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Chapter 547 Drawing Sword

“Master!” A quiver of excitement ran down Zhao Fengs spine when he heard the familiar, calm voice.

“Everything is under my masters control!

“My master will definitely win the battle!”

When he saw Zhang Han stand still in the face of Gai Xingkongs attack, he was a little worried.

But now, his confidence in Zhang Han had been deeply rooted in his heart.

It surprised Zhao Feng that Zhang Han could easily dodge the attack.

Zhang Han would be amused if he knew what Zhao Feng was thinking.

Must the two sides say something before they fight

Speaking or not speaking was all up to ones taste.

Especially in the process of fighting, Zhang Han wanted to say something only when he felt something.

The other martial artists beside Zhao Feng were also shocked.

“Did he rely on his body movement or use some secret skills” Mo Chengfeng was confused.

Staring at Zhang Han, he murmured to himself, “If he had sped up his body movement, he would have broken the sound barrier to escape from the attacking range of Gai Xingkongs Ice Silk, which would have made a thunderous noise.

But… I didnt hear anything.”

“This…” Lei Tiannan shook his head while smiling to express his admiration of Zhang Han.

“We cant judge him by natural rules, because his cultivation is so unfathomable that youll never know how many final cards he has.

Our second director is so powerful!”

Mo Chengfeng turned his eyes toward Lei Tiannan.

“Can you answer me in a simpler way without showing off your second director”

“Han never fights with being sure of the outcome, so perhaps he will defeat Gai Xingkong this time!” Wang Zhanpeng narrowed his eyes and said decisively.

“It may not be easy as you said since Gai Xingkong has a divine weapon.” Mo Chengfeng slowly shook his head.

“The divine weapon will greatly enhance Gai Xingkongs strength in the battle, but Grand Master Zhang has some shortcomings in this respect.

After all, Gai Xingkong has been famous for decades, and it is difficult for Grand Master Zhang to defeat him as a young martial artist.

He may surpass Gai Xingkong in the future, but not now.”

Mo Chengfengs evaluation was objective.

In fact, he had seen this kind of battle many times.

When the strength of the two fighters was similar, it was their own material basis that decided the outcome.

If one side had medicinal pellets or weapons, he would be more dominant in the battle, let alone Gai Xingkongs divine weapon, which gave him a greater chance of winning.

“Divine weapon…” Lei Tiannan sighed.

“Its rare to see divine-level weapons.

Besides those in Shang Jing, Ive only heard that Elder Gu Donglai of the Gu family in Lin Hai had a divine-level Fire Blade.

I didnt expect Gai Xingkong to possess such a divine-level spear.

What a secretive man.”

“If Zhang Hanyang can still win in this situation, itll be a miracle,” Mo Chengfeng murmured and stared at the battlefield.

Zhang Han stood calmly dozens of meters away behind Gai Xingkong, who had turned around and looked at him in surprise.

It seemed that neither of them wanted to make the first move.

The other young martial artists, including Gai Rulong, sensed Gai Xingkongs surprise and felt a little frightened.

“Its amazing,” they whispered to each other in confusion.

Even the people on the top of the mountain didnt understand what happened.

It was not surprising, because most of them were low-level martial artists.

They could only look at each other in confusion.

“Whats going on”

“Did Gai Xingkong say that he won the battle Was his attack dodged”

“Who is the winner My gosh, am I dreaming Their moves were dazzling.”


While most of the onlookers were discussing, there were a few high-level martial artists, including Director Bi, standing still in astonishment.

At this time, people with a low level of strength would only be attracted by various moves and thought that both sides of the battle were very strong.

But people with a high level of strength could see how powerful Zhang Hangyang was through his actions.

In the middle of the battlefield…

Gai Xingkong remained silent for 10 seconds before saying, “Your move is strong, but not deterrent.”

“Okay, then Ill show you something deterrent,” Zhang Han replied calmly, then raised his right hand.

Suddenly, a mysterious force began to dominate the field.

Liao Qingguangs face changed slightly.

“The power of stars”

This was a relatively profound piece of knowledge.

In the face of a move that could be performed using the power of stars, Gai Xingkong could only use all his forces to perform a relatively advanced secret method to resist it, aside from hiding from it.

He couldnt resist the power of stars just by using spiritual force or the shield of soul sense.

Gai Xingkong knew it as well.

Although he was a little surprised, he soon began to think about defensive measures.


In a very short time, Zhang Han seemed to be covered by a layer of crystal moonlight.

The moon and thousands of stars in the sky seemed to throw their energy to the ground, making Zhang Hans surroundings shine.

