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Chapter 574 Stop Him!

“Whats this Whats going on”

Ning Xiaotians face suddenly turned to wax yellow after he was at a loss.

He staggered back four steps and his eyes were round as if he had seen a ghost.


He couldnt stop the cold sweat flowing down his forehead.

He stumbled down on the ground, and his mind was full of the calm-looking man.

“He, he is Zhang Hanyang”

“He did this Yes, it must be him.”

“But how could he be so powerful”

Ning Xiaotian was scared.

He took the phone out of his pocket with his right hand, but it fell to the ground because of the shaking of his hand.


Taking a deep breath, Ning Xiaotian picked up his mobile phone and dialed a phone tremblingly.

“Third, Third Uncle, I might have seen Zhang Hanyang.

Something happened.

Something terrible happened.

Uncle Ge was crushed to death.

The Gu brothers were crushed to death.

So were their bodyguards, all of them…”

In front of the spot…

Those bodyguards in black suits who came late because of the traffic jam were looking not far ahead with widely-opened eyes and mouths.

They were stunned.

“Its terrible!”

“Hurry up! Contact the Gu family!”


Four bodyguards hurriedly took out their mobile phones and informed the Gu family at the first time.

The Gu family was shocked by the news.

Gu Peng and Gu Shuai were the sons of Patriarch Gu.

After confirming the authenticity of the news, many Gu family members began to take action.

The Gu family was deeply rooted in Lin Hai City and had a huge influence here.

They deserved the title of the local emperor.

In addition to the Gu family, the Ning family was also a little depressed.

There were few Grand Masters Strong in the family, and Uncle Ge at Middle-Stage was killed.

If the Gu family gave up pursuing this matter, the Ning family would really lose a lot.

Fortunately, they soon learned more exciting news.

The director of the Li Hai National Security Agency, Gu Shisan, set off.

“Yes, this is the Gu family! They are the top family in Lin Hai, and how will they give in This is bound to be a hard fight!”

Many people in the Ning family had this idea.

But they were still depressed.

“Why did Uncle Ge follow them”

“We didnt know that Zhang Hanyang could be so merciless and killed him with no reason.”


At the scene of the incident, the traffic lights at the intersection changed several times, but no car was started.

A lot of private car owners were also stunned.

They didnt know what had happened and were confused.

On the bus several meters behind, there were more than ten people who looked at each other for a while and began to discuss it.

“The people in front are making movies, arent they Or magic What is the situation”

“Six or seven cars have become pieces of paper.

Its too exaggerated.

Should they be props”

“But even if they are props, where are the people just in the cars”

As soon as this speech came out, the bus fell into a dead silence.


“Where are those people in the car”

“Are they performing strange ways of dying”

It wasnt a show, but those people deserved to die.

Gradually, many people realized that something bad had happened.

A number of private cars drove by curiously.

The car owners faces changed when they saw the situation in the front.

It was terrible that those cars were like being crushed by a roller and became pancakes.

Three minutes later…

“Zoom, zoom.”

Dozens of police cars were coming from every intersection.

Seeing so many police officers, more people turned pale.

“This was really a terrible accident!”

“Is it caused by the Mercedes Benz team that left before”

“Did the young man who got off the car alone do it How did he do it”


A lot of people were guessing.

They also knew that this matter should have something to do with the young man who got off the car just now.

However, the concerned party, Zhang Han was driving and chatting with Zi Yan in a low voice.

Just when she left, Zi Yan also heard a few dull sounds from the back.

Zi Yan knew it was Zhang Han making his moves.

She pursed her red lips and didnt say anything or look back at them.

Zhang Han, worried that Zi Yan would be afraid, reached out his right hand and touched her head gently.

He said softly, “Dont be afraid.

I wont put you in danger.”

Zi Yan pursed her mouth, like a kitten, and rubbed her pink cheek against Zhang Hans arm.

Then she raised her right hand, and pointed to her hair with her left hand.

“I know, because of them.

I can feel them and Im not afraid.

I just felt a little nervous.”

“Um.” With a smile, Zhang Han changed the topic, “My eldest uncle, aunt and my second uncle from the Rong family are here, waiting for us to have dinner with them in the hotel.”

“Theyre here today They are in the hotel now Well, I havent dressed myself up yet.

” Zi Yan said, smoothing her hair.

“Its OK.

You are very beautiful now.

You are dressed perfectly.” Zhang Han praised.

“Is that right But I think I should curl up my hair and dress more modestly.” Zi Yan looked at her dress and said, “Is this suit suitable”

“Of course it suit you well.” Zhang Han gave her a smile.

They went on chatting.

After driving back for more than ten minutes, they found that there were almost no pedestrians at the intersection in front of them, just three Hummers on the left and right sides.

