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Chapter 575 Fighting a Way Out

“He is coming!”

“Zhang Hanyang is coming!”

With many low and tense voices, a line of Mercedes Benz slowly approached the people who were waiting for them.

There was no one on either side of the street because the streets around were under emergency control.

On one side of the street was a square, and on the other side was a private manor.

This section of road was the urgent choice of Gu Shisans men.

When Gu Shisan saw the leading car, his eyes slightly lit up.

He had six martial artists at Grand Master Late-stage and one at Middle-Stage.

“He cant defeat us within ten moves, and even my uncle cant do it.

As for Zhang Hanyang, the people behind him are his weakness!”

Gu Shisan knew the strength of Gu Donglai, the Elder of his family.

After all, the seven of them were not weak and even Gu Donglai couldnt defeat them within ten moves.

Therefore, he was sure that Zhang Hanyang couldnt do it, either.

“Well catch him!”

Gu Shisan looked at the front seriously.

He was more confident now.

Under everyones gaze, a line of six Mercedes Benzes slowly approached them.

With the approach of cars, many members of the National Security Agency became more and more nervous.

The first Mercedes Benz was 50 meters from the intersection.

The drivers door suddenly opened, and a man in a black leisure suit came down from the car.

It was Zhang Hanyang.

He was walking forward in front of the car, but the car was still moving slowly in a straight line.

Though it seemed that Zhang Hanyang was slow, his speed was actually the same as the car, which was so strange.

“He is approaching us.”

His calm expression made him look like an immortal.

It was as if, under his plain face, there was a kind of dignity beyond the world.

“Why is he so calm”

“Why is he so indifferent”

“What kind of person is Zhang Hanyang”

Dozens of people present were confused.

But just at this moment…

Under their gaze, Director Gu Shisan made a move.

He flashed towards Zhang Hanyang.

The six people behind him also moved forward, but they were a little bit further apart from each other, so as to ensure that when Zhang Hanyang made a move, they could seize the opportunity to attack the other people behind Zhang Hanyang at the first time.

At this speed, they would collide in less than ten seconds!

“Are they going to have a fight”


A dull noise came out.

Zhang Hanyang closed the door of his car.

“Is he ready to make a move”

Under a lot of nervous gazes, Gu Shisan, the director, opened his mouth first, “Zhang Hanyang! As a director of the National Security Agency, how dare you hurt ordinary people here in Lin Hai Im Gu Shisan, the director of Lin Hai National Security Agency.

I order you to go with me.”

“You are from the Gu family” Zhang Han looked at him and asked calmly.

“Yes.” Gu Shisan slightly raised his eyebrows, “Zhang Hanyang, you hurt my family members and look down on the Gu family.

You are as arrogant as in the rumor.

But dont forget you are in Lin Hai, and you cant do anything at your will.

You are a director of National Security Agency, just like me, and I advise you to compromise and go with me.

Otherwise, youll be killed when Elder Gu finishes his closed-door cultivation.”


As soon as this statement was made, many National Security Agency personnel around them changed their facial expressions.

“Director Gu is really fearless and powerful.”

“Hes not afraid of Zhang Hanyang at all.

Its amazing.”

“No wonder he is Gu Shisan, no wonder he is from the Gu family.”

Just when they were talking like this…

Suddenly, a light voice rang out.

“I intended to spare your life.

What a pity.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The gazes of all the onlookers moved away from Gu Shisan and again gathered on Zhang Han.

Just at this moment…


All of a sudden, there was a blast.

Then, under everyones gaze, Zhang Hans figure suddenly flickered.

A hazy black light flashed past and went straight to Gu Shisan.

Zhang Han didnt even give Gu Shisan time to react.

He suddenly appeared in front of Gu Shisan.


Gu Shisan was shocked and tried to activate his spiritual force, but he was much slower than Zhang Han.

Before Gu Shisan could make a move, Zhang Han raised his right hand and pressed his index finger to the forehead of Gu Shisan.

“No.” Gu Shisan was astonished and about to say something.

But he just opened his mouth and didnt even have time to say a complete word.

Zhang Hans finger fell.

It accurately pressed on Gu Shisans forehead.


Two green flashes of lightning suddenly occupied the pupils of Gu Shisan.

Just at this moment…

The six people on both sides of Gu Shisan were horrified, and even the old man with white hair cried out, “How could it be possible”

“In such a short distance, how can he break through the sound barrier only by his body” Another man exclaimed.

But only the martial artist at Grand Master Middle-stage said the most useful sentence.

“Run!” he shouted at the top of his voice.

At the moment when his words were uttered, the frightening voice spread again.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

In the astonished eyes of dozens of people standing on both sides of the street ahead, Zhang Hanyangs figure was suddenly divided into six in the dull sound.

Those six people just wanted to escape, and even their bodies retreated half a meter, but they could not resist Zhang Hanyangs strange speed.

At last, under Zhang Hans finger, their bodies were fixed, as if their time would not pass anymore.


The six figures of Zhang Han on the field began to flicker and become blurred.

At the same time, by the side of the first Benz driving forward, Zhang Han appeared.

When pressing his right hand to the cars door, he suddenly looked up at both sides of the front road.


