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“Is it a divine object” Wang Zhanpeng opened his eyes wide all of a sudden and held onto the serene world stone astoundedly.

His hands even trembled slightly.

“Gulp…” He swallowed salvia and said drily, “It is not until now that I understand why others will fight for the serene world stone fervently upon seeing it.

It turns out that its function is very amazing.”

“Its natural.

If it were an ordinary holy object, why did the disciples, whose heads are up in space, fight for it violently” Lei Tiannan smiled and stared at Zhang Han somewhat emotionally as he said, “However, it did not occur to them in the end that Zhang Hanyang would show up halfway all of a sudden.


My vision is expanded today.

Zhang Hanyang is very amazing.”

Upon hearing Lei Tiannans words, Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

Whether his opponents were the disciples of talents from the small world or the powerful ones in the secular world, he did not care about that much at all even though those people indeed could be counted as promising talents.

Lei Tiannan said, “Zhang Han, how are you going to deal with the Golden Armor and Demon Dancing Sword Since these two are their inherent weapons, you cant smelt and refine them.

However, as for others, since your card class is just at the Heaven-grade, it will be wasted if you use it.”

Zhang Han replied, “I dont plan to use the serene world stone to do anything at all.

I have other plans for it.”

Lei Tiannan was dumbfounded as he asked, “Other plans Based on my knowledge, the serene world stone can be only used to elevate the quality of the weapons, am I right”

Speaking of the knowledge related to the serene world stone, Lei Tiannan also heard it from others.

Some had told him before that the serene world stone could be only used to elevate the quality of the weapons, and he had kept that in mind.

“It has other functions.” Zhang Han nodded as he spoke.

He stared out the window and did not explain it in detail.

Lei Tiannan did not ask anything further and chatted with Wang Zhanpeng about other things.

Zhang Hans group was on the way back from Hong Kong.

On the other side…

Mu Xue, who was dressed in a black gown, arrived at a villa in the northern suburbs of Shenzhen.

She also planned to ride a helicopter to return to the sect of the Infinite Sword Sect in the central plains, intending to cultivate herself in the blessed region of the sect.

The gate of the small world would open soon.

The period of more than half a year would soon pass.

Before that, she wanted to consolidate her cultivation so that she could break through to the Divine Realm directly after she returned to the worldlet.

At that time, she would fetch the Demon Dancing Sword on her own!

Upon thinking of this point, Mu Xue snorted, “Hmph!”

She strode and walked over to the main entrance relaxedly.

“Eldest Lady.” Two Peak Strength Warriors stood at the main entrance of the villa and greeted Mu Xue.

They were also disciples of the Infinite Sword Sect, which was a sub-sect of the Luo Fu Sword sect and was like its subsidiary.

The leader of the Infinite Sword Sect was a teaching elder of the Luo Fu Sword sect, who lived in the secular world.

As Mu Xue entered through the main door, the two disciples who had greeted her were at a loss.

One of them opened his mouth slightly and stared at Mu Xues forehead, intending to say something.

However, he did not speak.

It was not until Mu Xue left that they stared at each other.

“Did you see that”

“It looks like a seal… which we use to ask for something, namely, the red Chinese characterQian.”

“Qian What is that Does it mean owing money or being provocative Is it some specific makeup trick played by the Eldest Lady”


Speak cautiously.

It wont be good for you if the Eldest Lady hears your words.”


They whispered for a while at the entrance.

Of course, Mu Xue did not know what had happened at the entrance.

She walked to the inside of the villa leisurely and came across several persons occasionally along the way, who all greeted her by nodding.

However, the way they looked at her was somewhat peculiar.

Mu Xue thought, “What is going on” She walked inside somewhat confusedly.

In the end, she saw two slender girls dressed in leather jackets standing in front of the helicopter and waiting for her quietly.

