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Chapter 540 The Respectful Gai Rulong

“Zhang Hanyang!”

The name seemed to be magical.

And Zhu Huis face changed again and again because of it.

Finally, he stopped with a frightened look.

Though the martial arts world of the northeast was still unfamiliar with Zhang Hanyang…

As the director of the National Security Agencys branch in H Province, Zhu Hui had heard about him numerous times.

He knew how this man suppressed the whole Hong Kong martial arts world within several months.

This man had killed He Qingtian, destroyed the Li family, defeated several talents from the worldlet, and was praised by Ji Wushuang as being someone that no one under the Divine Realm could defeat.

“Dammit! Merciless Zhang of Hong Kong!

“Why is he here

“Dammit! What can I do

“He is Merciless Zhang! What if he kills me for offending him


Zhu Hui got more and more nervous.

He knew that even the martial artists at the Grand Master Late-stage couldnt defeat Merciless Zhang, let alone him, who had just advanced into the Grand Master Late-stage.

“What can I do”

Zhu Hui was stunned.

Many people around were astonished.

“What is he reading”

“Does he have an amazing identity Even the director is thinking about it”

The Jiang family, the Tian family, Bai Jing, Bai Pingyuan… Almost everyones eyes were focused on Zhu Hui.

10 seconds passed.

Zhu Hui moved.

He walked toward Zhang Hans sofa.

“The director is moving!”

“Is he going to deal with that man”

Bai Pingyuans eyes were fixed on Zhu Hui.

Many people could not help holding their breath.

Because in their opinion, Zhu Hui, the director of the National Security Agency of H Province, was about to start!


What happened next made these “prepared” peoples mouths gape open, and their eyes almost popped out of their heads.

Zhu Hui was walking faster and faster.

Finally, he rushed by the kneeling crowd and passed all the rich second-generation kids of top families including Tian Ming, Bai Pingyuan, and Bai Feng, without even sparing a glance at them.

He stopped in front of the tea table.

Zhu Hui made an obeisance to Zhang Han and then said respectfully, “Nice to meet you, Director Zhang! Im Zhu Hui, the director of the National Security Agency of H Province.”

“Who is he”

Those who were just guessing Zhang Hans identity felt as if their necks were pinched, and they could not even blink their eyes.

“What did he say”

“He knows this young man, he… he made an obeisance to that man” Wu Ying couldnt help stepping back in fear and covering her mouth with one hand, which was wide open.

“Director” Bai Jing was astonished at the title.

As a director, Zhu Hui was the head of a provincial National Security Agency.

He was even more influential than Patriarch Bai because of his title and status.

Bai Jing had never expected that young man to be another director.

However excellent Bai Jings brother was, the gap between him and the director was like a star and the sun.

They couldnt be compared at all.

Bai Pingyuan also knew it, so he turned pale after hearing Zhu Huis words.

As Bai Pingyuans senior, Bai Fengs face also changed.

“Director Zhang

“Who is Director Zhang

“They are both directors, but Zhu Hui treated him so courteously and even flattered him.

Why Does this young man have an amazing supporter Or…”

All of a sudden, Bai Feng came up with an idea that made him afraid.

“Perhaps he is much more powerful than Zhu Hui

“Is that possible

“I hope not!”

Bai Feng knew that the incident today would definitely be dealt with.

If that young man was really powerful in his own strength, he and his men would be in danger.


“We still have Gai Rulong!”

Bai Fengs eyes lit up as he put his last bet on Gai Rulong.

As for Wei Zhaodong, who was kneeling aside…

At this time, he was frightened and his face was pale.

He dared not imagine the identity of Zhang Han, who had suppressed so many local forces with it.

“Its me who caused this, and if they are going to punish me…

“The whole Wei family will suffer a lot along with me.”

He couldnt help shivering.

Beside him stood Tian Ming, who dared not say anything now.

