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Chapter 55 – The Story of Zhao Feng

His words made the woman beside him feel a bit embarrassed.

She looked at the man and said, “Dong Heng, the rules of the restaurant has nothing to do with you.

Dont be so rude when you talk.”

“Am I rude” Little Qing, we are guests! Isnt that we are guest God for the service staff Actually, this is my first time that I saw customers served their own food.

What kind of attitude is this I think I need to complain to the Consumer Association.

” The man sneered, and said to Zhang Han.

“Oh.” Zhang Hans expression did not change in the slightest, then he replied indifferently: “Then go and file a complaint.”

After finished speaking, Zhang Han carried Mengmeng and walked to the sofa.

“Aiyo” Little Qing, look at his attitude… ” The blond mans face was sullen.

Before his voice had died away, Liang Mengqi said coldly: “What attitude is this The price is showed at the entrance, and the rules are always there.

If you dont want to eat, then please leave.

Do not make a ruckus here.

“Thats right.

Hum, the bosss food isnt prepared for any mortal.

If you felt unsatisfied, then go out.” Zhao Dahu rolled his eyes at the golden-haired man as he spoke in a weird tone.

“Ha ha!” The man sneered and said, “I think you guys are the ones who should be entrusted with this task.

What is it Was it a black shop ”

“Dong Heng, stop talking.” The woman beside him frowned and said, “Were here to have meals.

If you dont want to eat with me, then leave by yourself.”

“I didnt mean that.” The golden-haired man shook his head and said, “I just dont like the service here.

Its fine if you set a higher price, but if the service isnt good, then what is it”

His words were obviously meant for Zhang Han, but Zhang Han did not plan to bother with this pretentious bastard.

Zhang Han ignored him, but there were people who paid attention to him.

After Zhao Feng reluctantly drank the last mouthful of milk, he stood up and walked towards the golden-haired man.

When the golden-haired man saw Zhao Feng, his eyes stared with a stupefied expression on his face.

It was clear that he recognizeed Zhao Feng.

“Eat somenthing”

Zhao Feng walked in front of the golden-haired man.

He did not have much expression on his face, only two words coming out of his mouth.

“Yes, yes! Brother Feng, why are you here” The golden-haired mans expression turned bitter.

“If you want to eat, then its good.

My table is empty, clean it up and sit there.” Zhao Feng gazed at him a few times, and said: “Also, from now on, when you come here, youd better be quiet.”

“Yes, I understand.” The golden-haired man hurriedly nodded.

The golden-haired man was also a member in Yonghe club.

As his family started a small company, he could be considered a rich second generation.

They occasionally treated everyone.

Zhao Feng met this guy for a few times when he came to the New Moon Bay.

He wanted to curry favor with Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng did not care about it.

Thus every time he met Zhao Feng, he would be as if he was a mouse seeing a cat.

After Zhao Feng finished speaking, he did not bother to pay any more attention to him.

He took his own cup and went to the kitchen to pour another cup of milk, throwing the duster to the golden-haired man when leaving.

“Would you mind if I sit here” Zhao Feng said as he pointed to the empty seat in front of Zhao Dahu.

“No one is here.

Take a seat.” Zhao Dahu replied.

His behaviors had left a good impression on Zhao Feng.

What was the source of such goodwill That is, to speak for the restaurant and to work for the restaurant.

There was no doubt that Zhao Dahu was a protector for Zhang Hans restaurant.

On the other side of the table, four people were leisurely drinking milk.

At the furthest table, a blonde young man and a tall woman were eating Egg Fried Rice at a fast pace.

Normally, if they had had something delicious, they would praise them a little.

But at this moment, Zhang Hans Egg-Fried Rice had already made them forget their words, and they were completely immersed in it, unable to extricate themselves.

As he ate, the golden-haired mans face flashed with a hint of apology.

He seemed to be saying,The food that the boss cooks is so delicious, but I behaved so badly just now, I really shouldnt …

However, at this moment, no one paid any attention to them.

“Boss.” Seeing that Zhang Han had cleaned up the big dining table, Liang Mengqi immediately said: “As your first member, can I order a piano piece”

“Oh” Zhang Han glanced at her and nodded, “Alright.”

“Then I want the piano music at night.” Liang Mengqi said with a smile.

Zhang Han nodded slightly and carried Mengmeng who was on the sofa: “Lets go and play the piano.”

“Ugh …” Its not us, but its PaPa playing.

PaPa, when can Mengmeng play the piano … ” Mengmeng asked with her childs tone.

“Mengmeng is so smart.

You could play it after a couple of lesson in the future.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Is Mengmeng very smart” Mengmengs eyes lit up, and said happily: “How, how smart is that”

“Eh …” Zhang Han muttered to himself for a while and replied, “Mengmeng is the most intelligent little princess of all the realms.”

