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Chapter 541 Explosive News

“Brother Han, you…” Fu Hongshan was about to say something in the elevator, but he still felt dizzy and couldnt organize his language.

When Zhou Xiaohui got his senses back, he gazed at Zhang Han with mixed feelings.

“Brother Han, you convinced me that you didnt marry into your wifes family.

You are marvelous!” What Zhou Xiaohui said amused Zhao Feng and the others in the elevator.

“Yes, you completely suppressed them and they dared not say a word.

This…” Chen Mans facial muscles were shaking uncontrollably as he said this.

He hesitated for a while, and then asked a question that had been bothering him.

“Brother Han, you killed Third Lord Bai, right

“According to the expressions and looks of the people in the room at that time, it should be Zhang Han who killed Third Lord Bai.

But he was sitting beside me and didnt move at all.”

Hearing Chen Mans words, both Zhou Xiaohui and Fu Hongshan turned their gazes to Zhang Han in surprise, waiting for his answer.

Zhang Han thought about it then joked, “Maybe he had a myocardial infarction or cerebral hemorrhage”

His words greatly relaxed the atmosphere in the elevator.

The others did not feel any pressure from Zhang Han.

“Cerebral hemorrhage…” Fu Hongshan grinned and then said with emotion, “Brother Han, I admire you from the bottom of my heart.

You are much more powerful than when you were ranked among theFour Young Masters in Shang Jing City.

I believe that the other three young masters could never suppress the big families in Ice City like you.

You remind me of the saying,a dragon growing in a pool is still a dragon, but once given a chance, it can fly into the sky.”

“Youre right.

Brother Han is a unique master.” Chen Man echoed his words.

“Yes, my boss is invincible!” Sun Dongheng laughed.

Then he looked at Zhang Han, scratched his head, and said, “Boss, thank you so much.

Otherwise, I would have been beaten by those arrogant guys.”

“Why did you provoke them as soon as you came to Ice City Dont you remember that you suffered a lot in the group fight last night You almost got beaten again today…” Zhao Feng almost laughed out of exasperation.

“Well, Im unlucky.” Sun Dongheng sighed and said, “I answered them back because they mocked me for no reason when I was out to meet a rich man who often visited my livestream room, and thus they bore a grudge against me.

But before I came here, my father told me not to bring trouble for my boss, so I chose to show weakness last night.

I didnt expect to see that man here today.

How unlucky I am.”

Sun Dongheng felt so embarrassed.

He didnt expect that in the end, the boss would need to help him finish it with absolute force.

Zhang Han shook his head and replied casually, “They are not troubles at all.

Though you are not in the security group, you are employed by Zi Yan to be one of us.

Dont worry about these things when you go out.

You can directly call Xiaofeng to solve the problem.”


Sun Dongheng felt warm in his heart and nodded with great strength.

At the same time, a string in his heart seemed to be stirred.

That string was his faith, belief, or reverence for Zhang Han.

As for Zhou Xiaohui and the other three people standing near Zhang Han, they were surprised by the name Zi Yan.

“Zi Yan”

“The name belongs to a big star, right”

Jiang Tongtong looked carefully at Sun Dongheng, and then burst out shouting in excitement.

Covering her mouth with her right hand, Jiang Dongdong asked, “You… Are you Brother Dong, a livestreamer You are also among the top eight of Chinese New Voice, right Ive watched your livestream.”

“Oh, you didnt recognize me until now I thought you knew who I was.

After all, Im an Internet celebrity!” Sun Dongheng patted his forehead.

After sensing Zhang Hans gaze, Jiang Tongtong flushed and replied in embarrassment, “I thought you looked familiar when I saw you today, but I didnt dare to guess your identity.”

“Well, lets stop talking about this.

Brother Han, Im so curious about it.” Zhou Xiaohuis facial expression was a little weird, “Ive seen my sister-in-law before, and is she… Zi Yan Though I knew that she was a beauty, I didnt expect her to be a big star at that time…”

“Yes, she is.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

“Wow, she is Zi Yan” Chen Man was stunned.

