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Chapter 554 Returning Fully Loaded

This was a vast residential area, seemingly quiet and peaceful.

But this was the Main Sect of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, and no one dared to relax their vigilance.

There could be no real peace here.

Those poor people were blinded by their immediate interests.

After the explorers entered the Main Sect, they crossed the residential area, where there were several large squares.

At this time, they were hundreds of meters away from the main palace.

The main palace was large and nearly 100 feet high.

After entering the main palace, they saw a huge hall.

There were two circular corridors on the left and right.

After walking into the hall, they found that there were some alchemy venues on the first floor, but each room was empty, with no furnace or other materials.

There were still many alchemy rooms on the second and third floor, and the explorers found nothing there.

On the third, fourth, and fifth floors, there were pavilions storing cultivating methods recorded on jade slips.

Unfortunately, there were only two cabinets filled with broken jade slips.

Then the explorers went upstairs and into an arms cache.

They still found nothing special there.

They realized that the main palace was not the sect chiefs living room, but a functional palace.

There were still several floors above.

But at the stairway entrance, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Wed better stop here and explore in that direction.”

Zhang Han pointed to the back of the main palace.

Upon hearing Zhang Hans words, the other martial artists all gave up the idea of going upstairs, which was a waste of time.

So they went back to the first floor, through the back door of the main hall, and saw an amazing scene.

There were several squares on both sides, surrounded by lots of buildings.

The buildings here were much better than the ones they had just passed by.

This reflected the hierarchical system of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, that was, excellent disciples could enjoy better living conditions and resources.

If this method was used properly, it could stimulate the disciples enthusiasm for winning.

After a while, in front of them appeared a magnificent building, like an enlarged palace.

It was amazing to the explorers.

They crossed the wide square to the main complex.

“This should be the residence of the sect elders!” Director Bi said after observation.

“Lets be careful and explore the area nearby.

There are two hours left, which should be enough time,” said Gai Xingkong in a deep voice.

The martial artists formed five small teams to explore on both sides.

This time, they found some treasures.

Zhang Han was exploring a residence with Wang Zhanpeng, Lei Tiannan, and Director Bi.

They got something useful in an alchemy room.

“Crystal Brittle Stone These are enough for Little Hei to snack on.” Zhang Han smiled and picked up nearly 100 second-level Crystal Brittle Stones scattered on the ground.

There was nothing in this alchemy room, except these scattered stones.

When Zhang Han was about to leave, suddenly he smelled a fragrance.


Zhang Han stopped, looked up, and fixed his eyes on the middle of the roof.

There was something light green there.

It was a plant spirit treasure!

Zhang Han looked at it carefully and then realized what it was.

“Its a Power Grass.” Zhang Han smiled.

The Power Grass in front of him was like a needle.

Although it was hard to see it clearly, such a small Power Grass could greatly enhance the strength of cultivators.

Not to mention that this Power Grass had reached the fourth level, which was of great use to Dahei.

As for Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and Elder Meng, who had been learning different methods specially chosen for them, such as Big Dark Devil Shadow, they got their strength enhanced through practicing constantly instead of taking a shortcut.

When the crystal stone vein on the mountain was formed later, their cultivation speed would be greatly improved.

But the cultivation way of spirit beasts was very different from that of human beings.

Before Dahei and Little Hei advanced in the Innateness stage and awoke some of their gifted supernatural power, they relied on other things such as medicinal pellets to cultivate.

So Zhang Han usually gave such opportunities to Dahei and Little Hei.

Zhang Han made a small hand with his spiritual sense mind trick, took down Power Grass and put it in Wang Zhanpengs space bracelet.

In this way, the group of martial artists explored for nearly an hour.

Everyone had gained a lot.

They were satisfied with this relic.

As luck came after hardship, when they first came in, they suffered a lot from the lightning before getting the lightning-protecting gown, and then were attacked by those Local Souls.

When they finally survived and came to the main city, they were blocked by the thundering iron bridge.

They all knew that if Zhang Han hadnt helped them, they wouldnt have had so many gains.

Some of the Grand Masters here who were close to Gai Xingkong were very heroic.

One of them suggested, “I want to give half of my treasures to Grand Master Zhang.”