“All the realms …”What is it” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“It means in all the worlds, Mengmeng is the smartest.” Zhang Han gave a simple explanation.

“Haha …” “Oh” Mengmeng kisses Zhang Han on his cheek for a few times, and started to giggle.

The little princess really likes PaPa praising her.

Zhang Han placed Mengmeng on the small sofa, then sat down and opened the lid.

“Give me a piano piece for my lovely Mengmeng.”

Zhang Han chuckled, and kept silent for ten seconds.

Under the gaze of Liang Mengqi and the others, Zhang Hans hand suddenly moved.

The sound of the piano began to move the heartstrings of the crowd.

Liang Mengqi looked at Zhang Hans body from the side as she was in a daze.

She felt that the piano pieces that Zhang Han was playing would always have a certain charm to them, as if it was the kind of song that would give rise to feelings.

This was a sort of state.

Even Zhao Fengs pupils became a little blurry, his expression still calm.

However, his heart followed the rhythm of the piano piece and thought back to his experiences.

He could have had a good life, a good career, but when he made his move that time, everything was just a dream.

A comrade of his, and his best brother, had been in a trance during a besieging mission against the drug lords, which had resulted in being shot.

Lying in Zhao Fengs embrace, he slowly told Zhao Feng about what had happened.

It turned out that on the day of the mission, his family was going to receive a group of uninvited guests.

That group of people were from the usury company, and his wifes father had borrowed money from them once, but after repaying them the money, the company did something about it.

He had prepared a leave of absence report, but who would have thought that the final battle with the drug lord would begin Military orders were like mountains, and he gave up on the idea of returning immediately, intending to rush back through the night after his mission ended.

But he did not manage to hold on, and before dying, he asked Zhao Feng to help him with this task.

However, in the middle of the night, when Zhao Feng arrived at his comrades home, his wife died on her bed.

Zhao Feng had really gone crazy at that time and went to the lending company by himself.

The boss smiled sinisterly and said that he would send people to visit his comrades homes even if he didnt want to.

His lending company was also protected by the law.

There was no fear, and only these four words could describe the boss.

But Zhao Feng did not care about that, and continued punching the boss until he was out of breath!

It was also because of this that he ruined Zhao Fengs life.

If it wasnt for Tang Zhan committing heinous acts, and if it wasnt for various reasons, he would have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Even if he came out now, he had to do something very dangerous.

After all, that Tang Zhan was cautious and ruthless in his actions, so it was best not to doubt that he was a brainless big brother.

‘Was that attack worth it

Sometimes, Zhao Feng would ask himself as well, but after that, he would lightly shake his head and say, “Its worth it!If I were to give him another chance, he would definitely hit me a few more times!

The melodious music quietly ended when Zhao Feng was deep in his thoughts.

“Playing another song, what do you want to hear” Zhang Han turned slightly to look at Liang Mengqi and the others, and then asked.

“Canon Variations, you talked about before.” Liang Mengqi hurriedly replied.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

When he was ready to play, the blond man opened his mouth:

“That… Boss, we would like to have another serving.

“Go and enjoy it yourself.” Zhang Han replied.

“Okay, okay.”

At this time, the golden-haired man was already extremely warm and polite.

It was not only because of Zhao Feng, but also because he was a foodie too.

As the golden-haired man was carrying two paper plates to the kitchen counter, a cheerful and rhythmic Canon variation began to play.

‘The boss plays the piano so well.

He is truly mysterious.

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

After the piano piece, Zhang Han put down the lid.

Playing two songs at the same time, Zhang Han felt that it was enough.

But after putting him down, Mengmeng became a little anxious, she stretched out her arm and said:

“Hmm, PaPa, dont put it down, Mengmeng still wants to play it.”

“Oh, okay, okay.

Here, dad will teach you how to play.” Zhang Han hurriedly opened the lid of the piano once again.

After embracing Mengmeng, he began to teach Mengmeng how to play the piano:

“Here, press this button first, then this one, then this one, and then this one.

Also, this one.

Itll be nice if we just connect it together.

Try it”

“Haha …” “This, this, this…” Mengmeng happily used two small fingers to dim down.

Zhang Han had taught Mengmeng a song that was very simple yet pleasant to listen to.

Mengmengs memory was very good, so she followed the sequence and played it well.

“Daddy will press the button for you together, then Mengmeng will sing, okay”

After learning for a while, Zhang Han reached out his hand, gently grabbed the little princess finger, and prepared to play it.

“Twinkle twinkle little star.

How I wonder what you are!” “Haha …”

Mengmeng was so happy to play the piano and sing in the arms of PaPa.

By the side of the window, Liang Mengqi and the others watched quietly.

Even the golden-haired man and the tall girl who had finished eating did not interrupt this heartwarming scene.


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