“Whats that”

Many people around him were shocked.

When they rubbed their eyes and looked carefully…

The luminous spots around Zhang Han seemed to correspond to the positions of the 36 stars of the Big Dipper cluster.

This was a formation set by Zhang Han in order to use his moves.

Zhang Han looked at the continuous gathering of luminous energy on the ground.

Suddenly, his right hand made a forward movement in the air.

Star Palm!


With the power of stars as the main force, supplemented by the power of spiritual force and soul sense, the Star Palm, as high as 20 meters, appeared in the air.

This huge, crystal palm seemed to be covered by faint starlight.

Although the onlookers did not sense any terrible energy from this palm, it was sending out a profound qi, which made them frightened.

“This…” Seeing such a fierce Zhang Han, Gai Rulong and others felt like their hearts were almost in their throats.

Then they saw Gai Xingkong frown.

He stared intently at Zhang Hans Star Palm.

“How strong the power of stars is! What a powerful secret method!” Gai Xingkong narrowed his eyes seriously.

Then he turned his gaze toward Zhang Han, smiled, and said, “But Im good at body movements too.

Your method is no threat to me.”


Just as the Star Palm approached him, Gai Xingkong made an incantation gesture with his right hand.

All of a sudden, Gai Xingkong disappeared, leaving just a willow leaf falling slowly where he had been standing.

“Eh” Zhang Han looked at the leaf in surprise.

He had finally seen a secret technique that could be called a real body movement.

“An escape method based on five elements You just learned some basic skills.” Zhang Han shook his head in disappointment.

Gai Xingkong couldnt use the escape method based on five elements at will; he needed a special medium, which was the willow leaf.

“Though you dodged this move, Ill soon catch you.” Zhang Han narrowly his eyes confidently.


His great soul sense came out of his body and swept out in all directions.

Just at this moment…

Liao Qingguangs face changed.

“What a powerful spiritual sense mind trick!”

There were many different expressions on his zombie-like face today.

All this was because of the famous Zhang Hanyang!


“Ive got you!”

Under the five-meter-thick snow, Gai Xingkong was approaching him quickly.

He was dozens of meters away from Zhang Han.

At this time, Zhang Han waved his right hand and let the Star Palm disappear.

Along with the power of the stars, his spiritual force and soul sense were also dispersing.

Zhang Han made an incantation gesture with his left hand, raised his right hand forward, and then swung it down.

He uses these energies that had not yet completely dissipated to combine with his surging spiritual force and soul sense to form a new move.

Hand of Earth Killing Intent!


A five-meter-long palm print that emitted black light slapped the ground from the air.


It was as if a bomb had landed 10 meters in front of Zhang Han.

Even the nearby warriors felt a slight earthquake.


Suddenly, the snow began to pour down from the snow mountain.


The mild earthquake lasted a minute.

Most of the martial artists began to look for shelter, except for some powerful Wu Dao Grand Masters, who jumped up into the air and landed slowly after the avalanche was over.

Zhang Han jumped into the air 20 meters high and made a short stop.

Though he hadnt reached the Innateness stage yet, like most of the Grand Master Late-stage of Grand Master Peak martial artists, he could rely on his powerful spiritual force for a short floating or air walk.

In this way, after the avalanche, Mount He Snow was calm again.

However, in the minds of many onlookers, the waves were turbulent.

“What was the move that made such a horrible avalanche”

“I was too scared to keep balance just now.

Dammit! If I had fallen down, I would have been buried by the snow.”

“Wait, where is Grand Master Gai”

“Where is he”

When everyone turned their gaze back to the battlefield, they were stunned.

The avalanche had been over for more than a minute, but they hadnt seen Gai Xingkong yet.

They recalled where Zhang Hanyang had just attacked.


“Has Gai Xingkong been injured”

Even the Gai family, led by Gai Rulong, and people from other forces, were nervous at this time.

“Second Grandfather…”

While Gai Rulong was worried, Liao Qingguang beside him said in a calm voice, “Dont worry.

Xingkong seems to be provoked, so perhaps he is going to teach Zhang Hanyang a lesson.”


His words set everyone at ease.

As expected, just after Liao Qingguang finished speaking…

Everyone heard a splash.

Then they saw Gai Xingkong coming out of the snow at a high speed.

His body was wrapped by a layer of light, which came from the five-meter-long spear with a red tassel clenched in his right hand!

It was his divine weapon!

The presence of this weapon had put great pressure on all the martial artists.

In the consensus of martial arts circles, it only took one month to learn stick skills and one year to learn sword skills, but a lifetime to master the skill of the spear.

