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Chapter 536 Troubles

“I must be dreaming!” Zhou Xiaohui groaned.

When he turned a corner, he met a long motorcade line and couldnt move forward anymore.

Looking at another long line of cars following his own, Zhou Xiaohui smacked the steering wheel and shouted, “There are only two streets to go! Why is there a traffic jam here”

“Normally, there cant be so many cars here at this time.

Maybe there is a traffic accident” Chen Man shook his head and said, “There are more and more private cars nowadays, as well as stupid drivers.

During the National Day holiday, when I drove from East Ring Road to the exhibition center in the West District, I saw five traffic accidents.”

“Its a normal phenomenon since society is developing at high speed.” Zhou Xiaohui rubbed his hands together and said helplessly, “Im worried that if we are late, Jiang Tongtong will complain about Elder Fu once again in front of all the guests.

When she did so last time, Old Fu was so embarrassed.”

“Its not as bad as you think.” Chen Man curled his lips and explained to Zhang Han, “Sometimes their relationship seems to be good.

Lets talk about something else.

Brother Han, when did you get married Why didnt you inform us about it”

“Well…” Zhang Han thought for a while then replied, “We got engaged in Singapore.

We only got the marriage certificate but havent had a wedding yet.”

“Why not” Zhou Xiaohui was shocked, “Really Your girl is in kindergarten now! Why havent you held the wedding ceremony yet”

“Its just a ceremony.” Chen Man didnt care about it.

“They got the marriage certificate and are a legally married couple.

They can hold their wedding whenever they like.”

“Right,” Zhang Han replied.

“Why did you go to Singapore Is your wifes family there Hiss!” Zhou Xiaohui suddenly thought of something and asked in astonishment, “Brother Han, have you married into her family like Old Fu”

“Marry into her family” Zhang Han was stunned and then shook his head with a smile.

“Well, Brother Han, you have suffered a lot all these years.” Zhou Xiaohui believed that he had figured out the truth, because Zhang Hans wife should have come with him since it was their first time meeting again after such a long time.

In Zhou Xiaohuis opinion, Zhang Hans position in his home must have been low, since his beautiful wife didnt come with him.

“Each family has its own problems.”

Zhou Xiaohui sighed to himself, and then smiled at Zhang Han.

“Lets stop talking about it and have a pleasant chat.

Brother Han, you have a family now, so you cant have fun with us the whole night, can you”

“No, I cant,” Zhang Han nodded and replied, “I need to go back before 10 in the evening and accompany my daughter to go to bed.”


Both Zhou Xiaohui and Chen Man were surprised by Zhang Han.

“Its a limited time for him to be away from home!”

“He must go back to accompany his daughter!”

“What does the girls mother do”

“Whats wrong with his family”

“Dammit, I guessed right.

Brother Han, you… you really have suffered a lot.” Zhou Xiaohui looked at Zhang Han with pity.

He was again sighing to himself.

Both Zhou Xiaohui and Chen Man suddenly quieted down.

Though they wanted to comfort Zhang Han, they didnt know what to say for the time being.

If Zhang Han knew what they were thinking about, he would have been amused by them.

After five minutes, Chan Mans cell phone rang and he answered it.

“Hello Old Fu, we are on Liuhe Road and the traffic is heavy here.

Ive checked it out, there seems to be a traffic accident ahead.

All the cars are moving slowly, and we may arrive in 15 minutes.

Well, you mean Brother Han He is here beside me.


Chen Man gave his phone to Zhang Han and said with a smile, “Old Fu wants to talk with you.”

Zhang Han took over the cell phone.

“Hello, Elder Fu.”

Then he heard Fu Hongshans laughter.

“Brother Han, I havent seen you for so many years.

What a surprise that you are here.


They laughed and chatted for two minutes before hanging up.

Zhou Xiaohuis car was still moving forward slowly.

During this period, he smiled at Zhang Han and said, “We are heading for Mingren International Club, known as the most luxurious entertainment landmark in Ice City.

A small room that costs 1,999 yuan, the middle room 2,999 yuan, the large room 3,999 yuan, and the minimum consumption there is several thousand yuan.

If we go there for fun, the total consumption must be tens of thousands of yuan.

“The price of a members private room is even higher, which is favored by Jiang Tongtong and her female friends.

