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Chapter 543 Going up the Mountain

What was an A-level relic

It meant that those who explored the relics should at least have the strength of the Divine Realm.

As for those martial artists at the Grand Master Peak stage, they were just barely able to enter the site, but at a great risk.

It seemed that everyone here was used to this abnormal phenomenon.

They stood still when the fog was rippling.

A few seconds later, the fog cleared and they began to mind their own business again.

“Recently, and at this entrance, there have been more and more frequent fluctuations.” A middle-aged goat-bearded man looked at the fog at the entrance of the relics seriously and said, “It seems that within two days, the relics will open.

Go inform Patriarch Gai, and we should start to prepare for it.”

“Yes.” The three men in front of him nodded.

If the martial artists who came to Ice City from all over the country saw this, they would be surprised.

Because this middle-aged man with the beard was Liao Qingguang, who ranked 1st in the metaphysics circle of northeast China over the past five years!

His strength had always been a mystery, and so far, no one knew how powerful he was.

But it was clear to many people that even Grand Master Late-stage martial artists would find it hard to defeat Liao Qingguang.

It was surmised that Liao Qingguang was at least at the Grand Master Peak stage, and perhaps he had almost or had even already stepped into the Divine Realm stage.

What was shocking was not that Liao Qingguang himself was here to guard the entrance, but… it was the relic in front of him!

It was not a C-level relic as the widely spread news had said, but an ancient relic infinitely close to A-level!

What was the reason behind them hiding the real information of the relic

Did they want to monopolize this near A-level relic

But the relic was so large that nothing was known inside it.

It would not necessarily be beneficial to monopolize it.

In this respect, apart from Liao Qingguang, the people present were also confused.

As subordinates, they could only stay here and do things as required.


At about 11 oclock in the evening…

A message came out from Mount He Snow, which soon spread throughout Ice City.

“The C-level relic on Mount He Snow will open at 7 p.m.



For a while, many martial artists in Ice City were excited.

“Tomorrow the relics will open This news is a little sudden!”

“Its said that martial artists at a low stage can enter a C-level relic, so Ill go to explore it this time.

Perhaps I can find some treasures.”

“The relic will open tomorrow.

Is it possible to see a battle between Merciless Zhang Hanyang and North Tiger Gai Xingkong tomorrow”

The others all hissed.

They gasped in fear at this idea.

The two masters were very famous and powerful, so their battle must be devastating!

Many people were willing to go to watch the battle of powerful martial artists, not only to increase their understanding of martial arts, but also to witness a battle at such a high level.

Many people had different ideas about this possible battle.

“Zhang Hanyang defeated Shi Fenghou, Mu Xue, Ye Longyuan, and other talents from the worldlet.

Gai Xingkong may not able to do that.

The title of Invincible Grand Master is not a joke, but Zhang Hanyang won it with his own strength.

Im afraid that Gai Xingkong will fail in the battle.”

“I dont agree with you.

Though Zhang Hanyang is powerful, Grand Master Gai is more experienced than him, which was witnessed by the era of North Tiger.

You overestimate Zhang Hanyang and look down upon Grand Master Gai! After all, Zhang Hanyang is a junior martial artist who has been famous for less than half a year, and he is not qualified to challenge Grand Master Gai.

Now that he dares to do so, someone will soon teach him the rules of the northeast.”

This kind of argument had intensified over time.

In the northeast, the super strength of Gai Xingkong was deeply rooted in many peoples minds.

Therefore, more than 80% of the martial artists supported Gai Xingkong in the debate.

In the end, Zhu Huis words were more authoritative.

“Both Zhang Hanyang and Gai Xingkong are top-level martial artists of the first echelon in the world.

Dont judge their strength until they fight, because you will never know what their final card is, let alone that they dont have to fight.”

The argument gradually subsided.

Everyone was looking forward to the next day.

Soon, that next day arrived.

During breakfast, Mengmeng thought about the days itinerary and asked Zi Yan, “MaMa, are we going to that island”

“Hefeng Island, yes were going there today,” Zi Yan replied.

“PaPa, do you know Hefeng Island” Mengmeng turned her gaze to Zhang Han.

