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Chapter 571 Someone From the Rong Family

There was a beauty called dim beauty.

Although the shelter of doors and windows made the indoor scene unable to be seen clearly, it promoted the feeling of heartbeat acceleration.

Zi Yan was a goddess level beauty.

Her pretty face fascinated countless men and made her their dream.

Such a beautiful woman was now riding on Zhang Hans body, and sometimes she even bowed her head to make a few jokes.

In addition to his physical happiness, Zhang Han also felt the pleasure of aggression and conquest.

After a long time, the continuous sound in the second bedroom gradually stopped.

After more than 10 minutes, the sound came out in the bathroom.

Then Zhang Han and Zi Yan put on their pajamas and went back to the master bedroom, cuddling and falling asleep.

At seven oclock the next morning…

Mengmeng woke up first, sat up in a daze, rubbed her eyes and mumbled, “PaPa, MaMa, I want to go pee.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han jumped up and rushed to the lavatory with Mengmeng in his arms.

When they got back to bed, Zi Yan was already awake, squinting her beautiful big eyes in a daze.

“MaMa is the last one to get up again.” Mengmeng soon woke up completely, climbed to the bed and got into the quilt.

She stretched out her little hand and took Zi Yans long hair, with which she began to draw a circle on Zi Yans face.

“MaMa, get up.

Grandfather sun is shining on your butt.”

“Wait for a while.

Give me a hug first.” Zi Yan stretched out her right arm and held Mengmeng in her arms.

Then they played on the bed for a while.

“Im going to make breakfast.” Zhang Han put on his clothes and went to the kitchen.

There were some ingredients stored in Zhang Hans Space Ring.

Although the hotel suite had a stove and a whole set of kitchenware, Zhang Han did not use them, but took out his own kitchenware from the Space Ring.

He filled half the pot with water and began to heat it.

When the water was boiling, he took out a basin and put flour in it, filled it with water, and began to mix flour regularly.

Soon, he got a big dough.

A few minutes later, the water boiled.

Zhang Han grabbed the two sides of the dough, pulled it, and then began to shake it back and forth.

After the dough was gradually elongated, Zhang Han pulled a small piece of dough from it, and then repeated the previous process, that was, grabbing the two sides of the long dough and continuing to pull the noodles until they became slightly thinner than chopsticks.

Finally, he put the noodles into the pot.

At this time, the voices of Zi Yan and Mengmeng came from behind him.

“Look, PaPa is making breakfast for us.”

“Wow, PaPa you are great.

My PaPa is the greatest.”

Zhang Han looked back at his wife and daughter, who had just cleaned themselves, and smiled: “Go to pack something.

We will have breakfast in ten minutes.”

“After breakfast, we are going to… I forget it.” Mengmeng looked up at Zi Yan.

“We are going to The Eighth Weekday Town.” Zi Yan replied.

“Well, what day is the eighth weekday” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“The eighth weekday doesnt exist.

Its just a towns name.” Zi Yan explained.

“The first weekday (Monday in Chinese, similarly hereinafter), the second weekday, the third weekday, the fourth weekday, the fifth weekday, the sixth weekday and… the seventh weekday”

“We call it Sunday instead of the seventh weekday.”

“Why dont we continue to name it with numbers” Mengmeng asked.

It was hard for Zi Yan, as if she was asked why one plus one equaled two.

Luckily, Zhang Han gave his answer.

“I remember a version.

Seven days a week are named after seven stars worshiped by the ancients.

They are sun, moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn.

Moon Day is Monday, Mars Day is Tuesday, and Wednesday to Saturday are named after Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

Sun Day is Sunday.”

Zhang Han explained to Mengmeng and Zi Yan at the same time.

Zi Yan blinked her eyes, chuckled and looked at Mengmeng, “Do you understand, the origin of Sunday”

“MaMa, lets go pack up.”

Mengmeng didnt understand.

She quickly changed the topic and pulled Zi Yan to go to the sofa for dressing.

When they began to prepare, Zhang Han slowed down his cooking according to their speed.

He cooked the noodles and put them in another pot of cold water for a short time to make them taste better.

Then he warmed the milk, boiled the eggs, and fried a plate of okra and a plate of mushroom and oatmeal.

