead of going to the inner side of the island, he jumped into the magma sea with Protector Leng!


Frightened by Zhang Hans action, Protector Leng was about to activate his spiritual force to protect himself when he realized it was Zhang Han who was accompanying him, and thus he was assured.


After entering the magma, Zhang Han manipulated his energy to form a protective shield around himself and Protector Leng, and then continued diving downward.

When Zhang Han scanned the magma with his soul sense before, he found something strange in the almost 100-meter-deep magma.

It was as if there was a mirror there.

Because the deeper view was completely reversed from the area where Zhang Han was, and he almost thought he saw the other side of the earth.

Zhang Han, as a well-informed man, guessed that the real treasure was on the other side of the magma layer.

And those who had landed on the island before him, also had to go through many barriers to the world below, when they reached the central area.

After diving down for more than 50 meters, Protector Leng suddenly found that the magma around him had already turned into sea water!

“Sea water”


After Protector Leng came to the surface, he immediately began to observe the surrounding environment.

He saw the clear sky, the bright sun, a few clouds, a vast ocean, and a vibrant island!

“We, we have left the ruins”

Protector Leng asked in confusion.


Zhang Han shook his head slightly and went ashore with Protector Leng.


Zhang Han began to sniff lightly at the smells within one kilometer.

He found some second-stage spirit treasures.

“There may be treasures on the right.

You can take a look.

Im going to the center of the island.”

Zhang Han said.

“Okay, thank you, Director Zhang.” Protector Leng said gratefully.

Zhang Han jumped up and began to rush forward, above the top of the trees.

They had been in a world which had undergone natural disasters a few minutes ago, and they did not expect that this place, a mere 100 meters away, would be so vibrant.

These two opposite worlds were like life and death, Yin and Yang.

These two worlds were totally the opposite of each other, but they could coexist harmoniously, just like life and death, Yin and Yang

Along the way, Zhang Han saw five or six people searching for natural precious materials.

He also found some natural precious materials, including several third-stage spirit treasures.

But Zhang Han did not stop.

Time was running out!

He had to take a look at the center of the island.

However, there were only three minutes left for them to stay in the ruins.

Zhang Han finally reached the center of the island.

He saw a volcano.

The crater was shrouded in black gas.

Zhang Han found that it was an evil spirit!

There were more than 50 people standing at the foot of the volcano.

Zhang Han saw eight people fighting near the crater.

They were Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, Mo Chengfeng, Ji Wushuang, Man in the Bamboo Hat and two other Grand Master Peak martial artists.

While Ji Wushuang was fighting against the Man in Bamboo Hat, the others were also up against worthy competitors.

Their battles made the other martial artists retreat to a distance of about 100 meters from the crater.

Fifty meters away from the source of richness…

A holy object was suspended 50 meters above the strong, evil spirit.

It was a shining stone, two meters high, and was irregularly shaped.

After scanning the stone with his soul sense, Zhang Han soon cheered up.

It was a serene world stone.

Those eight martial artists were fighting for the holy object, at the last moment!

They were exerting all kinds of skills and moves, but no one could win the scuffle for the time being.


“If I cant get it, neither can you.”

Thus, they were all engaged in battling with each other.

Everyone at the foot of the mountain were thrilled to witness the battle.

All of a sudden…

A plain but unquestionable voice came from afar.

“Step back, all of you.”

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