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Chapter 53 – eyedrops

‘I dont know when Ill be able to live like this.

Zhao Feng was a little absent-minded, and his eyes were also somewhat envious as he looked at Zhang Han and Mengmeng.

He had spent these past two years fighting nonstop.

The reason for his nickname was because he had used a lot of peoples blood to beat this madman up.

At the same time, it was unavoidable for Zhao Feng to have met powerful opponents, and received heavy injuries.

However, he still got up, relying on his ruthlessness.

There was a reason for people to be unsteady, especially in the underground world.

It was a saying of truth!

However, there were only a few who were truly ruthless, and Zhao Feng did not like fighting or killing.

After seeing Zhang Han at this moment, the yearning for a peaceful life surfaced in his heart.

Soon, when I settle the matter with Tang Zhan, I can relax.

Finding a wife and having a child, my life in the city, like how the boss lives, is really good.

Zhao Feng muttered in his heart, and when he thought of the word girlfriend, Zhao Fengs gaze subconsciously turned to Liang Mengqi.

He had a oval face, big eyes, long hair, a kind heart, a cheerful personality, and a scholarly style.

But facing a brave and courageous girl, all of these conditions were the type that Zhao Feng liked.

If it werent for Tang Zhan, Zhao Feng reckoned that he would not be able to resist chasing after him.

But not now.

Tang Zhan had already noticed that anyone who followed him would be in danger.

Therefore, at this time, Zhao Feng did not plan to consider these private matters.

Liang Mengqi seemed to have also felt Zhao Fengs gaze.

He turned his head to take a glance and realized that was really staring at him.

What are you looking at!

Liang Mengqi glared at Zhao Feng and turned back to continue watching the playful Mengmeng and Zhang Han.

To her, the one who had attracted her at the start was Mengmeng.

Mengmeng was too adorable, anyone who saw her would have a good impression of her.

Gradually, she realised that Zhang Hans allure was increasing, he was very casual, he had a good personality, he never bothered with anyone, but only had his daughter in his eyes, he was very mysterious, his culinary arts were high, the piano played so well, but she had never heard of him, and furthermore, Zhang Hans appearance was not bad, and the more she looked, the more handsome he seemed! The more handsome he was, the more powerful he would become!

“PaPa, that … that blade of yours, how fast is it Mengmeng laid in the PaPas embrace and asked.

“Its because Mengmeng is hungry, so Daddy has to do it a little faster.” Zhang Han chuckled, and kissed Mengmengs pink cheeks.

“PaPa, you are so nice, you are my … Eh… “My great hero!” Mengmeng said happily.

“Of course, Daddy is going to be your hero for life.” Zhang Han said softly.

“Ugh …” Mengmeng pouted as she thought about it, she felt that she was missing something, she suddenly remembered, and anxiously said: “Also Mama, PaPa is also a hero, he wants to be a hero for the rest of his life.”

“Eh …” Zhang Hans expression froze, he rubbed Mengmengs little head and said with a smile: “Okay, whatever Mengmeng says, daddy will listen to Mengmeng.”

“Hehehe …” PaPa, are you alright … “Oh my…” Overjoyed, Mengmeng gave her a kiss on her cheek.

This scene caused the people sitting at the side of the door to feel envy and disappointment in their hearts.

They envied Mengmeng for having such a powerful father.

The most important thing was that this father loved her so much, indulged her so much, spoiled her so much, and from his attitude, it seemed like he wanted to take care of his daughter till the heavens.

They were disappointed, not because their relationship with their father was not that good, but because they had grown up, and could no longer cuddle in their fathers embrace and act shamelessly like Mengmeng.

Furthermore, their father was also getting older and older.

Zhao Feng no longer had any parents, but he was the most disappointed one present.

The tree wants peace but the wind does not stop, the child wants to raise but does not stay.

Zhao Feng had not done his duty, and his family had already passed away.

This was his greatest regret.

Time flew by quickly.

After about ten minutes, Zhang Han showed Mengmeng the small set to the kitchen and started working.

As for Mengmeng, he did not even want to watch TV anymore.

He just sat on the sofa and hummed a song as he watched PaPa cook.

At this time, the rice was already cooked.

Zhang Han turned on the electric cooker and looked at the amount of rice inside it, which had doubled from yesterday.

‘The energy of a foodie is very scary…

Zhang Han helplessly shook his head, and moved the rice together, reminding everyone here that they should not eat the rice that was cooked directly.

After going through the experiments of an expert from the Agricultural Academy of Sciences, no matter if it was in the city or the countryside, whether it was a big iron pot, electric cooker or a rice steamer, they should not eat the rice directly, because eating the rice directly …

Hot mouth!

When the rice was cooked, it could be eaten directly.

However, it would be better if it was cold.

Moreover, if the rice was stirred, it would maintain a good softness.

If the rice was not stirred, the moisture loss would become more real after a while.

The potato stew with beans was still around ten minutes away, just as Zhang Han was about to start his second course — — Red Braised Eggplant.

Braised eggplant is a traditional dish with a long history.