After they saw Mu Xue, they directly said, “Oh! Senior Sister, whats wrong with your forehead”

Mu Xue replied somewhat inexplicably, “What do you mean”

“You…” One of the girls withdrew the surprising look on her face and said faintly, “Senior Sister, take a look for yourself.”

After hearing her words, Mu Xue raised her eyebrows and took out a mirror from the Space Treasure.

As she saw the character on her forehead, which looked like a seal imprinted on her, her eyes gradually widened.

She said, “Zhang Hanyang!”

A sharp raging roar resounded through the whole villa, astounding a lot of people.

On the other side…

In a living room of a villa, Ye Longyuan stood in front of a vertical mirror and stared at the mark on his forehead.

“Bang!” He smashed the mirror into shatters directly and roared as he said, “It cant be erased!


“Why cant it be erased

“Zhang Hanyang, do you intend to become my hardcore enemy”

As Ye Longyuan was about to be on fire, a middle-aged man behind him wore a pale look on his face as he said, “Young Master, please calm down.

Leader Liao might know how to deal with this mark!”

He feared that Ye Longyuan would directly demolish the whole villa out of anger.

Upon hearing what the middle-aged man had said, Ye Longyuan took a deep breath.

After that, he gritted his teeth as he said, “Send me back!”

After he finished his words, he took the initiative to walk outside.

After they got in the helicopter on the parking apron, the helicopter took off.

After they arrived at the middle-aged mans sect, Leader Liao welcomed Ye Longyuan to the main hall very politely.

He stared at the mark on Ye Longyuans forehead, observed it for one hour, and tried his cure for several hours.

In the end, he sighed as he said, “Longyuan, I am sorry that I also cant figure out what is going on with the mark.

Sorry, I cant do anything.

Probably, the trick masters of the Divine Realm can solve this mystery.”

“Zhang Hanyang, you are amazing! Indeed amazing!” Ye Longyuan was so angry that his face went pale.

However, he did not even think of going back to Hong Kong and fighting for his dignity.

As always, he meant what he had said.

Since he had said that he would fight with Zhang Hanyang again after breaking through to the Divine Realm, he definitely would do so.

Fortunately, several hours passed.

The 12-hour-mark dissipated for the first time gradually, making the look on Ye Longyuans face become less ghastly.

Of course, Shi Fenghou and Mu Xue were also experiencing the same thing.

The kind of mark like this was a pain in their throats.

Fortunately, the mark had dissipated.

Otherwise, Mu Xue definitely would have led a large number of her army and rushed to Hong Kong.

They were also relieved.

However, they did not know that the situation happened just for the first month.

In the future, they would go through the same difficult situation every month.

During the whole day, the mark had shown up for 12 hours, which was to remind them that it was time for them to pay the money back!

At 3:55 in the afternoon…

The helicopter that Zhang Han had taken landed on the parking apron on the backside of the company.

“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

The propeller, which had been swirling swiftly, raised gusts and gusts of strong wind on one side of the parking apron.

Several people who stood in front of the parking apron could not help squinting.

Zi Yan, who stood on the edge, had been staring at the helicopter.

She seemed to have seen Zhang Hans back view.

Fortunately, she was dressed in jeans today and did not end up being in the same situation as Zhou Fei, who was wearing a dress.

Currently, Zhou Fei was holding on to her dress tightly so the strong wind would not lift up her dress.

If that happened, she would feel embarrassed.

Before the helicopter landed, Zhang Han seemed to be somewhat anxious.

He opened the cabin door, leaped up nimbly, jumped down, and landed in front of Zi Yan.

Zi Yan rushed into Zhang Hans arms.

It was not until she had been hugging him for 10 minutes that she drew back her head and said somewhat rebukingly without ever blinking her big eyes, “Honey.

Youve come back late! You are a half an hour late.

Should I punish you”

“Well… as for this, it seems that I am indeed late.

In this case, I should be punished.” Zhang Han found the situation funny and shook his head.

