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Chapter 523 Our Love Song

All those top families, including the Chu family, each bought dozens of places for the draw.

The news had just spread out and only the top families were able to respond to it as soon as possible, who had occupied nearly 500 places.

At the same time…

Ye Hans family held an urgent meeting.

“How many places should we buy this time I just learned that within two hours after the news spread, 500 places have been bought, so our chances of winning the lottery will be infinitely lowered.

We are sure to have one place.

As for how many places we can buy, lets discuss it.”

Patriarch Ye looked at the dozens of core family members and spoke seriously.

“We have at least 500 competitors, and tomorrow we will draw lots.

The final number of applicants should be between 800 and 1,000, but there are only 30 membership cards.

If we only buy one place, the probability of winning is very low.

I think we need to buy at least 10 places,” a core member said.

“Well pay five million for one place, and 50 million for 10 places.

Its acceptable,” another core member wearing glasses said.

“Han seems to have a good relationship with Zhao Feng.

If we get a member card, he can visit Cold Immortal School more frequently and strengthen this relationship, which will benefit him a lot.

Whats more, if he is favored by Mr.

Zhang, our family will rise soon,” said one of Ye Hans uncles.

Ye Hans eldest uncle suddenly thought of something.

“Donghu, you remind me that there is another way to attract Mr.


Qingxin has grown to be a pretty girl, and Im sure Mr.

Zhang will like her.

If it was not for the law, Mr.

Zhang, as a master, would naturally have some concubines.

What about letting Qingxin and her sister visit Mr.

Zhang frequently If they succeed, well be one of the top families in Hong Kong.”

Everyone present was shocked by him.

“We cant do that, uncle!”

Ye Han hurried to persuade him with a pale face.

“We all know that Mr.

Zhang loves his wife and daughter so much that he wont even spare a glance at other women.

If Mr.

Zhang finds out about your plan, he will get angry.”

“Yes, we cant challenge his bottom line.

But its a good idea, and maybe Qingxin will be able to attract Zhao Feng, Mr.

Zhangs first disciple, or some core members of the other influential families.

Its Qingxins opportunity and she must seize it.”

Patriarch Ye thought about it and said, “We need to fight this time.

What about 20 places”

“20 places will cost us 200 million, and we can earn it back through the next project.

After all, well get 100 million back after the drawing.”


All the core members began to discuss it.

The Ye family was not strong compared with the top families in Hong Kong, and their working capital was less than 700 million.

So the loss of 200 million would definitely affect some of their upcoming business projects.

But Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant was more attractive to them.

Like the Ye family, many other families well-matched with them or even some top families were also planning to take part in the activity tomorrow.

Cold Immortal School would give them the opportunity that they had been dreaming of.

So that night, the number of people who signed up for the membership card lottery increased to more than 900.

The restaurants speed of making money in this way shocked many people.

As for Zhang Han, he didnt care about how much he would earn this time.

It was Zhao Fengs idea to open the restaurant of Cold Immortal School to the public.

Upon hearing the news…

Many participants were so excited that they had a sleepless night.

Zhang Han spent Saturday and Sunday studying songs with Zi Yan.

On Sunday night, Zi Yan didnt live up to her promise, as if she had forgotten it.

Therefore, Zhang Han hurried to a store in New Moon Bay and bought some snacks.

When Zi Yan saw Zhang Han with a bag of popping candy and several bags of jelly, she couldnt help rolling her eyes at him.

However, at night…

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and listened to the crackling sound coming from under him.

It was a very special experience.

He felt comfortable and decided to take the show seriously.

The next morning, Zi Yan left at seven oclock to make some supplementary recordings for the program division.

At eight oclock, Zhang Han took Mengmeng to kindergarten and then went back to his company.

He got in the helicopter at nine oclock and flew to the program division.

Soon, he arrived at his destination.

The other 24 performers were already in the preparation room.

They all stood up when they saw Zhang Han.


“GuruIm Cute!”

“Welcome, guru.”

“Nice to see you, guru.”

They all greeted Zhang Han warmly.

Even many people forgot the division of the team and stood up to meet Zhang Han.

They all admired Zhang Han very much.

Hanyang, as a super songwriter, had conquered them with his strength and was regarded as their idol.

Hanyang deserved their respect.

They were very enthusiastic.

Zhang Han smiled, nodded, and waved his hands at them.

“Hello, everyone.”

The camera in the room captured everyones behavior and appearance.

Now the program team knew that the biggest gimmick this season was Hanyangs identity.

They were confident that they would attract even more of an audience with the four mentors and Hanyang, and the show was going to go viral.

This was also an opportunity for the other singers.

“Guru Cute, may I know the name of the song prepared by you and Mentor Zi Yan” Tong Jiajia asked in curiosity and expectation.

“Will you sing a love song”

“Yes.” Zhang Han directly nodded.

He was wearing a casual suit, sunglasses, and a cap so that no one else could see his whole face.

