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Chapter 508 Audition Video

“Um, so what if they know We are young and hot-blooded, its normal.”

Zhang Han casually answered with a smile.

“Quickly get up! Quickly get up!”

Zi Yan urged him.

They then started to get dressed.

The round princess bed was not small.

It was three meters wide.

Luckily, the bedroom was big.

There was even a 75-inch television hanging on the wall in front of the bed.

There was a small bed beside the big bed that was guarded by a fence all around.

It was for Mengmeng.

Mengmeng was still young, so she could not sleep in a bedroom on her own yet.

The small bed was also set up in detail by Zi Yan.

There were many dolls all around.

After changing, Zi Yan placed the playful outfit into the center compartment of the wardrobe in front.

“Lets go down first.

Its already 10 oclock.

We still have to record your video.” Zi Yan wrapped her arm around Zhang Hans and left the bedroom.


Zhang Han nodded.

Naturally, at this point in time, he would listen to whatever she said.

Otherwise, it would be: “You took advantage of me and now you dont want to admit it”

The couple walked down the wide staircase and arrived at the living room on the first floor.

No matter how many things were placed there, the living room was still a little spacious.

After all, the area was so big.

After opening the door, Zhao Feng and Sun Dongheng both stood up.

“Master, Maam.”

“Boss, Madam.”

They both greeted them.

“Well, come on in and take a seat, why are you guys sitting at the door” Zi Yan said with a smile.

This caused Zhao Fengs gaze to pause.

“Please! I wanted to go in, but the door wouldnt budge!”

Hence, the group entered the living room.

Looking at the situation inside, Sun Dongheng exclaimed in amazement.

“What the This is too beautiful! It feels like a castle in those stories!”

There were some sofas on both sides of the living room.

After walking past them, Zi Yan said, “Ill go get some cold drinks.”

As she spoke, she walked toward the kitchen at the side and took out three bottles of juice from the fridge.

After coming out, she handed Sun Dongheng and Zhao Feng one each while she and Zhang Han shared one.

“Madam, there was news on the Internet saying that youre taking part in Chinese New Voice, is that legit” Sun Dongheng asked cautiously after taking a sip.

“Its true,” Zi Yan nodded slightly and answered.

Feeling strange, she asked, “Didnt Uncle Sun tell you”

“Alas, my dad wouldnt tell me.

He made me go ask for myself as he was worried that I would let the cat out of the bag immediately,” Sun Dongheng said helplessly.

That one sentence caused the other three to chuckle.

Zhao Feng nodded and said, “Uncle Sun is indeed very serious in the things he does.”

“Yup.” Zhang Han also nodded.

Zi Yan glanced at Sun Dongheng and asked, “Are you here just to ask about this”

“Yea! Oh no!” Sun Dongheng looked excited and he rubbed his hands together as he said, “Madam, I also signed up for the show.

Ive already passed the preliminary eliminations.

They told me that there will be a second round on the 15th in Shenzhen.”

“You signed up too” Zi Yan was slightly shocked.

“Did he enter through connections”

For a well-known competition-based variety program like this, the relationships inside were very complicated.

The water was much deeper than what many would think.

But even if you were to rely on connections, you would not be able to make it without having skill.

After all, the audience could see for themselves.

If one was to participate so pointlessly, they would be criticized.

Sun Dongheng seemed to know what she was thinking.

He chuckled.

“Im not trying to hook up with connections, Im just hoping that Madam can look out for me when needed.

Im going as an anchor, so if I screw up, I will be teased by many singers.

Once that gets broadcast, itll be too embarrassing.

Since Im a die-hard fan of you Madam, you must help me when people cross the line and tease me!”

“Pfft…” Zi Yan could not help bursting out laughing.

She said, “Youll definitely feel more pressured going on the show as an anchor, but you shouldnt be asking me for help.”

“Ah” Sun Dongheng froze for a second and looked at her in confusion.

At this moment, Zi Yan kept on blinking her big shining eyes.

Her gaze was charming and alluring.

She glanced at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “You should look for him! Hes also going on the show.”

“Pfft…” Sun Dongheng almost spilled the juice in his mouth.

He stared wide-eyed at Zhang Han and asked, “Boss, you… youre also going”

He almost blurted out: “Boss, can you sing” However, recalling how he had single-handedly created a national sensation when he pursued Madam, he realized that the song that Boss sang was quite nice.

“Master, youre going too Then that show is going to be so lively! If the producers know that youre going, they wont be able to stop smiling.” Zhao Feng laughed and applauded.

The word “Hanyang” was still able to bring in some money.

Although it was not as well-known as during the big war on Weibo, it was still influential.

“Yup, hes going to be a student.

Well be shooting the video for the audition later,” Zi Yan said with great enthusiasm.

Although she had just paid the price that caused her lips to become numb, through the deep interactions time and again, some things had come to be.

Zi Yan also knew that he would have agreed without her doing anything extra, but when she thought about his expression when he pretended to not agree to it, she came up with something fun.

“Boss sings well.

If he goes on the show, he will definitely give the professional singers a big shock,” Sun Dongheng smiled and said.

“Thats where youre wrong! Hes bound to shock everyone!” Zi Yan exclaimed while holding Zhang Hans hands.