Staring at the stunningly beautiful Zi Yan, he raised his head, stroked the hair on her forehead, and said gently, “How would you like to punish me”

“I…” Before Zi Yan could say anything, Zhou Fei sighed heavily and reminded them, “Elder Sister Yan, you and brother-in-law are so affectionate towards each other after you come back home.

Dont act affectionately in front of us.

Several single people are here!”

Zhou Feis words made Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, and Instructor Liu burst into laughter.

Zhao Feng said solemnly, “Well, I wont be single anymore after some days.

Its OK with me.

I can learn more from you.”

Zhou Fei gave him a hard look as she said, “You Forget it.

Liang Mengqi does not even care to bother with you often!”

Zhou Feis words made Zhao Feng feel angry.

He refuted her by saying, “Its not true.

You didnt even see us when we were talking with each other intimately.

There are thousands of chat histories on our WeChat accounts!”

Zi Yan observed the scene and placed her forehead on Zhang Hans shoulder.

Both of them burst into laughter.

Everybody on the scene knew clearly what was going on between Zhao Feng and Liang Mengqi.

Though they were still naive, from the perspective of the outsiders, they might become lovers.

Liang Mengqi was quite good.

Her brother had been going after Zhang Li recently.

Zhang Lis words did not make Zhao Feng overthink it.

At first, Zhang Li had appreciated Zhao Feng very much.

However, later on, she found that it was more interesting to bully Liang Hao.

As for whether they would end up being together, Zhang Han would not bother with it at all.

Since both the male and female were pretty amazing, it would depend on fate as for if they could be together.

All of a sudden, Zhou Fei pointed at the parked helicopter and asked, “Well What is that Is it a gem”

“Ah” Zi Yan also raised her head, looked over, and said gently, “Hey! What is that large object”

Others also looked over and saw that Master Wang was holding a gigantic serene world stone with his left hand, which looked like a stunningly twinkling diamond.

He held the Demon Dancing Sword in his right hand.

With two holy objects in his hands, Master Wang looked forbidding and confident.

Zhang Han explained, “We got them from the relic site.”

Zi Yan nodded as she said, “Oh, oh, they are treasures.”

Wang Zhanpeng laughed out loud as he replied, “They are more than treasures.

They are holy objects.


Though the holy objects were not his, he felt pretty awesome with one holy object in each hand.

After everybody greeted each other, Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng went back to the headquarters of Longcheng District.

Wang Zhanpeng went to Mount New Moon with Zhao Feng while carrying the two treasures.

As for Zhang Han and Zi Yan, they got in the panda car to go pick up Mengmeng.

It was four oclock when they set out.

By the time they arrived at Saint Kindergarten, it happened to be half-past four.

Zi Yan sat in the back seat and waited.

Zhang Han got out of the car to pick up Mengmeng.

He queued up in the line and entered the kindergarten.

As the little princess among the crowd saw Zhang Han, her big eyes lit up in an instant.

She ran over quickly.

As she ran, she stretched out her tender arms and said excitedly, “PaPa, PaPa…”

Upon seeing his little princesss look, Zhang Han could not even keep his mouth shut.

He smiled and lifted up Mengmeng.

Mengmeng pouted her tender mouth as she said, “PaPa, why did you just come to pick Mengmeng up I have been waiting, waiting for several minutes.”

Zhang Han smiled and said, “Papa has been waiting in line at the entrance.

Did you miss Papa”

“Yes, I did, I did, I did!”

Zhang Han greeted her with his cheek and said, “Kiss me.”

Mengmeng kissed him obediently and cutely.

After that, Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms and went out of the kindergarten entrance directly.

After they were in the car, he acted affectionately to Zi Yan in the back seat for a minute.

During that period, all of a sudden, Mengmeng uttered, “Hmph”.

She folded her tender arms and pouted her lips, on which could seemingly hang bottles containing soy sauce.

She said unhappily, “PaPa, I dont like you anymore!”

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