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Chapter 566 Tense Situation

“I called my friend in Hong Kong last night and learned that Mengmeng Security is very influential there.

There are several very powerful members of the security group known as the five tiger generals, but they are all green hands in cultivation and Im sure you are much better than them.”

Elder martial brother Luo briefed them about what he had found.

“Zhang Hanyang is even more famous there… But even a mighty dragon wont attack a snake in its own haunts.

Our master is the best martial artist in Lin Hai and he has a good relationship with many sects here; they would definitely help him if needed.

Therefore, it is likely that Zhang Han doesnt dare to challenge our master even if you kill Ah Hu in your conflict.

But in my opinion, youd better spare Ah Hus life and keep a way open for yourself to retreat.”

What he didnt tell Ning Zhanqi was that Zhang Hanyang was known as Merciless Zhang in Hong Kong, which had been proven by his record of never failing and the blood of his rivals.

Besides, Zhang Hanyang was not a man to be trifled with and he had destroyed the long-history of the Li family to prove it.

In fact, he didnt want to provoke Zhang Hanyang, but he failed to persuade Ning Zhanqi, who had made up his mind to do so.

Compared with his martial brother, Ning Zhanqi was easier to act on impulses when handling things.

As brother Luo had expected…

Hearing his words, Ning Zhanqi smiled and replied in a casual way, “Brother Luo, your words make sense.

But it will depend on his attitude.”

Brother Luo sighed silently.

He knew that being a stubborn, arrogant and conceited young man, Ning Zhanqi would avenge Ning Xiaotian, who had been punished by Ah Hu, even if Ning Xiaotian was known as a man of bad conduct.

Ning Zhanqi had initially planned to test Ah Hus strength, but it turned out that Ah Hu was Zhang Hanyangs man from Mengmeng Security.

Ning Zhanqi was so excited that he regarded the battle as a must.

What was more, he even wanted to kill Ah Hu and provoke Zhang Hanyang, who was believed to be a coward in front of his master.

After knowing all this, brother Luo gave up persuading Ning Zhanqi because he never interfered in the way of others.


He decided to help Ning Zhanqi, his martial brother.

Before getting in the car, brother Luo summoned a long sabre and handed it to Ning Zhanqi.

“As a precaution, you can use my Soul-suppressing Nine Rings Sabre in the battle,” he said.

The Nine Rings Sabre was a kind of ring sabre that had an ordinary shape, but its blade was thicker than normal, with nine iron rings on the back of the blade.

The tip of the blade was flat, not protruding forward.

Its handle was slightly thin and had a large curvature with a sabre ring behind it.

The rings were specially made by a master at the request of brother Luo.

When the sabre was waved, all the nine iron rings emit a sound that would shock ones soul.

It was a weapon of great lethality, and also a Heaven-grade treasure, which was favored by brother Luo.

Ning Zhanqis eyes lit up as he took over the sabre and acclaimed, “What a good sabre! I know that brother Luos Soul-suppressing Nine Rings Sabre is powerful! Thank you, brother Luo.”

Brother Luo slightly shook his head.

At this time, the two disciples of the same sect echoed, “Im afraid that Ah Hu will turn from a tiger to a cat the moment he sees this Soul-suppressing Nine Rings Sabre.

He will be defenseless against it.”

“Hahaha, yes.

How dare he challenge our Junior Brother Ning Hes just a martial artist who has just reached the Heaven Stage… He will be killed this time.”

However, Ning Zhangqi sighed after hearing their words.


“Whats wrong, Junior Brother Ning Are you worried about this battle You can rest assured after knowing what our master said.” said a martial brother with flattop haircut that patted Ning Zhanqis shoulder.

Another thin martial artist added, “Besides, we have brother Luo here to keep you safe.”

Brother Luo smiled and said, “It is most likely that Junior Brother Ning will win the battle, and Im not worried about it.

But Im afraid that Zhang Hanyang will come here, so you should spare Ah Hus life, Junior Brother Ning.”

“Got it.” Ning Zhanqi sighed and smiled.

“I sighed because they may not have the chance to see the Soul-suppressing Nine Rings Sabre before he is defeated.”

The other two disciples of the same sect laughed because they believed Ning Zhanqi would definitely win the battle.

They got in the car and drove to Mount Dongsheng while laughing and chatting.

Mount Dongsheng was located in the west of the central part of Lin Hai City.

It was near the river, and it had a pleasant scenery.

The mountain was a little steep, which made it popular among some climbers.

In the south of Mount Dongsheng, near the downtown side of the intersection, there was a square under the flat mountain where many people were gathered.

There were spiral steps on the east side of Mount Dongsheng, and in the middle of the mountain was the place where they would meet, which was actually a large platform.

There were many sports fanatics who went there for the scenery.

However, there were six men in black suits standing guard at the foot of the mountain that day, stopping all the tourists who went to practice mountaineering.

Some tourists had intended to ask for the reason, but they were scared away by the bodyguards facial appearances.

They left without saying anything except for shaking their heads.

The scene continued until the appearance of five men, two of whom were middle-aged and the other three were young, with calm faces.

The bodyguards at the crossing stretched out their arms to intercept them.