All of those girls come from big local families, and they will definitely attract more boys and girls of the same class today.

So her birthday party will be a party for those rich second-generation kids actually.”

According to their expression when they were talking about the rich second-generation circle, Zhang Han knew that Zhou Xiaohui and Chen Man envied those people.

They talked for 10 minutes and finally drove to the end of the street.

At the end of the street, they saw that two cars had collided with each other, beside which stood a man and a woman, both in their 20s and looking calm.

After they left the street, the road ahead was clear.

Zhou Xiaohui sped up and rushed to another street on the side.

Although it was already night, street lights and signs of various shops lit up the street, and there were many pedestrians on both sides of the road.

The shops on this street were more high-end than before, and Zhang Han saw several Gucci and Dior franchises.

After driving for two minutes…

Zhou Xiaohui drove his car into the parking lot of a commercial building on the right side of the road.

Above this single building was a big sign, which read “Ice City Mingren International Club”.

The gate of the club was large and semicircular, with dozens of tall girls in cheongsams standing in two lines inside.

When Zhou Xiaohui took the lead to enter the club…

“Welcome to Mingren International Club.” All the pretty girls bowed and greeted them.

For those who came here for the first time, they might feel embarrassed.

But Zhou Xiaohui and Chen Man were not surprised by the girls at all, for they often came here for fun.

As for Zhang Han, there was nothing in the world that could surprise him.

After a few steps forward, they saw the smiling manager on duty.

“Welcome, may I…”

“We are going to room 801 for Jiang Tongtongs birthday party.” Zhou Xiaohui interrupted him.

The manager on duty smiled more warmly.

He knew that all the guests of that private room today were either rich or high-ranking.

“Okay, this way please.” The manager on duty guided them to the elevator on the inner side and sent them to the eighth floor.

Stepping out of the elevator, they saw a round carpeted hall and 10 tall, pretty, sexy girls welcoming them.

After seeing Zhang Han and his friends, the girl on the left walked toward them.

“Welcome, honored guests.

Room 801 is this way.”

Then she walked forward gracefully, guiding them to the room.

There were eight rooms on the eighth floor.

The area of each room was very large with high-quality facilities, which were specifically used for holding parties.

When they saw the door of room 801…

Zhou Xiaohui quickened his pace.

Beside the door, Fu Hongshan was smoking while looking out of the window.

“Elder Fu.” Zhou Xiaohui called him.

“Yes” Fu Hongshan turned around, and his eyes immediately lit up.

After throwing the cigarette in the ashtray, he rushed toward his friends.

“Brother Han.

“Long time no see.”

Fu Hongshan had an oval face and looked handsome in his jacket and jeans.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have attracted Jiang Tongtong, a girl from a wealthy family.

“Elder Fu.” Zhang Han smiled and hugged his friend.

“Its been a long time since we last met.

Im so happy to see you here.” Fu Hongshan smiled and invited Zhang Han, “Lets go into the room, take a seat, and have a talk.”

“Lets go,” Zhou Xiaohui said.

When they approached the room, the waiters on both sides opened the door for them.

This room was very bright and large, with sofas and tea tables scattered around, in which 40 or 50 people were chatting and laughing.

Among them, there were young people dressed in luxurious clothes and beautiful girls dressed in a sexy or fresh style.

Fu Hongshan found that the right corner was relatively silent, so he took his friends there.

On the tea table in front of the sofa, there were all kinds of snacks, fruit plates, and red wine.

“Lets drink this to welcome Brother Han,” Fu Hongshan said with a glass of red wine in his hand.


They soon drank up a whole bottle of red wine.

“I havent seen you three in six years, right” Zhang Han put down his glass and smiled.

“Your appearance hasnt changed much.

But Big Man is more confident than before.”

“Haha, thank you.

I often apply a facial mask and feel that my skin is getting better,” Chen Man replied with a smile.

“Brother Han, you have changed a lot and looked more mature than before.” Fu Hongshan looked at Zhang Han carefully.

“More mature Elder Fu, do you mean that Brother Han is older than before Well punish you with another glass of wine,” Zhou Xiaohui said seriously.

Fu Hongshan was stunned, and then smiled at Zhang Han with a glass of wine in his hand.

“Yes, Im wrong.

Ill drink up this glass of wine.”

