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When Ye Longyuan was gathering energy and preparing to advance to a higher stage, Zhang Han, who totally ignored his opponent, waved his hand to summon Fang Hans axe and storage bracelet, and then collected the axe into his own Space Ring.

After scanning the space bracelet with his soul sense, Zhang Han felt excited and his eyes lit up.

There were quite a lot of treasures in it.

He found seven kinds of third-stage spirit treasures, more than 30 kinds of second-stage spirit treasures, and more than 100 kinds of first-stage spirit treasures.

“Are all the disciples from the worldlet as rich as him”

Zhang Han turned his gaze toward the dozens of martial artists following Ye Longyuan.

He was looking at them in a weird manner, which made them feel numb.

“What did he mean”

Ye Longyuan had gathered as much energy as he could, and then he slowly flew upward.

A martial artist at the Divine Realm could be called a land immortal.

They could fly in the sky or travel underground with all kinds of amazing methods.

The Grand Master Peak stage was just one step below the Divine Realm, and martial artists at the Grand Master Peak stage could also fly through the sky during a battle.

“Zhang Hanyang, you are forcing me to show my real strength! This is enough for you to be proud of!”

Ye Longyuan was levitating in the air 20 meters above Nan Xing Lake, staring at Zhang Han with shining eyes.

His voice was like thunder.

He looked like the God of War!

“Start your show, please,” Zhang Han replied in a calm voice.

Then he turned around, gave the serene world stone to Wang Zhanpeng, and asked the latter to keep it for him.

His efficiency would be affected with such a large stone in his hand.

Everyones face changed again when they heard Zhang Hans words.

“Start your show”

“What did he mean”

“He thinks Ye Longyuan is acting”

“Is he enjoying a monkey show being performed by Ye Longyuan”

“Even Emperor Qing dared not provoke Ye Longyuan when they encountered each other.”

“No wonder he is called Merciless Zhang.”

Many martial artists at present admired Zhang Han, not only for his strength, but also for his character and confidence, which couldnt be seen in normal people.

Seeing what had happened, both Shi Fenghou and Mu Xue stepped back more than 10 meters, leaving more space for Ye Longyuan and Zhang Han to fight.

Besides, they were looking for opportunities to grab Wang Zhanpengs serene world stone!

“Haha, haha, haha!” Ye Longyuan burst out laughing as if he was amused by Zhang Hans words.

Although there was no wind, his clothes were fluttering wildly under the influence of his Qi.

All of a sudden, his eyes began glittering with gold as he made a casting gesture.

“Soul Suppressing Golden Tripod!

As Ye Longyuan crossed his hands, suddenly a 10-meter-tall golden tripod appeared in the sky between him and Zhang Han.


A great deal of soul energy emerged from the illusory image of the golden tripod and spread around.

This was an indiscriminate attack!

“Chant of Bloody Ghost!”

As Ye Longyuan extended his hands, two clouds of black smoke swept toward Zhang Han, accompanied by the roar of Yin soul.

These two simultaneous attacks complemented each other, both of which were the secret techniques of the Lihun Sect for dealing with souls.

Normal martial artists would have found it difficult to resist these two attacks.

However, Zhang Han, who had greatly strengthened his soul sense, felt that Ye Longyuan was playing games with him

After making two strikes at Zhang Han, Ye Longyuan rushed at his opponent.

Though he was not as fast as Shi Fenghou, his speed was enough for him to launch another round of attack.

“Qing Ming Seal!”

Facing the two soul attacks, Zhang Han exerted the Qing Ming Steal.


The two attacks were shattered by the horrible power of the Qing Ming Seal.

Ye Longyuan frowned.

“Is the strengthened soul attack still useless

“This guy seemed to be good at dealing with soul attacks.

“But the soul attack is just my auxiliary skill!”

“Dragon Eagle Grasp!”

When he approached Zhang Han, Ye Longyuan extended his hands and thrust at his opponent.

His hands turned into sharp claws and attacked Zhang Han at lightning speed.

They were as sharp as Earth-grade blades!

Zhang Han remained calm in the face of Ye Longyuan.

After thinking for a while, he clenched his fist and pushed it forward.

“Mountain Shaking Fist!”

An illusory image in the shape of a cyan fist separated from Zhang Hans right hand and flew at Ye Longyuan.


The two attacks collided.