Everyone agreed with him.

After discussion, they all took out 30% of the treasure they had found in the relic.

There were two martial artists who didnt approve of it, but they didnt have space magic weapons, so most of their treasures were held by their temporary teammates.

Just when people wanted to continue exploring…

“Hiss!” Zhang Han sniffed.

Just like before, he couldnt sense the interior of the room.

As for the yard and the road, there was no smell of treasures.

One mile, two miles… There was no special smell in nine miles.

However, when Zhang Han explored the 10th mile…


He smelled a very strong fragrance of treasure!

“This is… the smell of crystal stone.

Its so fragrant that it should be at the fifth level.”

Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

There were many kinds of crystal stones, among which the common crystal stones without properties were usually used as a monetary equivalent, while the crystal stones with properties were relatively rare, and they had different values according to their grades.

Zhang Han was so familiar with the smell of common crystal stone, so he knew that the crystal stone not far away had properties.

Zhang Han was pleased with his discovery.

All of a sudden…


Zhang Han felt that a 100-foot-long black shadow flashed from the edge of his soul sense, which seemed to be able to devour the soul sense, and had bitten the edge of Zhang Hans soul sense.

“Whats that”

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed in surprise, because the black shadow made his heart beat faster.

“Its not easy to deal with.”

When Zhang Han was thinking about it, Wang Zhanpeng called him.

“Zhang, come here.

Wed better seize this rare opportunity and get as much treasure as we can.”

“Okay, Im coming.” Zhang Han gave up on going to investigate that shadow.

He continued to explore with the others.

Time passed quickly, and all the explorers gathered on the street again.

They were less than a kilometer away from the huge house like a small palace in front of them.

“Half an hour, shall we go in and explore” Gai Xingkong looked at Zhang Han and asked.

If there were only him and his men in the team, he would give orders directly as a team leader, but now he would discuss any ideas with Zhang Han.

Because in this short period of contact, Gai Xingkong found that Zhang Han was really unfathomable, as if he would always have a trump card.

It was shocking enough for Gai Xingkong to see Zhang Han deal with that iron bridge.

Zhang Han was thinking about Gai Xingkongs suggestion.

Then he replied, “There is something I need in that direction, and Ill go take a look at the last minute.

I found another thing frightening there, so youd better not take the risk.”

He added, “But if you want to go there now, I wont stop you.”

Of course, Zhang Han would not restrict their actions.

He just wanted to explain to them the danger of this trip.


“Since you have warned us of the danger there, we will certainly not disobey your suggestion.” Director Bi forced a smile.

“At least I wont take the risk.

Im satisfied with what Ive got.”

“Yes, Han, wed better stay here and continue exploring the safe area.

I advise you not to go ahead and take risks.” Wang Zhanpeng tried to persuade Zhang Han.

“Its true that if you force your way into the relic, youll lose more than you gain,” Gai Xingkong echoed.

In his opinion, anything Zhang Han could call “frightening” had to be… really frightening.

“Im familiar with Zhang Hans style.

Now that hes put forward this proposal, he must be certain of ensuring his own safety.

After all, his beautiful wife and lovely daughter are waiting for him,” Lei Tiannan said with a smile.

But Zhang Han decided to take action at the last minute in order to protect the other explorers, which showed that he was not confident enough this time.

Therefore, his friends tried to stop him.

Hearing their words, Zhang Han shook his head and smiled.

“Youre right.

Im not sure if I can defeat that thing over there, but Im confident that I can snatch a treasure from it.

For safetys sake, Ill try it in the last 30 seconds.”

“Okay…” Zhang Hans friends stopped trying to persuade him, but they were more curious about the thing that Zhang Han had mentioned.

“What kind of thing is so frightening”

The explorers spent the rest of their time exploring some more houses and finally gathered outside the main residence.

“One minute.”

The explorers began to worry again.

The main residential area was similar to an imperial city.

The gate was open and they could see many houses in it.

There was also a palace in the center, behind which was a large mountain.

But they didnt know what Zhang Han could get from that place within 30 seconds.

“50 seconds.”

“40 seconds.”

Zhang Hans friends were so nervous that they held their breath.