However, as soon as the leader raised his arm, he suddenly felt that there was a lot of force on his arm.

At the same time, the middle-aged man with a flattop haircut in front of him was staring at him.


The leader hurried to step back and bowed to that man.

“This way, please.”

The five men walked forward calmly, and then two of them said, “Will those two masters be involved in the conflict”

“It depends on how influential their conflict is, and it is likely that there will be a competition between those two masters.”

“Gu Donglai… Hes very strong.

Although he hasnt reached the Divine Realm stage yet, he is even better than Divine Realm martial artists in strength with the help of his Fire Blade.” The leading middle-aged man looked up at the mountain and sighed.

“But Merciless Zhang has suppressed North Tiger Gai Xing Kong, who had the Dragon-tiger spear, a divine weapon! And Im afraid that Zhang Hanyang is more likely to win the battle.

But they may not get involved in the conflict at all.”

“Not necessarily.” Another middle-aged man shook his head.

“Gu Donglai is a local tyrant and he may not tolerate such a talented martial artist in his territory.”

“Haha.” That middle-aged man with flattop haircut sneered.

He was sneering at Gu Donglai.

Gu Donglai was respected by some martial artists because the worldlet was closed and there were few masters at the Divine Realm stage who could easily defeat Gu Donglai.

It could be described as “When the tiger is away from the mountain, the monkey proclaims himself king.”

At first, Gu Donglai didnt dare to do too much, but he became more and more domineering after the worldlet closed.

There were many people suffering because of him, yet they didnt dared to provoke him.

The arrival of the five seemed like a beginning.

Soon, those who were alone, in twos or threes, and seven or eight went to Mount Dongsheng one after another.

They also received the news of that competition between the young generations in the martial arts world.

However, the news were not specially advertised so it didnt spread widely, and there werent many people who knew about it.

Only 50 to 60 people went to the mountain.

80% of them were martial artists, while the rest were mainly ordinary people who followed the martial artists to watch the war.

They had already found a suitable place to watch the battle on the hillside platform in advance and started to talk about it in a low voice.

All of a sudden, someone shouted in excitement in the crowd, “Second Childe Ning is coming.”

“The man near him is Luo Fang, the first disciple of Grand Master Gu, right”

“Since Luo Fang is here, Im sure that Grand Master Gu has already heard about this! Lets wait and see.”

“The man behind them is Ning Xiaotian.

He is more arrogant, and it seems that this conflict was caused by him.”


Hearing the discussion of those at the edge of the platform who were looking at the scenery below, those in the inner side were curious about how many people had shown up that day.

Soon, Ning Zhanqi and his men went up the mountain; the discussion on the platform dwindled with their arrival.

“They havent arrived yet Are they afraid of me” Ning Xiaotian looked around and asked loudly.

“Its not the appointed time yet.

Lets wait for them.” Luo Fang frowned and took a look at Ning Xiaotian.

As a modest and humble man, he didnt like the arrogant Ning Xiaotian.

Hearing brother Luos words, Ning Xiaotian stepped back silently with his friends before Ning Zhanqi could scold him.

Ning Zhanqi was excited because of the upcoming competition.

With three minutes to go, he still didnt see his opponent.

Ning Zhanqis face darkened.

“Why did you fail to keep this appointment Im waiting for you with my sabre.“

A minute later, a light shout came from the edge of the platform, “Another group of people is coming! Is it them”

“Although I dont know what they look like, this group of people seems to be powerful.

It should be them.”

Under everyones gaze, a group of more than ten people went towards them.

When they took the first step on the platform…

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Ning Zhanqi greeted them with piercing look.

Most of his martial brothers were wearing the same facial expression as him, except for Luo Fang, who was looking at the group of people, carefully focusing on Wang Ming.

“Hes also a Martial Arts Grand Master.

I wonder, did he come by Zhang Hanyangs request”

The two peoples eyes converged, and the atmosphere on the field suddenly became a little solemn, cold, even the temperature seemed to have dropped several degrees.

“They are brave enough to come here.” Ning Zhanqi grinned.

“Im not afraid of you at all.” Ah Hu sneered at Ning Zhanqi.

He was provoked by the previous call; he wanted to take revenge for his sufferings.

Many people present gasped in fear after hearing his words.

“Now the atmosphere is very tense.

What will happen later”

Ning Zhanqis face also darkened.

He was thinking about how to kill Ah Hu.

“What did you say You…” Ning Xiaotian changed his face and began cursing at Ah Hu.

Before he could finish speaking…

Zhao Feng raised his eyebrows and moved his right hand.

A stone appeared in his palm.


He threw the stone, which was moving as fast as light, at Ning Xiaotian.

The latter didnt even have time to respond, except to open his mouth in surprise.

If he were alone, the stone would break through his head.

Luckily, Grand Master Luo was standing near him.

Seeing the stone, Luo Fang stretched out his hand and then clenched his fist.

The stone exploded in midair.

Luo Fang frowned and said unhappily, “Its not polite for you to attack an ordinary person.”

“Haha.” Zhao Feng smiled and shook his head.

Then he took a step forward and looked at Ning Xiaotian indifferently, “Ill kill you if you dare to talk nonsense again.”

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