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Chapter 567 Only Three Strokes

Zhao Feng disliked those who were arrogant and always talked nonsense, not to mention that he was reminded of what Ning Xiaotian had said the other day.

Therefore, he directly attacked Ning Xiaotian without hesitation.

He wanted to warn the guy with this attack.

Zhao Feng knew that if his master were there, he would have immediately killed Ning Xiaotian after hearing such words.

Ning Zhanqi and his men were provoked by Zhao Fengs attitude.

As for Ning Xiaotian, he was taken aback by Zhao Fengs piercing eyes and dared not to fight back with his words.

Luo Fang, who had just blocked Zhao Fengs attack, frowned and turned his gaze at Zhao Feng.

“Dont overdo it, young man.

Arent you forgetting where you are”

“What Where am I Isnt it Lin Hai City” Zhao Feng replied calmly.

“Its Lin Hai, but…” Luo Fangs face darkened, “Its Lin Hai City with the Gu Family living in it! And we are all Grand Master Gus disciples.

Although you are a dragon, youd better behave yourself in another persons domain.”

“Who is more arrogant, me or your man You know it better than me.” Zhao Feng laughed.

Their conversation made the other onlookers more nervous.

Even dozens of people standing around stepped back in a hurry.

They were afraid that the two groups would suddenly fight as they spoke.

While stepping back, some of them sighed with emotion.

“It turned out to be a battle I had expected for it to be a real competition.”

“Will the battle of Zhang Hanuangs man and Gu Donglais disciple turn into the battle of Zhang Hanyang and Gu Donglai The whole Lin Hai will be shocked if they are involved in this conflict.”

“They may not get involved in it, but Im afraid these two groups of martial artists are going to have a battle.

Who is more powerful Both the groups have Martial Arts Grand Masters and Qi Strength Masters.”


While the others were discussing, Ning Zhanqis face darkened as he asked, “I wonder why youre so brave, provoking us in this place.”

“You dont want to leave Lin Hai City alive, right”

Ning Zhanqis martial brothers echoed, “Lets teach these arrogant guys a lesson.”

Luo Fang looked into Zhao Fengs eyes and said slowly, “Young man, behave yourself before I become annoyed, even if youre working for Zhang Hanyang.”

The two groups of martial artists were quarreling like ordinary people, but each of their words was accompanied by different Qi and sounded more frightening.

Wang Ming, who was standing by, was impatient and waved his hand.

“Who is the host of the competition Why are all of you talking”

“Okay, were not here for quarreling.

Its time for the competition to begin, otherwise we will all go back home.”

Wang Ming took a glance at Luo Fang and then continued, “All of you are talking loudly.

I wonder, who is your leader”

“Okay!” Luo Fang took a few steps forward to show that he was the host, “We dont want to talk nonsense, lets begin fighting as you hope so.

We all know the battle regulations for martial artists so I wont introduce them.

Now lets begin.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Under everyones gaze, most of the people on both sides stepped back and stopped at the edge of the platform, leaving a battlefield with a diameter of 60 or 70 meters for Ning Zhanqi and Ah Hu.

There was a distance of 20 meters between them.

“If someone kills in this fight he will not be held responsible.

Now you can start.” Everyone on the platform heard Luo Fangs words.

He was unwilling to say it like that, but he was annoyed by Zhao Feng and decided to be tough.

“If they werent so arrogant, I would have asked my martial brother to spare him.

Now it seems to be unnecessary.

“ Luo Fang thought.

Instead of stopping Ning Zhanqi from challenging Ah Hu, this time, he suggested Ning Zhanqi not to spare his rivals life, even if that man was working for Zhang Hanyang.

For the moment, Luo Fang forgot that it was Ning Xiaotian who had caused such a trouble for them.

It was reasonable for them to be biased toward the one on their side.

A lot of things developed this way.

When Luo Fang was making suggestions to Ning Zhanqi, neither Zhao Feng nor Wang Ming advised Ah Hu about what he should do in the battle, because they knew how powerful Ah Hu would be with the help of Zhang Hans holy-level weapon.

Ah Hu would definitely win the battle unless Ning Zhanqi also had two holy-level weapons, which was not possible.

Zhao Feng sneered.

Ning Zhanqi was also sneering.

When he was about to say something…

He heard someone shouting from behind, “Come on, second brother, Kill him!”

Several of Ning Xiaotian men echoed him, “Show your strength to those guys!”

“How dare a poor bodyguard be so arrogant”


A Tang sword appeared in Ning Zhanqis hand and he slowly drew it from its scabbard.


The metal friction sounds seemed to ring in everyones minds.

Ning Zhanqi said slowly, “The sabre is called Tang Thorn.

Although its just a Profound-grade weapon, I have been using it in the past several years to practice sabre skills and fight against my rivals.

It has been stained by the blood of five Qi Strength Masters, and you will be the sixth.”

“Damn it, its so frightening.”

Ah Hu shouted and stretched his right hand forward.

All of a sudden, a two meter long black iron stick appeared in his hand and he said loudly at the same time, “It is just an ordinary iron stick that has accompanied me for more than one year and helped me to defeat many royals.

Youll be the 11th martial artist killed by me, and I forgot to tell you…”

“This iron sticks named isDog-beating, and all the dogs are afraid of it.”

Zhao Feng was amused by Ah Hus words while feeling helpless.

Wang Ming had a twitch in the corner of his mouth.