But he was still handsome.

Tong Jiajia raised another question.

“Guru Cute, are you Mentor Zi Yans friend”

“If I wasnt, I wouldnt have taken part in the show.” Zhang Han chuckled and shrugged casually.

“Wow, Im even more curious about your relationship.

Mentor Zi Yan is so beautiful, but she is still single now.

Guru Cute, if I hadnt heard that you have a baby, I would have suspected you to be her boyfriend.” Tong Jiajia was confused by herself.

“Jiajia, stop gossiping, please.

You will never know gurus relationship with Mentor Zi Yan if he doesnt want to tell you.

Haha, I know it in detail, but I wont tell you either unless you beg me to do so.” Sun Dongheng grinned at Tong Jiajia.

“Why not”

Tong Jiajia was surprised and hurriedly went back to Sun Dongheng.

Holding Sun Donghengs arms, she gave the man a sweet smile and said, “Please, tell me the truth.”

“Well, Ill tell you due to your sincerity.” Sun Dongheng coughed to clear his throat.

“Whats the truth” Tong Jiajias eyes lit up, and even the other singers were attracted by their conversation.

They had been guessing what Hanyangs relationship was with Zi Yan.

Why did Hanyang take part in the show for Mentor Zi Yan The answer was surely amazing.

Someone even suspected Hanyang to be Zi Yans boyfriend, which was much closer to the truth.

“However, Xue Qian mentioned in the last show that Hanyang was a handsome young father.”

“Therefore, he cant be Zi Yans boyfriend.

A man with a family is not allowed to fall in love with any other woman.”


“Zi Yan is so beautiful and every man takes her as their dream lover.

Is Hanyang attracted to Zi Yan and thus caught in an extramarital affair”

“If thats the truth, then he will be regarded as a bad man if his extramarital affair is discovered.”

“But what if Zi Yan is his soul mate”

Everyone in the room made all kinds of guesses.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan would be amused by these singers if the couple knew what they were thinking about.

Almost no one got the truth.

Zhang Han was Zi Yans husband actually.

Sun Dongheng made Tong Jiajia guess for a while, and then shook his head.

“Lets me tell you, the relationship between Guru Cute and Mentor Zi Yan is very, very, very…”

“Very what”

Everyone wanted to smash their shoes on Sun Donghengs face.

The crowds chat and laughter warmed up the whole room.

In the mentors preparation room, the atmosphere was also very warm.

There was a while before the show started.

In the past several days, the program team had decorated the stage, formed a 100-person jury, and invited five or six hundred audience members.

“Zi Yan, tell me if you have made full preparation for the show with your Mr.

Right” Zuo Dong smiled.

“You can guess.” Zi Yan covered her smile with one hand.

“How can I guess We are in great danger competing with that living song-library.

It was difficult for us to write a new song in the past three days,” Da Hua replied helplessly.

“Yes, yes.” Gu Fan kept nodding his head.

“To write a wonderful song, we should create a soul for it.

Three days were too short for us, and I cant help suspecting that this show is specially arranged for Zi Yan by the program team.”

“Hahaha, dont fool me.

Cheng Xu told me that all of you made full preparation before the show, hmph.” Zi Yan snorted.

The other three mentors burst out laughing.

“Well cooperate with one of our trainees, but we cant call him a trainee.” Zuo Dong waved his hand.

“Lets stop here.

Ill go backstage.” Zi Yan smiled and left the preparation room.

Zi Yan was wearing a snow-white dress, which made her even more elegant.

When Zi Yan arrived at the trainees preparation room, all the singers were still chatting.

She stopped at the door, waved, and said to Zhang Han, “Well,Im Cute, come here to make some preparation with me.”

All the trainees began cheering when they saw Zi Yan.

“Mentor Zi Yan is so beautiful.”

“She is like a fairy.”

“I fell in love with her.”


Zi Yan smiled at them, and then went to the dressing room with Zhang Han.

The makeup artist and hairdresser were the first to see Zhang Hans entire face in this show.

“Wow, you are quite handsome.

Which style do you like Ill make you a fashionable hairstyle to match your clothes.” The hairdresser smiled.

“Okay, I like a fashionable hairstyle.” Zi Yan was amused.

“Wait…” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan.

But he recalled what had happened last night and gave up defending himself.

After dozens of minutes…

Zhang Han was now a real idol.

“You need a pair of rimless glasses.

Im sure that even my parents wont recognize you.

Youve totally changed your style and seem even younger.” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han with great interest.

“Do I seem younger” Zhang Han looked at himself in the mirror, feeling a little embarrassed.

Luckily, his face was still masculine, which kept him different from a young idol.

Right at this moment…

The chief director of the show stepped onto the stage with a microphone.

“Lets welcome 100 media reviewers and fans to watch the show of Chinese New Voice.

The theme of this round of competition is saving trainees.