At this time, Zhang Han saw that Zi Yan and Mengmeng were about to be dressed up, so he took out the sausage made of Hungarian sheep-pig and made fried noodles with them.

“Lets have breakfast.” Mengmeng smelled the food and ran to the restaurant cheering.

Zi Yan followed them and went to the restaurant for a nutritious breakfast.

After a few minutes rest, the family of three left the hotel.

In the morning, they would take Mengmeng to visit The Eighth Weekday Town.

The Eighth Weekday Towns main theme was to let children experience adults life, which was a kind of special play with the nature of learning and experiencing.

Today, there were only the three of them who went there for fun.

When they arrived at the town…

Mengmeng was very happy, and she looked at every new thing carefully.

“Whats that”

“Whats this”

In the small town, E coins were used for consumption, which could be exchanged in the local bank.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan took Mengmeng to visit various characteristic venues.

In the aviation hall, Mengmeng put on the special guard clothes, and together with several other children, followed the staff to salute the side.

“Nice to meet you.

Welcome to…”

In addition to the aviation hall, there were also news hall, F1 racing hall, hospital, beverage filling plant and other places to experience.

Although the town was not better than the playground in terms of entertainment or stimulation, it enriched the experience of Mengmeng.

At about eleven oclock, Zhang Han was driving a Mercedes Benz, and Zi Yan and Mengmeng were humming songs together in the back seat.

Zi Yan always sang softly in a pleasant voice.

Mengmeng inherited Zi Yans excellent genes, and her tender singing was very pleasant, which was enjoyed by Zhang Han.

After returning to the hotel, Zi Yan went to Ru Xin Hotel with Zhou Fei.

There was something wrong with the venue of the New Years party in the TV station, so Ma Dafang arranged todays rehearsal on the 11th floor of Ru Xin Hotel.

The hotel was very close to Lin Hai TV station and was used as accommodation for the party participants.

There were a lot of participants, not only some singers, but also movie stars singing across the border, crosstalk performers, art and magic performers, dance troupes, art troupes, martial arts troupes and so on.

In total, six floors of the hotel were taken by them, from the eighth floor to the 13th floor.

The rehearsal was on the 11th floor and would not affect other customers.

After Zi Yan arrived at Ru Xin Hotel, she was arranged by the staff to take the staff elevator upstairs from the side.

In addition to Zhou Fei, Zi Yan was accompanied by Zhao Feng, Leng Yue, Liang Hao, Liang Mengqi, and two other members of the security group.

They entered the corridor from the side, where the light was brighter, but the big round hall in the center was darker, and all the curtains were pulled up.

Zi Yan took off her sunglasses.

Today, she was wearing a purple dress, necklace, and earrings from Zhang Han, which matched her black wavy hair and made her elegant.

There were so many people in the hall coming and going.

There was no sofa, but some simple small chairs with backs.

After seeing Zi Yan, many people looked at her and even cried out.

“She is coming.

Zi Yan is coming.

Wow, she is so pretty.”

“My goodness, I like her very much.

I want to ask for her autograph.

What can I do Im so nervous.”

“She is gorgeous.”

These were basically people from the art troupes at the party, not the stars.

They were all fans of Zi Yan.

The other famous stars greeted Zi Yan one after another.

“Hello, Miss Zi.”

“Long time no see, Zi Yan.”

Zi Yan remembered the names of most of the stars here.

Even if she forgot someones name, she could quickly recall them after watching the program list.

Zi Yans extraordinary retentive memory helped her to respond to everyones greetings calmly and politely.

The people in the hall began to surround Zi Yan like the satellites of the earth, making her the focus of the whole hall.

“Zi Yan, you are here.” Ma Dafang walked quickly towards Zi Yan from the side, with a little sweat on his forehead.

Obviously he was so busy now.

“The room can be used for rest.

Would you like to go there, sit for a while and come back when its your turn to perform” Asked Ma Dafang.

“Well… No, thanks.

Its fine with me to sit here.” Zi Yan smiled and replied.

“Haha, OK.

Sit here.

Theres water and cold drinks on the table on the right.” Ma Dafang led Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and others to the first-row seats.