After comparing himself with Wei Zhaodong and Bai Pingyuan, Tian Ming found himself so lucky.

Was he lucky


Under everyones astonished gaze, Zhang Han looked at Zhu Hui and nodded at him without standing up.

Then he waved his hand to call back the director token of Hong Kong National Security Agency, and then put it into his Space Ring.

“Well… Director Zhang.” Zhu Hui took a glance at Bai Feng.

After thinking about it, he made up his mind and said, “Excuse me, but I wonder how they offended you.

Anyway, its their fault that they didnt recognize you.

I wonder, for my sake, could Director Zhang negotiate with them instead of resorting to using force”

After saying this, Zhu Hui carefully looked at Zhang Hans expression.

Director Zhang really nodded his head.

“Wow!” Zhu Hui was overjoyed for he succeeded in persuading Zhang Han.

“Now listen to me,” Zhang Han checked the time and said, “Its nine in the evening.

Ive taken the time today to get together with my old friends, but these people kept bothering me again and again.

“Childe Wei wanted to beat my men, right” Zhang Han helped himself to another glass of red wine.

Wei Zhaodongs face turned pale for a moment, and he sat on the ground in fright.

“Grand Masters should not be humiliated, let alone Director Zhang.

Wei Zhaodong should be punished!” Zhu Hui said word by word.

His idea was to calm Director Zhang down at the lowest cost possible.

“Since he has destroyed the Li family, what else cant he do

“I must protect all these people in the room from being hurt by Director Zhang!”

“Then he called for all these men…” Zhang Han smiled as if he was satisfied with Zhu Huis attitude.

Before Zhang Han could finish, Zhu Hui replied seriously, “Ill punish them severely.”


Zhu Huis words changed everyones faces, including the elders of all those young-generation kids from top families.

“I also heard that my old friend…” he patted Fu Hongshans shoulder while looking at Zhu Hui, “The Jiang family looked down on him.”

“They should be killed!” Zhu Hui frowned and replied in a chilling tone.


Patriarch Jiang and the other family members were almost scared to death.


“You are going to punish them, for they made this trouble.”

“So why do you want to kill us We didnt offend you at all!”

The Jiang family was in confusion.

At the same time, they were desperate.

“Is he trying to warn other families by punishing us Or does he want us to be the shield, because we are the weakest”

“Is he really going to kill us”

Patriarch Jiangs body was so soft that he almost fell to the ground.

In fact, Zhu Hui said all those words without careful consideration.

Zhang Han was surprised by him but soon forgot it.

Zhang Han didnt want to speak anymore, since what he had said was enough for Fu Hongshan to suppress all his rivals.

Then Zhang Han took a glance at Bai Pingyuan and said, “I heard that Gai Rulong, the talented one of the young generations of the Gai family in northeast China will come here.

Now you have 20 minutes, and if he doesnt appear in the room, you can only ask your patriarch to take you back.”

Then Zhang Han took a sip of the red wine.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Zhu Hui looked at him in confusion.

“Whats this

“Is Gai Rulong his target

“He is so powerful that Gai Rulong cant be equal in strength or status with him.

“Though Gai Rulong is a talented martial artist…

“Any one of Shi Fenghou, Ye Longyuan, Emperor Qing, and Mu Xue could defeat Gai Rulong easily.

“Let alone Merciless Zhang!

“More than a month ago, many people in the Martial Arts World in China have known Zhang Hanyangs name.

“Not long ago, a saying was used to praise the most representative talents nowadays.

“Talented Emperor Qing in the north, and Merciless Zhang Hanyang in the south!

“A few days ago, Zhang Hanyang defeated many talents from the worldlet, and his fame had already surpassed Emperor Qing in many peoples eyes.

“He is such an amazing master.

“Can Gai Rulong defeat him

“Im afraid that only his grandfather, Gai Xingkong, is equal in strength with Zhang Hanyang.”

At this moment, Zhu Hui suddenly felt that it was not as simple as he imagined.