There was a strong wind on the lake along with the loud crash, and the water under the feet of the two fighters was forced to both sides by great force, just like Moses parted the sea, exposing a large area of mud on the bottom of the lake.

Meanwhile, the remaining energy was still spreading around with the rolling waves, which shocked the crowd on the shore.

Everyone widened their eyes!

There was no doubt that this was a fight between talents.

But what happened in the next moment made many people gasp in fear.

They saw Zhang Hans fist image break Ye Longyuans Dragon Eagle claw and then continue to strike at Ye Longyuan.

“Golden Armor! Ye Longyuan shouted.

“Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!”

Layers of golden scales began to wrap around his body, and finally formed a strong armor, making him look like a general from ancient times!


When the image of Zhang Hans fist hit the Golden Armor, its energy was absorbed by the armor and Ye Longyuan was not affected at all.

Zhang Han raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise.

The Golden Armor was obviously sacred-stage protective clothing.

Almost every core disciple from the worldlet possessed a sacred weapon, and they seemed to be much richer than those in the martial arts world.

Zhang Han looked at Ye Longyuan in a weirder manner.

No, he actually fixed his gaze on Ye Longyuans Golden Armor!

“Sacred weapons and clothes are also valuable in the worldlet…”

Zhang Han was thinking about how to make the Golden Armor his own.

“But Ye Longyuan is powerful, and it is much more difficult to kill him than to defeat him.”

“Hahaha, Zhang Hanyang, you are pretty good.

But you are still far from the Divine Realm stage!” Ye Longyuan laughed, and then rushed at Zhang Han again.

“Invisible Wind Palm!”

Countless translucent palms began attacking Zhang Han from all directions.


As Zhang Han raised his right hand, a light barrier appeared in front of him.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

While resisting Ye Longyuans attack, Zhang Han was still planning to rob him of his Golden Armor.

10 seconds later…

Zhang Han came up with a good idea.

“I need the help of illusion to get his Golden Armor.


“Luckily, my soul sense has been enhanced.

“But I still need some preparations.”

Zhang Han soon made a complete and thorough plan.

After making up his mind, Zhang Han stopped resisting Ye Longyuans attack.

“Im going to break your defense!” Ye Longyuan roared and was about to attack Zhang Han in a more cruel way.

“Zhang Hanyangs defense must be broken by this blow.

Im afraid he will be injured!” Shi Fenghou narrowed his eyes and shook his head slightly.

“Will he lose the competition before I challenge him” Mu Xue sneered at Zhang Han.

In their opinion, Ye Longyuan would surely defeat Zhang Hanyang with all his strength.

In their original prediction, Ye Longyuan would defeat Zhang Han in three moves.

They didnt expect Zhang Han to resist 10 of his moves!

Not only the disciples from the worldlet were shocked.

Even Mo Chengfengs expression slightly changed.

The strength of Ye Longyuans attack had exceeded all previous ones.

“Ye Longyuan, the Devil Incarnate.

He deserves the reputation he enjoys! Lets wait and see if Grand Master Zhang can survive this attack.”

Mo Chengfeng held his breath and watched the battle carefully.

Just when he was hit by the idea…

All of a sudden…


Under everyones gaze, Zhang Hans protective cover seemed to be punctured like a bubble.

“His defense is broken!”

“Then he will face Ye Longyuans attack!”

That was what almost everyone thought.


“Hahaha, Blood Dissolving Palm!” Ye Longyuan broke into demented laughter and prepared the last attack with his hands.

Right at this moment, he heard Zhang Hans voice.

“Stop showing off such a funny move.”


Ye Longyuans Blood Dissolving Palm flew toward Zhang Han at a high speed.

Zhang Han stood still.

Then he was hit by the half-meter-tall red palm.

“Ye Longyuan hit Zhang Han!”

Everyones heart skipped a beat.

Wang Zhanpeng was the most nervous, with his eyes widened and his body trembling.

“He must be OK!”

In many peoples eyes, Zhang Han had been pretending to be calm and confident.

But what happened next surprised them!


A thunderous sound came from Ye Longyuans chest.


Everyone turned their gaze to Ye Longyuan.

When they heard the sound, Zhang Han had appeared in front of Ye Longyuan.

Zhang Hans image, which was hit by Ye Longyuan before, was slowly disappearing.


“My gosh! How could he go there”

Even Ye Longyuan was surprised and frightened.

“How fast was he

“Or was it a secret skill”

Ye Longyuan was not injured by Zhang Hans punch, he just felt a little of its vibration.