Three groups of tutors will sing together with their chosen students respectively, and 100 reviewers will score and rank them.”

Zi Yan went back to the mentors preparation room with Zhang Han.

In addition to the three mentors, they saw another trainee there, who looked better after being dressed up.

“Lets welcome the first group, Mentor Zuo Dong, Da Hua, and trainee Baite.

Theyll sing a new song named Wild Crane or Floating Clouds.”

Zuo Dong and his partners stood up.

He took a deep breath before he left the room.

“To be honest, Im a little nervous.

I hope that we can get a good result and wont fall far behind Zi Yan.”

Zuo Dong and Da Hua knew that there was no possibility for them to defeat Zi Yan and Hanyang.

No one could defeat Hanyang actually.

Therefore, they aimed for second prize this time and decided to try their best.

“Come on.”

“Good luck.”

Both Gu Fan and Zi Yan encouraged them.

After Zuo Deng and his partners got on stage, the stage lights dimmed and the music accompaniment began to ring out.

The accompaniment was intense.

“Wild Crane or Floating Clouds.”

“Sleeping dragon in the river.”


It was a song with a strong Chinese style.

The trainee took the lead to sing the song, and then Zuo Dong began to rap, which was followed by Da Huas high-pitched chorus.

Then the three of them began singing together.

All the lyrics, stage lighting, and rhythm were well designed.

Many audience members were applauding and cheering for them.

“Thank you for your performance.” Chief Director Cheng Xu went back onstage and announced, “Lets welcome Gu Fan and his trainee, Ling Wei, to sing Waves of the Yangtze River.”

In the preparation room…

Gu Fan and his trainee stood up.

“Wait a moment.

Well show you our strength.” Gu Fan smiled at Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

“Come on.” Zi Yan made an encouraging gesture to him.

Gu Fan and his trainee soon stepped onto the stage.

It was a pop song and they did a good job.

But their performance was no better than that of Zuo Dong and Da Hua.

Gu Fans trainee was so nervous that he failed to control his stage performance.

Compared with them, Zuo Dong, as a professional singer in the rap circle, had lit up the stage with his performance.

“Mentor Gu Fan was implicated by Ling Wei and didnt get a good grade.”

“He had no other choice.

The song is difficult and challenging, and they actually did a good job.”

“I wonder which song Mentor Zi Yan will sing with guru.”

“Its their turn to perform.

Ive been looking forward to it.”

The singers in the trainees preparation room began a new round of discussion.

The same thing was happening in the mentors room.

“Come on.

We are here waiting for your song to detonate the stage.” Zuo Dong smiled.

“We wont.” With a smile, Zi Yan and Zhang Han left the room side by side and went to the stage.

Just a few steps away, they heard Cheng Xus heroic voice.

“The last group, Mentor Zi Yan andIm Cute, the best dark horse of the season, will sing the song I Want to Sing Me to You together.”

The stage lights suddenly turned warm yellow and began to flash.

Cheng Xu went to the side of the stage, while Zhang Han and Zi Yan went to the stage hand in hand.

“Wow, its a love song.”

Many trainees in the preparation room couldnt help sighing with emotion.

Only a few in the audience knew the truth.

Zhou Fei, Zhao Feng, Sun Dongheng, and Lu Ze knew that the couple was again making a public display of affection.

Then there was a melodious and light accompaniment on the stage.

Zi Yan took the lead to sing the song.

“I want to sing me to you, when Im still young like a flower.”

“Let the flower bloom to the fullest, decorate your time and my buds.”

Hearing Zi Yans voice, the hall fell into silence, for this beautiful voice was an ultimate enjoyment to the ears.

In the preparation room, all the trainees began shouting.

“What a sweet voice!”

“Its fascinating.”

“They are invincible!”

All the people present were talking.

Zhang Han began to sing in a soft voice.

“No one could replace you, enjoy yourself when you are young.”

Zi Yan took over his lyric in time.

“My dearest, go with me along the long road.”

Zhang Han sang again: “I want to sing me to you.”

Before Zhang Han could finish, Zi Yan began singing to set off his voice.

“I want to sing me to you.”

Zhang Han followed her.

“Give me your sweet smile, we should have…”

They sang together.

“Happy and sunny days.”

“I want to sing me to you…”

Their voices were constantly interspersed and matched, and various ingenious rhythms made many people intoxicated.

During the entire song…

No other sounds were heard in the hall.

Fans below the stage stretched out their arms and shook their hands with the rhythm, with sweet smiles on their face.

This was the charm of music.

“Wonderful! Theyve touched everyone present with their song.” Gu Fan made a gesture to praise Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

It was difficult for any singer to touch their audience, because it required them to sing their feelings out and integrate their feelings into the song.

It depended on the singers skill, and a good singer could even move the audience to tears.

All the singers and audience members, including Gu Fan, Zuo Dong, and Da Hua, were totally conquered by Zi Yan, Zhang Han, and their song.

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