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After Zhao Feng, Ah Hu and Miss Liu left, Zhang Han returned to where Mengmeng was and sat on the sofa to watch the cartoon.

He wasnt worried about how Ah Hu would perform in the next day at all.

Although Ah Hu could only use 60% of the Demon Dancing Sword and the Golden Armors power, those two fourth-stage spirit treasures were enough to greatly improve his strength, so that he could at least end in a draw when facing a martial artist at the Grand Master Early-stage.

Although the Second Young Master of the Ning Family was Gu Donglais disciple, in Zhang Hans view, it was just a fight among the younger generation.

On the other side, Zhao Feng was still worried, because he didnt know how much benefit Ah Hu would get from the two forth-stage spirit treasures.

After coming back to his own room, Zhao Feng entered the bedroom and dialed Wang Mings number.

“Uncle Wang, tomorrow we will go to an open competition with Ah Hu.

Do you have time then Im worried about him and want your help…”

Wang Ming readily agreed.

He felt so happy that he replied without hesitation, “Im available.

Xiaofeng, you can rest assured that I will be on time tomorrow.

Im going to prepare for it tonight…”

Wang Mings cultivation speed was once very slow, and he only reached the Heaven-stage Master level after a long close-door cultivation.

Therefore, after he advanced to the Grand Master level, he was very willing to help others with his own strength.

Another reason was that he had been in contact with Zhang Han and his friends recently; they were all experts, so they gave Wang Zhanpeng no chance to show off.

As a Grand Master Early-stage martial artist, Wang Zhanpeng was in a relatively low position in Zhang Hans circle of friends when it came to strength.

So they settled the matter.

At noon, Zhang Han and his friends went to the Jazz Restaurant on the top floor.

The Peninsula Hotel they chose was located in the Bund.

It had a long history, having the advantage of being next to the river.

The day was Saturday, and lunch in the hotel started at 11:30.

There were many kinds of dishes there, and the average consumption per customer was more than 1000 yuan.

Zhang Han and his friends entered the restaurant and sat down one after another in a row of four tables near the corner, and then ordered some special food.

Although they ordered a lot of dishes, each dish was small in quantity.

They were more like works of art; they could eat up a dish with a few mouthfuls.

Mengmeng was thinking about going to Disneyland Park in the afternoon, so she began to eat faster.

In addition to Zhang Li, Liang Hao, Zhao Feng, Liang Mengqi, Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran, Zhou Fei and a few other singles also went to the park with Mengmeng.

During the lunch, Zhao Feng bought super VIP tickets for them to have fun all afternoon.

Mengmeng was not against going to the amusement park, at all.

She was in a good mood all the way.

For safety reasons, she couldnt go to some of the exciting rides.

Happy times always went by quickly; they had a wonderful afternoon in Disneyland.

After dinner, they took a walk on the Bund and went back to the hotel for a rest.

During that time, Ah Hu received a call from Ning Xiaotian.

“Tomorrow at two oclock in the afternoon, we meet on the hillside platform of Mount Dongsheng.

Dont run away or play tricks, or you and your friends will be punished for it.

They are all in the Peninsula Hotel, right”

“Wow.” Ah Hu almost burst out laughing when he heard this.

Then his face darkened.

“After I defeat your brother tomorrow, Ill break your legs and teach you a lesson.”

Ah Hu didnt hesitate to hang up.

He was fed up with guys who could only curse without backing it with action.

He felt Ning Xiaotians threat was ridiculous.

“Dare you make trouble here”

“Do you know whos in the hotel The Ning family is no better than the Li family in Hong Kong, right”

While Ah Hu was fuming, Liu Jiaran came out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel, immediately attracting his attention.

“Arent we going out to the movies Do you want to make a movie” Said Ah Hu like a goat.

“Yes.” Liu Jiarans left hand was on the edge of the bath towel.

The bath towel covered her good figure, showing her delicate legs and sexy collarbone.

Ah Hu swallowed his saliva and stammered, “Can we do that Were not engaged yet.”

“Its nothing bad.” Liu Jiaran untied the towel with her right hand.

“Puff…” Ah Hu choked on his own saliva.

“Hahaha, you smelly rascal.

How dare you say that after being scolded by your boss” Liu Jiaran snorted.

She was wearing suspenders and beach pants, just leaving the laces below her shoulders.

It was also sexy for her to wear something like this.

Ah Hu said frankly, “I have a strong ability and I want to try it with you.”

“Shut up!” Liu Jiaran blushed with shame and pushed Ah Hu out of the room, “The movie is about to start.

Go out so I can change.”

Ah Hu shook his head and left the room.

He met Zhao Feng and Liang Mengqi who had just returned, so he told them about the recent call and the location of the next days competition.

Ning Xiaotians arrogance made Zhao Feng a little angry.

It was ten oclock in the evening, and nightlife had just begun.

Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran went to the movie theater; Zhang Li and Liang Hao went downstairs to the bar that was closeby, while Liang Mengqi and Zhao Feng went shopping.

As those people were enjoying the night in pairs, Zhou Fei was lying in bed watching TV.

Zhang Han was telling a story to Mengmeng with Zi Yan in his arms.

“King of Dwarves and…”

After a while, Mengmeng fell asleep.

There were no small beds in the hotel, so Mengmeng and Zi Yan slept with Zhang Han, flanking him.

When they were in the castle on the mountain, Zhang Han and Zi Yan would go to the bedroom opposite Mengmengs almost every other day.

But they had to restrain themselves during the tour.

While his wife and daughter were sleeping in bed, Zhang Han was suppressing the four thousand clouds above his soul sense sea.

It was a quiet night.

At 7:30 a.m.

the next day, the family of three got up.

After cleaning up, they left the hotel and went to Disneyland with Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Liang Hao and his sister to continue their tour.

Zhao Feng and Ah Hu were left in the hotel preparing for the competition.

At one oclock in the afternoon, Wang Ming went to the hotel and drove them to Mount Dongsheng.

On the other side…

More than a dozen men walked out of the Six Shores Martial Arts Club and went to the nearby motorcade.

Ning Xiaotian and three young people got into a Bentley, cursing in a low voice as they walked.

“Ill show that poor bodyguard the consequences of offending me.”

Several of his followers echoed, “Yes, he is bringing about his own destruction.”

“As long as the second master is there, that bodyguard will be beaten up no matter how powerful he is.”

“Yes, the second master doesnt care much about these things.

Only a few people, including brother Tian, are qualified to invite him.”


They obviously knew nothing about the world of martial artists.

Ning Zhanqi, the Second Young Master of the Ning Family, and a middle-aged man with a long face in another car kept calm all the way.

“Martial brother Luo, Im glad youre here, and Ill try my best in the competition this afternoon.” Ning Zhanqi smiled.

“Its hard to deal with Zhang Hanyang.” The long-faced man sighed and shook his head.

“But none of his men are competent.

Someone in the martial arts world heard the news and people will surely be there to watch your competition.

This time, we must do our best to show our strength and attitude without worrying about other factors, as our master said.”

“I know what master means.” Ning Zhanqi nodded.

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