After another round of drinking, they looked at one another and burst out laughing.

Fu Hongshan chatted with them for 10 minutes and then stood up.

“Ill call Tongtong to come here and greet Brother Han,” he said, and then walked toward another area in the room.

Besides those young men who were talking in the center of the room, there were many beautiful girls sitting on the sofas.

Therefore, it was hard for Zhang Han to figure out who Jiang Tongtong was.

But Zhou Xiaohui and Chen Man were eager to guide him.

“Have you found her, Brother Han There are five girls on the right side, and the one with brown hair and the purple dress is Jiang Tongtong,” Zhou Xiaohui told Zhang Han.

Zhang Han turned around and saw the five girls.

In addition to Jiang Tongtong, the other four girls holding Louis Vuitton or Hermes bags also wore luxurious clothes, which meant their families were wealthy.

“The girl with the black ponytail next to her is Wu Ying from the Wu family.

The Wu family is in the medicine business and has a great influence here.

Wu Ying is the eldest daughter of the Wu patriarch and is very famous.”

Chen Man seemed to know the local rich second-generation circle well, so he kept making introductions to Zhang Han.

“The girl in front of Jiang Tongtong, who looks like a pretty doll, is the youngest among those girls.

She is Bai Jing, Bai Pingyuans sister.”

“Yes, Bai Pingyuan is powerful.

He is the most famous among the young generation of big families and one of theFour Young Masters in Ice City.

All of his subordinates have gained a lot of benefits these years, and Wei Zhaodong is the best among them, who also gets on well with the other young masters.”


After chatting with Elder Fu for a short while, Zhang Han got the information of all the influential young men present.

But he always replied with “I see” without showing any interest in them.

Though Zhang Xiaohui was confused, he smiled at Zhang Han and said, “But Brother Han is the most powerful young man in my opinion, since you can still live a good life after leaving the Zhang family.”

“Thats right.” Chen Man smiled and nodded.

Zhang Han used to be the first in line to be the patriarch of the Zhang family and one of the “Four Masters in Shang Jing City”.

In terms of identity, he was more respectable than most of the young men and women in the room.

These three friends of Zhang Han got all this information about him after he had abandoned his identity, and they didnt want to talk about big families anymore so they would not depress Zhang Han.

But Zhang Han didnt care about it at all.

“Whats done is done, and Ive already forgotten it,” he said casually.

“You make sense.” Chen Man agreed with him.

While they were talking, Fu Hongshan approached Jiang Tongtong and touched her arm.

The girl turned around and frowned slightly.

After Fu Hongshan said something, Jiang Tongtong stared at him angrily as if she was bothered by him.

After a while, Jiang Tongtong turned around again with a smile on her face.

After saying something to her friends, she followed Fu Hongshan over to Zhang Hans seat.

They talked about something on the way, and Fu Hongshan couldnt keep his smile.

Though he was far away from Elder Fu and his girlfriend, Zhang Han heard their conversation clearly.

Jiang Tongtong said it was hard for her to invite Bai Jing and the other girls here, and she felt unhappy to be bothered by Elder Fus friends, who came here too late.

When Jiang Tongtong arrived, she managed to show Elder Fus friends a sweet smile.

“Tongtong, this handsome young man is my old friend.

You can call him Brother Han.” Fu Hongshan began to introduce his friends after sitting down.

“Nice to meet you, Brother Han.

Im Jiang Tongtong.

Honghshan mentioned you many times and I know you were good friends in university.” Jiang Tongtong stretched out her hand in an elegant way.

“Nice to meet you.” Zhang Han smiled and shook hands with her.

During this period, Jiang Tongtong kept looking at Zhang Han secretly and carefully.

In her eyes, though Zhang Han was wearing famous yet not luxurious clothes, he behaved in a noble and serious way, which reminded her of her grandpa.

“No wonder he used to be the most promising of the young generation in Shang Jing.

“What a pity that he is down and out now.

“His past glory has gone with the wind, otherwise he would have been a good supporter for Hongshans business.”

Jiang Tongtong sighed to herself.

After chatting for a while with Elder Fus friends, Jiang Tongtong leaned down and whispered in her boyfriends ear, “Bai Jings brother is having fun with his friends upstairs.

Ill go to have a talk with Bai Jing, and ask her to introduce us to her brother.