“30 seconds,” Gai Xingkong said suddenly.


As soon as he finished, he saw Zhang Hans body turn into a light and rush inside the main residential area.

At the same time, Zhang Hans strong soul sense spread out to explore the scope of three miles around.

With the help of his treasure-sniffing nose, Zhang Han could smell the treasure from the mountain at the back of the palace!

It was impossible to fly there, but Zhang Hans speed was incredible.

Entering the palace, he found two rows of 10 sculptures standing inside, and each of them was eight meters in height.

At the moment, when Zhang Han entered the palace…

“Boom, boom, boom!”

All the sculptures began to shake.

“Are they going to wake up”

It was a pity that when they were shaking, Zhang Han had already crossed the palace and came to the small square behind it.

After arriving at the end of the square, Zhang Han found that glittering crystal stone at the foot of the mountain.

“Heaven-sea Crystal Stone”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes slightly, and then he was attracted by a huge stone behind the crystal.

A huge stone

It was not a stone!

It was just a raised point on the mountain, and there was a huge cave on both sides of it.


Two streams of gas were spewed out of the cave, which swallowed up a little of Zhang Hans spiritual sense energy!

“Whats the gas stream


It was not because of the wind, which made Zhang Hans face a little stiff.

He stood still.

It took him 10 seconds to get there from the gate.

But he stood here for 10 seconds.

In the 11th second…

Zhang Han moved his hand and took the Heaven-sea Crystal Stone.

Zhang Han flashed back without hesitation.

His figure gradually faded at the same time, and finally was completely invisible.

In this way, he safely crossed the palace where the sculpture rioted and returned to the square.

He shouted in a hurry, “Hide!”

“Hide from what”

Gai Xingkong and others subconsciously retreated at a high speed.

The next moment…

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Suddenly, they heard a deafening sound.

Under everyones gaze, that mountain began to move.

“Is that mountain alive”

It looked like a landslide, but the explorers knew that there had to be something horrible there.

“Whats that”

When everyone was looking at that “mountain” in astonishment.

They saw a huge yak stand up!

That whole mountain was actually a lying yak, whose huge horns seemed to pierce the sky!

Suddenly, its two big eyes opened.

A dazzling light burst out, and there were countless flashes of lightning on the giant yak.


The sound of yak shook the souls of the explorers.

All the martial artists, including Zhang Han, stood still in a daze.

Fortunately, at this critical moment, the white fog reappeared and covered them.

After a while, the white fog dissipated and the explorers inside disappeared.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

Suddenly, more than 10 people appeared in the sky beside the relic of Mount He Snow and fell on the snow.

More than 1,000 onlookers present were frightened by them.

“Its them! Theyve come out!”

“Master!” Zhao Feng rushed toward Zhang Han with his men.

“Grandfather!” Gai Rulong followed them.

Zhang Han sat up and shook his dizzy head.

He was still in a state of shock.

“A Thunder Yak at the Elixir stage.

“There are many treasures under the yaks body, but they are not something I can get right now.”

Zhang Han clapped the dust off his clothes and stood up.

“Master! Are you all right” Zhao Feng asked.

“Im fine.” Zhang Han shook his head and found that it was dark.

It was seven oclock in the evening.

He put the Power Grass and Heaven-sea Crystal Stone into his Space Ring.

At this time, Gai Xingkong and others also stood up.

They began to talk about what they had just seen.

“Thefrightening being that Zhang Han mentioned is so scary!”

It took them a minute to calm down.

Then they went to chat with Zhang Han, and gave 30% of their treasures to him.

“We used to have a party after exploring a relic.

Would you like to join us tonight” Gai Xingkong invited Zhang Han.

“Youre welcome to have fun with us.” The others cheered.

“Thank you, but I have something to do.” Zhang Han chuckled and shook his head.

“Hahaha! Okay, just go back to comfort your wife and daughter.

We can gather again another day.” Gai Xingkong laughed.

They saw Zhang Han rush down the mountain with his men.

Zhang Han got in his car parked at the roadside.

He dialed Zi Yans number and immediately got through.

“Honey…” He heard Zi Yans sweet voice along with Mengmengs “PaPa!”

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