“Yes, the scenery there is wonderful…” Before Zhang Han could finish introducing the island, Mengmeng pouted angrily.

“No, PaPa, you dont know that place.”

“Well…” Zhang Han was stunned and then shook his head.

“Yes, I made a mistake.

I have never been to Hefeng Island.”

“Dont worry.

MaMa and I will take you to Hefeng Island.

Its large and we can stay there for the whole day,” Mengmeng said seriously.

Zhang Han chuckled and nodded.


After breakfast, the family of three set off for Hefeng Island.

They drove four cars with their accompanying friends.

Hefeng Island was a multi-functional scenic spot.

It would be more beautiful in summer, but the scenery in winter was also unique.


While wandering on Squirrel Island, Mengmeng blinked her big eyes at the snowy ground and the squirrel nests in the trees.

“PaPa, Ive been cheated.” Mengmeng was unhappy after a while.

“Who cheated you” Zi Yan was surprised and asked in confusion.

Children had a unique way of thinking, so sometimes adults didnt know what was going on.

Hearing Zi Yans words, Mengmeng pouted and complained, “An aunt told me that I would meet many squirrels here, but I havent seen any of them yet.”

Zhang Han was amused by Mengmeng.

Zi Yan pursed her lips and said, “Because little squirrels seldom come out in winter.

They are all resting in those nests in the trees.”

“Really” Mengmeng was a little surprised.

She reached out her little hand and pointed to a tree.

“How can I see them if they are all resting there PaPa, could you please help me to climb up the tree”

“You dont have to climb up, just call them out.

They will come out to play for a while when they hear you.” Zhang Han smiled and took Mengmeng up in his arms, who was wearing thick clothes.

“Really” Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“You can give it a try.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Okay.” Mengmeng looked at the squirrel nest in the tree and said in a clear voice, “Little squirrel, Mengmeng has come to see you.

Why dont you come out”

Although there was no squirrel coming out of the nest for the moment, the tourists not far away from Mengmeng were attracted by her sweet voice and all turned their gaze to the little girl.

“Huh” Mengmeng looked at the tree without even blinking her eyes, but after two seconds, she still saw no squirrels.

When Mengmeng was about to say something…

“Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp…”

One, two… then a lot of little squirrels jumped out of their nest.

“Wow, they are coming out!” Mengmeng was overjoyed and almost began dancing.

Zi Yan smiled and took a glance at Zhang Han.

With such a wonderful father, everything would go well.

“Click!” Zhao Feng took out his camera and took a picture of the family of three.

After sightseeing on Squirrel Island, they went to Swan Lake.

All the swans that could be seen in summer had been settled in special swan cages, but there were still some amusement facilities on the ice.

Although they had played on the ice before, Mengmeng and Zi Yan took Zhang Han by the hand and played again in excitement.

In winter, Hefeng Island was characterized by the Museum of Ice Art.

There were several scenic spots in the museum, such as Ancient Charm, various carving arts, Snowy Plum Garden, Yuhai Dragon Palace, etc.

After having lunch in the rest area, they went to the art gallery and other places in the afternoon.

They didnt return to their villa until 4 p.m.

The family of three enjoyed themselves during the daytime.

They had been in Ice City for several days, and they had covered almost all the local tourist attractions.

After returning to the villa, Zhang Han made home-made dishes and received several calls.

Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanzong, Wang Ming, and Rong Jiaxin all came to Zhang Hans villa and played with their little princess in the hall on the first floor.

After dinner, Zhang Han said, “Mengmeng, Ill go out for a while.”

“PaPa, where are you going” Mengmeng was a little nervous.

“Daddy is going out to do something.

He will come back tomorrow and bring delicious food for Mengmeng,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“PaPa, dont leave me.” Mengmeng pouted unhappily.

“Daddy will be back tomorrow…”

Mengmeng liked him so much, which made Zhang Han happy yet helpless.

After being comforted for a long time, Mengmeng agreed to let PaPa go out.

She waved her hands at Zhang Han before he left home.

“PaPa, come back soon.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

He was filled with love and responsibility for his family.