Even Luo Fangs eyes couldnt stop shaking for a few times, because he knew that the proud Ning Zhanqi would be enraged by that remark.

As he had expected…

Under everyones gaze…

Ning Zhanqis face darkened as he stretched out his long sabre.

“Youll pay for what you said!”

Then Ning Zhanqi flashed towards Ah Hu without hesitation.

Ah Hu held the iron stick horizontally in front of him, he grabbed the edge of the stick with his right hand and stabbed the stick straight forward with a spear move.

Although the move seemed to be powerful, his skill was much worse than Gai Xingkongs Dragon-tiger Stab.

That wasnt because of the difference in strength, but because of their different understanding of weapons.

Besides, Ah Hu just wanted to play a trick with the iron stick.

“Go to hell!” Ning Zhanqi blocked the iron stick with his sabre.


In the process of the collision between the sabre and the stick, because of the quality difference, the Tang sword left a deep trace on the iron stick.

After Ah Hus iron staff had been attacked by the sabre from his right side, he took the opportunity to smash the stick at Ning Zhanqi from the top left.

With the help of Ning Zhanqis force, Ah Hus iron stick had become so heavy that even if a car was there, it would be split in half by Ah Hu.

The iron stick flew in the air, making a buzzing sound.

Ning Zhanqi decided not to block the attack directly.

Instead, he dodged to one side with the sabre in his right hand, and then chopped at the stick to let it deviate from its original course.

At the same time, Ning Zhanqi controlled his force and jumped half a meter high.

Ning Zhanqis right hand stretched out to the top left and took over the long sabre from the back.

His movement became faster and faster.

Ah Hu quickly retreated two meters.

At the same time, he held the stick with both hands and wanted to swing it towards Ning Zhanqi from his side.

He hadnt expected Ning Zhanqi to change his moves so quickly.

Ning Zhanqis long sabre stopped abruptly and then rushed towards Ah Hus chest.

It was moving so fast that Ah Hu stared at it seriously.

It seemed that Second Childe Ning was really a powerful martial artist.

Facing the Tang sword, Ah Hu stepped back in a hurry.

However, Ning Zhanqi immediately raised his Tang sword and forced Ah Hu to bend back to avoid his attack.

Before Ah Hu could fight back, the Tang sword was turned around in the air and again rushed downwards at him.

The sabre was moving so fast that there was less time for Ah Hu to resist it.

Ah Hus body tilted back again.

At the same time, he held the stick with both hands and raised it up to resist the sabre.


There was a loud metal crash.

Under everyones nervous gaze…


Ah Hus iron stick was divided into two parts from the middle, while the Tang sword still moved toward Ah Hus chest.

Ah Hus face changed but he remained calm.

His body stretched to the right, making a strange gesture, and then he jumped three meters to his back like a frog.

Instead of continuing his attack against Ah Hu, Ning Zhanqi stopped his sabre and sneered.

“You are weaker than I expected.

It will only take me three strokes to kill you.”


Many onlookers were shocked by Ning Zhanqis words, and they began discussing about it.

“Second Childe Ning is so powerful that he defeated this guy with just a few moves.”

“Of course, he is Grand Master Gus last disciple so hes learning all his sabre skills.

Hes a promising young man among those at the same stage.”

While the others were talking, Luo Fang and Ning Xiaotian also exchanged some opinions.

“Did you see it My second brother is a powerful martial artist.

That guy has to be killed today.” Ning Xiaotian gave Ah Hu a fierce look.

His followers began echoing him.

Even Luo Fang nodded his head.

“If Ah Hu showed all his methods and skills, Junior Brother Ning will kill him within three moves.”

“Two moves are enough.”

“If he uses Wind Blade, it will take him only one move.”

The other two elder martial brothers also made their own guesses.

Even 80% of the onlookers shared the same view, believing that Ning Zhanqis strength far exceeded Ah Hus.

However, Zhao Feng and Wang Ming on the other side were not worried about Ah Hu at all.

Luo Fang kept an eye on them, so he felt it was strange.

“Whats wrong with them”

“Dont they care about the safety of their teammates at all”

As for Ah Hu, he was annoyed yet amused by the onlookers discussions and burst out laughing.

After a while, he looked at Ning Zhanqi and said, “Able to kill me within three moves You are really good at boasting.

Youd better let them call you Three Moves Ning instead of Second Childe Ning.”

Ning Zhanqi was seething.

As the Second Young Master of the Ning Family and Gu Donglais disciple, he had never quarreled that way before.

Ah Hu had struggled in the underground world for many years and learned many special skills from different kinds of people, which couldnt be obtained by Ning Zhanqi.

“I will kill you!” Ning Zhanqi again rushed at Ah Hu with the sabre in his hand.

This time, Ah Hu didnt dodge.

Instead, he met Ning Zhanqis attack with the two short sticks in both of his hands.

At the same time, he started to use the methods and fighting skills Zhang Han had taught him.

He combined those skills and methods, which made his movements more changeable and the angle of attack more unpredictable.

Ten seconds later…

Ning Zhanqis face changed.

Brother Luo and the others were stunned.

“Whats going on” They were shocked by Ah Hus performance.

At first, Ah Hus moves looked powerful, but he was as clumsy as an elephant in their eyes.

At the moment, the series moves performed by him were like a fish swimming in the water.

He kept speeding up his moves and then slowing them down, making them unpredictable.

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