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Chapter 564 Arrogant Opponent

Before arriving in Linhai, Zhao Feng had collected information about various forces and places in that city.

He had heard of the Ning family and also knew the Gu family.

After all, the latter had long been famous, being the No.1 family in Linhai.

Ah Hu was in trouble with Ning Zhanqi, the Second Young Master of the Ning Family, which was also troublesome for Zhao Feng.

He couldnt make up his mind and decided to ask Zhang Hans advice.

“Brother Feng, will it work Maybe it would be better for me to fight with him tomorrow, dont you think” Ah Hu scratched his head and said.

“Thats not the case,” said Zhao Feng as he shook his head slightly, “Lets go.”

If Ah Hu joined in the open competition, the rules had to be decided by Ning Zhanqi because that was his home field.

Zhao Feng knew that Ah Hu couldnt defeat Ning Zhang, and tomorrows outcome would be unpredictable.

What if Ah Hu wanted to quit during the competition Ning Zhanqi wouldnt let him go.

Zhao Feng wouldnt be so nervous if it was just an ordinary martial arts competition.

He was worried that the other side wanted to kill Ah Hu.

For Ah Hus safety, Zhao Feng intended to adopt a safer solution.

“Eldest Lady, please sit here for a while.

Brother Feng and I will go to ask our boss,” said Ah Hu after some thought.

“Okay.” Liu Jiaran nodded and sat on the sofa.

Ah Hu and Zhao Feng walked out of the room and went to Zhang Hans room on the far left.

After a few steps, Ah Han asked as something suddenly came to mind, “Brother Feng, they dont know that Im a member of Mengmeng security, or who our master is.

Well, I can call them to suggest that both sides make a compromise.

When they hear the name of our boss, they should also choose to solve this problem peacefully.”

Ah Hu knew that Zhang Han was would be visiting for the holidays, and that the new year was coming soon.

He didnt want to cause trouble for Zhang Han.

Hearing Ah Hus suggestion, Zhao Feng thought about it and then nodded.


It was OK for them to join in the open competition, but they wouldnt have a peaceful Spring Festival if things turned into something more and more serious.

Zhao Feng knew that master didnt like trouble, so he agreed to Ah Hus suggestion.

“OK, Ill ask their phone number.” Ah Hu turned to open the door of the previous room, then waved and called, “Eldest Lady, come out for a while.”

Liu Jiaran approached them with light steps.

“Whats the matter”

“Do you have the phone number of that Second Young Master of the Ning Family” Ah Hu asked directly.

“I dont, but I can ask someone else.”

“Okay, please do.”

As she spoke, Liu Jiaran used WeChat to contact her friends.

Two minutes later, she shook her head and said, “No, they dont have Second Childe Nings phone number, but I can get Ning Xiaotians.”

“Ning Xiaotian Okay.” Ah Hu slightly raised his eyebrows.

Being honest, he didnt want to talk with that playboy.

Liu Jiaran asked her friend for Ning Xiaotians number, dialed it directly and handed her phone to Ah Hu.

“Hello Who is that” Soon, there was Ning Xiaotians frivolous voice on the phone.

“Im Ah Hu, Liu Jiarans bodyguard, and I want to have a talk with Ning Zhanqi.” Ah He replied without hesitation.

“You Damn it! Are you calling to beg my brothers pardon Are you daydreaming My brother is next to me, but he wont give you the chance.”


Ah Hus face darkened.

If that kid said that to his face, Ah Hu would have definitely beaten him.

Telling himself to be patient, Ah Hu replied with a low voice, “Tell your brother that Im Zhang Hanyangs follower and a member of Mengmeng Security in Hong Kong.

Perhaps he should reconsider the matter and give me an answer in the evening.”

“Screw you and your security company.

Youre just a disgusting bodyguard.”

Ah Hus loudspeaker was on, so all three people in the room heard that.

As soon as that sentence was uttered, the blood vessels on Ah Hus forehead twitched, Zhao Fengs face darkened and Liu jiaran clenched her teeth and shouted, “You shut up!”

Ning Xiaotian didnt hear it.

Apparently he had left his cell phone on the coffee table.

Ah Hu could hear him faintly.

“Brother, the bodyguard of the Lius girl called me.

He was like a fool, saying that he is from Mengmeng Security and a follower of Zhang Hanyang.”

At this time, Ning Xiaotian and a dozen people were eating at the table.

Ning Zhanqi sat in the masters seat, like the moon surrounded by stars.

Ning Xiaotian slapped his mobile phone on the table at will and said something to his brother.

Ning Zhanqi was surprised.

“Who Mengmeng Security and Zhang Hanyang Are you sure”

“Yes, Im sure.” Ning Xiaotian was shocked and wondered if Zhang Hanyang was really a powerful man.

Ning Zhanqi frowned; he rarely had such expression on his face.

He hesitated for a while, and then made up his mind.

“It surprised me, but I wont forgive him until Hang Hanyang begs me.

Although Hang Hanyang is powerful, my master is even better than him.

Besides, we are in Lin Hai, our home, and I must teach him a lesson here.

Ill show the public what a larger strength gap there is between Zhang Hanyangs men and Grand Master Gus disciples.”

Hearing Ning Zhanqis words, the others at the table all echoed him.

