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Chapter 533 An Old Classmate

When there were many people having a snowball fight, it was quite interesting.

The little princess hid behind Zhang Hans legs and managed to make a small snowball.


Mengmeng threw it with great energy, and the snowball rose into the air, then fell to the ground.

Just throwing it out four or five meters was the result of all of Mengmengs energy.


Mengmeng looked at the snowball that hadnt even crossed the middle line, and froze slightly.

“This is not a snowball fight.

“Why cant I throw it over”

So the little girl picked up a handful of snow again and made it into a small snowball.

This time, Zhang Han noticed the little princess and thought.

That tiny snowball flew forward.

“Boom!” The snowball hit a young mans leg.

The snowball was so small that the man who was hit didnt even feel it, but the little girl giggled.

“I hit someone!”

Then she continued playing happily.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei had never experienced such a large-scale snowball fight, so they were enjoying themselves as well.

Suddenly, Zi Yan said, “Honey, honey.”

“Huh” Zhang Han slowly turned his head.


Two clusters of snowflakes burst open on Zhang Hans head.

“Well, youve attacked me.

Mengmeng, lets fight back!”

Zhang Han shook his head and threw snowballs with Mengmeng at Zi Yan.

The family of three threw snowballs at each other, then they began to attack the “enemies” on the opposite side together.

A new round of “attacks” began.

Under Zhang Hans protection, Mengmeng was unscathed and had a lot of fun.

At 1 p.m., they decided to go back for lunch.

They walked from the riverbank to the road on the upper side.

Zhang Han took off his sunglasses and wiped off the snow.

At this time, a man of about 1.75 meters tall passed by.

With a flattop haircut, the man was a little fat and his eyes were big.

He was wearing a black mink coat, jeans, and leather shoes, with a gold necklace and leather purse.

He couldnt help glancing at Zi Yan.

“Such a pretty lady!” Then, he looked at Mengmeng and finally looked at Zhang Han curiously.

“Who is so lucky to have such a beautiful wife and daughter”

Seeing Zhang Han, he froze slightly.

But he continued walking another three steps.

Suddenly, he stopped and stared at Zhang Han.

Quickly, he walked back and stared at Zhang Han.

“Hmm” Zhang Han glanced around and saw the mans appearance, and he froze slightly.

“Such a coincidence”

“Brother Han” the man asked hesitantly all of a sudden.

Zhang Han, who put on his sunglasses again, was not sure.

“Xiaohui” Zhang Han asked a little unexpectedly.

“Dammit! Brother Han! What a coincidence!”

The man with the flattop stared and said in surprise, “Brother Han, you are here in Ice City! What a coincidence! Hahaha.”

Seeing his appearance, Zhang Han smiled slightly, took off his sunglasses, and nodded.

“What a coincidence.”

This made Zi Yan and Mengmeng stunned.

They were acquainted!

Zhou Fei, Rong Jiaxin, and Zhao Feng also stopped and looked curiously at the tyrant with a standard look.

“Brother Han, when did you arrive here” Xiaohui said very kindly, stretching out a hand to hold Zhang Hans right arm.

“I arrived yesterday for tourism.

It seems that you are living a decent life.” Zhang Han smiled and looked him up and down.

“Just so-so.

Dont focus on me.

Brother Han, I havent seen you in many years, and I couldnt contact you afterward.

Daman, Elder Fu and I, we miss you so much.

We were so anxious after hearing about that incident.

Now that you are here in Ice City, lets do some catching up.”

As Xiaohui spoke, he looked at the people beside Zhang Han.

He hesitantly asked, “Uh… They are”

“My wife and daughter,” Zhang Han replied.

“Oh, nice to meet you.” Xiaohui hurriedly greeted them with his left hand fumbling in his bag.

Then he patted his pocket twice, and finally scratched his head, and said, “It is such a coincidence that I have no presents.”

“Youre too courteous,” Zi Yan smiled slightly and answered politely.

“Well, you dont have to be so courteous!” Mengmeng politely waved her hand and said.

“I havent prepared anything for you, my elder sister.

But as this is my first time meeting your daughter, I must give her something.” Xiaohui hurriedly turned around, opened his purse, and turned back with a bulging red envelope in his hand.