Zhao Feng and Leng Yue, as well as two other members of the security group, were standing by, and Liang Hao was also standing at will near them.

They didnt go to join the party.

There were 13 rows of chairs in the hall for the crowd.

The back row was basically full, and there were many people standing on both sides of the rows.

Some chairs in the front row were empty, and there were few famous stars like Zi Yan there.

After seeing Zi Yan sitting down, many people in the back began to discuss, “Although Zi Yan is a big star, she is still modest, unlike Wang Xinxin.”

There was no arrangement in the room on the right before, but there was some popular star who came here, didnt sit down, and even expressed dissatisfaction with Ma Dafang, so they arranged the room urgently for them to rest.

The first arrogant star here was Wang Xinxin, and then more than ten people went there to take a rest after her.

A few minutes later, at one oclock, the host came on stage and began the simulation rehearsal.

It was busy here.

On the other side, Peninsula Hotel…

Three Bentley parked in the hotel parking lot.

Bang, bang, bang!

A total of five people got out of the cars amid the sounds of opening and closing the doors.

Among them were Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin.

The other three, all looking over 50 years old, were two men and one woman.

The elder man with a flattop haircut and some pockmarks on his face was Rong Sheng, the eldest brother of Rong Jiaxin.

Beside him, the gorgeous and elegant woman was his wife.

The man with a thin face and calm expression was Rong Yong, a government officer.

“Eldest Brother and Second Brother, lets go straight up.

Han and Li are on the ninth floor.” Rong Jiaxin said while taking lead to enter the hotel.

“Lets go and have a look.

Last time we saw them, they were only four or five years old.

Twenty years passed in a flash.” Rong Sheng sighed.

“Time passed quickly and Zhang Han got married.

But his parents havent come back yet.” Rong Shengs wife shook her head.

Rong Yong didnt say anything and followed them silently.

Wang Ming smiled when he saw this.

The three of them were ordinary people who didnt get in contact with the martial arts world, and they were not core members of the Rong family.

Wang Ming sighed because he felt that they were similar to him in the past.

“They will know how respectable and powerful Han is.

“At that time, their expression will be very interesting.”

“I heard that Jiali and Zhang Guangyou went to his mysterious place to avoid disasters.” Before entering the hotel, Rong Yong finally opened his mouth and said something that was not worthy of hearing.

“They dont even care about their children.

Its really, ah…” Rong Yong expressed his dissatisfaction with a light smile.

It could be seen that he was dissatisfied with Zhang Guangyou.

Rong Jiaxin shook her head helplessly when she saw this, “Second Brother, didnt I say that Hans life is very good except that his parents havent been found yet, and he is super powerful.”

“Thats good.” Rong Yong said with no emotion, and then stopped talking.

Rong Sheng and his wife looked at each other and smiled softly.

They were familiar with Rong Yongs temper.

Although they were not the core members of the family, they were also the senior managers of the family company, who were definitely rich people in the eyes of ordinary people.

Though they were not very rich, they lived a comfortable life and had no plans to compete for fame and wealth.

Compared with Rong Yong, who struggled in the officialdom, their life was more relaxing and freer.

Therefore, they welcomed the arrival of Zhang Han and his sister.

At the same time, these two uncles of Zhang Han were among the few supporters of Rong Jiali and Zhang Guangyou at the beginning.

They got on the elevator and reached the ninth floor.

Rong Jiaxin led the way to Zhang Hans room on the inside.

After she knocked, the door was soon opened by Zhang Li.

“Aunt, you are here.”

Zhang Li smiled and said hello.

Then she looked curiously at the other three people, including Rong Sheng.

She didnt say hello to them, because she also forgot which one was the eldest uncle.

“Yes, we are here.” Rong Jiaxin responded and changed her shoes at the door.

During the period, the other three people looked inside.

There was a handsome man sitting on the sofa, and beside him was a beautiful girl who looked at them curiously.

They must be Zhang Han and his daughter.

After changing their shoes, they walked to the inner side under the guidance of Rong Jiaxin.

Zhang Han also picked up Mengmeng and walked to this side.

“Han, Li.” “Rong Jiaxin initiative to introduce them.

“Do you still remember them This is my eldest brother and sister-in-law, and this is my second brother.”

