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Chapter 570 Determining the Program

After arriving at Peninsula Hotel and parking the car…

“Mengmeng, lets go upstairs first.

Mom is going to meet someone here.” Zhang Han left the car and then took Mengmeng out.


MaMa, come back soon.”

Mengmeng held PaPas big hand with her left hand, and waved her right hand at Zi Yan who had just gotten off the car.

“Okay, MaMa will be back soon.” Zi Yan touched Mengmengs little head.

“Sister, are you going to meet someone” Zhang Li and Liang Hao arrived.

“Yes, well discuss about the song for the Spring Festival Gala,” said Zi Yan and nodded.

“Wow, you are marvelous.

Even the Spring Festival Gala wants you.” Zhang Li smiled.

“Arent you also a super star now” Zi Yan was amused and shook her head.

Zi Yan used to be very famous when she relied not on songs, but on movies and TV plays.

This time, she returned to the stage with songs of the album made by her husband.

Although the songs in it were not “original,” it still showed that he loved her very much.

Zhang Li was famous because of her original album.

Although Zi Yan had never gone to the Star-Moon Bar, she heard that each time Zhang Li was on the stage, the bar would be filled with fans.

Zhang Lis audiovisual works were very popular on the Internet, even in foreign countries.

In particular, the upgraded version of Faded had been widely praised in foreign countries, increasing Zi Yans popularity even more.

“Im not used to it.

Last time I went shopping, I was surrounded by a lot of people who asked for my signature.

That indeed reminded me that I was also famous.” Zhang Li said excitedly.

“Its just a matter of getting used to it.

Thats what happens when you become famous.

Your personal life is not so free anymore.” Zi Yan nodded her head and then shook it.

“But Im different from you.

I have your brother and Im famous yet free.”

“Well, Lili, you can also be famous and free,” Liang Hao said.

As a martial artist, Liang Hao was confident that he could protect Zhang Li.

Although he was not as powerful as Zhang Han, he was able to keep Zhang Lis personal life free from the public.

“You talked too much today.” Zhang Li rolled her eyes at Liang Hao and then entered the hotel with Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

After entering the hotel, Mengmeng again waved to Zi Yan.

“Bye, MaMa.”

“Ill soon be back.” Mengmeng waved back.

After saying goodbye, Zhang Han and Zhang Li went to one side of the elevator, while Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to the right side.

Leng Yue followed them silently.

Few people paid attention to her, a seemingly ordinary woman, but in fact she had amazing strength.

She was on par with the “Five Tigers” in Mengmeng Security.

According to Instructor Liu, Leng Yue was born to be an assassin.

Leng Yue seldom talked, but she always took care of Mengmeng Security like a big family.

Leng Yue used to be an autistic person, and only when she got there did she get recognition.

She walked to the right side of Zi Yan and Zhou Fei.

There were tables with screens at the inner side near the window, in which they could order some coffee, herbal tea and other drinks.

There was a man in the third seat by the window.

He seemed to be in his forties; his natural curly hair was a little sparse.

He was wearing a neat suit; at the moment he was drinking a cup of tea.

When he saw Zi Yan, he took a closer look to confirm her identity and then hurriedly stood up to meet her.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Zi and Miss Zhou.

Im Ma Dafang.”

“Nice to meet you, Chief Operator Ma,” Zi Yan and Zhou Fei replied.

Although Ma Dafang was a deputy chief operator, they called him chief operator to show their respect to him.

Zhou Fei and Zi Yan had been in the entertainment circle for a long time and they paid perfect attention to those details.

“Sit down, please.” Ma Dafang invited Zhou Fei and Zi Yan to sit at will.

Leng Yue stood one meter away behind them.

Ma Dafang beckoned to the waitress at the back.

The waitress approached; Zhou Fei and Zi Yan ordered two lattes.

“Miss Zi, thank you for choosing Lin Hai TV Station this time.

I heard that many TV stations have contacted you.” Ma Dafang smiled.

“Maybe we are more predestined.” Zi Yan replied with a smile.

“Hahaha, thats right,” Ma Dafang smiled and said, “Er, the accommodation place arranged by our TV station is the Ru Xin hotel.

Miss Zi, we couldnt take care of you on time and made you stay here… I hope you are magnanimous enough to forgive us.

Besides, we will reimburse Miss Zi for all your expenses here when the new years party is over.”

“Dont be so courteous, Chief Operator Ma.” Zhou Fei slightly nodded her head.

After accepting the invitation, compensation and reimbursement were all normal processes.

While they were talking, the waiter served them two cups of coffee.

Zi Yan took off her sunglasses and sipped her coffee.

Then she asked Ma Dafang directly, “You said you would choose one of my three songs.

Which one do you want”

“We have some internal disagreements on this matter.” When talking about his business, Ma Dafang became serious.

“First of all, The Chaser is very gentle and suitable for an elegant stage; the effect should be very good.

But some of us think that The Most Beautiful Expectation is very good and suitable for the atmosphere of the new year in both rhythm and melody.

Finally, as for Fairytale Town, Im very optimistic about it, because its more childish and interesting, and we can show animation clips on the screen according to the lyrics.