Judging from its thickness, there should be two to three thousand yuan in it.

Such an amount of money could be considered a relatively expensive gift here.

The more intimate they were, the thicker the red envelope would be.

“You dont have to.

Youre so courteous,” Zi Yan repeatedly said and waved her hands.

“My elder sister, please accept my offerings.

Brother Han has been really kind to me, and we are really good friends,” Xiaohui said seriously.

“Just take it.” Zhang Han smiled slightly and nodded at Zi Yan.

“Well…” Zi Yan also smiled, looking at Mengmeng, and said, “Mengmeng, this is your Uncle Xiaohuis gift.”

“Well, thank you, Uncle Xiaohui,” Mengmeng took the red envelope and said very smartly.

“Well, attagirl, hahaha.”

Xiaohui then smiled, looked at Zhang Han, and said, “Brother Han, elder sister, how about having a party to catch up I will inform Daman and Elder Fu.”

“Um, I just saw that you were in a hurry.

I guess you have something to deal with,” Zhang Han said.


As Ive encountered you, Brother Han, I will deal with my affairs later.

This time, lets have some drinks and catch up.” Xiaohui hesitated for a second, but he soon made the decision.

Zhang Han definitely could tell and thought for a second and replied, “As I am not available right now.

Go deal with your affairs first.

Lets catch up another day.”

“Another day Thats fine.” Xiaohui groaned and said, “Brother Han, how about tomorrow night Elder Fus girlfriend will have a birthday party, and there will be many people present.

But it wont affect our catching up.

How about it”

“Okay, tomorrow.”

It was hard to refuse his kindness, so Zhang Han nodded.

“Brother Han, give me your phone number and WeChat.

We shall keep in touch with each other from now on.” Having received Zhang Hans phone number and WeChat, Xiaohui said farewell to them and left.

Xiaohui walked more than 20 meters forward and got in a black Toyota Highlander worth around 300,000 yuan.

It seemed that he had been living a decent life.

Zhang Han and his group walked toward Ice Bay The First.

On the way, Zi Yan asked curiously, “Who is he”

“His name is Zhou Xiaohui, my college classmate.

We were good friends on campus.

The other two friends he mentioned are Chen Man and Fu Hongshan,” Zhang Han replied.

“They are all people from Ice City.

They came back here after graduation.”

“Oh, why didnt you tell me about your good friends before” Zi Yan nodded while pouting.

Zhang Han suddenly laughed and said, “I was outgoing before and had so many friends.

But I didnt have many intimate friends.

They were my intimate friends on campus.

Besides, I have another friend named Chen Changqing.

He grew up with me, but I dont know where his family sent him.”

“Chen Changqing It seems that I have heard this name before,” Zhou Fei muttered suddenly.

A little confused, she couldnt remember where she had heard that name before.

While talking and laughing all the way, they got back to the villa in Ice Bay The First.

Zhang Han took out the ingredients he brought with him to make lunch.

After this meal, almost all the ingredients were used up.

There was limited space in his Space Ring, so he didnt take many ingredients.

Besides, there were many restaurants that they wanted to explore.

After they finished lunch…

“PaPa, MaMa, when are we going to make a snowman” Mengmeng asked with a little expectation.

“Now” Zhang Han smiled slightly.

“Okay! Go!”

“Go!” Zi Yan also said with a smile.

This time, only the family of three was making the snowman.

No one wanted to disturb their family time.

“There is not enough snow on the road.

Shall we make the snowman around the big flower bed in front” Zi Yan pointed to the big flower bed in the center of the small square in front.

There was thick snow in it.


Zhang Han held Mengmengs small gloved hand and ran forward.

When they got closer, Zhang Han put down the little girl on the edge of the flower bed and held Zi Yans hand, stepping on the snow.

“How to make a snowman” Mengmeng asked in confusion.

“A normal snowman is made up of a big snowball as its body, a small snowball as its head, a hat, a scarf, buttons as eyes, and then…”

Before Zi Yan finished, Mengmeng stretched out her little arms and cheered.

“I know, I know, use a red carrot as its nose, and tiny sticks as arms.