Its your opportunity and you must seize it.”

Fu Hongshan was tired of being introduced to Jiang Tongtongs friends, who actually looked down on him, but he couldnt refuse his girlfriend.

He nodded at Jiang Tongtong, and then looked at Zhang Han and said, “Im sorry, Brother Han.

Its vital for Tongtong to talk with her friends.”

Zhang Han slightly shook his head and replied, “Do as you please, well stay here chatting.”

Zhang Han was here to meet his old classmates, and he didnt want to mind others business.

“Ill be back to have a drink with you.” Jiang Tongtong smiled and left them.

Before Jiang Tongtong returned to her friends, five or six young men entered the room.

They were led by Wei Zhaodong, a man with a long face, yellow hair, and earrings.

Zhang Han took a glance at Wei Zhaodong.

He knew that it was Wei Zhaodongs men who had attacked Sun Dongheng.

Upon Wei Zhaodongs arrival, many young people in the room went to greet him.

“Hello, Childe Wei!”

“Childe Wei is here!”

Jiang Tongtong immediately turned around and smiled at Wei Zhaodong.

“Its my pleasure to have you here, welcome.”

“Its also my pleasure to attend your party.” Wei Zhaodong smiled and put his hand casually on Jiang Tongtongs shoulder.

While walking forward with Jiang Tongtong, he said, “Its Sister Tongs birthday party, and I must come to congratulate you.”

Seeing them, Fu Hongshans face darkened.

Gritting his teeth, Fu Hongshan served himself a glass of red wine.

His girlfriend was now in another mans arm, and he was trying to keep himself from beating that guy.

If he did something irrationally, he couldnt afford the consequences.

Someone in the room had turned their gaze to Fu Hongshan and his friends, teasing them silently.

Luckily, Wei Zhaodong saw Bai Jing after walking a few steps forward.

Then he changed into a serious look and walked rapidly toward the girl.

“Jingjing, what a surprise that you are here.”

“Tongtong invited me,” Bai Jing replied.

Bai Jings brother was Wei Zhaodongs superior, so he had to respect this girl.

“Wu Ying, you are here too You sisters always attend parties together.” Wei Zhaodong began chatting with Bai Jings friends.

The place where they stood became the focus of all the guests.

That was because they were too famous.

“Bai Pingyuan is really powerful.” Fu Hongshan looked at them and finally sighed helplessly.

“Of course, he is one of theFour Young Masters in Ice City, who represent the top-class families here.” Zhou Xiaohui curled his lips.

“You are wrong.” Chen Man laughed and said, “Did you forget that man He is well known not only in Ice City, but in H Province and even the whole of northeast China.

He has surpassed so many promising young men.

And I heard that without his help, Bai Pingyuan wouldnt have gotten such a high position.”


Zhou Xiaohui suddenly gulped in astonishment and put down his glass.

“You mean Gai Rulong”

“Of course.” Chen Man curled his lips and continued, “The Gai family in northeast China is indeed the most representative big family, and Gai Rulong is standing above most of the generations of these influential families.

Wei Zhaodong and his followers are nothing compared with Gai Rulong, and even those patriarchs have to respect him.”

While saying this, he took a glance at Fu Hongshan.

He was actually comforting Elder Fu by mentioning Gai Rulong.

Beside them, Zhang Han was attracted by Chen Mans words.

“Gai Northeast China It must have something to do with Gai Xingkongs family.

“According to his age, Gai Rulong should be part of the grandson generation of Gai Xingkong.

“Gai Xingkong…”

Zhang Han served himself a glass of red wine and drank it down.

While he was thinking about that, Jiang Tongtong walked toward them.

“Hongshan, come with me.

Ill introduce you to Mr.

Bai.” Jiang Tongtong smiled.

She was excited and totally ignored Fu Hongshans friends.

“You can go alone.

Im tired,” Fu Hongshan shook his hand at her and replied with a dull voice.

“What did you say” Jiang Tongtong frowned.

“What a rare opportunity, and you dare to refuse me”

Right at this moment…

The door of the room was opened again.

A slightly fat man took the lead to enter the room.

It was Sanpang.

Beside him were Sun Dongheng and two other friends.

As soon as he entered the room, Sanpang saw Wei Zhaodong walking toward them.