“Nice to meet you, Eldest Uncle, Aunt and Second Uncle.” Both Zhang Han and Zhang Li nodded to greet them.

“Well, sit down, please.

What a beautiful girl.” Rong Shengs wife said with a smile.

“Han is handsome and Li is very beautiful.

Its really nice.” Rong Sheng also praised them.

Rong Yong was as expressionless as before, and he just nodded and replied “Good”.

After all of them sat down, Rong Shengs wife sat beside Zhang Li, looked inwards at Mengmeng and asked with a smile, “Whats your name”

“My name is Zhang Yumeng, and everyone calls me Mengmeng.” Mengmeng replied, blinking her big eyes.

Before contacting Zhang Han, Mengmeng was a little timid, because she hadnt seen many strangers before.

After returning to Zhang Hans side, there were more and more people around her.

Although Mengmeng was still shy, she was not afraid of greeting the others now.

Rong Sheng and his wifes eyes were lit up.

Rong Yongs eyes flickered slightly, and he was very pleased with Mengmengs appearance.

“Mengmeng, why are you so beautiful” Asked Jia Wei, Rong Shengs wife.

“Well, my PaPa is handsome, and my MaMa is pretty, so Im beautiful.”

Zhang Han was amused by Mengmengs words.

“Ha ha ha.” Jia Wei covered her mouth and smiled, saying, “Do you know who I am”

“Who are you” Mengmeng was stunned and looked at Zhang Han with her clear eyes.

“This is our first meeting.

How do I know who you are”

“She is your grandma-in-law, and they were both your grandpa-in-law.” Zhang Han introduced the strangers to Mengmeng.

“Mmhmm.” Mengmeng leaned her little head on Zhang Hans arm and said shyly, “Nice to meet you, grandma and grandpa.”

“Well, ha ha.” Rong Shengs eyes almost turned green, “This lovely little girl is so enviable.

Alas, my son who doesnt strive for success is almost 32.

Hes not married yet.

Im very worried about him every day!”

As he said this, Rong Sheng seemed to gnash his teeth, but he quickly realized it and grinned again.

“Its nice for Han to have something to do.”

Rong Sheng gave Zhang Han a gesture of praise and said: “if Jiali and Guangyou see their granddaughter, they will be overjoyed.

Its great.”

“Yes, I want a granddaughter, so I can play with her every day.

Unlike you, its hard to see you.” Jia Wei also shook her head.

The two of them laughed a few times.

At this time, Rong Yong beside opened his mouth for the first time, “Isnt Mengmengs mother here”

“Of course, my sister-in-law is here.

Shes just busy working.

She cant come back until evening.” Zhang Li shook her head and replied.

“She went to work” Rong Sheng was slightly shocked, “The new year is coming and she is still working.

Is she running a company or…”

“Gee, my MaMa is a big star.” Mengmeng nestled beside Zhang Han and explained.

“A star” Rong Yong frowned a little, looked at Mengmeng for two seconds, then Zhang Han for two seconds, and finally said, “If the Zhang family know you married a star, its hard for them to recognize your wife, but…”


Zhang Han didnt wait for Rong Yongs “but”.

He waved directly and interrupted Rong Yong.

“Im not a member of the Zhang family now, and I dont need other peoples approval to marry anyone.”

Rong Yongs mouth twitched and he was speechless.

Although his expression did not change, he felt something a little strange.

Generally, young people were a little timid when facing him, which was related to his serious face, but Zhang Han didnt care about him at all.

“Its a good young man.” Although Rong Yong choked so much that he couldnt speak, he was admiring Zhang Han silently.

At the same time, the wordless Rong Yong and Zhang Hans slightly blunt words made the atmosphere a little awkward.

Rong Sheng looked at Rong Yong and laughed, “Second Brother, whats wrong with the stars Your girl still dreams of being a star.

Its not good to have such ambiguity when you are in the official arena.”

“Yes.” Jia Wei also rolled her eyes at Rong Yong and said, “Dont pretend here.

There are no outsiders here.

Arent you tired”

In an instant, the corner of Rong Yongs mouth quivered slightly.

“Well, I just said a word and was attacked by the group”

He finally smiled, shook his head and said, “I dont have any ambiguity, just guess whether the Zhang family will be like that.”