Dozens of people standing there were suddenly frightened, and most of them took several steps back.

A few of them were so scared that they could neither speak nor act.

There were several people with poor psychological quality who fell directly on the ground.

Their minds were full of Zhang Hans calm face and indifferent eyes.

Though Zhang Han was a handsome man, he was like a devil in their minds.

At this moment, their bodies became stiff, as if their necks were pinched, and their hearts stopped suddenly.


In these frightened eyes, Zhang Han took back his gaze, lowered his head, opened the door and got into the drivers seat.


The car sped up a little and headed for the front.


When the car left their sight, these people suddenly found that their backs had been wet with sweat.

But at this time, no one paid attention to how much sweat they sweated.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Their gazes converged on the seven people standing still tens of meters away from them.

“Whats wrong with Director Gu”

“Were they fixed by Zhang Hanyang”

“It should be, or how could they not move”

“Are they… dead”

All of a sudden, the voice rang out in the crowd, and then there were many sounds of gasping in astonishment.

“Go and have a look!”

One of the protectors hurriedly said.

He didnt dare to go alone.

In groups, they slowly approached Gu Shisan.

“Director, Director Gu”

The protector cried carefully.

Hearing no response, he gradually despaired.


After swallowing his saliva, he held his breath, walked to the front, and touched the shoulder of Gu Shisan gently.

“Director… Burp!”

For a moment, he stepped back in fright, only to see that the place he touched on Gu Shisans body had become something like ash and began to drift away.


He seemed to have pushed the dominoes, and within several seconds times, the whole body of Gu Shisan turned into flying ash.

With a light wind, he brushed across the field, and the other six bodies also slowly dissipated.

“He is dead”

“Director Gu is dead”

“My goodness, they are all dead.

What can we do”

The crowd was in an uproar, and the protector, with a pale face, looked at the direction of the Mercedes Benz leaving and murmured to himself.

“I finally know why… he is called Merciless Zhang.”

“Im afraid theres going to be a big shock in Lin Hai!”

Its not just them, even Zhao Feng and others, who were driving behind, were shocked.

“Well, Master seems to be much stronger.” Zhao Fengs mouth slightly quivered.

He thought that under the cultivation of their master, he and the other friends would make rapid progress and shorten the distance between them and their master.

But in fact, they were getting further and further away.

He couldnt see what level of strength Master was at now.

“Has he reached the Divine Realm No, is he now at the Innateness stage No, its too early to talk about it.

Is it the treasure from the last relics So he is at Foundation Late-stage”

“How can a Foundation Late-stage martial artist be so powerful”

He was not like a green hand but a master.

Zhao Feng smiled bitterly and thought of the grade Zhang Han had talked about.

He still felt as if he were dreaming.

Leng Yue and Elder Meng at the back, were driving and recalling what had happened, and even Liang Hao was confused.

“He was getting more and more merciless.”

While they were still confused, the team returned to the Peninsula Hotel.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan took the lead in getting off the car.

When Zhao Feng and Liang Hao come from behind him, Zhang Hans right hand moved slightly and several pills were thrown at them.

“Master…” Zhao Feng was about to say something.

Zhang Han waved his hand, “Go upstairs and have a rest.”

“Okay.” Zhao Feng stopped and nodded.

He wanted to say it was their fault, but it seemed that Master didnt think so.

In fact, they were not to blame.

Zhang Han knew that they were still growing up.

Then Zhang Han took Zi Yans hand and led them into the hotel.

After going upstairs, Zhang Han stopped at the door and an ice cream appeared in his hand, which he promised Mengmeng.

They went back to their room.

Mengmeng couldnt wait to stand up from the sofa, “PaPa, MaMa.”

“Brother, Sister-in-law, Feifei, you are back.” Zhang Li said.

Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ming also said hello, and then Zhang Han and Zi Yan went to the sofa, sat down and gave Mengmeng her ice cream.

Zhou Fei began drinking water to calm herself down.

After introducing each other, Jia Wei took Zi Yans hand and was very satisfied with her.

Rong Sheng exclaimed that the three members of the family were all good-looking.

Even Rong Yong nodded in agreement.

After sitting for ten minutes, it was almost five oclock.

Rong Yong looked at his watch and said: “Why dont we go down first Ive reserved a place at Jinan Restaurant.

Lets go to eat and talk.

I have some business to deal with around 7:00 p.m.”

It could be seen that as a section chief, Rong Yong was still very busy.

“Well, Im just a little hungry.” Zi Yan smiled politely, taking the lead in getting up and going to change clothes with Mengmeng.

A few minutes later, when they returned, Zi Yan had changed into a more dignified dress, while Mengmeng was wearing a casual suit.

Apart from Zhou Fei returning to her room to rest, all the others came to the elevator and went downstairs.


When the elevator reached the first floor, the door opened, and all the people inside came out, but they didnt walk out for five steps.

Rong Yong was stunned when he saw the scene in front.

In front of them stood 15 or 16 police officers, and a middle-aged man with a dignified but nervous face stood in front of those officers.

When Rong Yong saw them, he quickly reached out his hands and strode towards them.

At the same time, he said in a very warm voice, “Wow, Director Nan is here too.”

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