He took a glance at Bai Pingyuan.

No matter how calm Bai Pingyuan used to be, he was so nervous now.

“Director Zhang” From Zhu Huis attitude, Bai Feng also felt the seriousness of the matter.

After thinking about the title for a while, a name suddenly appeared in his mind.

His heartbeat seemed to have skipped two beats.

“Is he Merciless Zhang”

He was almost frightened to death.

When Zhu Hui was speaking, he kept taking deep breaths and managed to calm himself down slightly.

Then he astonished everyone present with his words.

“Our Bai family is willing to be punished! Director Zhang, please forgive us! We are sure to give you a satisfactory answer.”

For a moment, the crowd fell into silence again.

But everyones mind was not peaceful.

“Is the Bai family admitting defeat”

“Who is that man I cant believe it!”

“How amazing he is that he suppressed half of the top families in Ice City by himself!”

Many peoples faces changed in fear.

Once again, they felt like they were being dominated.

“The highly respected Wei Zhaodong was forced to kneel there.”

“His brother was forced to kneel there too.”

“Then the arrival of so many core members of top families couldnt help them.”

“Many of them dared not to say anything, and Bai Feng even took the lead to ask him for mercy!”

“My gosh, am I dreaming”

One after another, they kept feeling a sense of suffocation.

Zhang Han totally ignored Bai Fengs words.

He was not interested in the apology of top families at all, and he didnt want to say anything to them.

He was waiting for Gai Rulong, otherwise he would leave the room immediately.

As for the reason…

Zi Yan and Mengmeng were waiting for his bedtime stories at home.

Zhang Han wanted to meet Gai Xingkong rather than Gai Rulong, but his time was limited.

No one dared to say anything since Zhang Han was silent.

Zhu Hui knew that he couldnt say anything more.

He could do nothing but wait in silence.

As a result, the whole room fell into a dead silence again.

Among them, the most frightened ones were Jiang Tongtong, Fu Hongshan, Chen Man, and Zhou Xiaohui, in addition to Bai Pingyuan and his fellows, who were trapped in the center of the vortex.

But they didnt know what to say at all.

Everyone in the room was staring at each other.

What else could they say

This kind of dead atmosphere made them feel a bit depressed.

At the same time, many people had an idea in mind…

“What if Gai Rulong comes here”

“Can he turn this crisis around”

While many people were thinking about it, the door of the room was slowly pushed open.

When so many people came here before, the two gatekeepers had already escaped…


The moment the door opened, everyone turned their gaze toward it.

A young man came in.

The heart of Bai Pingyuan trembled.

“Brother Rulong!

“Its Gai Rulong!

“Hes come here alone!

“He is still wearing a transitional long cyan gown.

“That sword is still hanging at his waist! He is that kind of legendary hero who travels around the world with his sword.

“He is Gai Rulong, the young talent who is famous in northeast China!”


“Why is his expression respectful”

Under everyones gaze, Gai Rulong walked up to Zhang Han, and then stopped when he was five meters away from the tea table.

He bowed to Zhang Han.

“Im Gai Rulong, and its my pleasure to meet you, Grand Master Zhang!”

“Hes finally come.”

Zhang Han was cheered up and straightened his body.

Hearing Gai Rulongs words, Zhang Han smiled and asked, “You know who I am”

“Of course,” Gai Rulong replied, “There are lots of legends about Grand Master Zhang in the martial arts circle, but most of us never got a chance to meet you.

In my eyes, you are even more powerful than what the legends said.”

As North Tiger Gai Xingkongs grandson, Gai Rulong had mastered a special cultivation method, which helped him a lot.

He was able to evaluate a martial artists strength through sensing his or her Qi.

Therefore, he looked at Zhang Han carefully when he entered the room.

He felt the shocking pressure and Qi released by Zhang Han!

Before Zhang Han could reply, Gai Rulong added, “Grand Master Zhang, we all regard you as a good example even though you are called Merciless Zhang.