In other words, the spear skill was easy to learn, but it was difficult to become a master in this field.

It would take a long time to practice and upgrade this skill.

Gai Xingkong, with the spear in his hand, looked like a veteran general.

This invisible momentum showed that he had achieved a lot in his spear skill.

Lei Tiannan and his friends gasped in fear when they saw Gai Xingkong.

Although in the previous part of the fight, Zhang Han and Gai Xingkong were equal in strength, now Gai Xingkong had summoned his divine weapon to help him, and they were worried that the situation would be reversed.

They knew that Zhang Han would not flinch at this time, so they became more nervous and held their breath involuntarily.

This battle made so many people on both sides nervous.

Just now, even Gai Rulong thought that his second grandfather had no chance of defeating Zhang Han.

Before, no one would have believed such speculation about Gai Xingkongs battles with others.

“What a talented young man.

Now that you have mastered all kinds of secret skills, you are going to be lucky in the future.” Gai Xingkong praised Zhang Han.

When he had just dodged Zhang Hans attack with the escape method and was about to fight back, he had sensed Zhang Hans next move, which targeted him and could not be avoided again.

At that critical moment, he summoned his divine level weapon for defense.

Although Gai Xingkong had survived, he looked quite untidy.

After praising Zhang Han, Gai Xingkong changed his Qi.

Then he looked at Zhang Han seriously and said, “But the use of weapons, treasures, and even magical animals in combat is permitted, which helps to improve the fighters strength.

Now that you are still here to challenge me after seeing my divine weapon, you are either confident in yourself or reckless.

Now, Ill give you one last chance to quit or fight.”

The voice of Gai Xingkong reverberated throughout all of Mount He Snow.

It seemed that although he admired Zhang Hanyang, he didnt mind teaching the arrogant young man a lesson or even killing him here.

After all, weapons were not merciful.

Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannan wanted to persuade Zhang Han to stop fighting.

They thought that if the battle were to continue, the best result would be a draw, but it was more likely to end in Zhang Hans failure.

After all, Gai Xingkongs divine weapon had brought so much improvement to his strength.

Before they could persuade Zhang Han, they heard the young man say in a calm voice, “I would think about giving up if you were in the Divine Realm.

But now, youre not powerful enough to scare me.”

“Hahaha.” Gai Xingkong burst out laughing and then said, “The first spear move I learned can be summed up in one sentence:A spear stabbed forward horizontally is the most difficult one to resist.

As the most basic move, it requires the martial artist to be flat, precise, and swift when stabbing the spear forward.

Whether the spear is thrust out or retracted, the martial artists hand should be stable to ensure that his force can be transmitted to the spear tip and that the spear shaft is always tight in a straight line.

In this way, his spear will be like a tiger and a dragon in its attack…

“Therefore, my move is called Dragon-tiger Stab!

“And my spear is calledDragon-tiger Spear!”


Suddenly, Gai Xingkong tossed his spear forward, pointed the sharp tip at Zhang Han, and grasped the end of the spear with his other hand.

With a sudden shake of Gai Xingkongs hands, the spear sent out a light blade to attack Zhang Han.

But it was just a prelude to his real attack!


Gai Xingkong held the spear in his hand horizontally and straightly, and stabbed it forward after using the secret method.

He was moving so fast with his spear that the onlookers couldnt even see his outline!

He was now like a lightning bolt.

And the spear in his hand was like the dazzling light at the tip of lightning.

The martial artists nearby couldnt help shivering in fear.

“Its too scary!”

“I feel like hes invincible!”

“How can Zhang Hanyang resist such a powerful attack”

“It should be a decisive attack!”

More than a thousand onlookers around stared at the battlefield and dared not blink.

While Gai Rulong and his followers were about to cheer for their victory, Wang Zhanpeng and Zhao Feng were worrying about Zhang Hans safety.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han didnt dodge Gai Xingkongs attack at all.

“You have a solid foundation,” Zhang Han said calmly.

Gai Xingkongs Dragon-tiger Stab had been targeting him no matter what he was doing, whether moving or using secret methods.

If Zhang Han didnt want to fight head-on, he would have to dodge the attack with a powerful secret method, which was time-consuming and not good for him.


When Gai Xingkongs light blade was about to approach Zhang Han, his divine-level spear followed it.

Just at this moment…


The sound of a sword coming out of its sheath resounded throughout all of Mount He Snow!

The people close to the battlefield even got tinnitus.

A black light lit up half of the field where Zhang Han was.


Then, surrounded by the black light, the light of Gai Xinglongs spear dissipated, leaving only the sound of metal colliding.