Eight men were standing outside the Hummer, each dressed in blue, and their right shoulder was marked by the National Security Agency.

At this time, Zhang Han suddenly said, “Do you know why, now, there are still people who want to trouble you”

“Well… Because I look good” Zi Yan blinked her beautiful big eyes.

She knew that men liked to conquer beautiful women, and she happened to be such a beautiful woman.

“This is one reason.” Zhang Han smiled indifferently and continued.

“The second reason is that they were afraid of me before being killed by me.

No one will dare to do this again when I shock the whole world by killing my enemies.”

All of a sudden…

Two middle-aged people came here with cold faces.

Ten meters ahead of Zhang Hans car, one of them held out his hand and spoke in a stiff voice, “Stop!”

However, Zhang Han did not pay attention to them, still driving the car.

Then the man on the right took a step forward, “Stop!”

He was unable to finish speaking.

The two middle-aged people, together with several men behind them, were shocked, and then they flew backward to both sides, covering more than 20 meters, falling to the ground and not making any sounds anymore.

A line of Mercedes continued to the south side of the road.

Three minutes after they left, two pale figures came out of the cars on both sides, shivering.

One of them took out the phone.

“Director Gu, he made a move again and he ignored us.

Protector Fang and the others were all killed.”

After he heard this news…

Gu Shisans face darkened.

He was on a military Hummer and driving into a road blocked by traffic police.

There was a crossroad 300 meters away from the front of the road, which was the only way for Zhang Han to return to the Peninsula Hotel.

At this time, in the middle of the intersection, stood six extraordinary men.

Five of them were at Grand Master Late-stage, and one of them was at Grand Master Middle-stage.

Not far from the two sides of the intersection, there were more than 30 personnel of the National Security Agency.

Except for the elder at Grand Master Middle-stage, the other protectors, chief supervisors, and others all stood on both sides.

Though they were here, they could only be onlookers.

When Gu Shisan arrived, the six Grand Masters all greeted him.

“Director Gu.”

“Uh.” Gu Shisan nodded with a dark face.

“My condolences.

But I didnt expect that Zhang Hanyang would be so unruly.

He was so arrogant that he even hurt the non-martial people in the urban area.

He must be punished.” Said one of the white-haired aged men, snorting.

“The murderer will be killed in the end.

Zhang Hanyang is a murderous man, and he is guilty of a lot of crimes.

He must be punished! ” Another one said seriously.

But after saying this, he looked at Gu Shisan and added, “When will Elder Donglai arrive”

“My uncle is learning the peerless saber technique recently, at a very critical moment, so I didnt report the news to him.” Gu Shisan shook his head and said, “Besides, Zhang Hanyang is not worth my uncles punishment.”


As soon as this remark came out, the faces of several people on the scene changed slightly.

“If Gu Donglai doesnt come, how can we defeat Zhang Hanyang”

Seeing their faces, Gu Shisan raised his eyebrows slightly and said: “If we face Zhang Hanyang alone, we cant defeat him.

But dont forget that his woman and followers are with him, and he doesnt dare to fight against us now! As long as we take them to the headquarters and use that weapon, their fate will be in our hands.”

Gu Shisans words changed the facial expression of the other six people.

The martial artist at Grand Master Middle-stage asked in astonishment, “Its the thing fixed in the headquarters in the legend”

“Yes.” Gu Shisan nodded.

“Then thats good!” The old man with white hair said with a grim smile, “The seven of us can still defeat Zhang Hanyang.”

“Thats right.

That propaganda of Zhang Hanyang is too exaggerated.

He hasnt arrived at the Divine Realm yet, and he doesnt have enough strength to be so arrogant.”

“Invincible Grand Master Ha ha, he hasnt fought with Elder Donglai yet.

How can he be an Invincible Grand Master”

Several people present expressed their views.

The other six people had the idea of depending on the Gu family, although some of them were still very nervous.

But in such a moment, it was a good time to find a supporter.

What was more important was that they believed that they could defeat Zhang Hanyang through combining their strength.

Most of the members of National Security Agency on both sides were nervous.

“Merciless Zhang is coming.”

“Here we have the director of National Security Agency, three elders, and three other top15 masters on the martial artist list.

Even Merciless Zhang will be afraid when he sees us!”

“If we do fight, it will be a world-shaking war.

Im afraid that the buildings on both sides will be destroyed.”

“Hes coming! Hiss, Zhang Hanyang is coming!”

Suddenly, there were several screams in the crowd, and many people began looking ahead.

A Mercedes Benz was coming towards them.

It was just an ordinary car.

But it seemed to have turned into an ancient fierce beast at this time, which made many peoples hearts beat faster.

They were so nervous that they even held their breath and did not blink, staring straight at the approaching cars.

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