Jia Wei smiled softly, then looked at Mengmeng and asked, “Whats your mothers name Its a big star.

Maybe we know each other.

“My MaMa is Zi Yan.” Mengmeng replied, pouting her small mouth.

“Who Zi Yan”

Jia Weis expression suddenly froze as she was about to say something.

Finally, she couldnt help saying, “I really know her.

I just saw the Chinese New Voice a few days ago.

She sings very well, but… Shes so beautiful.

There will always be people pursuing her in the program.”

There was a duet plot in the program.

She saw Zi Yan holding hands with that man in the big sunglasses, and her face was full of happiness.

She was a woman, and she could see it.

At that time, she thought it was sweet.

But now when she heard that Zi Yan was Zhang Hans wife, she thought it was not sweet but a little inappropriate.

“Auntie, the man who pursued Zi Yan that day is my brother.

Dont you recognize him” Zhang Li said with a smile.

“He is your brother”

Rong Sheng and the other two were stunned again, and they began carefully looking at Zhang Han.

“After hearing your explanation, I feel its true.

Ouch, thats Han.” Rong Sheng said unexpectedly, “I couldnt recognize you when your hair was arranged or something in the program.”

“Yes.” Jia Wei covered her mouth and smiled: “Im shocked by the truth.

I like Zi Yan very much, and I thought she tried to find a boyfriend through singing in the program.

Unexpectedly, that was Han.


no wonder Mengmeng is so cute and beautiful.

It turns out that her mother is very beautiful.”

“Well, my PaPa is handsome.” Mengmeng added.

“You cant leave my father alone.”

Then they talked for a while.

Zhang Han looked at Rong Yong and asked casually, “Which position is Second Uncle at”

“Well…” Rong Yongs face changed.

Rong Jiaxin answered the question for him, “your second uncle is a section chief now.”

“Section chief”

Zhang Lis facial expression froze.

Even Zhang Hans mouth could not help shivering.

“Such a greatofficial prestige.

I thought that he was at least a backbone member like minister or director.”

“Your second uncle was a deputy minister the year before last, and he was expected to be promoted to minister this year.

But he was demoted to section chief for some reason…”

During the chat, Zhang Han learned something about these relatives.

Rong Sheng and Jia Wei had a son who was doing easy work and liked playing.

Rong Yong had a daughter.

It could also be seen from their situation that they were still some distance away from the core of the Rong family.

They were here to wait for Zi Yan to come back in the evening.

Zi Yan should have come back before three oclock, but she was in a bit of trouble.

On the 11th floor of Ru Xin Hotel, Zi Yan was singing on the stage.

The happy melody and her sweet voice sound made so many people drunk.

There were several unexpected guests standing nearby.

“Zi Yan is so beautiful.

Its romantic to be a ghost under the peony.

I dont want her to leave this hotel!”

Ning Xiaotian stared at Zi Yan greedily.

At the same time, he was also observing the two men beside him.

Gu Peng and Gu Shuai were the sons of the patriarch of the Gu family.

They were twin dandies and much more powerful than Ning Xiaotian.

What was more important was that Ning Xiaotian had heard about them that the two brothers liked to share one woman.

Zi Yan was so beautiful and they should not give up.

The high position of the Gu family gave them the life of the local emperor and the courage to be not afraid of anyone.

They didnt contact the martial arts world, and they didnt know who Zi Yans husband was!

Ning Xiaotian with a heavy burden wanted to murder Zhang Han with a borrowed knife.

But after he said this, he found that Gu Peng and Gu Shuai around him didnt move at all.

So he again exclaimed, “She is so beautiful.

Its beyond my imagination if I can hold her in my arms and taste her.

“The most important thing is her face.

I have a physiological reaction.


Ning Xiaotian murmured in a low voice.

Soon, Zi Yan finished the song.

After winning a round of intense applause, Zi Yan nodded to the crowd and walked to the side with several people around her.

“Why dont they take action”

Ning Xiaotian looked at the two people in the front right side and took two steps forward.

He found that Gu Pengs eyes were dull and Gu Shuais mouth was drooling.


It turned out that they were stunned by Zi Yans beauty!

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