The onlookers felt a little dizzy.

Then, what they saw made them gasp in astonishment.

Zhang Han raised his right arm forward, and a three-meter-long sword appeared in his hand!

The point of the sword collided with the point of the spear.

Zhang Han successfully defended the attack, but because of the difference in weapon grade, the body shape of Gai Xingkong was compressed forward, and Zhang Han retreated backward.

Holy-level weapon!

“Isnt it Mu Xues Demon Dancing Sword, the female demon of the Luo Fu Sword sect” Gai Rulong was surprised after looking at the sword carefully.

“Not only Mu Xues Demon Dancing Sword, but also Ye Longyuans Golden Armor were stolen by him.

But how could the Demon Dancing Sword, a holy-level weapon, resist the Dragon-tiger Spear, a divine-level weapon” someone explained and then raised his own question.

The other martial artists were shocked by the truth again.

They only heard that Zhang Hanyang had defeated those talents from the worldlet, but they didnt know that he had taken their weapons.

“We didnt expect him to be proficient at sword skills.” A senior of the Gai family sighed with emotion.

The spear was long and the sword was short, so it was difficult to block the spear tip with the sword tip.

If he failed, Zhang Han would be killed by the spear that continued to stab at him.

After seeing this, many onlookers couldnt help praising him.

“His bravery comes from his strength.”

Under everyones gaze…

After Gai Xingkong continued to charge forward more than 30 meters with his spear against Zhang Hans sword, the two men were thrown away in opposite directions by a great force.

“Demon Dancing Sword, a holy-level weapon You can rely on it, but your strength is still far inferior to mine,” Gai Xingkong said indifferently.

“You can give it a try.

Its your honor to force me to draw my sword,” Zhang Han put his sword in front of him and said slowly.

This was the second time that he had drawn his sword after his rebirth The first time he encountered such an emergency was at the Gu familys when Zi Yan was in danger.

Though Zhang Han couldnt defeat Protector He at that time, he drew his sword and seckilled Protector He with a secret method.

That was enough to explain a lot of things.


With the sword in his hand, Zhang Han was sending out more and more strong Qi, powerful but not aggressive, making everyone curious about the development of the battle.

Looking at Zhang Han seriously, Gai Xingkong was a little confused, because he found the young man with the sword to be a little familiar.

While he was thinking about it…

Zhang Han rushed at Gai Xingkong without hesitation, forcing his rival to block him with the spear in a hurry.

The two fast-moving people in the field dazzled the others.

At the same time, the fighting place was windy, and the snow on the ground was stirred up, flying all over the sky as if it were snowing heavily.

Under the heavy snow, the two men were engaged in an amazing battle.

This scene deeply impressed the minds of everyone present.

The clash of spear and sword made their hearts beat faster.

“Oh, my gosh! Zhang Hanyang with his holy-level sword can even draw with Gai Xingkong, who is using a divine-level spear!”

“Youre wrong.

Though they seem to be well-matched in strength, we cant forget the difference between a divine weapon and a holy weapon.” A Grand Master in the crowd looked at Zhang Han in astonishment and said, “Given a divine-level sword, Zhang Han would defeat Gai Xingkong easily! He is amazing!”

“We never knew that Zhang Hanyang was a sword master!”

“What a marvelous battle!”

Gai Rulong stood in the Gai familys area and looked at the two fighters in confusion.

“How is he so strong”

“Because he has always been strong.” Liao Qingguang took a complex look at Zhang Han and slowly shook his head.

“In terms of using weapons, he is better than Xingkong.”


“He is better than Xingkong!”

“He is better than Xingkong!”

“He is better than Xingkong!”

This comment shocked the Gai family like thunder!

“Patriarch Gais spear skill cant match Zhang Hanyangs sword skill”

“Thats impossible!”

When some of the Gai family members were about to defend Gai Xingkong…

They heard Zhang Hans calm voice, “I would retreat if you were a spear expert.

But only a few of your moves deserve my attention.

“Ill defeat you with my next move.”

In the eyes of others, Zhang Han with his sword seemed to be dancing in the wind, and his sword was a rainbow that lit up the sky.


In the beating sound of the sword and spear, Zhang Han and Gai Xingkongs positions changed rapidly.

All of a sudden, under Zhang Hans control, eight beams of light sabers began attacking Gai Xingkong from all directions.

It was impossible to dodge them!

Gai Xingkongs escape method based on five elements was of no use at present.

At this moment…

The eight beams of light sabers were approaching Gai Xingkong at full speed, getting larger and larger in his eyes.

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