“Thats amazing, Brother Han! How could you get married to Zi Yan, a goddess Youre great! Wait, is Zi Yan your daughters mother”

“Isnt that obvious” Zhang Han was amused.

“Is it possible that Zi Yan is Mengmengs stepmother”

“Brother Han and ZI Yans daughter” Everyone was stunned.

“No wonder Zi Yan once left the public view a few years ago.

Did she go with you to have a baby then” Jiang Tongtong asked in curiosity and excitement.

She seemed to know a big secret.

It was satisfying to be one of the few people in the know.


While they were talking, the elevator reached the first floor.

There were 10 men in black standing on both sides of the elevator door, each of them with strong Qi.

Upon seeing Zhang Han, they made an obeisance and greeted him.



Zhang Han took a glance at them and knew there were six Heaven-stage Masters and four Earth-stage Masters present.

They should be Gai Rulongs men.

If these martial artists were serving the National Security Agency, they would call Zhang Han “Director Zhang”.

Zhang Han ignored the 10 men and kept going out.

The other people, including Fu Hongshan, were surprised by them and didnt know what to say.

After leaving the club, Chen Man patted his chest and sighed with emotion.

“What an exciting day! I was frightened by those superior masters, but they looked at Brother Han like a group of mice looking at a cat.”

“Brother Han, shall I drive you back” Zhou Xiaohui hesitated for a while and then asked.

“I can go back by myself.” Zhang Han said with a chuckle, “Jiang Tongtongs birthday party got messed up, so you can celebrate it again.

As for us, we can meet again some other day.”

“OK! Brother Han, Ill call you then.” Zhou Xiaohui made a gesture of making a phone call.

Zhang Han nodded, got in the Land Rover parked on the side of the road with Zhao Feng and his men, and left under the others gaze.

“Whoo…” Fu Hongshan sighed with relief.

It wasnt until then that he really relaxed.

Looking at the back of Zhang Hans car, he sighed with emotion.

“Whats Brother Hans identity How could he be so powerful”

“I dont know, but Im sure his identity is beyond our imagination.” Zhou Xiaohui shook his head.

They relaxed and began to look back on what had happened today.

After so many years, Brother Han was still that man they were familiar with.

The only difference was that he had become more powerful.

Jiang Tongtong was still looking off into the distance in astonishment.

She decided not to judge people by their appearance anymore.

At the same time, in Zhang Hans car…

Zhao Feng was driving, Sun Dongheng was in the front seat, and Zhang Han was in the back seat.

Looking outward, he said, “Stop at the mall ahead.”

“Okay,” Zhao Feng replied with a smile, “Boss, are you going to buy ice cream for Mengmeng”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded, and his eyes lit up at the thought of Mengmeng.

All of a sudden, Sun Dongheng patted his thigh and said, “Sanpang and his friends are still in that club! I totally forgot them!”

He quickly took out his cell phone, dialed Sanpangs number, and was connected the second time he tried.

“Sanpang, I went back with my boss.

Enjoy yourself.

What Confidentiality order Okay, I see…”

After hanging up the phone, Sun Dongheng turned his gaze to Zhang Han and said, “Boss, all those guys in the club were brought to the local National Security Agency under a confidentiality order.”

“Confidentiality order

“It should be made by Zhu Hui.

“There are dozens of people in that room, and he wants them to keep everything that happened tonight secret.

But the news will still spread among the big families.”

Just as Zhang Han expected…

About 50 to 60 people in that room were taken away by Zhu Huis men under the confidentiality order.

Those injured, such as Tian Ming, Bai Pingyuan, etc., were sent to the hospital.

Soon, there were only 20 people left in the room.

Among them were Bai Feng, Tian Chaoran, Patriarch Jiang, and the children of other big families.

Gai Rulong also stayed here, thinking.

“When you come back, you can report it to your patriarch.” Zhu Huis eyes ran down the room, and then he said, “Youd better tell your patriarch to hold a meeting and warn all the family members to behave themselves in the coming days.

“I told you last time that there would be a lot of non-native martial artists in Ice City recently, but you still went your own way and offended such a Grand Master.

