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Chapter 579 Beat Them as You Like

“Arent you curious about us”

Jiang Yanlan raised her slender eyebrows slightly, but she soon became calm again.

“Yes, you only care about your family, which is one of the reasons why many members of Dragon Spirit admire you.

There are not many people who can live like you.

But I come here with a task, and you have to spend a few minutes on it.”

Jiang Yanlan was really worried that Zhang Han would reject her.

At the same time, She was thinking about another thing.

“Is Zhang Hanyang not interested in other women Although Im not as beautiful as Zi Yan, Im better than Zi Yan in terms of sexuality.”

“Even in this case, he still thinks its a waste of time to talk to me”


While Jiang Yanlan was silently complaining about Zhang Han, she kept speaking in a calm voice, “Even if you still have something to do, it was me who negotiated with Secretary Liu.

I asked him to help you out that dilemma… could you spare me a few minutes since I helped you”

“Just say it.” Zhang Han nodded.

Her help was really worth the minutes, and Zhang Han wanted to hear what her so-called task was.

“There are many departments in Dragon Spirit and we Action Office are in charge of carrying out all kinds of secret tasks with high difficulty.

We spend most of the time overseas, and Ive just returned from there with our boss.

He is Ye Tianlang, have you heard of him It is not boastful to say that he is almost invincible in the martial arts world.

Though it is said that there are currently no martial artists at the Divine Realm stage or above, I know someone at the God State stage and most at their level are doing close-door cultivation.

When the gate of the small world is opened, Divine-Realm martial artists will be no longer rare.”

“Our boss is very optimistic about you, and he especially called to tell me something about you.

What Ill tell you is our bosss suggestion.”

When it came to this, Jiang Yanlan turned a little more serious and threw out the cigarette in her right hand.

Half of the smoke made an arc on the front side, but it turned into a cluster of flames after flying for more than ten meters; then Jiang Yanlan stood up.

At such an altitude, hundreds of meters from the ground, the wind was slightly shaking her ponytail.

She said, “There is a department in Dragon Spirit called the Guardian, and its members are called Guardian Elders.

They are usually guarding in various places when there are no important issues to be dealt with, and they will be specially notified if they have a task.

The rights of the Guardian Elders are superior to those of the National Security Agencys director.

They also enjoy great privileges; in particular, they have access to all the treasures in Dragon Spirit.

Our department has investigated you, and its elder Ji Wushuang who recommended you to be a Guardian Elder in Hong Kong.

Are you interested”

Zhang Han shook his head.

“Im now one of the directors in Hong Kong, and I dont want to accept another appointment.”

As a director, Zhang Han was at the top level of the Hong Kong National Security Agency.

If he joined Dragon Spirit and got to its top level, he would have to assist Dragon Spirit in the future, even though it seemed that there were not many tasks for him at the moment.

Besides, when the gate of the worldlet was opened, the Guardian Department would not be as influential and powerful as it was at the moment, and Zhang Han would surely be very busy.

What Zhang Han wanted to do was to bring back his parents, accompany Mengmeng and cultivate in peace.

Moreover, Lei Tiannan was serving for the Hong Kong National Security Agency as a director, and Zhang Han was actually an honorary director, who didnt need to do anything practical.

Zhang Han felt relaxed with the arrangement; he didnt want any further development in his career.

Jiang Yanlan smiled in disappointment and didnt say more to persuade him.

After all, Ye Tianlangs intention to recruit Zhang Han was not that strong.

Jiang Yanlan concluded, “Okay, Ive finished my task.”

She knew that Ye Tianlang just wanted her to convey this idea; it would all depend on Zhang Hanyang.

Although Zhang Hanyang was powerful, he was not so important in Ye Tianlangs eyes.

“I know what happened between you and the Gu family.

The Gu family has been more and more unbridled in the past two years, so you can deal with this matter as you like.

We wont interfere as long as you dont make a big trouble out of it.

But Id like to give you a piece of advice since Im not optimistic about you.

You killed the Gu brothers, Gu Shisan, the director of Lin Hai, and several of their helpers, who were all closely related with the Gu Family.

Im afraid they wont forgive you.

Even if Gu Donglai doesnt care about them, he will challenge you for the dignity of the Gu family, and you may not be as powerful as him.

Youd better be careful.”

“I see, Zhang Han smiled casually and replied, “Thats great.

Im interested in his Roaring flame saber.”

The Roaring flame saber, known as a fifth-stage spirit treasure and a divine weapon, attracted Zhang Han because of its auxiliary function.

Although Zhang Han didnt know much about saber skills, he could exchange other useful treasures with the saber in the Spirit Treasure Pavilion.

Besides, Yue Wuwei, No Action Immortal, was said to be the owner of the Spirit Treasure Pavilion, which was interesting.

“Hahaha.” Jiang Yanlan smiled, “Who is not interested in divine weapons Director Zhang, Im not joking.

Gu Donglai is very close to the Divine Realm now.”

“He hasnt reached the Divine Realm yet” Zhang Han looked into the distance and said slowly, “Im not afraid of him even if he were at the Divine Realm already.”

If Zhang Han was still at the Middle-Stage of Building Base, he would have no idea how to deal with Gu Donglai.

However, he was currently at the Foundation Late-stage, and both the Taiyi Wood Thunder and those clouds above his soul sense sea would help him.