Someone who was unfamiliar with the martial arts world even boasted, “Does he think he is famous”

“No matter who he is, he must behave himself in Lin Hai.

Hes nothing when compared with our second brother.”

Ning Xiaotian was so excited that he shouted, “Just beat him! Come on, cheers!”

After a drink, Ning Xiaotian remembered that he had not hung up his cell phone.

He picked up the phone and found it had been hung up.

“Did I hang it up myself”

He wasnt sure but he wasnt interested.

He couldnt wait to see that bodyguard being abused the day after.

There were two people at the table who didnt say anything.

“Do they know they are talking about Merciless Zhang Isnt it a bit reckless for Second Childe Ning to do this”

Either he was reckless or he had his own ideas…

On the other side, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran were all enraged.

“Damn it.

I dont want to make trouble, but does he think Im afraid” Ah Hu clenched his fist.

“Lets go.” Zhao Feng frowned and walked back expressionlessly.

Ah Hu picked up the pace and walked side by side with Zhao Feng, while Liu Jiaran followed them silently.

“Ill inform my Master,” said Zhao Feng and knocked at the door, which was opened by Zi Yan.

“Maam, I want to talk with my Master.”

“Come in.” Zi Yan nodded and pushed the door open.

Zi Yan didnt wear a cap or sunglasses and her beautiful face stunned Liu Jiaran, who came into close contact with Zi Yan for the first time.

“Wow, sister Zi Yan, you are pretty…You look more beautiful than on TV!” Liu Jiaran couldnt help exclaiming.

“You are also beautiful.” Zi Yan smiled.

After entering the room, they saw Mengmeng playing with a doll on the sofa, accompanied by Zhang Han.

“They have something to tell you,” said Zi Yan.

Zhang Han nodded and stood up.

“Follow me.”

He went to the living room.

When he was about to leave, Mengmeng stretched out her legs to reach the slippers under the sofa.

At the same time, the little girl tooted her mouth and replied, “Okay.”

Zi Yan burst out laughing.

She quickly walked to hold Mengmeng and pinched her little face.

“They have something to do.

Lets play games here.”

“Eh” Mengmeng was stunned.

Zhang Han smiled and entered the living room.

Liu Jiaran, who finally went in, closed the door.

“Is it still about you two” Zhang Han casually sat on the sofa and looked at Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran.

“No.” Zhao Feng shook his head and said, “Its Ah Hus business.

The Ning family is one of the top three local families and they have a son named Ning Xiaotian…”

Zhao Feng told Zhang Han the matter briefly, while Ah Hu was responsible for the supplementary explanation.

Seeing that Zhang Han remained calm after hearing the story, Ah Hu took over the topic and said, “I didnt want to deepen the conflict, so I told them who I was.

But Ning Xiaotian cursed me after that…”

Just as Ah Hu was trying to explain…

Zhao Feng helped him to continue, “He remained arrogant on the phone even after hearing your name.

It seems that he wants to prove that Gu Donglai is more powerful than you.”

Zhao Feng and Ah Hu were silent.

Liu Jiaran looked at Zhang Han with eager eyes, wondering how the powerful man would deal with this matter.

“Will he admit defeat in the face of the Ning and the Gu families”

“He will, right”

Liu Jiaran knew that both families were more powerful than the Liu family.

They were very competitive in terms of assets, social relations, power, supporters and influence in the martial arts world.

The man under 30 in front of her was too young.

His strength and experience were limited!

She didnt expect that young man to be so calm.

“I see.

Lets go there tomorrow.

What stage is Second Childe Ning at” Zhang Han asked.

“Hes also at the Heaven Stage, but much closer to be a Martial Arts Grand Master.

Im not his match.” Ah Hu felt embarrassed.

“Dont worry.

Stretch out your hand.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Okay.” Ah Hu complied while still confused.

All of a sudden, two gemstones appeared in Zhang Hans right hand.

They were soon pulverized and the powder flew to Ah Hus hand.

It began to glow, making two patterns above Ah Hus palm.


Suddenly, Ah Hu felt a pain in his palm, and then two strands of blood flew upward from his hand.

The blood was absorbed by the two patterns, which gradually turned into a light red color.

Liu Jiarans eyes and mouth were wide open as she witnessed the scene.

Ten seconds after the two patterns appeared…

All of a sudden…

Two objects appeared in Ah Hus hand, while the two patterns disappeared.

“You can use them for a short time, so feel free to fight against them,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Wow! Its so cool! Thank you, boss.

Hahaha.” Ah Hu burst out laughing.

“The two holy-level weapons are so cool!”

“Are you relieved now” Zhao Feng asked with a smile.

“Yes, of course.” Ah Hu kept nodding his head.

After a while, he asked worriedly, “Where shall I put them I cannot always keep them with my hands, Brother Feng…”

“Take it.

This is for you.” Zhao Feng took out an emerald ring from his pocket and handed it to Ah Hu.

Ah Hu took the ring and immediately dripped a drop of blood on it.

After studying how to use it for a while, Ah Hu placed both the Demon Dancing Sword and the Golden Armor inside.

Then the three of them left the room.

Ah Hu was still feeling excited.

“Damn it.

They are so arrogant.

Im going to beat them up tomorrow!” He swore.

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