You are lucky that he didnt hold you accountable, otherwise you know what would have happened.

“Thats all, and you can do it in whatever way you like.

By the way…”

Zhu Hui turned his gaze to Patriarch Jiang and slightly frowned.

“You heard what Director Zhang said.

His old friend is treated with disdain in your Jiang family.”

“Director Zhu, I promise you, this will never happen again!” Patriarch Jiang replied in a hurry.

“Okay.” Zhu Hui nodded and shook his hand.

“If you can make good use of this connection with Director Zhang, you may be able to make your family rise.

You can leave now.”

“Yes!” Patriarch Jiangs eyes lit up.

After making an obeisance, he left the room with the others.

Only Tian Chaoran, Bai Feng, and Gai Rulong were left in the room.

“How can we deal with him” Zhu Hui had a headache when he saw Bai Zhenhongs body on the ground.

Sometimes good luck is really important.

Bai Zhenhong lost his life because of his bad luck.

As a member of the Bai family, Third Lord Bai was famous for his tyrannical and murderous character, and his death would greatly weaken the power of the Bai family.

“Lets send him back first.” Bai Feng was also worried about it.

He had just called Patriarch Bai.

When he slowly said the name Zhang Han…

He clearly heard the sound of a glass of water falling to the ground.

“That man is so powerful.” Bai Feng sighed with emotion while waving his hand to have someone lift Bai Zhenhongs body.

“If he had said his name earlier, this would not have happened.

“Its a big joke that my third uncle was killed because of Wei Zhaodong, a nobody.

“Well, Director Zhu, Ill leave first.” Bai Feng smiled a little bleakly and turned away.

He would keep Zhang Hans and Sun Donghengs names in mind.

Zhu Huis mouth quivered slightly when he saw Bai Fengs expression.

He was afraid that the Wei family would lose all their property this time to calm the Bai familys anger.

He didnt know if he would see Wei Zhaodong again in Ice City.

“Director Zhu, Ill bid you farewell and go back to Mount Zongnan.” Gai Rulong left the club before Zhu Hui could reply to him.

Zhu Hui forced a smile behind them.

At the same time, at the intersection downstairs…

Jiang Tongtong and Fu Hongshan were worrying about something.

“Shall we go back to the room upstairs”

They were all frightened when they thought about it.

As they could imagine, the atmosphere there should be terrible.

“Perhaps… we can leave now” Zhou Xiaohui was hesitating.

“Yes!” Chen Man agreed.

“Theres someone with cerebral hemorrhage upstairs, and so many people whose heads are broken.

Were like sheep walking into the mouth of a tiger! We must leave here as soon as possible!”

Fu Hongshan thought that it was a good idea.

“But…” Jiang Tongtong frowned and said, “my parents and Patriarch Jiang are still upstairs.”


The others felt as if he had just said nothing.

“What can we do Shall we go back and have a look” Zhou Xiaohui lowered his voice while saying this.

“Wait,” Chen Man turned his gaze to the clubs entrance, “they are going out.”

As soon as they turned around, a large group of people went out of the club and were soon taken away by a row of Hummers not far away on the right side of the club.

“My parents are going out, too!” Jiang Tongtong was relieved.

The Jiang family members were following the first group of people.

But Jiang Tongtong and her fellows felt a little nervous when they saw the Jiang family.

Jiang Tongtongs birthday party was messed up, and she was afraid of being blamed for it as a sinner of the Jiang family.

As for her three fellows, they were always nervous when facing Patriarch Jiang.

They had become accustomed to the tension.

“Will he punish us” Jiang Tongtong whispered.

The others all hissed.

They felt even more nervous.

However, when they stared at the people coming, they found something weird.

“Why are all the dozens of people smiling”

“Tongtong,” Patriarch Jiang extended his hand with a smile on his face, “is it your birthday today Why didnt you tell us We would have arranged a party for you.

This is Hongshan, right What a handsome and promising young man! Are you worried about the pockmarks on his face Your Aunt Fan is proficient in this field, and Ill ask her to treat you later…”

“Excuse me.” As Fu Hongshan saw Patriarch Jiang taking Chen Mans hands and speaking with great enthusiasm, he said to them, “Im Fu Hongshan.”