I think its a good idea.”

“We have some internal disagreements on this matter.” When talking about his business, Ma Dafang turned serious, “First of all, The Chaser is very gentle and suitable for some elegant stage, where the effect should be very good.

But some of us think that The Most Beautiful Expectation is very good and suitable for the atmosphere of the new year in both rhythm and melody.

Finally, as for Fairytale Town, Im very optimistic about it, because its more childish and interesting, and we can show animation clips on the screen, according to the conversion of lyrics, I think its a good idea.”

“Which one to choose…” Zi Yan thought about it.

As they all knew, the reason why it was difficult to make a choice was that all of those songs were very good, with different characteristics and styles.

“I went to see the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, where the lighting and electronic screen are very good, but in terms of visual impact, I prefer Fairytale Town,” Zhou Fei said, “We can play the animation clips on the screen and sister Yan can put on a princess skirt.

The performance would be wonderful.”

“Its OK.

Weve put more money into the venue this year.” Ma Dafang nodded.

Zi Yan thought it was pretty good after a short hesitation, so she quickly agreed.

After chatting with the girls for a while, Ma Dafang stood up and said, “Thats settled then.

Ill have someone design animation scenes for your song and well have a rehearsal tomorrow.

After all, the night after tomorrow is new years Eve.”

“OK, Ill be there on time at one oclock tomorrow afternoon.” Zi Yan stood up and shook hands with Ma Dafang.

Then Ma Dafang left the hotel.

Zhou Fei, Zi Yan and Leng Yue walked to the central elevator.

There were six elevators in total, three on the left and three on the right.

They pressed the elevator button; the elevator reached the first floor after waiting ten seconds or so.


At that time, the door to one of the adjacent elevators opened, and a line of four men came out, led by Ning Xiaotian.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei and Leng Yue had just entered another elevator, and the elevator door had yet to close.

Ning Xiaotian was stunned and kept looking at Zi Yan in the elevator to his right.


The elevator door was closed.

“Wow!” Ning Xiaotian yelled and hurriedly pressed the elevator button, but the beautiful womans elevator had already started to go up.

“Damn it!” Ning Xiaotian shouted and knocked at the elevator door.

“What a pretty girl! Damn it, how could I miss her What floor does their elevator stop on”

They paid attention and saw the elevator stop at the ninth floor.

“Its the ninth floor.

Its the floor of a luxury suite.

So she is a rich lady! Its a pity that I didnt see her,” said the man with yellow hair next to Ning Xiaotian.

“Lets go up and have a look, or should we ask at the service desk” another man with flattop haircut suggested.

“No!” Ning Xiaotian patted his neck and said, “Are you in a supermarket Lets go out and have fun first.

Ill take you to the Ru Xin Hotel where there are plenty of starlets.”


Thank you, Brother Tian.” The other three men grinned.

It would be a wonderful experience for them to follow Ning Xiaotian and play with those starlets.

“If the Second Master wasnt badly injured, we would follow that pretty girl to the ninth floor.

What a pity that we cannot even ask her name,” said the fat man.

He had also been stunned by Zi Yans beauty and couldnt even turn his gaze.

That tall beautys perfect figure, long and curly hair, big sunglasses, sexy red lips like willow leaves… It was like a picture.


Ning Xiaotian struck his shoulder after hearing his words.

“Stop taking nonsense.

It cant be spread out!”

“Yes, yes.

I know.” The chubby man rubbed his shoulder and nodded repeatedly.

Ning Xiaotian waved his hand and headed out.

In addition to Ning Xiaotian, his three attendants also knew that Second Young Master of the Ning Family was still alive.

Although he was seriously injured, he was saved by the old master of the Ning family.

However, they had sent out the news about Ning Zhanqi having been killed; the Ning family was furious.

They wanted the public to believe that the Ning Family would not be bullied like this, and they would ask Zhang Hanyang for an explanation.

But in fact, Ning Xiaotian knew some secrets, and because of them, he could continue to go out and have fun in that situation.

After all, Ning Zhanqi had fought for him and was seriously injured.

Moreover, the Gu family had become more and more domineering in Lin Hai during the past year.

The Ning Family was looked after by the Gu family but was regarded as a private resource warehouse by them; such a thing had touched the nerves of the Ning Family seniors.

Maybe in some money or trade matters, the Ning Family would give preferential treatment to the Gu family, but they couldnt tolerate that all the martial arts resources in Lin Hai would be monopolized by the Gu family.

In the room on the ninth floor…

Mengmeng played in Zi Yans arms for a while, and then listened to Zhang Hans bedtime story as usual.

No matter where they were, when the three of them lay on the same bed and listened to Zhang Hans story in a low voice, Mengmeng could fall asleep quickly.

Although she fell asleep, her quilt always moved, accompanied by a faint snore.

A few minutes later, Zhang Han picked up Zi Yan and went to the next bedroom, turning on the soft light.

Soon there was a faint murmur in the bedroom.

The bedroom door was inlaid with a large piece of frosted glass.

If someone passed by, he would be able to vaguely see Zi Yans long curly hair and graceful figure.

She was like a female general on the battlefield.

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