We know that you did all those things for your own reasons and all those martial artists you killed deserved it.

You are aboveboard, so I admire you.

And I felt so excited when I heard that you defeated all those talents from the worldlet.

How I wish that I can advance to your level one day!

“Im here not to help anyone, for I totally agree with your principle of doing things, Grand Master Zhang.

Therefore, Im here just to meet you.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Gai Rulongs words shocked all the people present.

More than 90% of them were surprised by Gai Rulongs attitude.

Only a small number of them were so scared that they sweat.

“Grand Master Zhang, Director Zhang, and Merciless Zhang, who defeated all those talents.”

They finally remembered the name.

“Zhang Hanyang!”

“Dammit! Why did he come to Ice City He is now sitting in front of us!”

“My gosh, no wonder he could defeat all the top families in Ice City!”

Even a few people, such as Bai Pingyuan and Tian Ming, who knew Zhang Hanyangs name, were depressed.

They didnt expect to be on the opposite side of him.

Now it seemed that they were really asking to die just now.

As for Zhang Han, he looked at Gai Rulong and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Since Gai Rulong was so respectful, he couldnt beat the young man.

Zhang Han liked to do things at will, and he would not feel happy if he killed Gai Rulong under such circumstances.

Zhang Han was silent for five seconds.

Then he said slowly, “You are so polite.”


Gai Rulongs heart, which was about to jump into his throat, calmed down slightly.

He had sensed Zhang Hans intention to kill him!

Hearing Zhang Hans worlds, Gai Rulong hurriedly made an obeisance and said, “Im just stating the facts.

I hate those talents from the worldlet for some reasons, and I admire you so much after learning that you defeated all of them.

Even my grandfather thinks highly of you.”

“Dont admire me.” Zhang Han sighed silently and checked the time, knowing that there was no time for him to do anything.

So he said, “Im in a good mood today.

I dont care about these things.”

“Gai Rulong, tell your grandfather…

“Although Im magnanimous, I cant let him go since I have known something, and he will always be a thorn in my heart.

Go back and tell him that if I dont see him in the relics, Ill go to visit the Gai family later, and Im not sure what will happen at that time.”

Zhang Han stood up.

Gai Rulongs eyes narrowed.

“Is there something I dont know”

While thinking about it, he replied, “Sure, Ill tell my grandfather.”

Zhang Han ignored him and turned his gaze to Fu Hongshan.

“Would you like to see me off”

“Ah! Yes…” Fu Hongshan was choked by saliva and coughed uncontrollably.

Zhang Han took the lead to leave the room, followed by his friends including Fu Hongshan and Jiang Tongtong.

After they left, Bai Pingyuan went up to Gai Rulong with a pale face.

“Brother Long, Im sorry to have caused you so much trouble!”

“Never mind.

Grand Master Zhangs target… is me.” Gai Rulong forced a smiled, turned around to look at the others in the room, and then shook his head.

“Im sorry to surprise you, and luckily, youre safe.

If Grand Master Zhang had been really offended, he would have killed all of us.”

“You are right.” Zhu Hui took a breath in relief and then said with lingering fear, “I was almost scared to death just now.

It seemed that he could kill me at any moment.

Rulong, youd better go back home and tell your grandfather about it, and Im afraid that he has something to do with it.

“Besides, the relic is about to open and more and more martial artists will come to Ice City.

You young masters must behave yourself! I wont forgive you the next time!”

Zhu Huis face turned serious.

He was actually scolding these young men.

Then he thought of something and added, “By the way, there is one thing that you must keep in mind.

“Director Zhang loves his wife and daughter, and everyone in Hong Kong knows that they would rather provoke him than his family.

“Though you offended Director Zhang just now, he spared your life, right But if you offend his wife or daughter, he will kill you without hesitation.

Keep it in mind, and I cant save you if you still make mistakes.”

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