His Golden Armor, the sacred clothes, was not just a decoration!

When Ye Longyuan gathered his spiritual force and was about to attack Zhang Han…


Two small golden marks were formed in front of his eyes, which were very dazzling.

He was dazed by their light.

At that moment…

Under everyones gaze…

Zhang Hans figure constantly flickered in front of Ye Longyuan.

Every time he flickered, he would make a move.

Front punch, side kick, lateral palm…

“Bang, bang, bang…”

All the crowd heard was a dense muffled sound.

Ye Longyuan was beaten back dozens of meters.

As the Devil Incarnate, Ye Longyuan had never expected that he would be beaten like this one day.

If they hadnt seen it with their own eyes, the crowd watching the war wouldnt have believed what had happened.

“Its of no use.

You will only irritate him with this.” Mu Xue shook her head slightly.

With the help of Golden Armor, the sacred clothes, Ye Longyuan was able to block all the attacks like this.

However, when Zhang Han attacked Ye Longyuan, his eyes were shining with a light of various colors, which formed a lot of patterns around Ye Longyuans Golden Armor.

He was making preparation for the special illusions for Ye Longyuan.

Mu Xue and Shi Fenghou turned their gaze to Wang Zhanpeng and were about to take action.

In the next moment, Ye Longyuan was kicked 30 meters away with a loud noise.

Zhang Han flashed back to 10 meters in front of Wang Zhanpeng and again levitated in the air, astonishing everyone watching the battle.

Ye Longyuan had recovered from the shock and shouted at Zhang Han, “Zhang Hanyang, I must kill you!”

“Youd better take a rest first.

Zhang Hanyang, I said that…”

Shi Fenghous wings suddenly extended as he began to gather his strength in order to attack Zhang Han.

However, before he finished speaking…


Shi Houfeng saw Zhang Han moving.

“Is he going to attack me”

All of a sudden…

The bodies of the five disciples standing behind Shi Fenghou exploded into a bloody mist.

Their storage treasures fell to the ground.

The next second…

A flash of light rushed toward the disciples from the worldlet who were standing on the right side.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

The light was moving at an extremely high speed, leaving only a bloody mist wherever it passed.

This light, like the call of death, took the lives of 16 people.


Zhang Han returned to his original position as if he had never left.

But the 16 missing disciples from the worldlet and the storage treasures in Zhang Hans hand made most peoples face change.

“How was that possible”

“He turned into a flash of light and killed so many people!”

“My gosh, I didnt see his action clearly.”


Everyone on the shore was discussing it with each other in astonishment and fear.

Even Mo Chengfeng widened his eyes and said, “So fast, this…”

Then he took a glance at Shi Fenghou.

He was wondering who was faster, Zhang Han or Shi Fenghou

“Zhang Hanyang, I shouldnt underestimate you!”

Shi Fenghou raised his eyebrows and said in a loud voice, “Though you are fast, you rely on magic and cant move quietly.

Ill show you a real speed that is faster than sound.”


Shi Fenghou flashed at Zhang Han like lightning.

Zhang Han took a glance at Ye Longyuan before making a move.

As he made a casting gesture with his right hand, there were several points on Ye Longyuans Golden Armor that started to glow.

“Go to hell!” Ye Longyuan suddenly roared.

“Soul Separating Demon Eyes!”

A light burst out from Ye Longyuans eyes.

The light was so fast that no one could see it clearly.

It soon approached Zhang Han, but… it seemed to be five meters off target.

The light passed by Zhang Han and rushed toward his left side.

Shi Fenghou was there!


A crackling sound came out.

Shi Fenghou retreated quickly because he had borne all the attacking power of Ye Longyuan!

Two energy feathers slowly fell from the wings of Shi Fenghou.

“Ye Longyuan, are you crazy” Shi Fenghou widened his eyes and roared in disbelief.

“Dammit! Are you helping Zhang Hanyang”

However, Ye Longyuan didnt even give Shi Fenghou a glance.

He had mistaken Shi Fenghou for Zhang Hanyang and was convinced that Zhang Hanyang had been killed by him.

He was quite happy to see through Zhang Hans illusions.

If he had paid more attention to the surroundings, he would have discovered the truth.

But at this moment, he was completely immersed in the joy of victory.

He had never expected it to be Zhang Hans illusions.

He didnt know that the illusions could be exerted in such a covert way!