Wherever he went, he would have to go home in the end because his wife and daughter were waiting for him.

Zhao Feng, Elder Meng, Leng Yue, and Wang Zhanpeng followed Zhang Han to the relic.

The others, led by Wang Zhanzong, stayed in the villa.

Zhang Han and his friends soon got in their cars.

Zhao Feng was driving while Wang Zhanpeng was sitting beside Zhang Han.

When the team drove out of the villa area, Zhao Feng said, “We are about an hour and a half away from Mount He Snow.

Its nearly half-past five now, so well arrive there at around seven oclock.

Its just the time when the relic will open.”

“Its just a C-level relic, and we are mainly going for martial arts resources this time.

There are no rules in the relics.” Wang Zhanpeng looked at Zhao Feng and said, “When you find a good treasure, you can fight for it.

But you should observe the situation clearly and put your safety first.”

“You are right, Master Wang.

Ive told them before.” Zhao Feng nodded.

There was silence in the car.

More than an hour later, as they were about to reach Mount He Snow, they found that more and more cars were traveling with them on the road.

Wang Zhanpeng said, “Im still worried about Gai Xingkong.

His influence in the local area is too big, and many sects and family forces are attached to him.

So many followers will eventually lead to a qualitative change due to the quantitative change.”

Wang Zhanpeng turned to look at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han had once told him that Zhang Guangyou was badly hurt by North Tiger Gai Xingkong.

Though Zhang Han might not want to kill Gai Xingkong, he had challenged Gai Xingkong and was sure to fight against that man.

Hearing Wang Zhanpengs words, Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

“Dont worry, Master Wang.

You can retreat if there are any dangers.”

“What will you do” Wang Zhanpeng frowned.

“Is Zhang Han going to fight against Gai Xingkong”


Zhang Han shook his head and replied, “No one can force me to stay if I want to leave.

“Zi Yan and Mengmeng are waiting for me at home, so I will be more vigilant than before.

Im quite proficient in the art of escaping.”

“What did he say” Wang Zhanpeng was stunned.

He never thought that Zhang Han would run away in the face of danger.

Victory after victory seemed to make Zhang Han far away from the word “escape”.

But that didnt mean he was not good at escaping!

After thinking about it, Wang Zhanpeng said, “Im relieved.

You are accomplished in all aspects, and we dont need to worry about you.”

“Master Wang, we are not only on our own,” Zhao Feng looked forward and said with a smile.

“Whats that” Wang Zhanpeng also looked forward.

He saw dozens of martial artists led by Lei Tiannan, Protector Leng, Director Bi, and Mo Chengfeng at the foot of Mount He Snow.

Wang Zhanpeng realized that all of them were good friends and supporters of Zhang Han.

Lei Tiannan and Protector Leng were closer to Zhang Han since they all lived in Hong Kong.

Director Bi would help Zhang Han since Zhang Han had helped him before.

Mo Chengfeng might not be a helper, but his influence was enough to frighten many martial artists.

At the foot of the mountain, the car couldnt go up further.

On the way, they saw a lot of people moving quickly up the mountain.

On the snow-capped mountain, they left only slight footprints.

“Director Zhang, we are all waiting for you.” Lei Tiannan laughed and stepped forward to welcome Zhang Han.

When he approached Zhang Han, Lei Tiannan said in lower voice, “I heard that some representatives from nine sects went to Mount Zongnan and held a meeting with the Gai family.

I was afraid that they would provoke you today, so I called some friends here to support you.”

“Thank you.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Dont be so courteous.

You are the second director of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong.

Though you are more powerful than me, I must take care of you in every aspect.” Lei Tiannan smiled.

“Grand Master Zhang.” Mo Chengfeng greeted Zhang Han.

Though he was the 2nd master on the list of Hong Kong martial artists, he knew clearly that Zhang Han was much stronger than him.

After greeting each other, all of Zhang Hans friends formed a team.

This surprised many people around.

“The battle that these people will be involved in must be earth-shaking!”

Zhang Han looked around and finally stopped his gaze at Mount He Snow.

“Lets go up the mountain,” he said calmly.

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