Jiang Yanlans mouth quivered slightly.

She didnt know how to reply to him.

“You are so arrogant.”

After thinking about the possible consequences, she gave up making such a comment.

She checked the time and noticed that three minutes had already passed.

She said, “I know something you may be interested with.

Would you like to listen to me”

After that, she waited for three seconds, but Zhang Han ignored her.

She snorted and said without hesitation, “A class B relic was found in England, Europe, two days ago, and tens of martial arts masters were sent there.

They met the Man in Bamboo Hat, a fierce man, and half of them were killed.

The Man in Bamboo Hat found a divine object in that relic, but we dont know what it is.”

“Theres another thing.

The cursed boat appeared again.

It came out from the Bone Cave in Indonesia.

The last time it appeared in Singapore, it was 516 meters long, 348 meters tall and 197 meters wide.

But this time, its 660 meters long, 280 meters wide and 390 meters tall.

Its growing, and thats terrifying.

My boss Ye Tianlang warned us that we cant touch it.

It has not entered the sea from Indonesia; it only floated on the upper layer, very fast, to the center of the Bermuda Triangle, and then it disappeared.”

Jiang Yanlan said seriously and slowly, “Its said that the cursed boat appeared thousands of years ago.

It has been seen several times throughout the years, and some people call it the ghost ship.

But all the martial artists who seen it know that its a cursed ship that cant be touched.

Now, its beginning to appear more frequently, and Im afraid that something bad will happen.

No one had ever seen it twice in a hundred years before, but it appeared twice in a few months recently.”

“I see,” Zhang Han replied.

That cursed boat was weird and even Zhang Han himself didnt dare to bother it before he reached the stage of Innateness.

“Do you know Yue Wuwei” Zhang Han asked.

“Yes.” Jiang Yanlan nodded, “He is the chief of the Stander-by Sect in Xihang.

Im sorry, but I forget the official name of his sect.”

“Do you know the Spirit Treasure Pavilion” Zhang Han asked again.

“The Spirit Treasure Pavilion is a mysterious store, and boss Ye Tianlang said that No Action Immortal is a special and powerful man,” Jiang Yanlan replied, “Do you think Yue Wuwei is No Action Immortal The Hua nation is large and there are many people with the same name, let alone similar names.”

Zhang Hans smile froze.

He doubted that Yue Wuwei was No Action Immortal.

If it were true, he must have many spirit treasures, and Zhang Han could exchange some spirit treasures with him without resorting to force.

But he didnt have enough information about the Spirit Treasure Pavilion, and he had to wait until it was opened again.

“Im going back.” Zhang Han had nothing more to ask, so he said goodbye to Jiang Yanlan and left the platform.

Jiang Yanlan sighed and shook her head.

Then she sat down again, lit a cigarette and took a deep breath.

“Zhang Hanyang and Gu Donglai.

It would be shocking if they do fight.”

The others were still chatting when Zhang Han returned to the room.

At night, they left the restaurant and made an appointment to go out the next day.

They planned to have dinner with the Rong family after Zi Yan finished her program in the next evening.

Zhang Han went back to the hotel with his family; he told stories to Mengmeng and then fell asleep as usual.

It was a quiet night.

The next morning, after breakfast, Zi Yan and Mengmeng began changing clothes in preparation for the days trip.

Although both the mother and daughter were beautiful, they still liked to dress up.

What was Zhang Han doing

At the time, Ah Hu, Liu Jiaran, Zhao Feng, Elder Meng and around seven more people were in the reception room.

Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran stood in front of Zhang Han.


Ah Hu swallowed his saliva and said nervously, “Boss, Chairman Liu will come here in one hour.

What can I do”

Zhao Feng and Elder Meng could barely keep the smiles off of their faces.

“You and Miss Liu have had a good time these days.

Why do you only feel nervous when her father is back”

“Er… When Chairman Liu comes back, of course you should go to the airport to meet him in person,” said Zhang Han with a smile.

“Yes, I should pick him up.

Shall I go to the airport directly Im afraid that Chairman Liu will beat me.” Ah Hu whispered.

“Its OK.

Im here and you neednt worry about anything! If, if my father beats you, I, I will stop him.” Liu Jiaran said it with great confidence at the beginning, but her tone gradually weakened.

She also knew that her father would be furious if he suddenly knew about it.

“I will call Chairman Liu later.

You can head there directly.” Zhang Han nodded.

“OK, lets go now.” Ah Hu made up his mind; he took Liu Jiarans hand and walked out.

“Shall we go with you” Zhao Feng said.

“No!” Ah Hu waved his hand and left with Liu Jiaran.

Zhang Han pondered, then he took out his mobile phone in front of everyone and dialed Liu Qingfengs number.

Zhao Feng and the others thought that Zhang Han would say something to help Ah Hu, to talk about how promising a man he was, and that perhaps he could be Miss Lius boyfriend.

But they didnt expect that Zhang Hans words were totally different from what they had imagined.

They were stunned even at the moment Zhang Han dialed Chairman Liu.

Zhang Han said, “Chairman Liu.

Well, Im sorry, but I have to tell something in advance.

“Ah Hu is now your daughters boyfriend… I just found out about it.

Its terrible and you must punish him without asking for my opinion.

Its not a serious matter for me, so you can beat him as you like.”

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