Thats what Princess Elsas little snowman looks like.”

“Then shall we make a snowman like that”


So the family of three started balling up the snow.

“The snow is dry now, but it is easier to make a snowman when the snow is about to melt.

In this case, I will hold two snowballs first, and then we will start!”

Zhang Han smiled, took off his gloves, stretched out his hands, and made two snowballs.

Snowflakes were melted by the temperature of his palms, making the snow denser.

After putting them on the ground and rolling and rolling, a while later, two bigger snowballs were rolled up.

As the snowball got bigger, more energy was needed.

“Ah! I cant push it.”

“One, two, three, come on!”

Effort was made by the family of three.

Two one-meter-high snowballs were placed on the edge of the flower bed.

After a while, two small snowballs were put together and placed on the big snowballs, forming a simple prototype of a snowman.

“Ah! We need another one! PaPa, MaMa, and Mengmeng.”

Mengmeng looked around and finally found something wrong.

“Haha, then we will make another small snowman.”

Zhang Han smiled and started making another snowman again.

A small snowman was finally placed in between the two big snowmen.

The little girl was then satisfied.

After three snowmen were made, Zi Yans and Mengmengs faces were frozen red.

So they hurried back to the villa to warm up.

After a while, they came out with hats, scarves, carrots, and other things.

Zhang Han got a few sticks directly from the tree beside him.

With their efforts, three complete snowmen were finally made.

At this time, Zhou Fei also came out and took a few photos of the snowmen.

“Feifei, take some photos for us.”

Zi Yan thought for a while and gave her mobile phone to Zhou Fei.

The family of three sat on the edge of the flower bed, behind whom were three snowmen.

“Click, click…”

Photos were left on the phone.

They posed with a common peace sign and duck face.

Mengmeng and Zi Yan sat on Zhang Hans neck, and took a photo respectively.

Besides that, another photo was taken while Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms and Zi Yan on his back.

Various photos with happy smiles were preserved.

It was not just the lady and the girl who laughed happily.

Zhang Hans smile from the heart convinced everyone that they were a happy family.

At this time, from the second floor of the villa opposite the flower bed…


Sun Dongheng yawned and looked down, “Woo! My boss and three snowmen, so romantic.

“I have to say that their snowmen are very beautiful.

“Well, I cant play games all night today.

Sanpang is too energetic, one game after another.”

Speak of the devil and he is sure to appear.

While Sun Dongheng was muttering, his cell phone rang.

Picking it up, Sun Dongheng pouted his lips.

He answered the phone.

“Hey, Sanpang, just woke up I woke up just now, too.

A party tonight What time”

Sun Dongheng hesitated when he heard the words.

Thinking that he neednt accompany his boss and his family, he nodded and agreed.

“Okay, Ill go there at 8:30 p.m.”

Sanpang had invited him twice, so it would be embarrassing if he refused this time.

After thinking for a while, he started to make preparations.

Zhang Han and his family were playing in front of the flower bed downstairs after taking many photos.

“Boss, madam, shall we eat out tonight My treat!” Sun Dongheng said.

“Your treat Of course, thats all right.

Ill order something expensive!” Zhou Fei said deliberately.

“Ha, whatever you want to order.

Its okay as long as youre pleased.”

Sun Dongheng answered with a big smile, thought for a while, and then said, “As I broadcast online, a friend here has invited me many times.

Im going to meet him directly after dinner.

So I may get back late at night.”

Actually, when going out, Sun Dongheng could leave by himself.

But to them, Zhang Han was like the backbone, so Sun Dongheng couldnt help telling him.

If Zhang Han didnt agree, he wouldnt go out.

But Zhang Han would definitely agree.

“Go wherever you want to go,” Zhang Han smiled softly and replied casually.

“Then, shall I have Xiaofeng arrange two people to follow you” Zi Yan blinked and asked.

“No need, no trouble, I can just go there.

I have known this friend for a long time.

There wont be any trouble.” Sun Dongheng waved his hands.

“Ok.” Zi Yan smiled slightly.

So at around 6 p.m., they went to eat dumplings in a restaurant called Xijiade.

