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Chapter 538 The Big Families Failure

“Come with me,” Bai Pingyuan said.

Zhang Han totally ignored Bai Pingyuans words and didnt look at him at all.

“Okay.” Three seconds later, Bai Pingyuan nodded and looked into Zhang Hans eyes.

“I can make it clearer; I wont let you leave the club.”

Then Bai Pingyuan turned around and was about to leave.

Instead of punishing these guys immediately, he preferred to deal with them later with his own means.

However, the moment he turned around…

“Did I let you go” He heard Zhang Hans calm voice again.

It was so astonishing and, if they hadnt seen Bai Pingyuans darkened face, everyone would have felt as if they were dreaming.

“A dream”

It might be possible at other moments, but not now.

Bai Pingyuan slowly turned around and looked at Zhang Han.

There was no expression on his face.

Even Tian Ming was surprised.

“Where did this brave guy come from”

Bai Pingyuan was thinking the same thing.

In spite of what had happened before, Bai Pingyuan was surprised by Zhang Hans reaction and wondered who he was.

He had never seen anyone like Zhang Han in Ice City before.

“Is he pretending to be calm” Bai Pingyuan managed to convince himself.

So he said in a low voice, “Tell me your name since you are so calm.”

At this moment…

Zhang Han picked up a glass of red wine, took a sip, and casually played with it in his right hand.

Then he raised his head.

Looking into Bai Pingyuans eyes, he said slowly, “You dont deserve to know my name.

“You have affected my reunion with my friends.

What should I do to punish you

“How will I punish you since you dare to act this way in front of me”

While warning Bai Pingyuan, Zhang Han took a glance at Sun Dongheng.

“Yes” Sun Dongheng understood it and raised the bottle in his hand.

Then he smashed the bottle at Bai Pingyuans head.

“What is going on”

“Will he beat Bai Pingyuan”


Everyone present widened their eyes.

“Is this real”

They were all at a loss.


With a dull sound, Bai Pingyuan swayed and fell to the ground.

He covered his head in pain.

Looking at Bai Pingyuans bodyguards, who dared not move, Sun Dongheng smashed the bottle at them in the same way.

After beating all these men to the ground, Sun Donghengs arm felt a little sore.

He hesitated for a while, and then took out his cell phone to ask Zhao Feng for help.

“I cant manage all this.

“Im a little tired, and my legs are numb.

“What tiring work.

When can I be as powerful as Brother Feng

When one of the men fell down, he happened to hit Wei Zhaodongs head.

“Ah!” Wei Zhaodong, who had fainted in pain, was woken up by the hit.

When he was about to scold that man, he saw what had happened and was stunned.

“Childe Bai! Are you okay”

Wei Zhaodongs face changed in astonishment, and he forgot the pain in his head.

Then he saw Sun Dongheng and his wine bottle.

He was shocked by that fact.

“Childe Bai was beaten by him!

“How could Childe Bai be beaten by him”

Wei Zhaodongs pupils shrank as he felt that it was inconceivable.

Right at this moment…

Bai Pingyuan covered his head with his right hand, stood up slowly, and then looked at Zhang Han with red eyes.

“You…” Bai Pingyuan said in a low and slow voice as he looked at Zhang Han fiercely, “Brave! You are brave!”

“Ha!” Tian Ming grinned at Zhang Han.

“Who gave you the courage to hurt Childe Bai”

Tian Mings followers were all staring at Zhang Han.

The man on the sofa was already dead in their eyes.

“For how many years has Bai Pingyuan not been offended”

“Haha, haha.” Bai Pingyuan burst out laughing and then said to Zhang Han fiercely, “I, Bai Pingyuan…”

“Kneel down!” Before Bai Pingyuan could finish speaking, Zhang Han suddenly stretched his right hand forward.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

All of Bai Pingyuan, Tian Ming, and their rich second-generation followers felt their knees go soft, and then they were forced to kneel.

“He is a martial artist!”

Bai Pingyuans and Tian Mings faces changed.

At this time, they realized that the man who had been sitting on the sofa all this time was a martial artist!

Although it was not uncommon to meet martial artists, they all knew that few martial artists could influence others from a distance.

They suddenly knew the identity of the young man in front of them.

“He is a Martial Arts Grand Master!”

Bai Pingyuan and Tian Ming suddenly lost their courage.

Though they were not afraid of challenging a Martial Arts Grand Master, they didnt want to provoke a Martial Arts Grand Master who went all out.