“Everyone” Sun Dongheng froze.

“Dont you know Boss has another name on the Internet, its Hanyang.” Zhao Feng smiled and said, “If the producers find out about this identity, just think about it.”

“What” Sun Donghengs eyes popped wide open.

He stared at Zhang Han, dumbfounded.

Three seconds later, he then proclaimed, “Oh my, Boss, you have all my respect!”

“Thats why if you want to perform better on the show, you should be pleasing the head of the family,” said Zi Yan.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Boss, please accept me as your disciple.” Sun Dongheng made the gesture seriously.

“This still depends on your own effort.

My help will be limited.

If you sing off-key…” Zhang Han chuckled.

It always boils down to what you have to offer.

Even if Zhang Han gave him a song, if he could not even master the tune, then it would be useless.

“Boss, dont worry, Im OK at singing.

In the past, I always dreamt of becoming a singer.

I do have some knowledge about a few techniques,” Sun Dongheng patted his chest and said.

“There are still a few more days, right You can make use of the time to visit the company and find out some simple professional knowledge from the teachers.

If the other teachers on the show ask you a question and you cant answer, marks will be deducted,” Zi Yan nodded and said.

“Yes, Im planning to go tomorrow.” Sun Dongheng continued, “Heres what I also thought of.

A while back, there was a singer named Da Bo.

He sang a trending song and he gained popularity.

He went on a variety show and the teacher asked them what note he was singing.

He was unable to answer and got disqualified.

I have to make preparations during this period of time, I cant get disqualified just like that.

If I get past the first few rounds, Ill be able to face my family back home.

Haha, Ill have a few million fans too.”

At this moment, Sun Dongheng was relieved.

His Boss was a genius songwriter, he was very talented.

With his Boss and Madam backing him, he could finally let go of his worries.

After chatting for a bit, Zhang Han glanced at the time.

It was already half-past 10.

Hence, he looked at Zi Yan and said, “Lets go record the video first, we have to pick up Mengmeng later.”

“Then lets go to the studio first.” Zi Yan nodded.

She then turned to the other two.

“You guys want to come with”

“Um, sure, is it convenient Otherwise, Im not going,” Sun Dongheng scratched his head and said.

“Theres nothing inconvenient about it.” Zi Yan shook her head slightly.

She and Zhang Han both stood up and they led the other two up the stairs.

They arrived at the studio on the third floor.

“So many instruments So cool!” Sun Dongheng said enviously after seeing the place.

He planned to also make a studio in his small apartment.

Who cared if he knew how to play them At least they would look classy!

Zi Yan glanced at all the instruments before looking at Zhang Han.

She asked, “What song do you want to sing Just a small section is enough.

You know how to play the piano too, so all of these are an added bonus.”

Zhang Han set into thinking.

“Ill sing the one that you wrote,” he said with a smile.

“‘Love You Sure! Then do you want to create an effect with the setup I feel that youll definitely pass even if you sing just like that.

Use the microphone to try it out, the effects will be better,” Zi Yan said after giving it some thought.

“Then Ill just sing like that.”

Zhang Han sat down in front of the piano and opened it.

“Wait, wait, Im trying to look for a nice angle.” Zi Yan took out her phone and started to find a nice angle.

Eventually, she sat diagonally opposite him.

“Okay, Ill countthree, two, one and then youll start.

Three, two, one!”

At this moment, Zhao Feng and Sun Dongheng quieted down.

Without being told, they both held their breath.

After Zi Yans countdown, Zhang Han started playing the piano and he also began to sing.

“Just like this, love you, love you, love you, all the time, I want to be with you; I like–love the scent of your coat, and your embrace; If we tie the buttons of our shirts together, we wont be separated; Beautiful love, I just love to be close to you, just like…”

Zhang Hans voice was a little masculine.

Although it did not sound like Zi Yans singing voice, it still had a rich unique flavor, especially when he did a few vibratos in the right places.

Just like that, he sang a section of the song, which lasted about 50 seconds, and stopped singing.

“Finished!” Zi Yan ended the recording and smiled.

“You sang so well! My husband is so talented!”

“Its good, its good.” Sun Dongheng applauded.

Zhao Feng also applauded with a smile.

They seemed like they were just complimenting for the sakes of doing so, but his song did touch them.

“I just feel that the piano was too loud, and it sounded a little messy.

Why not try using the guitar” Zi Yan said.

“I dont know how to play the guitar,” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said.

“I do.

Ill play it for you and Xiaofeng can do the recording,” Zi Yan said with a bright smile.

“Youre going in the video as well” Zhang Han asked.

“No, Ill just be off to the side.

No, no, even if you record my back view no one can tell that its me.

And then Ill help you to do the sound effects.

I need to curl my hair, wait for me for a while!”

After which, she ran out in a hurry.


Zhang Han stretched out his hand toward her back view.

He felt a little helpless.

He glanced at the time and reminded her again, “Um, how about you dont curl your hair Its going to hurt your hair.

Besides, we are running tight on time.”

“Itll be quick.” Zi Yans voice came from the corridor.


Zhang Han was very skeptical.

When a woman begins to doll herself up, her speed…

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