The taste was pretty good, but Zhang Han still believed that the dumplings his parents made were better.

When he thought of his parents, Zhang Han would always get emotional.

In fact, sometimes, only when one became a father could he understand some of the thoughts and difficulties of his parents.

Raising children was not easy.

“Mom and Dad, Ill pick you up in about 10 months!”

Right now, spiritual Qi dried up in the world.

But from another aspect, the speed of practice was quite fast, which was because of the spirit treasure.

Saint Martial Planet.

The number of spirit treasures was endless!

However, Zhang Han guessed that there were certain problems here.

The number of spirit treasures was small, but they also appeared endlessly, and the competition was fiercer.

Like the crushed and sealed Saint Martial Planet.

The spiritual Qi was thin in the world.

Martial arts also couldnt be adopted.

But there was also a limit.

He had no way to practice apart from using spirit treasures.

A person remained mortal until he reached the Innateness Stage.

After reaching the Innateness Stage, one would have more ways.

And more importantly…

When breaking through to the Innateness Stage, his soul sense would become extremely strong!

He believed that as long as he broke through to the Innateness Stage…

At that time, his soul sense would be stronger than that of in the 1st Innateness Stage!

Thinking about it carefully…

What a horrible thing!

But all of this had a premise, that was to have 10,000 clouds!

Since the number of clouds became2,000…

Zhang Han knew it.

The limit of his Soul Sense Sea was 10,000 clouds, the Ten Inches Dantian.

That is to say, his foundation was very good!

But benefits would show up only when he reached the Innateness Stage.

After eating dumplings, it was about 8 p.m., and they returned to Ice Bay The First to rest.

Sun Dongheng hailed a car by himself.

“Drive me to the Hongsheng Club.”

“Okay,” the driver responded, then drove forward while chatting at the same time.

“From your accent, I guess you are traveling here.”

“Yes, I come from Hong Kong,” Sun Dongheng answered.

“Hong Kong is quite good.

I heard that the pace of life is very fast, and people work very hard there.

Dense population, but limited land.”

“Its true…”

The driver was very talkative and talked with Sun Dongheng all the way.

This made Sun Dongheng think that the driver was so warm-hearted because he wanted to drive a longer distance to earn more money.

But the driver only charged him the base fare, which showed that he was just talkative.

After paying, Sun Dongheng glanced at the gate of the Hongsheng Club.

It was very luxurious, and it was surely a relatively high-end club here.

Sanpang walked out quickly within one minute after Sun Dongheng made a call to him.

He was not wearing very thick clothes, and he was about 1.75 meters tall.

He was a little fat, which probably got him the nickname of Sanpang.

(Pang means fat in Chinese)


Sanpang had great eyesight, and he saw Sun Dongheng not far from the side of the gate immediately.

“Come on over.”

As he was talking, Sanpang walked over.


Sanpang, you are so cute at your weight!”

Sun Dongheng and Sanpang hugged.

The two had talked a few times in recent days, and Sun Donghengs live broadcast also revealed his personality and character.

Sanpang felt that he could get on well with Sun Dongheng, so he invited him to the party.

“Hurry up.

Go ahead.

There are a few of my friends inside.

Lets sit together for a while and then go out and have some fun by ourselves.” Sanpang laughed.

When he laughed, there was a dimple on the right side of his face, which looked quite chic.

“Okay, I will follow what you, as the host says!” Sun Dongheng answered with a smile.

The two talked into the club, then they walked to the end of the corridor on the right side of the first floor.

It was room 001.

Inside were 15 or 16 people.

Sanpang sat beside Sun Dongheng and took the initiative to introduce everyone.

“They are my friends.

Let me make some introductions.

He is Dongheng, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, from Hong Kong.

He usually broadcasts online for fun.”

“Nice to see you.”

Sun Dongheng greeted them while smiling and nodding.

Glancing around, he felt that these people were not very intimate.

Only two people beside Sanpang responded to him enthusiastically.

Another five or six people nodded politely.

Many people just ignored him and seemed to have not seen him.

There were two or three people who mocked him, and one ponytailed woman carrying a Louis Vuitton bag murmured, “A livestreamer”

Her expression was disdainful.

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