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Chapter 509 Prepared Present for Younger Sister

Zi Yan also knew that they were short on time.

After curling the back of her hair, she hurried back to the studio.

“All right, lets do it.”

Hence, she turned on the computer again and tested out the setup.

She held onto the guitar and sat diagonally opposite Zhang Han.

With her long hair flung behind her shoulders, her face could not be seen.

Her wavy curls were very eye-catching indeed.

Zhang Han held onto the microphone.

He was ready.

“Three, two, one, start.”

Zhao Feng whispered before he began to record the video.

As his voice faded away, Zi Yan began to play the guitar.

She played softly and at a slightly lower pitch so that it could better showcase Zhang Hans voice.

Hence, Zhang Han sang again.

“Finished!” Zi Yan placed the guitar aside, put on the headset, and listened to the recording.

“This is it; we only need to add some background music.”

Zi Yan worked on the computer for a while.

A few minutes later, she sent the finished project to Chinese New Voices email address.

It was now half-past 11.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan left the house to go pick up Mengmeng.

Sun Dongheng headed to the company while Zhao Feng stayed on the mountain to prepare the ingredients.

For lunch, Zhang Han planned to make a fish hotpot, braised pig knuckles, Hungarian sheep-pig sausages, cold ladyfinger salad, and cucumber salad.

On the way to Saint Kindergarten…

Zi Yan was in a very good mood.

She sat in the back and gently hummed a tune as she scrolled on her phone.

“Oh right! Its Mengmengs birthday soon,” Zi Yan suddenly thought of it and looked up to say.

“Yea, its on the third of December.

We still have more than half a month,” Zhang Han answered with a smile.

“You remember it so clearly.

Then is there anything we have to prepare” Zi Yan asked.

“Of course we have to prepare something.

This is the first time Im celebrating Mengmengs birthday.

From now on, I will give her an unforgettable surprise every year.” A gentle smile hung on the corners of his mouth.

After which, he quieted down and looked at Zi Yan.

He quickly tried to salvage it.

“Of course, for you too.

Youll have surprises on your birthdays.”

“Hmph! Thats more like it!” Zi Yan scoffed lightly.

After which, she smiled and said, “Then what gifts should we prepare”

“First, we need a beautiful and delicious cake.

Well then set off some fireworks.

On the next day, well bring Mengmeng up north to play in the snow.

She hasnt seen snow before.

Well spend a few days there and thats it,” Zhang Han said after giving it some thought.

“Go up north to play in the snow” Zi Yan suddenly paused.

“But she still has to go to school.”

“Shell just take leave,” Zhang Han said casually.

“I think its better if she doesnt.

Although shes still in kindergarten, she still learns new things every day.

Besides, by the third of December, our show will have yet to end.

What I propose is to spend her birthday at home and then when theres a one-week school break during Christmas, well go up north then, okay” Zi Yan said.

“Thats fine too.”

Zhang Han made a low groan and nodded eventually.

He chuckled and said, “In the future, Ill have to go catch a Snowman for Mengmeng to play with.”

“Snowman Catch” Zi Yan froze for a split second.

She asked in confusion, “How do you catch a Snowman Huh Is it really a real snowman Alive They really exist”

She suddenly realized that Zhang Han should be referring to those mystical living Snowman.

“Of course, Snowmen are also called the Spirit of the Snow.

They are an interesting species,” Zhang Han replied.

“Then what do they look like” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“Well, they have no fixed form.

Theyre spiritual beings.

However, theyre usually in the form of a giant snowman or a small fat one.

They can control it.”

“Oh, oh.

While talking, they arrived at the front of the kindergarten.

After a few minutes, school was out.

Zhang Han lined up to enter the school.


Mengmeng saw Zhang Han and ran toward him excitedly.

Like usual, she stretched out her arms.

Zhang Han smiled and wrapped his arms around her.

He gave her a peck on her cheek.

“Papa, are we moving to Xanadu today” Mengmeng pouted her mouth and asked.

“Yes! Were going there directly afterward.

Were not going back to the restaurant anymore,” Zhang Han smiled gently and replied.

“Yay! I can now play with Big Heihei and Little Heihei every day!” Mengmeng raised her arms happily.

“Papa, lets go now!”


Zhang Han smiled and put the little girl on the ground.

He stretched out his finger.

Hence, Mengmeng wrapped around his finger with her small hand.

She hopped out of the school while carrying her big backpack.


After getting in the car, Mengmeng squeezed into Zi Yans embrace and snuggled in her arms.

Zhang Han started the car and drove toward New Moon Bay.

“MaMa, someone else in our class cried again.

It was Xinran and Beibei.

They snatched a toy and just started crying…”

Mengmeng was still blabbering away with what happened in school.

She also told them what she learned, which was mostly Cantonese.

Mengmeng knew very little Cantonese, but she was fluent in English and Mandarin.

Through learning new things every day, the little girl now knew more things.

“Oh no, Papa, why is it different”

When the car approached the gate of Mount New Moon, Mengmeng was surprised by its appearance.

“Because this is our home.

Papa built this house.

We can only stay here if we have a house.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Wow… what a giant door.

There are two big brothers standing there, arent they tired” Mengmeng continuously blinked her clear big eyes and looked around curiously.