It is a fine vegetable dish.

Juice was the common food.

However, it was a simple task for Zhang Han.

In other words, making a fool eat New Moon Bays eggplant would not be difficult either.

The blade light flashed again, and three eggplants were cut into long segments that had the same shape and size.

When he placed them in the steamer to steam, Zhang Han cut the garlic into minced garlic.

After the eggplant was steamed and cooked, it cooled down for a moment.

Then the oil was poured into the pot and put into the eggplant, garlic, red pepper, old smoked, spring onion, salt, a little sugar and the most important fragrant wood.

After stir-frying for a while, a portion of red-braised eggplant was served.

Thereafter, Zhang Tians hands did not stop moving.

Two pots were placed in front of him, and two-thirds of the rice was turned into Egg Fried Rice.

“Come and serve us some rice.”

Zhang Han placed Liang Mengqi and the other two dishes on the counter and waved at Liang Mengqi.


Liang Mengqi laughed and took the lead to walk in front of the counter.

As he was filling up the rice, Liang Mengqis eyes landed on the dishes that Zhang Han had cooked.

The food did not have the absorption from the smoke blender, so the fragrance of the dishes wafted up, causing Liang Mengqi to subconsciously swallow his saliva.

“It smells so good, it must be delicious …”

However, after the food was cooked, Yu Qingqing pushed her away in a hurry, bringing her consciousness back to reality.

Liang Mengqi stepped aside and carried the lonely Egg-Fried Rice and milk back to the guests small dining table.

Zhao Feng stood behind the counter and waited for them to finish eating.

Then, he used a paper plate and a paper cup to fill up the Egg-Fried Rice and milk.

Smelling the fragrance, Zhao Feng felt that this fragrance was very strong, thus his footsteps could not help but speed up by 30%.

When he returned to his seat, he hastily scooped rice into a spoon and put it into his mouth.

After tasting the taste, ten thousand bullet screens worth of food quickly floated past his heart.

‘Egg-Fried Rice

‘I dont believe it!

‘When did the Egg Fried Rice become so delicious

‘Is this real Egg-Fried RiceIs this really Egg-Fried Rice

After eating the first mouthful, Zhao Feng was unable to stop!

One had to know that for someone like him, who was a spy, his endurance was extremely terrifying.

However, this kind of endurance seemed to become extremely laughable in front of a plate of Egg-Fried Rice.

One could tell from his blurry eyes that he had been conquered by Zhang Hans Egg-Fried Rice!

But it was not only him, Liang Mengqi, Yu Qingqing, Zhao Dahu had also eaten very fast.

Seeing this scene, the little princess started to panic.

“PaPa, PaPa, theyre already starting to eat.

Why arent we eating” Mengmeng pouted and said.

After smelling the fragrance for a long time, she was so hungry that she couldnt take it anymore.

“Alright, the last dish will be served!” Zhang Han smiled and poured the last piece of fried egg and tomato into the plate.

“Lets go and eat too.” Zhang Han immediately used a large tray to bring the three dishes, two bowls of rice and two chopsticks to the table.

“Time to eat, time to eat …” Mengmeng ran and jumped around beside Zhang Han happily.

At this time, other than Zhao Dahu, the other three people had finished eating their Egg-Fried Rice.

“It smells so good, the PaPa is truly a nuisance, it tastes so good …” Mengmeng bit a braised eggplant and praised.

“Then eat more.” Zhang Han did not touch the chopsticks, and said gently while smiling at Mengmeng.

Fatherly love was like a mountain.

Every fathers way of expressing their love was different.

They wouldnt say such exquisite words of love, and most of them would silently use their actions to explain their fathers love.

For example, Zhang Han hadnt said anything to Mengmeng likeI love you, but his actions had proven his love for Mengmeng, and when he saideat more, many parents had said similar words.

At this moment, Liang Mengqi looked at Zhang Han with eager eyes.

How she wished that Zhang Han would also say this to her: “Come and eat a little too.”

But no!

Liang Mengqi was already impatient in his heart.

Since you are not saying anything, then this person will say hello, right

Therefore, she licked her lips and endured the embarrassment in her heart, saying, “Erm, boss … Can you… “Aiya, I also want to taste the food you cooked.”


In that moment, the other three gazes turned towards Zhang Han.

They didnt even need to say anything as they expressed their desire with their gazes.

Zhang Hans expression froze for a moment, then he muttered to himself and answered: “Not everyone can eat dishes that I, Zhang Han, cook.”

The rules could not be broken easily, Zhang Han did not doubt the popularity of his restaurant.

Eating just one dish would leave one loyal fan behind, moreover, it had only been open for two days, if it started for too long, the number of customers would rise quickly.

It was fine to cook a lot of food like Egg-Fried Rice, but did Zhang Han really have to cook for everyone


Even for the people in front of him, to be able to eat Egg-Fried Rice was all thanks to Mengmeng.

If it was not for the fact that the Mount New Moon was still in the early stages of transformation and was unable to create a residential area, this restaurant would not even be open, thus Zhang Han did not plan to cook for others.


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