“You have seen me before, dont you remember”


Patriarch Jiang blushed.

Then he gave Fu Hongshan an embarrassed yet polite smile and said, “Im sorry.

I didnt bring my glasses with me.”

He forgot that he had just seen the pockmarks on Chen Mans face clearly.

Patriarch Jiang soon took Fu Hongshans hands and began chatting with him.

Fu Hongshan was overwhelmed by this unexpected favor.

Even Jiang Tongtongs parents had totally changed their attitude toward Fu Hongshan.

He knew that all this was brought to him by Brother Han, his old friend.

The reason why this matter had such a great influence was not only because of Zhang Hans words, but also because of Director Zhus decision without hesitation.

Finally, Patriarch Jiang left them a bank card so they could go out to have fun in the evening and celebrate Jiang Tongtongs birthday again.

As for how much money the bank card had on it, they didnt know for the time being.

But as they could imagine, the number had to be quite large.

Holding the bank card, they stared at the departing Jiang family and felt as if they were dreaming.

While some people were happy, some others were sad.

The Jiang family was happy, but… the battered Bai family was in a state of depression.

At the same time, the hall in the main house of the Bai family was somber.

Everyone was silent and vaguely heard the sound of something being broken from the side reception room.

Patriarch Bai was smashing things in the room, and it had lasted for 10 minutes!

None of the people outside dared to persuade him.

None of them dared to make any suggestions either.

After hearing Zhang Hanyangs name, they were all silent.

Two minutes later, the door of the reception room was kicked open by Patriarch Bai, who looked terrible.

“In an hour! Have Patriarch Wei get over here!” he shouted.


Most of the Bai family members left the hall immediately after receiving the order, and many of them took the opportunity to escape, because the anger of the patriarch was too frightening.

At the same time…

All the big families in Ice City were told that the Invincible Grand Master of Hong Kong, Merciless Zhang, Zhang Hanyang, was in Ice City, who had suppressed all the local masters, killed Third Lord Bai, and threatened Gai Rulong.

And he was going to challenge North Tiger Gai Xingkong.

This news soon spread throughout the martial arts world in Ice City.

“What did you say Merciless Zhang He is in Ice City and has killed someone”

“Who offended him”

A lot of people were confused, wondering who had provoked Zhang Han.

Soon, the confused people got the exact news.

It was because of Wei Zhaodong.

“Dammit! Is Wei Zhaodong mad How dare he provoke Zhang Hanyang”

“The Wei family will suffer a lot.

Just now, I saw Patriarch Wei go to the Bai family with all the core members of the Bai family.”

“Third Lord Bais death must have stimulated the Bai familys anger.

But they dare not face Zhang Hanyang, so they are angry at the Wei family.”

People all over Ice City began to talk about it.

Gradually, they turned their attention to something else.

“Zhang Hanyang is going to challenge Gai Xingkong Is that true”

“Yes, it is.

Gai Rulong said that Zhang Hanyangs target seemed to be his grandfather.”

“Merciless Zhang is known as Invincible Grand Master, and North Tiger Gai Xingkong was also invincible many years ago.

If they fight, it will have an impact equal to Mars hitting the earth! That is so crazy!”

At this time, some elders of the martial arts circle gave a pertinent answer.

“If Gai Xingkong fails to advance into the Divine Realm, he may not be able to defeat Zhang Hanyang.

After all, Zhang Hanyang is a powerful rival who has suppressed all those talents from the worldlet, and Gai Xingkong has to advance to the Divine Realm as soon as possible to beat him.”

But there were also objections.

“Not necessarily.

You look down on Gai Xingkong!”

Almost half of the people in the martial arts world and all the big families were shocked by such explosive news.

Zhang Hanyang was here!

What was Zhang Han doing now

He was lying on a bed and telling a story in a soft voice.

“After a fight, the King of Dwarves finally got the Fountain of Youth.

After drinking it, he felt that he had a lot of energy, so he…”

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