If Zhang Han got annoyed with them, he might kill them without thinking about the consequences… It was so scary.

But they couldnt bear the humiliation of being forced to kneel.

When they all fell into silence…

All the onlookers in the room widened their eyes.

They were astonished by Zhang Han.

“How dare he offend my brother”

“Why is he still sitting there calmly”

Bai Jing clenched her fist in anger.

As one of the “Four Young Masters in Ice City”, her brother was better than most people.

“How is he suppressed by that guy”

These people who were standing around couldnt imagine the pressure on Bai Pingyuan and his fellows, and couldnt understand why those arrogant young men knelt on the ground.

But none of them guessed that Zhang Han was a martial artist.

Bai Jing, who was outraged, took out her cell phone secretly and clicked open WeChat.

“Uncle, my brother has been beaten by someone.

We are in the Mingren International Club, room 801.”

Many other people felt dizzy under the impact of this scene.

“Oh, my gosh…” Jiang Tongtong was trembling and didnt know what to say at the moment.

“I, I…” Fu Hongshan murmured in fear.

“Brother Han is going to shock all of Ice City!

“Two of theFour Young Masters in Ice City” are kneeling here.

“They will not take their defeat lying down.

“They all represent the young generation of their families!”

Just as most of the guests expected…

Tian Ming couldnt bear the feeling of shame and anger anymore.

He slowly raised his head, looked at Zhang Han, and threatened him.

“Do you know what you are doing

“I admit that you are powerful.


Tian Mings tone became ferocious.

“Bai Pingyuan, I, all our followers and our families!

“Do you know what this means

“Do you want to be the enemy of all the powerful families in Ice City”

Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

Then he took a glance at Tian Ming and said without any emotion, “Are you shrimps the representatives of Ice City”

“Arent you afraid of our families Okay, do you know who his supporter is” Tian Ming pointed at Bai Pingyuan and said slowly, “His supporter is Gai Rulong!

“He is also in your martial artist circle! Its impossible that you dont know the Gai family of northeast China.

“Youd better…”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Zhang Han shook his hand to stop Tian Ming.


With a loud noise, Tian Mings whole right face was beaten bloody.

He didnt realize what had happened and looked at Zhang Han in a daze.

“Is he really that kind of martial artist who doesnt care about the consequence at all”

“Time is limited, you have half an hour to contact someone,” Zhang Han checked the time and said.

He was not interested in talking nonsense with these guys.

Their status was too low.

“That man provoked them again!”

The crowd was again in an uproar.

Upon seeing that Zhang Han had injured Tian Mings face after shaking his hand, Bai Jing and Wu Ying couldnt help stepping back in fear.

They looked at Zhang Han seriously.

Bai Jing again took out her cell phone.

“Third uncle, my brother was beaten by someone who seems to be a Martial Arts Grand Master.

Please come here to save him! We are in the Mingren International Club, room 801!”

Bai Pingyuan also took out his cell phone to find someones number.

After sending out a message, he took a glance at Zhang Han and said slowly, “I hope that you can still remain calm when Brother Rulong comes here.”

“Why isnt he frightened”

Bai Pingyuan found that Zhang Hans attitude didnt change at all.

But Zhang Han didnt punish Bai Pingyuan like he had done to Tian Ming, either.

In fact, he was thinking about Bai Pingyuans words calmly.

It was not nonsense.

As for the other rich second-generation kids of powerful families, they all began to call someone for help after hearing Zhang Hans words.

There were still kneeling on the ground.

Maybe it was the comfort over the phone that made them come back to life, and they all straightened their body and threatened Zhang Han with their expressions.

Though they had nothing to do with it, the other guests all gasped in astonishment.

“The actions of these two young masters will definitely wake up more than half of the upper-class families in Ice City.”

“Who the hell is he”

“Is he trying to suppress all those families”

They all realized that today they were going to witness a big event.

Zhang Han ignored all those guys calling for help near the tea table, and turned his gaze to the right side, where Fu Hongshan was.

Then Zhang Han waved his hand at Fu Hongshan and said clearly, “Elder Fu, come here to sit with me.”

Fu Hongshan smiled, rubbed his hands together, and walked toward Zhang Han.

At this point, he decided to let it go.

There was no use to worry about Zhang Han since he had done all the forbidden things.

Besides, Fu Hongshan remembered that Brother Zhang had never done anything recklessly, and he hoped that Zhang Han could still obey this principle.