“Dammit! Why is he here

“Isnt Wei Zhaodong unwilling to attend such a lower-class party”

“Lets go back!” Sanpang patted Sun Donghengs arm.

He wanted to leave the room as soon as possible.

But Wei Zhaodong had already seen them.

“Wow, Sanpang You dare do come to see me” Wei Zhaodong glared at them in surprise, and then he smiled and waved his hand at his men.

The six men immediately surrounded Sanpang and his friends.

“Childe Wei,” Sanpangs smile froze and he felt a little frightened, “We are here to attend Tongtongs birthday party, I didnt expect you to be here.”

“It seems that you dont want to see me,” Wei Zhaodong sneered.

That he strode up to Sanpang.

This made the other guests slightly stunned.

“Whats going on”

“Has Sanpang offended Childe Wei before Lets wait and see.”

“All those who have dared to offend Childe Wei were severely punished.”

“Wei Zhaodongs supporter is Bai Pingyuan, and even Sanpangs brothers are afraid of him.

Im afraid Sanpang will suffer a lot before he is able to leave the room.”


When everyone began discussing what had happened, Jiang Tongtong saw this and her face immediately changed.

She rushed toward the door, trying to persuade Wei Zhaodong and protect Sanpang.

After all, Sanpang was her guest.

However, instead of reasoning with Sanpang, Wei Zhaodong stood in front of Sun Dongheng and stared at him.

“You shrimp from out of town! Now that you dared to bully my men, you shall pay for it.

But I didnt expect you to come to me before I caught you.”


Everyone surrounding them suddenly knew what had happened.

It turned out that Wei Zhaodong had been offended by that stranger.

“Your men” Sun Dongheng tried to keep calm.

“They offended me first.”

“They offended you” Wei Zhaodongs eyes widened.

“You deserved it!”

Sun Dongheng was annoyed by Wei Zhaodong and gritted his teeth.

“Dont change the subject, and youd better be polite to me.” Sun Donghengs face darkened.

“Wow, are you talking to me, you shrimp” Wei Zhaodong grinned and was ready to beat Sun Dongheng.

Sanpang took a step forward and forced a smile while saying, “Childe Wei, he is my friend, and I hope that we can have a talk after the party.”

“Yes, Childe Wei.

Its Tongtongs birthday today, and we cant let her down.” Jiang Tongtong stood beside Wei Zhaodong, trying to persuade him.

“Sister Tong, he bullied my men and I have to punish him since Ive met him here.

Otherwise, the others in Ice City will look down on me from now on.”

Wei Zhaodong had made up his mind that now that he had met Sun Dongheng; he had to teach the poor guy a lesson.

Jiang Tongtong turned around and looked at Bai Jing worriedly.

But to Jiang Tongtongs disappointment, Bai Jing was watching them while eating snacks.

It seemed that she didnt want to help them at all.

More and more guests sitting in the back row stood up and walked toward the door to see what had happened.

They were discussing with great passion.

“Kneel down!” Wei Zhaodong turned around and gave Sun Dongheng a fierce look.

“Kneel down by yourself.

Or Ill ask someone to break your legs and help you.”

“Wei Zhaodong!” Sanpang stepped forward to block Sun Dongheng and shouted at Wei Zhaodong.

“Sanpang, if you dare to offend me today, Ill beat you too! I must kill this guy, do you understand”

“Stop!” Sun Donghengs face changed several times, and finally, he failed to control himself, since he had never been bullied by someone like this in Hong Kong.

He looked into Wei Zhaodongs eyes and said, “We all know what happened, and I admit that you are more powerful than me.

As for your men, Ill give you a gratifying answer tomorrow, okay”

Sun Dongheng planned to deal with this affair by himself with money and prevent his boss from worrying about him.

But he didnt know that Zhang Han was sitting in the corner and watching him, whose eyes were filled with some complicated emotions.

“Gratifying answer You” Wei Zhaodong sneered.

His expression made Sun Dongheng uncomfortable, who managed to keep calm and reply, “If I hadnt promised my father not to get my boss into trouble, I would have taught you a lesson.


But before he finished speaking…

Sun Dongheng heard someones voice coming from his side, and his face immediately changed.

“How familiar that voice is.

“It sounds like the owner of that voice looks down upon everyone.”

“They are not troubles at all.”

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