“They will usually be working and will stand there when they are resting,” Zhang Han answered.

“Its so beautiful! Ah! Papa, theres a castle on top, is that Princess Elsas castle” Mengmeng asked when she saw the castle on the mountain.

“Thats not Princess Elsas castle.” Zhang Han shook his head and a smile formed at the corner of his lips.

“Its Princess Mengmengs castle.”

“Princess Mengmeng I am Mengmeng! Its my castle! Yay, yay! Its my castle! Yay!”

Mengmeng was filled with ecstasy immediately.

The car drove into the courtyard in front of the castle.

After it pulled to a stop, the family of three entered the castle.

Mengmeng ran around happily.

Finally, she looked around her massive bedroom on the third floor and discovered many interesting toys.

But when she heard that she was going to live in this room alone, she lost interest instantly.

Upon entering Zhang Han and Zi Yans bedroom, she saw the small bed beside the big bed, and she started to giggle.

After walking around the castle with Mengmeng for half an hour, Zhang Han then prepared to go make dinner.

There were a kitchen and dining room on every floor.

Zhao Feng brought the ingredients to the kitchen on the third floor.

When Zhang Han was about to go prepare, Mengmeng quickly asked, “PaPa, can Big Heihei and Little Heihei come here to play”

“If you wish,” Zhang Han answered with a smile.


Ill go call them!”

While saying so, Mengmeng ran down the stairs.

“No need to go down, just call them from the balcony.”

Zi Yan pursed her lips and smiled.

She pulled along Mengmengs small hand and walked to the living room.

She opened the glass door and stood on the open-air balcony that faced the back of the mountain.

The balcony was very spacious, and the guardrail was 1.3 meters high.

Mengmeng was not even as tall as the guardrail yet.

Luckily, the guardrail was spaced.

“Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Im here! Quickly come!” Mengmeng shouted.

“Oh oh! Oh oh oh…”


Two voices rang from within the dense forest.

Soon, Dahei and Little Hei were seen running over.

“Come in quickly!” Mengmeng waved her little hand from the third floor.

Dahei scratched its head.

Seeing Little Hei being the forerunner going toward the main door, it also galloped on its four limbs and followed along.

They met up with Mengmeng and played with her for a while.

Because Dahei had a huge physique, it was unable to stretch out fully, so it was not as comfortable as it was outdoors.

Hence, during lunch, the two Heihei powers left the castle and ran toward the back of the mountain.

“The roasted goose should be chilled by now,” Dahei thought while running.

For Mengmeng, it was her first time being in a castle.

Everything was interesting and she was very happy.

After lunch, she watched a movie in the movie hall and then went to the mountains to play with them.

Her crisp laughter was heard everywhere.

Seeing Mengmeng so happy, Zhang Hans heart was very satisfied.

Ever since Mengmeng came into his life, his values and priorities had gradually changed.

These few days, the Wang family also started to get busy.

Those who liked to do business all invested in the Mengmeng Group.

They did not try to get in through connections, but most of them took the initiative to start working from the bottom.

The passport problem was also easily taken care of thanks to Zhang Hans connections.

There were documents from elementary, middle, and high school.

Basically it did not affect Mengmengs lessons.

But regarding Cantonese, they were still in the midst of mastering it.

Meanwhile, Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanhong, Wang Ming, and seven or eight other disciples whose job was to research the formations went to the forest every day to research the Hundred-formation Image.

At this point in time, Mount New Moon, or even the Cold Immortal School, were already hotspots.

They were bustling with liveliness.

Time passed by quickly.

Another week had passed.

These few days, after picking up Mengmeng from school, Zhang Han and Zi Yan would go to the companys studio to jam.

And today, what they were working on was finally complete.

At 3 p.m… Zhang Han and Zi Yan went to the DJ Night Show.

There were very few lights and the place was dim.

Zhao Feng, elder brother Long, and a few other people were all here.

The lighting engineer and some staff were standing at the side of the stage.

“Lili is suntanning at the beach with Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi,” Zhao Feng walked up to Zhang Han and said.

“Then Ill call her.” Zi Yan took out her phone and dialed.

“Hey, Lili.

I have something to talk to you about.

Im at the companys bar.

Come on over.”

Hence, 20 minutes later…

Zhang Li entered the club with the others behind her.

She had her hair tied into pigtails and she was wearing a scarf and a sports outfit.

As she entered, she saw Zhang Han and Zi Yan at the console and she asked in shock, “Bro, sister-in-law, what are you guys doing here”

“Are Boss and Lady Boss going to perform” Liang Mengqi asked.

“We are,” Zi Yan pursed her lips and glanced at Zhang Han.

“Ahem.” Zhang Han picked up the microphone, smiled and said, “Up next, I want to give my biological younger sister a present.

Zi Yan and I prepared this present ourselves.

Lili, its something that youll like.

All right, lighting engineer, please get ready.”

Zhang Han spoke casually.

He held up his palm, indicating the start of the performance.

The lights in the club started to flash.

At the same time, a melodious rhythm started.

It was an EDM song, a classic that came out at the end of this century—”Fade”.

The moment the rhythm started…

Zhang Lis expression froze.

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