Jiang Tongtong, who stood behind Fu Hongshan, hesitated for two seconds and finally decided to follow her boyfriend.

Jiang Tongtong knew that many people would hate her for it, but she was in a daze and couldnt help doing so.

Her subconscious action won a little favor of Zhang Han.

“The little girl may not have a good temperament, but she is kind.”

“Brother Han, we are now in the sh*t together.” Fu Hongshan sat down and smiled at Zhang Han.

Now he was like an aged hero waiting for his doomed failure.

Finding that Jiang Tongtong was still following him, Fu Hongshan grasped her hand gently.

Sun Dongheng went over to Zhang Han, sat down, and said in a low voice, “Haha, boss, I informed Brother Feng.

My arms are sore, and I cant deal with so many guys.” It seemed that he was not nervous at all.

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded and proposed a toast to Jiang Tongtong.

“Happy Birthday.

I owe you a gift, and later Ill compensate you with a special one.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Well, I… It doesnt matter.” Jiang Tongtongs face blushed.

She didnt know what to do, and finally took up a glass of red wine with Fu Hongshans help.

“All right.

Lets forget it for the moment and make a toast.” Chen Man sighed and took up another glass of red wine.

This time, everyone familiar with Zhang Han raised their glasses, including Sun Dongheng.

Seeing the worries in the others eyes, Sun Dongheng laughed and said in a loud voice, “Dont worry.

My boss will catch all those shrimps in one draft.”


Sun Donghengs words made many people hate him even more.


Zhang Han and his friends drank all the wine in their glasses.

Looking at their behavior, the crowd around them was stunned.


How could they make a toast here They are so brave!”

Right at this moment…


The door of the room was pushed open, and a male figure came in quickly.

At the same time, he said in a loud voice, “Sister Tong, who ruined your party Who Who is that guy”

The man who had hurried in was Jiang Tongtongs brother.

He looked at these people kneeling on the ground, and finally stopped his gaze at Bai Pingyuan and Tian Ming.

“Well, Im sorry.

I went to the wrong room!”

Then the man ran out of the room at a higher speed.

The next moment, the room door opened again.

This time, it wasnt Jiang Tongtongs brother who came in, but Zhao Feng and five of his men.

When they came in, they glanced around with no emotion and then went to Zhang Hans side.

“Boss.” They made an obeisance and then stopped in front of the tea table after Zhang Han nodded his head.

They were as calm as Zhang Han.

It surprised all the guests in the room.

“That reckless stranger seems to be also powerful.”


“Can he survive the siege of so many forces”

Some of the onlookers began sneering.

Five minutes later, the door was opened once again.

A group of men in black suits rushed into the room.

In the middle of them stood a red-haired man in his 30s, dressed in a coat.

“He is Li Sanyong of the Southern District, Li Qis brother, a talent in the young generation of the Li family.”

“Li Sanyong brought his men with him personally.

They must have a big fight!”

At this time, Li Qi, kneeling not far behind Tian Ming, couldnt get up, but he turned his head and shouted with all his strength, “Brother, its them!”

Upon seeing Li Qi, Li Sanyongs face changed.

Then he strode over to Zhang Han with a serious expression on his face.

However, he was blocked by Zhao Feng, who said in a cold tone, “Go over there and squat down.”

Zhao Feng pointed at those guys kneeling on the ground.

“Im not used to talking to other peoples dogs…” Li Sanyong said.

But he was interrupted by Zhao Feng, who kicked his right leg in the air.



Li Sanyongs legs were suddenly bent, and he fell to the ground.

All his followers turned pale and reached for the weapons behind them.

Zhao Feng and Elder Meng rushed at the group like tigers at sheep.

“Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!”

A crisp sound came out, and the group of thugs all fell to the ground.

Fearing that those guys screams would disturb the boss, Zhao Feng and Elder Meng walked over and kicked them unconscious.

This scene made Tian Mings and Bai Pingyuans pupils contract violently!

There was a big wave in their mind.


“Who the hell are they”

The room fell into a dead silence.

No one dared to speak at this moment.

But their minds were not calm.

“What a frightful group of people this is!”

Their resolute and ruthless manner was like a mountain on others, almost suffocating them.


The door was opened once again.

Five people came in, led by a short-haired man.

“Its Brother Huang!”


Brother Huangs face changed greatly when he saw what had happened in the room, as well as his young brother, who was shaking head at him.

He couldnt step forward anymore.

In fact, he didnt need his young brothers warning.

Even Bai Pingyuan and Tian Ming were kneeling there.