“Hahaha!” Ye Longyuan laughed and took five steps forward, covering more than 30 meters.

“Zhang Hanyang is just so-so!” he said proudly.

After Ye Longyuan finished his sentence, everyone was dumbfounded.

“What did he say”

“Zhang Hanyang is now 30 meters away from him.”

“Is he talking in his sleep”

“I thought you could resist at least one of my secret skills, but you didnt even survive the Soul Separating Demon Eyes…” Ye Longyuan withdrew the Golden Armor while talking to himself.

The whole Golden Armor turned into a small golden ball in his right hand.

This was the original state of the Golden Armor.

When the Golden Armor was about to be returned to Ye Longyuans body…


He felt nothing in his hand.

The armor was gone!


Ye Longyuan frowned, raised his right hand, and checked it.

He saw the familiar seal of Golden Armor, but the Golden Armor had disappeared.

He hurriedly raised his head to look around and was suddenly stunned.

“Soul Purifying Skill!”

He made a casting gesture with his right hand.

There was a flash of light in his eyes.

He suddenly found that what he saw now was different from what he had seen before.


“Zhang Hanyang, you…”

The first time he realized that he had been enchanted, he was shocked!

But he was so irritated when he saw Zhang Han playing with his Golden Armor.

But he hesitated and didnt rush at Zhang Han immediately.

Because he was confused by Zhang Hans action.

Shi Fenghous faze also froze.

He stood still and didnt make any more moves.

“How does he know so many moves

“Is he… a disciple from the Black White Palace who was sent out to see the world”

Shi Fenghous heart skipped a beat.

“If my guess is confirmed, we cant fight against Zhang Han anymore.

“Ye Longyuan, Mu Xue, and I had been suppressing our strength for more than three years and waiting for a chance to come back to our own sects.

Otherwise, we would have already advanced to the Divine Realm, and I would have obtained the serene world stone and defeated Zhang Hanyang.

“Is he in the Divine Realm or not Is he suppressing his strength like us”

These questions came to Shi Fenghous mind, and he decided to wait and see.

“Zhang…” Ye Longyuan frowned and was about to say something.

Zhang Han smiled, stopped appreciating Ye Longyuans Golden Armor, and said, “Ive been waiting for you.”

The next second…

Zhang Han extended his right hand behind him.

“Soul Sealing Skill!”

“Dark Sea Seal!”

“Soul Suppressing Skill!”

Zhang Han gathered the remaining half of his spiritual force and poured all of his soul sense out.

He made three magic seals.

“Clatter, clatter!”

A black sword reached five meters from Wang Zhanpeng silently, who didnt notice the attack at all.

It was Mu Xues sneak attack!

However, the Demon Dancing Sword was forced to stop.

It was surrounded by a wave of translucent blue light.

Under everyones gaze, the light wave wrapped around the Demon Dancing Sword and slowly took it to Zhang Han.

“Come back!” Mu Xues face changed.

She made a casting gesture with her right hand to control the Demon Dancing Sword, which began shaking under the two opposing forces.

“Stop struggling.” Zhang Han waved his hand.

Mu Xue saw a flash of light.

Then she couldnt feel or contact the Demon Dancing Sword anymore.

It was as if the Demon Dancing Sword was too far away from her or was now in another world.

But it was right in front of her!

At this moment…

Many people around were stunned.

Someone even said in surprise as if they had just gotten back their tongues, “Zhang Hanyang, he…

“Is he robbing them of their treasures”

When the voice was heard, Zhang Han was appreciating the Golden Armor and the Demon Dancing Sword in his hands.

All the people present burst into an uproar after seeing this.

They had never expected Zhang Han to be so powerful.

He had not only challenged the talents from the worldlet but had also robbed them of their treasures.

After fighting against the three talents, he obtained two sacred weapons from them.

They wouldnt have believed it if they hadnt seen it with their own eyes.

They saw Zhang Han smiling.

They saw his cheerful countenance.

And the storage treasures in his hands.

Many people were stunned again.

“No wonder he is called Merciless Zhang! He is amazing!” Ma Di and Junior Brother Lu were excited.

They admired Zhang Han even more.

“What a powerful man!”

Lots of martial artists on the shore were astonished by Zhang Hans performance.

Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, Mu Xue, and other disciples from the worldlet were also surprised.

They all felt the special power of Zhang Hans soul sense.


Mu Xue calmed down and asked slowly, “Are you from the Black White Palace”

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