How could he dare to speak

“Go there and squat down,” Zhao Feng ordered him in a calm voice.

These newcomers complied with Zhao Fengs orders.

Another 20 minutes soon passed.

During this time, many people in the room stepped back, because these newcomers were squatting in that area.

“The eldest son of the Wu family of the East District.”

“The heir of the Ma family on Qixing Road.”

“Gu Rans uncle from the Xuanhua District, north of the river.”

“Patriarch Hu of the Songnan District.”


All the people they had to respect were now squatting on the ground.

Too many people are stunned.

So was Jiang Tongtong.

She sat uneasily on the sofa.

She didnt understand how it all happened.

The reactions of Chen Man, Zhou Xiaohui, and Fu Hongshan were no better than the girls.

Who could have imagined that in just 20 minutes, all the supporters coming to help these people would be defeated

“That man is so powerful that he can really suppress so many upper-class families.”


“The really powerful masters are coming.”

“Each of them has the ability to turn Ice City upside down!”

“Bai Feng, Childe Bais uncle is coming.”

Suddenly, there was a buzz in the crowd.

Three men came in from the door of the room.

The leading bald man was Bai Feng, followed by two fierce-looking bodyguards, who were also martial artists.

Bai Feng was also surprised by what he saw and narrowed his eyes slightly.

Before he came here, Bai Feng didnt believe that Bai Pingyuan was beaten, but now he found that the situation here was very complicated.

He took a few steps forward, and his face was serious.

According to the Qi of Bai Fengs two bodyguards, Zhao Feng knew they were his equal match in strength, so he decided to wait for his masters command.

“Stand up!” Bai Feng looked at Bai Pingyuan angrily.

“I, I cant do that.” Bai Pingyuan tried to stand up, but he could not move at all.

A man behind Bai Feng frowned and put his hand on Bai Pingyuans shoulder.

But the next moment, his face turned pale and then red in shock, and then his hand shrank back like lightning.

When he was about to say something…


The door was opened once more.

An aged man in his 50s came in.

“Bai Zhenhong, the third uncle of the Bai family.”

“Hiss, how could he come in person”

“According to his temper, Im afraid hes going to kill someone!”

Many people present were frightened.

A few of them knew that Bai Zhenhong was a martial artist at Grand Master Middle-stage, who was famous for his vicious way of doing things.

Though he was well-known in Ice City, the prestige he had now was bought by countless lives!

Just as most of the guests expected…

Bai Zhenhongs face darkened after he looked around the room.

“Pingyuan.” It took Bai Zhenhong only five steps to approach Bai Pingyuan and Bai Feng.

“Who made you kneel here” Bai Zhenhong asked while releasing his frightening Qi.

He grabbed Bai Pingyuans arm, and then Bai Pingyuan felt the weight on his back greatly reduce.

“Tell me who he is, and Ill kill all of his family and friends!” Bai Zhenhong said Bai Pingyuan in anger.

In Bai Zhenhongs eyes, his desire to kill Zhang Han could be seen clearly.

He didnt care about Bai Pingyuan or others of the young generation in the Bai family.

But he tried to cultivate through violence and even killing, which was an extreme way but highly praised by some cultivators.

Bai Pingyuan didnt know whether to be happy or frightened when he saw Bai Zhenhong.

The only thing he knew was that…

“Its getting big!”

Bai Jing, standing beside them, shook her head and looked at Zhang Han like he was a dead man.

She was murmuring to herself, “Im sorry, but you asked for it.

If you hadnt beaten my brother, I would not have called my uncle.”

At the same time, Wu Ying and the other second-generation kids of upper-class families all changed their faces when they saw the third uncle of the Bai family.

They knew that Bai Zhenhong was crazy.

Though everyone in Ice City was afraid of the Bai family, when they had no choice, they would rather offend Patriarch Bai than Bai Zhenhong.

It was enough to show the special status of Bai Zhenhong in Ice City.


“It was me,” before Bai Pingyuan could answer his uncle, Zhang Han said while looking at Bai Zhenhong.

Bai Zhenhongs face became gloomy as he activated all his inner spiritual force to prepare to attack Zhang Han.

Before he made the move, he asked slowly, “Who are you”

“You dont have to know.” As Zhang Han shook his head, there was a green light flashing in his eyes.

Then the overwhelming spiritual energy turned into a sharp invisible sword, which was irresistibly stabbed into Bai Zhenhongs mind.

Bai Zhenhong was killed.

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